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Lory | Designthusiasm

fall vignette with olive jug from designthusiasm

1. One of my best lifestyle tips is something I put in place years ago when I used to travel often for business. I keep a cosmetic bag packed at all times with duplicates of my favorite products. When I take a trip, the bag is ready to go and I can be packed in no time. After the trip, the bag doesn’t get put away until I replenish everything in it. The bonus advantage, besides always being ready to travel, is that I also always have a backup of every product. Here’s my current favorite travel cosmetic bag and a another great option.

2. I’m currently thinking about new nightstands. I love the storage space I have in my existing ones (I like to use small chests), but the dark wood doesn’t work well in the light room. I could paint them, but I was looking at these options, too. This one is my absolute favorite, but I also would consider this lovely French stlye. This is a charming smaller style for when you have less space but still want the drawer storage. For a whole shopping page on nightstands you can look here.

3. Where do you all stand on welcoming fall? I feel I gave summer a full chance this year and I’m still spending time at the pool and enjoying the outdoors. But with kids back in school in many parts of the country, I’m full-on ready to think about decorating and even cooking. I’m a huge fan of butternut squash soup and I’m looking forward to trying this healthy version. Serve it in these bowls.

4. We just finished watching a fabulous 6 part docu-series called McCartney 3, 2, 1, in which McCartney gives an in depth account that “explores music and creativity in a unique and revelatory manner”. It’s “an intimate conversation about the musicianship, songwriting, ingenuity, influences, and personal relationships” that shaped his music.

5. FAVORITE BLOG: If you’re not familiar with Lily Pad Cottage you’ll love this house tour of her new home on the lake. Be sure to take a peek!

6. I have these lovely boxwood topiaries by the front door. But I’m thinking of switching to these olive topiaries for fall. This is my favorite urn for fall branches, leaves and flowers. But I’m also thinking of adding some of these woven rattan vases this year.

7. I just bought this dress for a rehearsal dinner next month, but I’m not sure about it. Also considering this one and this one. Kind of loving this one too. Votes?

8. FAVORITE QUOTE: “Simplicity boils down to two steps: Identify the essential. Eliminate the rest.” –Leo Babauta

9. This week on the blog I shared the plans for an upcoming project: a small bath renovation. Yep, it’s the one I’ve been talking about for a while. I’m super excited to get started! We also looked at a simple fall vignette, this autumn patio, and this cheery and feminine fall table setting.

10. Coming up next: lots of pretty fall decor!

Ann | On Sutton Place

Fall Arrangement with bittersweet from On Sutton Place

1.) I love that Lory and Yvonne have been sharing their beauty products, but I have to admit that my skin care regimen pales in comparison! I do, however, have some favorite hair care products that I want to share. These round brushes are wonderful. I have thick hair, and they give me tons of body & curve. I switch back and forth between the 1 inch thermal brush and the 1 1/4 inch thermal brush. I also swear by Aveda Control Paste for getting that piece-y, sort of textured look. It’s a little pricey, but a jar lasts several months. (My last one lasted 8 months.)

2.) My son and his family came to stay for two weeks at the beginning of August…and every minute was so fun. About halfway through, my son commented that I should post a review on our coffee table, because it’s literally indestructible. My grandchildren played on it, my grandson ran his little cars around it, they ate on it, and just about every other thing you can imagine! I also have the matching round side tables, which I love as well. We’ve had the set for three years, and they still look like new.

3.) Do you like to wear a watch? I don’t, but my daughter-in-law does, and this one is her favorite. You can get the same look for a little less money here from Kate Spade or here from Coach. And I adore this one from Olivia Burton. I think I’m going to give it a try and get one for myself…I’ll let you know which one when I make up my mind!

4.) It’s time to start thinking about pumpkin recipes…and stocking up on cans of pumpkin. A family favorite, and usually the first thing I bake when the weather turns cooler, is this moist pumpkin bread. We also love these pumpkin snickerdoodle cookies.

5.) FAVORITE QUOTE: “Every single day, clear out something that no longer serves you. Whether it be that left sock with a hole, a book you’ve never gotten around to reading, or a crappy thought in your head.”

6.) FAVORITE BLOG: something a little different today. I want to introduce you to Lisa, from Farmhouse on Boone. She shares everyday life in their farmhouse, which means food from scratch, natural living, and a handmade home. Her site is truly amazing, and my favorite stop is her sour dough recipe category!

7.) My daughter just read The Restaurant by Pamela Kelley…she said it was very good and a quick read. Also, a reader shared with me two books by W. Bruce Cameron. They are A Dog’s Purpose, and A Dog’s Journey. You can get a boxed set here. They are described as the perfect gift for anyone who has ever loved a dog. I just ordered the set, and can’t wait to read them.

