Wednesday Weekly Wish List #27

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Ann | On Sutton Place

1.) One of the things we are adapting to here in our new home is a walk-in closet. I have never had one in my life! It’s in need of some organization, and I will figure that out after the new year. My first purchase needs to be two new laundry hampers. Right now, we’re using laundry baskets and it’s definitely not working! I’ve got the choice narrowed down to this laundry hamper with handles, or this laundry hamper with a lid. I also love this rolling hamper, and I’m totally in love with this wicker basket. (Pricey, but so lovely & functional!)

2.) FAVORITE QUOTE: “Staying positive does not mean that things will turn out OK. Rather it is knowing that YOU will be OK no matter how things turn out.”

3.) CHRISTMAS WEEKEND MENU SUGGESTIONS: Pick up a spiral ham and serve this delicious and super simple potato side dish. Then, the day after Christmas, make these ham and swiss sliders with the leftover ham. Pair the sliders with this easy slow cooker soup, or these yummy baked beans. These chicken and noodles are hearty and filling, and if you have time to cook something low and slow, this beef stew is delicious!

4.) Did you know I give away phone wallpaper calendars? I also make laptop/desktop screensaver calendars, and a monthly calendar for iPads. Just sign up for my email subscriber list, and the calendars will be sent automatically, at the end of every month.

5.) Target is introducing a brand new collection from Hearth & Hand that will be available the day after Christmas. You can see the preview HERE. There are soooo many things I love, but here are a few favorites: this serving tray (comes in oval or round), this amazing wood serving board, this darling short little stoneware pitcher, and this tall one. Since we can’t buy anything yet, I’ll rerun this section next week, but I wanted to share because I had such a good time just looking around!

6.) Looking ahead to after Christmas, here are some suggestions for easy porch decor that will get you through the winter: if you like black, this doormat will be perfect, layered over this cute rug. This doormat, and this little rug will work for anyone who likes gray, and if you love blue, here’s a doormat, and here is a great layering rug. Wreaths are tricky for the winter months, but this boxwood wreath would be lovely (and it’s a great price), or you can hang a white berry wreath (I just ordered this) that will take you all the way to spring.

7.) I can’t survive the winter months in Ohio without these necessities of life! First, this hand lotion helps heal all the cracks & dry patches. I wear this coat everywhere…I’ve had it for four years and it still looks new. These slippers are on my feet every single day! I use this lip balm, I take this heat pack to bed with me every night, and these waterproof boots are the best (and an incredible price.)

8.) Follow these accounts on Instagram for lovely inspiration: Farmhouse Homes, Harbor Blue House, Smitten Kitchen, and Eleanor Rose Home.

9.) Coming soon: my method for layering neutral bedding, and a post that will wrap-up and say goodbye to 2021.

10.) Wishing you all the merriest Christmas ever!

Yvonne | StoneGable

dining room table decorated for Christmas

1). Don’t you just LOVE Christmas week? I can’t tell you how special this week is to me. It feels like I float around on the melody of Christmas songs playing day and night in our home. Bobby and I want to wish you the Merriest of Merry Christmases! May your heart and home be filled with the joy of the real meaning of Christmas! Lots of love from our home to yours!

2. Are you enjoying this lovely week? I know I can get a bit stressed out with last-minute preparations so I try very hard to enjoy this week and not let all the loose ends get to me. Here is a helpful post you might want to read, How To Enjoy The Days Before Christmas. And here are fun and meaningful things to do on Christmas Eve.

3. Every year since I was a little girl my Mom made Bacardi Rum Cake from a box cake for Christmas. And we all loved it. I’ll be sharing on Thursday with a few tweaks and a scrumptious rum sauce drizzle! A box cake never tasted so special. If you need a last minute, easy and delicious Christmas dessert this cake just might be it. Look for my version tomorrow. You can see my favorite Christmas Recipes all in one post Here.

4. Reader favorites from last week… this cashmere sweater, this Kitchen Aid mixer, this beautiful chunky hand-knit throw, these Mercury Glass vases, and this beautiful oversized cashmere scarf still on super sale.

5. Fun and useless Christmas facts: What was the original Elf On The Shelf named? Who wrote “Twas The Night Before Christmas? Did you know that about 85% of American Children believe in Santa… so sweet! And 93% of Americans celebrate Christmas!

6. Can we look ahead to 2022 for just a minute? This year I’m emphasizing the importance of knowing designer secrets, design theory, and all kinds of tips to help you create a beautiful home. Breaking down design concepts into easy-to-do repeatable processes is my superpower! So here are a few posts that will give you a head start. This post about warm and cool color, this post about rhythm in decor, this post about mixing decorating styles, and this about curating a beautiful home. 2022 will be about becoming a better decorator! Both you and me!

7. I have a question for YOU! Please answer in the comments. I listen to my readers so what one or two things would YOU like to see on the blog in 2022? Thanks for helping me create a blog with YOU in mind!

8. Decor crushes this week… this ottoman/coffee tablethis dresser on sale, this GORGEOUS throw, this chunky throw, this handsome bed (I’m thinking of getting it), a super chunky throw, this gorgeous cheetah rug, these classic pillows in several colors, and this beautiful spindle chair.

