Wednesday Weekly Wish List #11

Your weekly dose of new ideas, helpful hints, favorite items, and tidbits of wisdomfrom a trio of lifestyle bloggers who love to share! 

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Yvonne | StoneGable

white pumpkin

1). As summer becomes fall I’m thinking of beautiful fall tableware! My favorite fall flatware are these beautiful copper handled ones and they are so reasonable! You can see how I used them in a Fall Coffee Bar and An Outdoor Fall Tablescape. You can also see copper mugs here, and a beautiful copper pitcher here. Lastly, I LOVE LOVE LOVE these darling acrylic glasses!

2). Fun facts and mindless trivia: Do you know the only letter that does not appear in the name of one of the states in the United States. Find the answer at the end of this section!

3). Here are some of my decor crushes this week: this gorgeous accent chair, and my spindle chair (always a classic), this wooden vasethis lamp I just bought for my dining room bar cart. Edit 9/2/2021: use the code LABORDAY for 20% off and free shipping at Kirkland’s! It’s valid until 9/6/2021.

4). Our kitchen is very open and my sister, the chef, says we could film a cooking show here. LOL! I’ve had these barstools for years! They are so sturdy and pretty but I’m looking for something new. I like these barstools, and these, and these! What do you think?

5). On my calendar fall starts the day after Labor Day! Yay! Let’s decorate for fall! You might like this step-by-step diy for making a beautiful Fall Organic Dough Bowl. And here are 10 Things To Do For Fall Now. And if you love using natural fall elements this post will show you how!

6). This Instagram is filled with the best recipes! And if you like the idea of baking bread this IG is gorgeous! You can follow me on Instagram here. Don’t forget to check out my favorite easy-to-make Apple Cake.

7). I’m a big coffee drinker and I like it piping hot! So I forgo my pretty mugs and opt for this one and this one with this to keep my coffee hot for hours! Smart, right?

8). I’m compiling my fall reading list and was looking over my favorite books. Jackie’s Girl is a story of Jacqueline Kennedy’s personal assistant. A couple of other books I have enjoyed are The Shoemaker’s Wife and I loved Hillbilly Elegy by J.D. Vance. Very very interesting! My sister-in-law, Sue recommended West With Giraffes. A true and amazing story. I can’t wait to read it.

9). Did you know if you clean your baseboards with dryer sheets they will leave your room smelling good and the baseboards will repel dust. I’m a stickler about dusty baseboards. One of my little quirks! Good to know!

10). I like to keep thoughtful little gifts on hand to give as hostess gifts or to make someone smile. Here are a few of my favorites: this beautiful bookthis interesting frame, these votivesthis hand cream, these notecards, and this sweet tote bag, this dishtowel, this celebration plate

Lory | Designthusiasm

fall kitchen from designthusiasm

1. In case you missed it, I had the pleasure of featuring this stunning house tour on the blog yesterday. Designed by the owner, this new spacious home has vintage European influences that add character to the dwelling while enhancing the family’s contemporary lifestyle.

2. I did a full post on fall decor trends this week (it’s linked below), but I did not have room to include planter ideas. Some of the best options include these gorgeous copper planters, this terracotta planter set, this perfect rattan pot planter and these wicker/rattan cachepots.

3. I’m not one to cook complicated meals. I actually prefer to eat simple but tasty food, and with that in mind, I definitely want to try this honey mustard salmon on avocado and feta toast. It looks easy but delicious!

4. Trend alert: I’m always on a quest for a stylish comfortable shoe with a mid-heel (2-3″), so I’m loving one of the trending shapes: tall boot or bootie with a block heel and pointed toe. In tops I’m looking at puff sleeve tops like this one and this one, or this lush sweater version. Not ready to give up leggings? I live in these and they work great with “real clothes”. Pair them with a long cardi and the mid heel booties and you’re ready for September!

5. What’s inspiring me around the web: I absolutely LOVE this artist’s chinoiserie and floral botanical art. The mix of natural materials and bright light in this relaxed mountainside retreat is just fabulous. This lovely powder room is the perfect example of updated French style, in fact her entire account embodies that modern french look.

6. One of my best purchases ever was this dining table which we have in our breakfast room. It has a great look and can work with so many design styles, from modern to farmhouse and French to coastal. I’ve paired it with a mix of tufted chairs and cane back chairs, but an upholstered parsons chair would work great too. You can see them in our dining room.