8.) Every fall I go on the hunt for realistic-looking faux bittersweet branches. I’ve never really found any…until now. I ordered two sets of these branches, and they are as close to the real thing as you can get. The picture above shows what they look like. The arrangement is made up of fresh greenery and 4 bittersweet branches. Here’s a tip: due to the hot temps, some of the berries were stuck together when I opened the package. I gently pulled them apart, and then used my granddaughter’s markers to touch up the white spots. They look absolutely perfect.

9.) Like I anticipated, the blog is getting busy! I shared a huge collection of fall ideas, and my recipe for make-ahead classic Delmonico Potatoes. Coming up are autumn-inspired table setting ideas, our front porch decked out for fall, and hopefully a new soup recipe.

10.) Until next week…stay safe.

Yvonne | StoneGable

www #10 StoneGable

1). If you didn’t know (ha ha) I’m an over-50-woman! I want to look the best I can look. I’ve gotten lots of great tips and advice from this YouTube channel and this one too.

2). Last week I mentioned my new blog design. If you have not taken the little tour of how to navigate StoneGable’s home page and more make sure you do! There is a lot to discover! Go here take the tour! And if you do not get the StoneGable newsletter (new design too) you can sign up here!

3). I just finished decorating my mantel for early fall. You can see it Here. My mantel is the first thing I decorate every new season. You can see last year’s fall mantel Here. Did you know that you can use mantel tips to decorate any long surface in your home like your table or a buffet! These posts will give you lots of ideas to start your fall decorating when you are ready.

4). Do you have room on your porch for a rocker or a bench? I have a very small front porch and I have found a little black bench that is attractive and works perfectly in a small space. See it here and see other porch sitting options herehere, and here. And check out how to make this easy fall wreath for your front door. I also love these cute fall doormats. I have this one, and think this one, and this one are so festive! Make sure to put a pretty rug under your doormat for a decorative layered look. I have this one, and this one comes in many colors. You can see Fall Ideas To Decorate Your Porch here.

5). I love art but I get tired of the same art hanging in my home. So I hang beautiful inspirational wood signs like one that says Gather above my mantel and in my foyer, I have a beautiful sign with Numbers 6 that begins May the Lord Bless YOU… And at Christmas, I would like to replace the Gather sign above my mantel with this sign or this one.

6). If I’m going to waste time I love to look at wedding videos. Here is the cutest and most clever reception song by the bride and groom. And this surprise wedding song made me cry! And nothing says happy wedding like a great fainting spell and funny mishaps (don’t judge) or hair catching on fire! Here’s a funny best man speech! It’s a good day when I can laugh and cry at weddings!

7). Let’s get our kitchens organized. And right now I am organizing my whole kitchen and hope to feature a bunch of organizing posts in January! But here’s a peek at my favorite things to get my kitchen in tip-top shape! My most favorite stacking containersspice jarsspice rack organizer, and see how I used them here. This frig organizerthis under the sink organizerthis pan organizerthis broom and mop holder, and this knife holder.

8). I love to dance and I’ve been finding really good dance/exercise videos. Here’s one. And even a baby boomer dance exercise. There is a video for every level you just have to look around.

9). My favorite recipes this week are Caprese Pesto TartsTomato and Vidalia Onion PieSummer Peach Cobbler, and Ramen Noodle Salad. You can get lots of scrumptious dinner recipes plans and other great recipes every week On The Menu.

10). My little grandchildren are with us and I’m doing a lot of reading. They are all about dinosaurs so I love this field guide and this one too. Last night I read two stories from this book. It’s great for little kids. They also read this book every day. As a former primary teacher I know how important books are for kids… and us!

Until next week…

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  1. Julie Briones says:

    Thanks for sharing those bittersweet stems, Ann… Like you, I’ve been looking for something just like those forever! (I often admire Yvonne’s real version!). Purchased two sets!

  2. Lory – Dress #3 (floral off the shoulder gets my vote!)
    Ann – If you like books about dogs, a guy from my hometown, David Rosenfelt, has written a ton of them. I haven’t read any of them, but apparently he has a huge fan base. I do plan to try one, though!
    If you google him, you’ll find them.

    1. Thanks, Amy! I love that one too, but they didn’t have my size.

  3. I just LOVE waiting for my Wednesday updates from all you. Your talents and inspirations are amazing. Wishing you all a lovely day.

  4. Love the last dress best!

    1. Don’t you just love polka dots? It’s so fun!! Thanks for weighing in… :-)

  5. Deborah W. Britt says:

    I vote for #1 or #2.

    1. I kept #1 after all! :-) Thanks for your input!!

  6. Anne Marie Gorman says:

    I use Moroccan Oil Molding Cream for texturing my hair. Would definitely give it a try. Can be found on my favorite place to shop, Amazon or I even try EBay. Thanks for including Wednesday Weekly Wish List. I do enjoy ‘clicking’ to see what’s new.

  7. 5 stars
    just love the Wednesday list! look foreward to it. Keep it coming

  8. Definitely the first dress! I love it 😍

    1. Thank you Susan! I wound up keeping it!!