Wednesday Weekly Wish List #16

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Lory | Designthusiasm

1. Have you subscribed and received my FREE guide: “20 Ways to Update Your Home for Your Evolving Lifestyle?” You can get it here. You’ll receive not only the guide, but also my welcome series of 5 emails with topics like ‘How to Stage Your Own Home’, ‘How to Avoid the Biggest Decorating Mistakes’, ‘How to Add Character to an Ordinary Home’, ‘How to Add Luxury to Your Home on Any Budget’ and ‘Life Hacks for Easy Living’.

2. If you’re already a subscriber and got the guide above, be sure you didn’t miss these additional top posts: Are You Over Decorating? Decor Tips to Simplify Your Space and Understanding Room Layout and Furniture Placement.

3. Last week I shared the console tables I was looking at for behind our sofa, but one of the links was incorrect and it’s the one I’m most interested in. This is the one I saw in store and fell in love with. It’s in the same feeling as this lovely light wood bowl which was the most popular link this past week.

4. Camel coats are really looking fresh this year, from this wool blend dad coat to this double breasted car coat and this belted wrap coat. For warmer climes, blurring the lines between sweater and coat, try this oversized coat with pockets or this long sweater-blazer or this merino longline cardigan.

5. What’s inspiring me around the web: Deeply entrenched in fall, I’m loving this sophisticated fall kitchen and this gorgeous fall floral, plus this charming fall kitchen island, and I’m loving the very subtle fall color feeling here.

6. Did you know that each week I do a round up of my top picks in a decor category? This week I shared French-inspired end tables and you can find the weekly picks at that link. My very favorites are this onethis one and this one, but you can see them all HERE.

7. It’s my turn to pick our book club book for next month. I’m considering The Velvet Hours, or Small Great Things, or Beartown or Commonwealth. Let me know if any of you have read any of these and what you thought.

8. I am forever on a quest for the perfect travel makeup mirror. This is my absolute fave mirror that I use at home and I love it so much, that there have been times I took it in my suitcase when nothing else would do. But I really need something more compact. Mine has a nice large mirror, plenty of magnification, and a plug for the light. This one is the exact style I want and it’s perfect if you don’t need magnification. But I do. I’m considering this one, which has everything but maybe the mirror face is too small? This one has possibilities too, but you probably have to stand it on something to raise it up. And finally this one might have everything but it’s pricey. I might give it a try and report back.

9. This week on the blog I shared Thanksgiving decor that reflects these 6 not-so-obvious values worth celebrating, this popular and elegant Halloween tablescape, these fall entryway ideas to warm up a tiny foyer, and this chalk paint tutorial for the chest in that tiny foyer.

10. Up next: I’m hearing that people are doing their holiday shopping earlier this year and I was wondering if that’s true? Let me know in the comments when you’ll be ready to start seeing holiday shopping guides and decor inspiration. Thanks so much for your feedback!

Ann | On Sutton Place

chicken salad with apples sandwich stacked 700

1.) The only handbag I have carried for years is the Small Vera Tote from Vera Bradley. It’s just roomy enough without being too big, it’s light-weight, and it has tons of interior pockets. I recently got this black version and it might be my favorite. I also love this one, and this one too! This is my all-time favorite wallet.

2.) FAVORITE QUOTE: I saw this on Instagram and laughed out loud. “Sixty might be the new forty, but 9:00 is the new midnight.

3.) FEATURED PUMPKIN RECIPE: if you’ve never made pumpkin bread, this is the year! I’ve been making this recipe forever, and every time it tastes wonderful. I’ve got my cans of pumpkin ready to go!

4.) There’s a new show on Monday night on NBC called Ordinary Joe. I think I’m hooked! I’ve never seen anything like it…so it’s refreshing and entertaining. Give it a try!

5.) What kind of coffee pot do you have? I love Keurigs, but the one I have has seen better days. So when my daughter showed me this navy blue model, I ordered it in a split second! It’s beautiful, and makes the best coffee. (It comes in several other colors, and I think the matte white is lovely too!)

