Wednesday Weekly Wish List #3

Your weekly dose of new ideas, helpful hints, favorite items, and tidbits of wisdom. We have so much to share today…so let’s get right to it!

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Ann | On Sutton Place

sheet pan chicken recipe with veggies potatoes

1.) You may have noticed that On Sutton Place has a new look. I’ve been working behind the scenes for several weeks, and at least for now, it’s finished. I’m trying to follow the latest Google requirements, speed things up, and provide a more organized design. I completely “renovated” my categories, so if you’re looking for something, it should be much easier to find. It was definitely a challenge, and to be honest, I’m really glad it’s behind me!

2.) I saw these adorable Critter Crudités on Pinterest, and I think they would be super fun to make with kids or grandkids. (I’m trying really hard to be the fun grandma!)

3.) You know how I love a good porch makeover, and this one from Lolly Jane is incredible…and that dutch door!

4.) Are your herbs getting out of control? You can harvest now, and preserve them one of two ways. It’s easy to dry herbs in the oven, or you can freeze herbs in olive oil. The dried herbs make wonderful tea and seasonings. The frozen herbs are so easy to add to soups and sauces.

5.) Summer is the time for easy meals that don’t take much time. Two of my favorites are my ham & swiss sliders, and lemon chicken. Both are geared for two people, but you can always double the recipe if need be.

6.) One of the things I love most about working from home is that I get to wear leggings every day! My favorites are from J.Jill, and they come in regular length and capri length. I also love these comfy shirts that are part of the J.Jill Fit line. The shirts wash up beautifully, and don’t shrink. Sizing info: I’m 5 ft. 5 in. tall and I’m very short-waisted. For the shirt, I wear a Misses medium and it covers my rear-end. I wear a Misses large in the leggings. In general, I think everything from J.Jill runs a little big.

7.) FAVORITE BLOG ALERT: another one of my favorite blogs to visit is Jo Cooks. Jo is a veteran food blogger, and she shares delicious & simple recipes made with everyday ingredients. She’s got a great section of 30 Minute Meals that you will love!

8.) Here are two book recommendations from my daughter, who reads all the time. First, Behind Closed Doors by B. A. Paris, and The Last Mrs. Parrish by Liv Constantine. Both are full of suspense and I’m told they are hard to put down!

9.) We all have certain not-so-wonderful characteristics that we wish we could change…or at least improve. One of my “issues” is the constant feeling that I need to do better. I think I need to work harder, clean the basement, call my friends more, walk every day, lose that ten pounds, and the list goes on. If you are in the same boat, here is a quote from Lauren Fortenberry that always helps me put things in perspective: “Don’t forget the strength it took you to be where you are right now. Celebrate that growth.” So when you are feeling “less than,” just remind yourself how far you’ve come.

10.) That’s it for now…see you next week!

Yvonne | StoneGable

1.) The weather here is steamy and hot. Well into the 90’s as I am writing this. To keep cooler as I do gardening or spend time outside I found this personalized fan you wear around my neck. These little fans work amazingly. See it here.

2.) One of the best books I have ever read is The Orphan Master’s Son. I could not put this Pulitzer Prize winner down. It’s a bit “gritty” as it tells the tale of the horrors of living in North Korea based on real-life experiences of North Koreans who have escaped this brutal regime.

3.) Summer is the best time to have a picnic. I’m so looking forward to picnic with friends and family while we listen to live big band music. I’m bringing my very popular Nani’s Best Best Potato Salad. This is the number one thing I get asked to bring to a gathering! I also think a Berry Galette using my Rhubarb Galette recipe would be a fabulous dessert served with ice cream.

4.) Do you have a hobby or two? Share your hobby in the comments and give us some different hobby ideas. I’ve never shared this on the blog before, but I like to paint. Right now I’m taking an easy watercolor course. It’s fun and relaxing. You can see the course here. I also sew. Just pillows and aprons and napkins and table runners and easy things. Here are my favorite pillows that are no-sew and so easy to make. See them here and here.

5.) Another hobby of mine is gardening. Right now in my herb garden, I have lots of basil, parsley, chives, thyme, oregano, and sage. You can see how easy it is to plant and harvest an herb garden here. It’s never too late. And see how to preserve herbs by freezing them here.

6.) Are you a fan of the sitcom series called Office? Our son got us hooked on it and no other comedy sitcom compares! It took me a season to really warm up to it but oh, my! We laugh so hard at every awkward episode! You can see the trailer here.

7.) Our son and family have a saline pool so I’m spending hot days swimming. Swimming is my exercise of choice. Here is a great and inexpensive rash guard shirt I have that protects me from the sun. And I think this is the cutest cover-up and personalized beach towel.

