Wednesday Weekly Wish List #31

Your weekly dose of new ideas, helpful hints, favorite items, and tidbits of wisdomfrom a trio of lifestyle bloggers who love to share! 

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Lory | Designthusiasm

French living room from Designthsiasm

1. January is a great time to think about self care. Many of us resolve to take better care of ourselves as the year begins, and I’ve put together 50 Self Care Ideas to help you improve your well-being!

2. I love shopping for home decor at some of the obvious shops – y’know the ones that are in every mall – but I’ve also found some lesser known, new-to-me online shops that have the most wonderful aesthetic. A new fave for rustic chic is Lulu and Georgia, while I’ve been enjoying a similar vibe at McGee & Co. for some time. The same look at amazingly affordable prices can be found from Threshold with Studio McGee at Target. For understated elegance I love annie selke, and I’m crazy about the curated look at Anecdote. Also love the clean lines at Scout & Nimble.

3. WHAT I’M READING/PLAYING/LISTENING TO: If you have an evening in with family or a small group of friends, my latest obsession is Monopoly Deal. My daughter introduced us to this game and we LOVED it! It’s the Monopoly you know, but updated as a card game instead of a board game. * I consume most of my fiction book-club books while walking outside, with audio-books from Audible. You can get a free trial subscription at the link. * In the morning when I wake up, as part of my morning routine, I’ve been working my way through my favorite coffee table books, including the Gianetti’s Patina Farm and Patina Style. They are so much more than just pretty images! Next up I’m ordering Patina Homes and Patina Living. I can’t get enough of these books!

4. I got it in my head that it’s finally time to replace our living room sofa. It’s in remarkably good shape for a 20 year old sofa, but it feels too uptight for our current lifestyle and, as a result, we wind up not using the room. So it will be relegated to the basement in favor of a more relaxed slip-covered model, preferably in a washed linen. Models I’m considering: this one might be my fave, but the cream is currently out of stock (they have a pretty taupe), this one has a great relaxed vibe, but is it a little too casual? This one is lovely but also not available in the lighter color, this one is pretty gorgeous and it could be the one, this one has a great look, too, so it has potential. This one is a possibility and looks super comfy, and this one is just about perfect, but priced on the higher side. What do you all think?

5. WHAT’S INSPIRING ME AROUND THE WEB: Three of my favorite blogs have stunning Instagram accounts that I just love to visit daily. They are Tuft & Trim for a light and airy look with French undertones, Jenna Sue Design for casual chic, and Sanctuary Home Decor for French farmhouse style. And while we’re talking about Instagram, be sure to follow my IG page. I share lots of behind the scenes things there that are not shared on the blog!

6. January is white sale month! So it’s a good time to highlight some of my best basics. FAVORITE SHEETS: I love both these linen and these sateen (I use both and love them for their comfort). BEST TOWELS: after testing several, these are my absolute fave new bath towels. This is my go-to comforter (I use the medium weight) and these are my preferred sleeping pillows. I also love this super soft lighter quilt. And finally, my favorite linen drapery panels are on sale now, too!


  • “Be where you are, not where you think you should be.” – Unknown
  • “You are the sky. Everything else is just the weather.” – Pema Chodron
  • “The only way to live is by accepting each minute as an unrepeatable miracle.” – Tara Brach

8. I’ve been told I have a lot of hair but it’s very fine, so I use volumizing products wherever I can. I use this shampoo, and put this conditioner only on the ends, and then my secret to getting the most lift and volume is this gel, which I apply at the roots for lift, and this spray which I also segment the hair to spray at the roots. Finally, I use this dry shampoo for an extra bit of volume. (Yes, I use them all together.)

9. This week on the blog I shared a few more organizing posts including my Complete Guide to Kitchen Organization and 8 Surprising Places That I Store Things. I also shared a detailed look at our Kitchen Backsplash Update from our kitchen remodel and a shopping guide featuring Affordable Upholstered Headboards.

10. UP NEXT: Adding casual warmth to a tailored blue and white bedroom.

Ann | On Sutton Place

picture ledge over sofa on sutton place

1.) As promised last week when I shared Valentine’s Day gift ideas for the ladies, here are some suggestions for that special guy in your life! I love this gorgeous, red cashmere quarter zip sweater, this set of grill baskets includes 3 different sizes, this fleece vest is available in 6 beautiful colors, and this nifty pen is perfect for his toolbox. If you want something a little more personal, consider this stunning Fossil watch, and also this brown + navy one, plus this Johnston & Murphy toiletry bag.

