Wednesday Weekly Wish List #141

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Your weekly dose of new ideas, helpful hints, favorite items, and tidbits of wisdom…from a trio of lifestyle bloggers who love to share!

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Affiliate links included. See my disclosure statement.

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lory | designthusiasm

1. If you’re feeling a burst of creativity that often comes with longer days, check out these DIY Chinoiserie Decoupage Pitchers and these Unusual Ways to Display Teacups in Your Home.

2. AMAZON PICKS: Last week I forgot to update my Amazon picks. Be sure to stop by for some fresh new picks today!

3. THIS WEEK ON THE BLOG: How I Added a Home Office to a Guest Room and this Elegant Easter Brunch Table with a Coastal Palette.

4. I’m seeing spring decor falling into a few key palettes, so this week’s picks are broken up by color – indigo blues, earthy greens, and faded rose. All work great with neutrals and naturals.




7. Spring always inspires me to get out the paint and start up-cycling furniture. You can see how I Updated a Vintage Sideboard with Chalk Paint and a completely different technique with these super easy DIY Chalk Painted Nightstands.


9. WHAT’S INSPIRING ME AROUND THE WEB: This fascinating collection of rustic chic spaces, these richly detailed rooms that use lots of natural green tones, and this stunning light and airy French country home.

10. UP NEXT: 101 Inspiring Spring Decor Ideas…

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Ann | On Sutton Place

1.) Beauty is in the eye of the beholder…so I believe any group of items can be a collection. I put together some tips and tricks for displaying your collections, and also some suggestions for collections that make beautiful home decor.

2.) For my favorite affordable Amazon finds for spring, click HERE.

3.) FAVORITE QUOTE: “You are not here to bring light into the world. You are here to be the light.” ~Abraham Hicks

4.) INSPIRING SPACES: I love the wallpaper in this charming blue and white bathroom, and here are 7 ways to add the color peach into your home.

5.) We’re about a month away from Easter, so here is some very cute bunny inspiration.

6.) RANDOMNESS: I just read where seasons 5 & 6 have been ordered for All Creatures Great and Small. Yay! I really like a new show on CBS called Tracker. It stars hunky Justin Hartley, and in each episode he finds a missing person. Check it out!

7.) Really beautiful Instagram accounts to follow: @hverdagslykkelise, @ourlittlebrickcottage, and @whitefloridafarmhouse.

8.) SPRING SPLURGE OR SAVE: take a look at this incredible lemon wreath, and then compare it to this one. Which would you choose? Would you splurge on this gorgeous porch planter, or would you be happy with this one? If you love to spend time relaxing outside, this all-weather wicker sofa is amazing…but would you be just as happy hanging out on this one for a fraction of the price?

9.) And now let’s talk about porch rockers. When we lived on Sutton Place, we had two of these rockers. They looked good for a couple of years, and then they yellowed and the seats cracked. When we moved to our current home, I replaced them with these rockers from Polywood. They look brand new after two years of use. My daughter has this style, and loves it. We also have this Polywood dining set in white on our patio. We’ve had it for 4 years and again, it still looks amazing. This is one instance where I felt it was smart to splurge!

10.) Have a wonderful week…I hope you get to enjoy some sunshine!

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yvonne | stonegable

1. Be A Better Decorator The Easy Way: Do you wish decorating your home would not be such a guessing game? Wouldn’t having a step-by-step guide showing you how to style the perfect fill-the-blank would be nice? I think so, too! That is why I created Decorating School on my blog. Learn repeatable interior design techniques that are easy to do and create beauty in your home. Learn the 5-Step Method For Styling An Updated Coffee Table, the just-released post.

2.  Amazon Finds This WeekSee all the best finds this week on Amazon.

3.) Decorate For Spring smarter and prettier and not harder. Get my SPRING DECORATING PLAN and 5 must-know tips that will change how you decorate! 

4. More Favorite Finds: Hey friends, Last week, many of you wrote to me telling me that some of my links weren’t working. So sorry! The tech glitch has been fixed. Thanks for your patience. Here’s what I found this week…

Under $100:

Over $100:

5. Beautiful HomeAnd More: One of the reasons I like to tour NYC apartments is because they are small and interestingly decorated. And their designs are often inspiring for a downsizer like me. Here are a few I found this week: this luxurious apartment, this trio of eclectic apartments, and this Upper West Side apartment.

6. Spring Home Decor Ideas: Last week, I hung this Forsythia Wreath on our front door. It’s super easy to make and such a cheery spring welcome. Have you ever Forced Spring Branches so they boom indoors? I’ll show you how easy it is with my expanded guide! And let’s make a pretty 20-Minute Spring Centerpiece for a table.

7. Fun And Interesting Facts: When does Easter occur every year? It’s not usually on the same date. What is the full moon in March called?

8. Spring Capsule Wardrobe:

9. Recipe Of The Week Homemade Vinaigrette: Homemade vinaigrette is so easy to make and so much better than store-bought. Here is a formula that works every time… 1 part acid (lemon juice, vinegar) + 2-3 parts oil (olive oil, avocado oil, flavored oils) + aromatics (garlic, shallots, red pepper flakes, sugars, herbs) + binder (mustard, mayonnaise) + salt and pepper. Put all the ingredients into a mason jar and shake it until it is all combined. Store leftovers in the refrigerator.

10. Spring Home Tour: Monday is my new Spring Home Tour! This season, I’ve added some color and a few more surprises. I hope you will come for a visit.

Answer to #7: Easter falls on the first Sunday after the first full moon after the spring equinox. The full moon in March is called the worm moon because the earth warms up, and worms emerge from their winter dormancy. This year, the worm moon occurs on March 24th.

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  1. CarolBinTX says:

    Ann, I really love your ideas. I also live with a minimalist who gets edgy when I switch out decor, but he calms down when he sees how nice everything looks in the end. Ideally, I’d decorate when he’s not around, but retirement for both of us causes us to spend a lot of time together at home!

    As always, I love your suggestions to mix in the Walmart stuff with the “real” stuff. At Christmas time, I had a vision for my dining room and I looked all over for the perfect table runner, even bought something for more than I’d normally spend, but found one at Walmart for $10 and it was just right! Some of my most favorite white ceramics are from Walmart too!