8.) As summer moves on I’m still decorating for the season. You can see 30 ways to add a bit of the summer season to your home here.

9.) I just did a post about styling a foyer for both function and fabulous form. We have a scripture saying, from Numbers 6 hanging above the bench in the foyer. It blesses all who enter. You can see it here and the gather sign above our mantel here. The signs from Rooted And Grounded are so beautiful!

10.) Next week I’m looking forward to sharing some of my favorite Etsy finds like these vintage breadboards I have displayed in my kitchen. And other books and Masterpiece Theater series I love! There’s always more to share!

Lory | Designthusiasm

white dining table setting designthusiasm

1. I thought I’d start with a bit of wisdom today. Do you ever have trouble opening a jar of food? If you take something sharp like a manual can opener and tuck it under the lid until you hear a pop, you’re breaking the vacuum seal and you can now easily twist off the lid! Want life hacks for the home to make life easier? Read: life hacks.

2. Summer is fully here! I promised myself this year I would enjoy it instead of feeling like it’s over before it began. Starting with a great market basket, the perfect beach hat, and the most classic and flattering aviators that everyone looks good in!

3. Looking for a beach read? Check out Gretchen Rubin’s The Happiness Project. Yep, a non-fiction book can be light and enjoyable.

4. Do you all know about Three Custom Color? Have you ever had a favorite cosmetic that’s been discontinued? All you need is a small sample of it and you can send it to them and they’ll match it for you. Same color, same texture. I’ve been using them for my favorite discontinued lipstick for years. They also keep lots of popular colors on file so someone else may have already had it mixed.

5. Hubby’s been wanting a patio umbrella for a while. I want one that looks nice. He wants one that’s not a fortune. It was worth waiting because this one is on sale!

6. July is a great time to buy a gas grill. Take advantage of the sales because you can even get Weber on sale. This is our grill and we love it!

7. Insta-inspo of the week: Loving this color feeling, and this peaceful kitchen, and her gorgeous art, but this is where I really want to be.

8. Here’s what you guys are loving. The most popular items this week were these sandals (#1 most popular by far!), which also come in the lower heel, this French chair, this great-priced side table and this gorgeous writing desk which is the one I have in my office.

9. On the blog we talked about a summer mantel, my favorite tablescape ever, adding warmth to a neutral living room, and a fabulous new French Country coffee table book.

10. Coming soon: I’m working on a small bathroom renovation that’s taking forever to get going. Workers are hard to come by and this is more than we can DIY. Will keep you posted.

Until next week…


  1. Carol,
    Your daughter’s book recommendations were fantastic! Another bonus to all that you currently offer. Well done!

    1. Sorry Ann, I was looking at the reply above my comment.

  2. Valerie Haugland says:

    Hi Ann,
    This is my first time reading the Wednesday series. I love it. So many great ideas and being a big reader I love that you have book suggestions.
    Just wanted to add that I have too many hobbies but my main ones are knitting, sometimes crocheting and decorating. Next up is learning to use my cricut !
    Thanks for sharing a beautiful
    Blog !
    Valerie Haugland

  3. Hi Carol. Loving this Weekly Wednesday series!

  4. Your new site looks amazing and is so user friendly!!

  5. Jan Fusco says:

    I love your new look! I enjoy your posts so much. I also like the great info you get on WEekly Wednesday. The format is great. You only have to click on the links that interest you, not the whole blogger’s site. Love it.

  6. Kathy Halsell says:

    I love this post! So much good info. I have to save it and read it over and over to check out all your recommendations. The book you recommended – Behind Closed Doors- is one of my favorite reads also.
    I am going to check out The Last Mrs. Parrish. Have a wonderful summer!
    Thanks Again

  7. Nancy Sharp says:

    I like your new look to your blog. I especially like the menu button. I love your printable and I’m so glad to have easy access to them.
    Being a grandmother is the best job especially when they are little. I miss those days. Mine are all adults now. Two had weddings this year.
    I love the quote. I will be putting that to remind me of the strength it has taken me to get to age 75.

  8. While I welcome the daily On Sutton Place email, Wednesdays are disappointing. The endless links that have to be clicked on not only become time consuming, but then cause relentless ads that follow are beyond annoying. Small pictures of items/ideas would be extremely helpful.

    1. Yes please! Love the series but the links not so much!

    2. Ann Drake says:

      Hi Carol…thanks for writing. I’m sorry to disappoint you. This series is just beginning, and I will be making tweaks as we go along. I have tried to say exactly what my links lead to with the text. I know my partners are being a little more mysterious. Anyway, if it’s not for you, I understand!

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