7. FAVORITE QUOTE: “There are hundreds of paths up the mountain, all leading in the same direction, so it doesn’t matter which path you take. The only one wasting time is the one who runs around and around the mountain, telling everyone that his or her path is wrong.” Hindu proverb

8. Want to know the secret to volumizing fine hair? I swear by these three products: first I use this gel on wet hair – massage it into the roots and don’t be afraid to use plenty. Then I spray this on – also on wet hair. After blow-drying, I use this dry shampoo – lift sections and spray on root. Massage in and fluff. My hair lasts a full week and everyone thinks it’s much thicker than it is!

9. This week on the blog we explored the best new Fall Decor Trends and where to find them. I also shared easy fall decorating ideas for the kitchen, entertaining on this fall patio, and the reveal of this white marble master bath renovation.

10. Up next: I’m getting closer to ordering the tile for the small bathroom update and have found a tiler.  This will also move the entry hall floor project forward. The clock is ticking on my big three projects of the year…

Ann | On Sutton Place

1.) I’m still dreaming about a kitchen renovation and was so inspired by this post. Sigh.

2.) FAVORITE QUOTE: “Two things to remember in life. Take care of your thoughts when you are alone, and take care of your words when you are with people.”

3.) FAVORITE BLOG: check out this navy and neutral fall living room + kitchen tour from Kim at Sand at Sisal. It’s so pretty and fresh…and there’s just a little touch of the unexpected!

4.) I was going to decorate our front porch for fall last week, but it was just too hot. I also found out that the pillow covers I ordered were delayed, so that was another reason to wait. I still don’t have the pillow covers, and they haven’t even been shipped. So I’m pivoting, and ordered these pillows in copper, and this throw blanket in cream/blush. This week is much cooler, so I hope to share our porch on Sunday!

5.) Did you know you can freeze lemon slices? I had no idea! Just slice your lemons, and lay the slices on paper towel. With another paper towel, lightly pat each slice to eliminate some of the moisture. Put the slices on a baking sheet that has been lined with parchment paper. Freeze overnight. Store in a resealable freezer bag for up to a year. Now whenever you need fresh lemons, you’re in business!

6.) One of these days we’re going to get cooler weather, so be ready with a few hearty soup recipes in your arsenal. Our favorites are this one pot vegetable beef soup, and this chicken noodle soup. Both are semi-homemade and so simple.

7.) FUN ETSY SHOP: So you know I’m completely obsessed with wreaths. I usually make my own, but if you don’t want to bother with that, visit The Boos Bootique on Etsy. They have lovely wreaths for all seasons.

8.) Here’s another unbelievable Before & After. Lindsay, from The White Buffalo Styling Co. transformed their bungalow with a complete makeover, and it’s truly amazing.

9.) Did you know you can sign up to get all On Sutton Place updates delivered directly to your email inbox? I recently shared a beautiful tomato galette recipe and easy tips to welcome fall to your kitchen. If you want to subscribe, just click {HERE.}

10.) Until next time…stay safe!

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  1. Jan Cochran says:

    Ann you are so gracious in your replies to the negative feedback. I figure I can choose to look at the ones I’m interested in and bypass the ones I’m not. There’s something for everyone. Keep up the good work and words. Bless you.

  2. Jane’s comment that we are a visual society speaks to the fact we are getting dumbed-down by social media. Reading carefully and using reasoning has fallen by the wayside. Keep these Wednesday posts as they are and allow your readers to choose the content useful for them. Your blog is fantastic and so are Lory and Yvonne’s!

  3. Ann and content contributors,

    I highly enjoy the Wednesday Weekly Wishlist. I feel as if you all bring unique and interesting tastes and information to the table.

    I believe a range of prices are offered – not one extreme or the other. Should the prices be unsuitable for some of the readers, may the ideas for decor serve as examples of less expensive alternatives they can look for. I don’t know about everyone, but there are several times I will see something I like and if the price isn’t what I’m willing to pay for x item, I will find (or make) a similar alternative. It’s just that easy.