6.) If you missed it, take a minute and watch this performance of “For Good” by Kristin Chenowith and Idina Menzel. (From Wicked, of course.) It’s from The Tony Awards Presents: Broadway’s Back! It seriously gave me chills.

7.) If you need a quick and delicious supper idea to keep in your back pocket, check out this chicken salad sandwich…it’s super easy and filling.

8.) GOOD READS: from Liane Moriarty, Apples Never Fall. From Tracey Lange, We Are the Brennans. From Kristin Harmel, The Forest of Vanishing Stars.

9.) If you have kids or grandkids who love puzzles, my favorite brand is Mudpuppy. This mermaid puzzle is so cute, and this unicorn puzzle glows in the dark! My little two year old grandson LOVES this 4-in-a-box puzzle, and this construction jumbo puzzle. Mudpuppy also makes “puzzles to go.” They are perfect for travel, and they’re small. Our favorites are Transportation, Mermaids, and The Wild Bunch.

10.) Have a wonderful week!

Yvonne | StoneGable

1. Did you see the most recent home tour I posted last week? I’m sharing lots of ideas for decorating your fall outdoor spaces. Come on over to see my Fall Porch And Patio Tour.

2. I love sweater weather! Here are the sweaters I’m loving for this fall… this pretty updated sweater set here and here, this long cardigan, and this cardigan, this cotton sweater, and ooooh I love this sweater!

3. You might not be thinking about Christmas yet. But it’s not too late to think about things like garland and wreaths! Here are some of my favorites: this is the prettiest wreath, and this lit eucalyptus wreath, this gorgeous metallic and neutral garland, and this garland is so beautiful I got two!

4. Here are a couple helpful household tips you might know. So here is a reminder… pop a wet sponge in the microwave for 30 seconds to kill bacteria, do this often. Get rid of dirt and fingerprints on stainless steel by cleaning it with a microfiber cloth and a little rubbing alcohol, then dry with another microfiber cloth. Did you know you can get rid of scuffs on your floors by rubbing a tennis ball over them?

5. Do you need a little help decorating for fall indoors and out? How about making a couple beautiful fall diy’s and crafts? Do need ideas for pumpkins and wreaths? Would you like to make some delicious fall recipes this year? You can see the best of all fall posts in one place! Make sure to check out The Best Of Fall All In One Place.

6. My decor crushes this week… I’m looking for a long low bookcase and I think I found it here, these dining chairs, this super reasonable chair (I’ve had two of them for years), these french knot drapes (I have these too), this modern take on the classic Chesterfield sofa, and this end table I just ordered.

7. Do you know what doctor the box is? I just make a delicious Pumpkin Spice Bundt Cake for Bobby’s birthday using a box mix. And topped it with a Maple Syrup Glaze. My family loved it!

8. The best way to live… “Do unto other as you would have them do unto you” Luke 6:31

9. I love Michele’s take on fallDonna’s gorgeous home, and check out my IG account full of fall decor ideas.

10. Fun and useless facts: humans are the only creatures that blush, so blush! There are more stars in the universe than grains of sand on the earth. Do you know the place in the world that has the most rainbows?

Answer to #10- Hawaii.

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  1. Terri Herman says:

    For the most part, I Christmas shop about all year long! BUT I have to keep a running list on my phone to keep up with my purchases or I end up with too much. I buy as I go because as I find things on sale or people mention something they like, I take the chance. Only problem is returning items but so far that hasn’t been an issue.

  2. In your pumpkin bread recipe it doesn’t show many loaves it makes in the different size loaf pans, except for small. It looks like 2 large loaves?

    1. Ann Drake says:

      Hi Carol…I never make large loaves. It’s very hard to get the bread done in the middle. Honestly, I don’t recommend it! But if you want to try large loaves, definitely make two. Enjoy!

  3. Too funny Ann, I have a wood block purchased at Momma Ann’s at Smith Mountain Lake VA with the same quote, it travels around my home!