Easy DIY Lavender Sachets with Custom Tags


Make these easy and fragrant DIY lavender sachets as a gift for someone special, or for yourself! Included are shopping sources, detailed instructions, and a custom tag.

– lavender buds 16 oz. package – 5 x 7 organza drawstring bags (muslin bags can also be used) – lavender essential oil

Supplies Needed:

Just saying the word out loud makes me smile. Fresh lavender is my favorite scent in the whole world, and today I’m sharing a very simple craft that makes a great gift for someone you love, or for yourself!


Once I gathered all the supplies, these homemade lavender sachets took less than 20 minutes to put together. 

The best thing was that the whole time I was making the sachets, I was able to breathe in the lovely lavender scent.


Place the lavender buds in some sort of bin or bowl with high sides. I use a plastic bin.

Visit the link below for more detailed instructions and access to the free printable tags!