9. Oh, how fun! I found this video with all the weddings of Downton Abby. I just can’t get enough of the fashions! And here is a wonderful tour of the grand house. And here is a bit of the real history of Downton Abby. And the best for last… Christmases at Downton!

10. Here at StoneGable blog I’m doing a little Christmas de-decorating too! And my blog is de-decorating too! Come visit my fresh home page (tomorrow) and see all the new content for 2022 with an emphasis on showing home decorators just how easy it is to be fabulous decorators for their homes! You might like to see my favorite how-to decorate posts… this post is about white painthow to mix metals in decorscale and balance in decor, and how to create a focal point in a room.

Answer to #5: The original Elf On The Shelf was named Fisbee. “Twas The Night Before Christmas was written by Clement Clark Moore in 1823. Its original name was “A Visit From St. Nicholas”.

Merry Christmas, dear friends!

Lory | Designthusiasm

Elegant Christmas Table Setting 11

1. Let me take a minute to wish you all a very Merry Christmas! I hope your holidays are happy and healthy and spent with loved ones. I am besides myself with excitement as my baby girl (ok, she’s close to 30… ;-)), whom I haven’t seen in almost two years, will be coming home. She’s been in Australia since right before the pandemic and their borders have been closed. But we will finally get to see her and meet her wonderful boyfriend in person! The best holiday gift I could ask for!!

2. If you have any down time this weekend, you might be thinking about what your home will look like after the Christmas decorations come down. My latest post is all about winter decor ideas after Christmas for cozy warmth at home.

3. And speaking of cozy and snuggly, here are some things that will keep me toasty this winter. I live in these slippers all year, but especially love them in the winter. (If they’re out of your size, this is my second favorite.) Most of my winter wardrobe consists of basic cashmere sweaters and I stock up when they are on sale. Well, now is that time and they still have the good colors left! I’ve got my eye on this Faux Leather Puffer Jacket – the perfect blend of comfy with style and it doesn’t cost a fortune. Top it off with this adorable recycled cashmere beanie and these warm shearling gloves. If you want to treat yourself to one pair of trendy jeans, these are the ones to get. They are soft as butter with a nice high waist and are the most comfy pair I own! Pair them with these chelsea boots which have been one of our top links for the past few weeks, and they’re currently on sale!

4. Snuggly extends to the home, too. I’ve already shared this amazing faux fur throw that I’m wrapped up in every night on the couch. If that’s a bit too heavy for you, try this teddy bear knit one. I love these sweater knit throw pillows and these short haired faux chinchilla ones. This warm-toned neutral rug is in my cart right now. If this isn’t the coziest chair, I don’t know what is. Love the texture and the creamy tone works all year long. If you like simple drapery panels but want something heavier than linen for the winter, these heathered velvets are a great choice. And speaking of velvet, these sumptuous armchairs are just fabulous!

5. Can we talk about paint for a second? As January arrives I will be starting some new painting projects, probably in shades of white like this DIY chalk painted sideboard. And if you’re really into the magic of paint you might enjoy this detailed look at the makeover of our kitchen cabinets from dark cherry to the white they are today.

6. WHAT’S INSPIRING ME AROUND THE WEB: Crazy in love with this rustic modern home – be sure to scroll through to see the whole stunning house. This lovely bedroom is ever-so-tranquil and it’s giving me all the feels. Here’s an absolutely gorgeous bedroom suite tour from one of my all time favorite designers – be sure to scroll through the images on this one, too.

7. FAVORITE QUOTE: I’m a huge fan of James Clear, the productivity guru, whom I often quote. In his weekly emails, he signs off with a pointed question to readers to get them to think about reaching their goals. This week he asks us to consider, “What am I continuing to do out of habit, but is no longer serving me?”

8. Does your skin get really dry in the winter? These are the products I use to keep my skin hydrated. The face cream I swear by is Creme de la Mer. I’ve mentioned before that I’ve been using it since I’m 25 and it’s better than anything else I’ve ever tried. (I use it for daytime only because it’s expensive – but use it as my eye cream at night, as well.) I use this night cream on my face, this on my neck, and this hand cream. This is the inexpensive body cream I swear by that you can get at any drugstore. For my hair, I condition with this deep treatment hair mask once a week. And I use this lip balm multiple times a day and always have it with me.

9. This week on the blog I shared a few posts to help with last minute holidays needs, including these 6 printable holiday gift tags and four printable holiday cards. I also shared this Christmas table setting if you need some last minute inspiration.

10. UP NEXT: I just LOVE wrapping up the year and looking ahead! I’ve always been a fan of fresh starts and I’ve got so many plans for the coming year. Stay tuned!

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  1. Diana Slater says:

    Lory needs to stick to interior decorating. Her recommended dry skin products are full of unpronouncable chemicals. She should just use vaseline for her lips as that’s the primary ingredient in her lip balm.

  2. Cindy Rust says:

    I enjoyed this post so much! It’s great to hear about the amazing finds you and your friends come across. Merry Christmas!

  3. I vote for the beautiful rolling wicker basket, especially if the laundry area is on the same floor. It’s better to plan ahead for “aging in place”. I’m using small flexible tubs which I can carry with one hand. I may make more trips, but the falling risk is decreased.

  4. Christina Anderson says:

    Merry Christmas!
    May I ask where in Ohio do you live?