Wednesday Weekly Wish List #114

Your weekly dose of new ideas, helpful hints, favorite items, and tidbits of wisdomfrom a trio of lifestyle bloggers who love to share! 

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applesauce bread on round wood board with knife

Ann | On Sutton Place

1.) I just shared a fall capsule wardrobe that’s full of fun ideas to spice up your autumn, and make you feel wonderful. It’s all casual, comfortable, and completely affordable!

2.) BESTSELLERS: this darling cream table lamp with a linen shade, my rustic wood lanterns in 2 sizes, this must-have denim jacket, this adorable embroidered fall pillow cover, and this striped crewneck pullover that I just got in grey multi, and LOVE, plus it’s on sale! And the bestseller BY FAR is this cute ribbed hoodie from Walmart. Just $17.98!

3.) FAVORITE QUOTE: “The soul always knows what to do to heal itself. The challenge is to silence the mind.” ~Caroline Myss

4.) INSPIRATION FOR ALL: if you are thinking about adding beadboard to your walls, this post is full of ideas. Take a tour of this peaceful Cape Porpoise cottage, check out this colorful home full of vintage finds in New South Wales, visit this small charming cottage filled with soft color and style.

5.) I stumbled upon this Etsy shop that sells hand embroidered items. There are little floral felt corner bookmarks, darling felt name banners, embroidered hair bows, snap clips, and so much more. It’s not too early to think stocking stuffers!

6.) There are still weeks and weeks of comfortable weather ahead, so here are some ideas for sprucing up your outdoor space: I think this 3 piece chat set is perfect for a porch or patio, this battery powered rattan lantern will cast a warm glow, this oval galvanized tub would make a great planter (make sure to drill holes in the bottom), and here is a bigger, round version. This cuddle chair and round ottoman set looks so cozy, and these beautiful wind chimes come in both bronze and silver.

7.) BAKE SOME BREAD FOR THE FREEZER: now is the time to bake some bread and freeze it to enjoy when autumn arrives. Our favorite is this so moist zucchini bread, but we also love this pumpkin bread, this super easy banana bread, and this applesauce bread.

8.) These posts are getting harder to write! I don’t want to bombard you with links, but coming up with all the inspiration is a challenge. I would love your input. Are you wishing for something special that I can help you with? Do you wish I shared more shopping links? Do you want more seasonal decor ideas? Recipes? Please let me know in the comments or shoot me an email: Thank you!

9.) I haven’t started decorating for fall yet, but I’m so ready! I have a craft and a new drink recipe that I’m working on, but after that, bring it on! Enjoy the rest of the week!

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raw apple cake with glaze stonegable

Yvonne | StoneGable

1). Last weekend, I visited my favorite Amish greenhouse. And it was stocked up to the rafters with all kinds of beautiful fall plants. Over the years, I’ve found a very Easy Way To Create Designer Planters for outdoor spaces. I think this post will help you too!

2. Here are my favorite finds from Amazon this week.

3. I’ve been making Raw Apple Cake for decades! This cake is so easy to make and my very favorite fall recipe. I wanted to wait until September to feature it on WWW, but why wait? I know you will love it too!

4. Decor Crushes This Week…

Under $60-ish: This terracotta glazed planter, this beautiful blue and white round vase, this pack of two patterned tumblers, and this acacia bed table,

Under $150: This soft, oversized bed throw blanket, this smoked cedar candle in a metallic finished container, this boxwood ball topiary, a set of two chic table lamps, this versatile basket, and this marble and brass mug stand.

5. Beautiful Homes And More: Here’s a video about Classy Fall Decor, here are Ideas For Styling A Mantel and More Fall Decorating Ideas.

6. Fall Decor: this cozy pumpkin pillow, these beautiful dry leaf branches, this honey or orange mini berry wreath, this big “blessed” wreath, this white pumpkin mug, and these textured glass pumpkin cloches.

7. Fun And Interesting Facts: What is the hashtag symbol called? What is the speed of a computer’s mouse measured in?

8. Last weekend, I started switching StoneGable’s homepage to feature fall! You can head over there and find lots of fall posts and inspiration.

9. In a couple of weeks, I’ll be sharing the first of two fall home tours for 2023. I am up to my elbows in fall decor. So until then, I thought you might like to see last year’s Use What You Have Fall Tour and Use What You Have Fall Tour, Part 2.

10. Words To Live By: Before his downfall, a person’s heart is proud, but humility comes before honor. Pro 18:12

Answer to #7: The hashtag symbol is technically called an octothorpe. The speed of a computer’s mouse is measured in Mickeys. Now you know!

fall kitchen decor vases faux leaves designthusiasm

Lory | Designthusiasm

1. The number one question I’m asked most often is what paint colors I use in my home. In this post, Soft and Pretty Paint Colors for Your Home, I share the complete list, including all my favorite neutrals, as well as the soft colors I used when we first moved in. You can see how the room decor has changed, along with the colors.

2. UNDER $50: This wonderful whitewashed mango wood serving set pairs perfectly with this serving bowl (both on sale and would make a great gift), this lovely woven lumbar pillow (I’m getting a pair for my living room chairs), this fabulous amber sphere bud vase in a unique shape, and this rustic mango wood carved pedastal.

3. UNDER $100:  This rattan basket in the perfect color and texture, this elegant antique bronze tray, this handcrafted terracotta planter (the 13″ size), and this French mason jar vase (medium size).

4. UNDER $250: This gorgeous European brass spice mill (comes as a pair), these vintage framed sepia botanicals, my favorite flax linen comforter, this awesome terra cotta lamp, and this framed pampas shadow box wall art.