2.) FAVORITE QUOTE: “Worrying does not take away tomorrow’s troubles. It takes away today’s peace.” If you’re like me, and worry about things that haven’t happened yet, make this your mantra!

3.) Whenever I post a picture that features our round coffee table, I get lots of questions. Unfortunately, it’s currently backordered. So I looked around, and found some amazing round coffee tables that are ready to ship right now. This one is stunning, and has over 3,000 great reviews, this one is a budget-friendly choice with clean lines, this one is very pretty and has no metal, and this one is a bit more industrial with a handy lower shelf.

4.) Filling the wall space over a sofa can be tricky…and if your wall is super big, it can be utterly overwhelming. That’s how I felt about the wall space in our great room. After looking and looking, I decided on this picture ledge. Not only does it take up most of the wall space over the sofa, it allows me to change the pictures without re-hanging them every time. It was easy to install and is actually on clearance right now too! (Our ledge is 60 inches and is the Espresso color.)

5.) FAVORITE INSTAGRAM ACCOUNTS: I just found this account that shares very fun craft videos. It’s not in English, but the videos are well-made, so you don’t need an explanation! I also follow Highclere Castle, which is great for Downton Abbey fans, and Emily’s Fresh Kitchen shares healthy and beautiful recipes.

6.) If you are looking for a new side dish idea, there’s nothing easier than fresh veggies. This roasted vegetable medley is not only delicious, it’s super quick…and this vegetable gratin is sure to impress your family and friends!

7.) We just welcomed a new grandchild…a sweet baby boy! He’s the third child, so they have all the necessary equipment. We wanted a special gift, and after looking for a long time, we decided on this Moses basket. He is now portable, and able to move around the house comfortably! I also fell in love with this absolutely darling knotted gown + hat set, this alphabet print cotton romper, this sweet book, and this Royal Doulton Bunnykins plate, bowl, and mug set. Don’t you love buying baby gifts?

8.) SPLURGE OR SAVE: would you splurge on this Harper Denim rug or save with this Elim Striped rug? What about this gorgeous cotton-linen neutral pillow cover…or this all cotton budget-friendly option? Let us know in the comments what you think!

9.) I just shared all about my decision to embrace the grey tile in our master bathroom, and how I warmed it up with accessories + linens. Coming soon are 15 ways to lift your mood in no time at all!

10.) Have a wonderful week!

Yvonne | StoneGable

blush roses in silver vase stonegable blog

1). It’s not too early to think of Valentine’s Day! Here are a few pretty things to wear and more! This pink and white striped boyfriend shirtthis beautiful faux leather jacket, this watermelon drop shoulder tunic sweater, and this white no-stain denim jacket.

2. I love these pretty Valentine Floral Cones you can make yourself and give to someone you love or your best girlfriends! I’m giving them to my daughter and daughter-in-law this year.

3. Did you know the flu shot might not be as effective this year? We have lots of flu here and I have it! I feel pretty crusty! According to WebMD and Bobby if you have the flu stay at home and rest, drink lots of fluids, treat fever and body aches with over-the-counter medication, take cough medication for that nasty cough… you can see the whole report Here.

4. Many of you might get flowers for Valentine’s day so here’s a post so they will last longer.

5. Fun and useless facts: What is the persistent fear of snow called? Where do Monarch butterflies go to hibernate in the winter?

6. Last week’s reader favorites: my new upholstered platform bed (it IS beautiful), this mercury glass trio of candle pillars, another of my favorite purchases animal print neutral pillowsthis stunning lamp, and week after week so many of you purchase this console table!

7. I started watching a new series called Around The World In 80 Days! Are any of you watching it? It is just so good. It’s a Masterpiece Theater production. I can’t wait for the next episode!

8. This year I’m updating all my posts on interior design theory. My superpower is to break down these concepts into easy-to-understand and repeatable processes that you can use in your home. Monday I shared the concept of RHYTHM in design. It’s much easier than you think! I hope you will read these important posts as I update them!

9. I have no more energy, friends! Have a wonderful day and keep away from the flu bug!

Answers to #5: The fear of show is called chionophoba. It comes from the Greek words chion and phobos meaning snow and fear. Butterflies make the very long trek to Mexico to hibernate in the winter and they hibernate in the same tree year after year.