How to Layer a Room in 10 Easy Steps

I’m breaking down how to layer a room in 10 easy steps with details about background furnishings, wall decor, accessories, and more.

Finding your decorating style, and applying it to the rooms in your home can be a daunting task.

What made the process so much easier for me was to think of it as “layering.” I’ll show you how to layer a room in 10 easy steps

Rug or Floor Covering It makes sense to start at the bottom, so the place to begin is with the floor.

Window Treatments We can’t talk about how to layer a room without discussing window treatments.

Main Furniture Pieces Now that you have your background just like you want it, go ahead and add your big furniture pieces.

Cushions and Pillows This is where it starts getting fun. Adding cushions and pillows to your decor can be affordable.

Smaller Furniture Pieces Small furniture pieces are optional, but they add interest and comfort.