5. THIS WEEK ON THE BLOG I shared this fresh take on Fall Kitchen Decor, this classic way to style a Fall Hutch with Soft Neutral Colors, this table setting that Mixes Casual and Formal in a Seasonal Tablescape and how to create a Spa Bath Feeling to Indulge in Luxury at Home.

6. FASHION PICKS: I finished my quest for layered necklaces and now I’m working on bracelets. I’m loving this ID bracelet, these beaded bracelets in a few sizes, these labradorite bracelets, and this paper clip chain bracelet.

7. Do you love FREE printables? For those who enjoy printing out unique art, especially if you’re looking to update your recipe box, you’ll love these Free Printable Recipe Cards for Fall and Thanksgiving!

7. FURNITURE DEALS: This cozy farmhouse swivel chair, this marble and ash wood modern coastal end table, this chic raw wood and iron console table, this terrific white oak dresser with bin pulls, and this natural woven rattan club chair.

9. FEATURED SHOP: You may have spotted a few pieces above from a new shop I’ve never to linked to before. This is a new discovery for me and a shop I absolutely love, so be sure to check out Meridian decor. They have vintage pieces, as well as handcrafted items with a global aesthetic. You’ll find things for the kitchen, various textiles and creative gift ideas. Enjoy!

10. UP NEXT: Two new rooms dressed for fall…

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  1. Christine says:

    Hi Anne. I enjoy your blog very much from your recipes, decorating ideas, clothing recommendations and more. However, I agree with some others who posted that the Weekly Wish List can get a bit time consuming- for you to write and for us to go through weekly. Clicking back and forth on links takes time. Also, since I’m an empty nester and grandmother too, I’m not looking to buy more stuff so sometimes skip the links for products. Thank you for all you do!

  2. Hi Ann – I really enjoy your blog! I like the links you provide and enjoy your recipes, too. Always check in every few days to see what is new with you. Thanks for a great blog!

  3. I would love to see ideas for curtains or window treatments. My swags are looking out of date.

  4. Kathy Stephenson says:

    Hi Ann- I really enjoy your blog, and I appreciate the more affordable options you present. I also love your recipes. The Wednesday Wish List is interesting but can be a little overwhelming for me. Sometimes I just skip it because I don’t have the time! Have you thought about doing it once a month or every other week instead of weekly? It might take some of the pressure off.🙂

  5. Dear Ann, I am a long time subscriber and enjoy your blog. I especially appreciate when you post a previous one but let us know that it has been updated! So many bloggers( especially the guests) will post something from three years ago. Lol I’m not a fan of the Wednesday wish list but it’s probably a fad. Some I follow have Friday favorites etc. I enjoy the things you are watching! We have similar tastes in shows! It seems that you ladies may feel pressured to partner with Amazon, Walmart etc.I love that your posts share your personality and your heart. Very real. Whatever you do I will continue as a subscriber!

  6. I look forward to these posts and your shares are generally my favorite. I can certainly understand the difficulty in coming up with new things to share every week. Maybe the pressure of 9 or 10 things every week is too much(?) and can be scaled back. I’m always interested in your quotes, recipes, decor ideas. The only thing I could suggest beyond what you are already doing are budget kind of ideas – making the most of your money, etc. I do appreciate you asking and what you do.

  7. Hello Anne, Good of you to ask your readers what works and what doesn’t. Early years of blogging it seems most of them did ask and then stopped all together. I think they only wanted the’ yes all is good’ type of comments. So I do enjoy and use your recipes and a few links. Decorating ideas and using what we all have stashed away is good. I often delete the Wed posts from many bloggers I follow because it is geared to selling/marketing items. It’s different if the blogger actually bought or has the item. I suspect it is getting harder for the type of blogging/posts that brought readers to many sites. I think that is why some I followed for years have left. Times change of course. Thanks for be brave enough to ask and consider how your readers what to spend their time. You are one I continue to follow and spend my time with.

  8. Hi Anne,
    I love the recipes! Especially the old ones that I had no idea existed. So more of those please. I also love your lavendar anything!!! The lavendar cookies are now a spring time staple here:) Its fun to see your decorated home! I hope to eventually change my decor ( saving for it) so love seeing any changes large or small that you do! The new pulled together outfit section is a big hit. No need to spend $$$ to look and feel good.
    What I really need now is home baked good for 40 or more for an outreach group my children and I are involved in. The treats have to be individually wrapped and travel well for 40 people…Yikes is that asking to much? If so, I don’t want to stress you.
    Thank you for yor blog and your creativity !

  9. Thanks for your labor of love blog, Ann! Enjoy the Wednesday posts from you three. I enjoy your recipes (more low-sugar ones?), like the quotes, affordable decor and clothing. As a senior, I like to look but don’t seem to need “stuff” after just downsizing and moving. You ladies are like friends I look forward to sitting with and sharing. Happy End of Summer!

  10. More seasonal decorating and more recipes

  11. I so agree with Cynthia, living in a small town area in northern Minnesota! Ann, I mostly look forward to your diy decor ideas. Also, love the recipes! Really look forward to all three bloggers every Wednesday! I open so many links and marvel at all the thought and work that this blogging trio puts out!

  12. Anne, I appreciate your post of “It’s all casual, comfortable, and completely affordable!”. Living in rural Virginia with its limited shopping and dining options, I am starting to appreciate our local stores better. A cashmere, leopard skin print coat and high heels may look great in NY but would be out of place in my little town. I hope you continue to show us affordable ways to be stylish and to look appropriate in our own little hometowns.

  13. Your emails are always welcome because you put such care together with beautiful finds and links to relevant information.

  14. Thank you for putting these together every week! They are filled with wonderful inspiration! I enjoy the recipes and links to charming homes for inspiration! Have a wonderful week.