The Secret to Growing a Green Garden

Use a garden soaker hose and discover the secret to growing a green garden. Installation tips from a self-taught, DIY gardener.

You’ll have to be patient just a second to find out the secret to growing a green garden. First let me show you my Fence Row Garden as it looks now, in early June.

fence row garden plants

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No blooms to speak of although I did have a few on the peony bushes. I think maybe four so we sure didn’t set any records there! Hopefully next year will be a bumper crop. Anyway, I wrote in my Fence Row Garden post about something I did that made a huge difference in not only blooms, but keeping everything green as well. Really green. Any idea?

OK…it was the garden soaker hose I installed last year! Not only did it make my life a whole lot easier, it made a world of difference in how my garden looked and produced. I had more blooms and everything stayed so green…even in August when I usually have a brown, shriveled up mess. I did the entire installation myself so clearly that means ANYONE can do this. I bought two 50 foot hoses.

garden soaker hose installation guide

The first garden soaker hose was used on the far end of the garden. It ended right at the back of the shed so that’s where the water hook up is.

How to install a soaker hose

The second hose covers the east end of the garden with the water hook up coming out at the corner.

garden soaker hose installation tips

At first, as I was laying the garden soaker hose, it didn’t stay flat to the ground. I found some metal plant stakes in my garage, cut them in about 12 in. lengths and bent them to make U-shaped pins. I pinned the hoses down in a few places and it was just enough to hold it in place.

How to install a garden soaker hose

There is a middle section of garden that doesn’t currently have a hose. It’s very mature coreopsis and daisies. The coreopsis doesn’t need any extra watering and I water the daisies on my way to hook up the soaker hose. I’d like to lay hose in this section but I have to get out in early spring before the coreopsis gets tall. I missed my opportunity this year so maybe next year…

Fence Row Garden coreopsis and shasta daisies

Garden Soaker Hose Tips

1. There is a screen at the end of the hose where the water is hooked up. I took out the little screens to get better water flow.

2. Don’t lay one gigantic hose. It takes too long to get the water from point A to point B. My water pressure was not good enough so I used 2 lengths of hose. I alternate days so I don’t water both sections on the same day.

3. To speed up the water flow, I used a hole punch to make some of the existing holes bigger, where I wanted more water. This worked like a charm.

I’m not sure how long these two hoses will last. They are on their second year and I hope they last a few more. I’m sure at some point I may have to lay new hose, but hopefully not any time soon.

As always, my garden assistant was on the job.

miniature schnauzer sitting on grass kelly

I can’t think of a DIY project, that I did myself, that has had results like this soaker hose installation. Not only has it transformed my garden, it is so much easier than standing with a hose in the sticky summer heat. To say it was life-changing might be a stretch…but the time, effort and sweat that I’ve saved has been amazing.

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