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Third Time’s a Charm

Fall decor with bittersweet in a traditional living room. Pumpkin display using an urn and small cake plate. White pumpkins, plates, and more.

I know I keep showing you this dresser. I hope you don’t mind if I show it to you one more time…but this one’s a keeper! I just got the dresser and honestly wasn’t sure quite what to do with it. I have been trying one thing after another attempting to get it right. I think I may have finally done it.

Fall Decor with Bittersweet

I waited patiently all summer to cut my bittersweet. Here it is the day I cut it.

I brought it inside and started putting it in buckets and pitchers. I arranged everything while the vines were still fresh and pliable. Once it starts to dry it’s very difficult to work with and the berries fall off.

Then I waited.

And waited. It took 3 days for the berries to start popping.

But pop they did.

I felt like celebrating! I planted this bittersweet about 4 years ago. The first 2 years all I got were vines and leaves.

Last year I was able to cut about 4 pieces of vine that had berries.  It wasn’t until this year, 4 years in the making, that I really saw the fruits of my labor.

Patience does pay off.

An urn I already had…bittersweet…moss and a pumpkin.

I have learned to “never say never” but I plan to leave thisfall decor with bittersweet alone until I decorate for Christmas. By that time maybe I’ll have the dresser polished and repaired. One can only hope.

FYI ~ I had a few readers tell me they had never seen bittersweet or didn’t think it grew in their area. It grows wild mostly on the east coast of the U.S. as far south as North Carolina but has been known to thrive as far west as Nebraska. Many people don’t like it because it can be quite invasive. The vines grow up but they also grow down into the soil and spread. The berries come on in mid-summer. They are green at first and then turn to yellow. At this point it is ready to harvest. As it dries the berries pop open and the orange berry is exposed. Truly the moment of triumph.



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