Easy Ideas For Your Summer Front Porch 


Easy ideas to refresh and update your summer front porch…or any outdoor space. A sitting area, soft furnishings, and plants make all the difference!

Tip #1 Add one or two new items that give the space a pop of color.


- new pillows - colorful planters - a small side table – a rug

When I was trying to come up with a plan for this porch refresh, I turned to Pinterest for inspiration.

Tip #2 Look online for inspiration.

Tip #3 Use different plants and switch up the colors.

The planters on our front porch never look the same two years in a row. I love huge ferns flanking the door, but I don’t use them every year.

Tip #4 Opposites attract.

If your outdoor spaces are colorful and have textured finishes, it’s a good idea to use simpler accessories. White or black outdoor furniture pieces are always a good choice. They anchor any size space,.

I’ve been showing you the same front porch, three times a year, for ten years. That’s 30 different looks!

I’ve only changed the chairs one time when I replaced wicker chairs with our white rockers. The little round table has never changed, not even once. It’s the same old space, year after year.