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I’m breaking down what to look for when you are buying faux greenery, listing my favorites, and providing sources for everything!

Favorite Faux Greenery

Master the art of faux greenery: tips for realistic styling!

Picks + Top Tips

Preserved Boxwood It's the most realistic faux greenery and an investment that pays off with years of use and enjoyment.


Eucalyptus Garland A versatile eucalyptus garland can be used in many ways, like as a shelf decor or dining table centerpiece.


Rosemary Faux rosemary bushes fluff up beautifully and are perfect for decor.


Lamb's Ear Faux lamb's ear is a versatile piece. It has a realistic texture and adding natural elements enhances its beauty.


Peonies Add greenery to peonies for a beautiful display before peony season arrives.


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