Wednesday Weekly Wish List #135

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Yvonne | StoneGable

1. Christmas is over, and we are halfway through January. Now is a great time to update a little home decor and refresh our homes. Winter Changes In The Dining Room has smart, easy, and attractive ways to breathe a little new decorating life into your dining area.

2. Amazon Finds: See this week’s favorites.

3. Soup makes a warm and comforting winter meal. Our latest favorite is Hearty Creamy Chicken Gnocchi Soup! Yum! Get more delicious soup ideas HERE. Don’t forget the bread like Butter Topped Beer Bread to round out the meal! See more quick bread recipes HERE.

4. Decor To Dress Up Your Home: It’s time to spruce up our homes with some attractive and inexpensive items…

5. Home Tours: I love this home of designer Liz Cann. There are so many ideas we can borrow and use in our homes. Make sure you check out this gorgeous and welcoming East Side Apartment. This French Chateau is one of the most expensive properties in the world. This is the most unbelievable castle and tour.

6. Warm Capsule Wardrobe: Beautiful winter-inspired clothes to keep you warm.

7. Fun And Interesting Facts: What animal can hibernate the longest? What two words make up the word Spam?

8. One of my favorite things to add to our home after Christmas is pots of herbs! I put herbs like parsley, rosemary, thyme, basil, and mint on a kitchen counter that gets a bit of sunlight. The Ultimate Guide To Growing Herbs Indoors gives you the best tips for planting, growing, and caring for herbs until they can be planted outside in late spring.

9. Reader’s Favorite: Make sure you check out the beautiful home decor trends for 2024. I think you will love all the classic styles that are trendy again!

10. Best Articles I Read This Week: This article with before and afters of a downsized home. This article with more trends for 2024. And this article, about winter dinner by the fire.

Answer to #7: Snails can hibernate for up to three years if they have to. Some historians say that Spam is made up of two words: spice and ham. However, no one is actually sure. Now you know.

vase of flowers on bedside table designthusiasm www

Lory | Designthusiasm

1. Attainable luxury is kind of my thing. I especially love little treasures that make life more pleasurable. If you’d like to add a bit of luxury to your life without spending a fortune, you’ll love: Luxury Living: How to Add the Finer Things to Your Home on Any Budget.

2. Did you know my Amazon page is the most visited page on my blog? Check out this week’s AMAZON PICKS.

3. The organizing fury that January brings is still going strong in my home. THIS WEEK ON THE BLOG I shared The Complete Guide to Kitchen Organization, and How to Transform Your Drawers with These Easy and Effective Organization Ideas.




7. I love the fresh clean look of winter decor, but I’m itching for spring to arrive. Since it’s way too soon, I enjoy decorating for Valentine’s day to add a touch of romance and pretty to my home. Here’s a neutral living room with blush accents, and here’s a table decorated with rustic romance. You can also Set a Beautiful Table Mixing Vintage China.

8. FASHION PICKS: What I’m cozying up in this winter, literally every day…

9. WHAT’S INSPIRING ME AROUND THE WEB: Lovely use of green in this wonderful home, this stunning home makes perfect use of rustic warmth mixed with updated style, this fabulous account has completely mastered warm neutrals in the home.

10. UP NEXT: 10 Ways to Banish the Winter Blues

pink bleeding hearts in blue and white pitcher spring idea

Ann | On Sutton Place

1.) I ventured out of my comfort zone this week and shared a conversation about perfection, and some tips for conquering guilt. Join in HERE.

2.) AMAZON FAVORITES: a mixed bag of things I own, things I love, and things I wish I had. See them all HERE.

3.) FAVORITE QUOTE: “If you ever find yourself wondering why you continue to do something you don’t seem to enjoy anymore, ask yourself why you began in the first place. You’ll either find the reasons to continue or the reasons to stop.”

4.) BEAUTIFUL INSPIRATION: take this tour of a Texas new build that exudes farmhouse charm and practicality, and tour this intentionally and thoughtfully curated home with the prettiest entry hall wallpaper!


6.) If you are a fan of Netflix’s The Crown, you might find this short video interesting. It’s their Final Farewell, and includes behind-the-scenes tidbits, and interesting interviews. I really enjoyed it!

7.) If you are wishing you could easily create a gallery wall, I thought this collection of ideas was really helpful, with so many wonderful options. I especially loved the section called “Build a Memory Wall.”

8.) If your bedroom needs to be refreshed, take a look at these bedroom design trends for 2024. Still popular is natural lighting, mixed design styles, and a few more ideas that might surprise you!

9.) WHAT I’M WATCHING: All Creatures Great & Small and Miss Scarlet and The Duke on PBS, A Thousand Tomorrows and Moonrise on Great American Pure Flix via Amazon Prime, The Road Dance (rent on Amazon Prime for $3.99), and I’m very excited that the One Chicago shows start tonight!

10.) Here in Ohio, our wind chill has been well below zero, so I’ve been snuggled in at home. Wishing you a wonderful rest of the week!


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