    Likewise, the post has a lot of great resources. If you were to add a picture for each item it would be very time consuming to post this content each week (shout out to all of us who have posted content to blogs, websites, and other social media platforms on a daily/weekly basis). For the amount of content, the links make a ton of sense. I believe all contributors do a great job writing in a way that helps steer you to “click” or not.

    I just wanted to say great job and thank you for the weekly wishlist as well as your other content. I love your authenticity, positive attitude, and grace in your responses. And last but not least, thank you for providing great content to your subscribers for free, consistently and with enough variation to keep things fun and interesting. I appreciate you.

  4. Barb'ry Allen says:

    “3). Here are some of my decor crushes this week: this gorgeous accent chair, and my spindle chair (always a classic), this wooden vase, this lamp I just bought for my dining room bar cart.”

    Use promo code “HARVEST” to get even more off the lamp from Kirkland’s.

    1. Ann Drake says:

      Thank you so much for sharing the coupon code! I will add it to the post. Happy Fall!

  5. 5 stars
    Well, I loved this. I’ve seen and read so many decorating inspirational ideas from this post. It’s great to get ideas, and I really have enjoyed this. Thank you and keep the ideas coming.

    1. Ann Drake says:

      Hi Evelyn…thank you so much for your kind comment. I appreciate it more than you can know. We are working hard to keep the ideas coming!

  6. I agree with the comments that I’d rather have pictures and ideas than links to click. Too annoying! Unsubs may be happening with more content like this…

    1. Ann Drake says:

      Hi Sue…I understand that Weekly Wish List is not for everyone. I send many other emails the rest of the week for those who prefer not to click further than the post, so I hope you can enjoy those. I hope you stay, but if you decide to leave, I wish you the best!

  7. Paula Petrul says:

    4 stars
    Ann I have followed you for a while now and what attracted me in the begining is the simpleness of your blog. The ideas you had were mostly attainable on our modest budget. Ever receipe of yours has become a family favorite…Old Fashion Oatmeal Cookies. When I read about $3000 side chairs and $50 mugs just to keep coffee hot I become sad, because, I’m afraid you are turning into all the other bloggers/instagramers. Perfection, big money and over the top transformation. Don’t forget your roots Ann.

    1. Ann Drake says:

      Hi Paula…thank you for your comment. I have not forgotten my roots. If you read my section of the post, it’s 100% me. There are no $3000 chairs or $50 mugs. The reason I am collaborating with my good friends, and very talented decorators, is to provide my readers with something new and different. Something I can’t provide. I love to see what other people are doing, and I love finding new ideas. If you don’t share that, I completely understand. I hope you stay, but if you decide to leave, I wish you the best. Have a lovely fall!

  8. alda ellis says:

    I have loved your blog for sometime but this one took me over the edge. I stopped subscribing to the blogs that just post link after link…I don’t have the time. I love your work and hope you will adjust your thinking. Please ! ( with a hug)

    1. Ann Drake says:

      Hi Alda…we’ve been sharing our Weekly Wish List for almost 3 months, and it has quickly become my most popular post each week. For now, we are keeping things as they are. I hope you stay around as a reader, but if not, I wish you well. I send 4 other emails each week, so perhaps you can just skip Wednesdays! Thanks, Ann

  9. Jane Harris Recchia says:

    Ah, ladies. I usually love, love, love everything you do/write/suggest. However, this article is ridiculous … who has time to click a million links? I think you’ve dropped the ball on this – great idea, but way too labor intensive for your readers … or at least this reader. We’ve become such a visual (Instagram) society … I know links are easy, but pictures that are linked would provide more of a service to us.

    1. Ann Drake says:

      Hi Jane…we never, ever expected our readers to click all the links! I’m sorry you think it’s ridiculous, because we work very hard to provide fun and interesting content. It’s impossible to provide a picture to represent every link, most of the time due to copyright restrictions. I still send 4 other emails each week with decor, recipes, & more. I hope you stick around, but if not, I wish you the best. Thanks, Ann

    2. Hi Ann,
      I think I am replying to another comment. I couldn’t see where to leave a regular comment. Anyway, I’ve not visited for awhile and I wanted to say Hi! And what a great tip about lemons! I have frozen avocado mush balls and now I should try lemons!
      We all dream of kitchen remodels, and I admire you very much for working what you have and producing gorgeous pictures of your recipes.

      1. Working *with what you have.