Wednesday Weekly Wish List #35

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Yvonne | StoneGable

kitchen canisters with hydrangea in small vase stonegable blog

1). We are in full spring theme here at StoneGable even though it snowed most of the day today. Here are a few spring diy’s you can work on until the calendar catches up! Spring Front Door BasketEasy And Pretty Spring Centerpiece DIY, and Growing Herbs Indoors, The Ultimate Guide.

2. Recent posts on the blog: here’s a helpful post about caring for cut tulips, and how to make an easy spring centerpiece.

3. Here are last week’s reader’s favorites: this beautiful hand-carved horse, this pretty spring maxi shirt dressthese faux spring branches (I got two myself), these show stopper lamps, and this console.

4. I cook a chicken almost every week. I use and freeze the meat and freeze the carcass for making stock or bone broth. When I make the chicken in my slow cooker. I add about 2/3 cup of stock, one onion, 3 carrots, and 3 stalks of celery to the bottom of the cooker. And that results in the most wonderful base for gravy or to use in another dish. I usually freeze the remains along with the veggies in freezer bags to use when I need it. YUM!

5. Some of the unsung heroes of decor are pretty lidded containers to keep things in! These textured canisters, these amber canisters (love), these stoneware canisters, these stylized canisters at my coffee station, this pebbly canister I just ordered.

6. Fun facts: What is the hottest chili pepper in the world? What is the most visited country in the world?

7. Here are some movies and series I can highly suggest: The Life And Adventures Of Nicholas NicholbyAll Creatures Great And Small, The Gilded AgeCall The Midwife, and Around The World In 80 Days.

8. Here are my favorite skin creams and other beauty items: this hand cream or anything from Ahava, this crepe corrector, this lightweight blush, this heavenly smelling whipped body cream, and this face moisturizer.

9. Spring fashion is pretty and floral this year like these pantsthis tunic, this go-anywhere dress, and not floral white tunic (love)!

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Answers to fun facts: The hottest chili pepper in the world is the Dragon’s Breath chili. One chili is potentially deadly! YIKES! France is the most visited country in the world.

Lory | Designthusiasm

designthusiasm welcoming home tips

1. Some of my favorite posts to write are about general design principles more than just decor updates. They are common to everyone and apply regardless of your design style. My latest such post is about How to Soften Your Home and Make It More Inviting.

2. With Valentine’s Day past us, it’s time to start looking toward spring. This year I hope to lighten up in a sophisticated way – in large part neutral, or at least subtle – and yet unequivocally pretty. My top picks to get started are these must-have branches, this handwoven seagrass footed bowl, this delightful airy demilune console table, these sweet florals on parchment paper, this perfect neutral floral spring pillow, this lovely handled rattan tray, my new favorite lamp, and my all-time favorite faux lavender potted plant.

3. While on my quest for the NEXT SERIES TO WATCH I’ve heard great things about Yellowstone, so this could be our next watch. I also just saw two older films which were both fabulous. They are Woody Allen’s enchanting “Midnight in Paris” and the wonderful multiple-award-nominated “Lion”.

4. Do you want to get your skin ready for summer? I use a three step process. First I exfoliate with this Intensive Pore Exfoliating Treatment. It’s great because it exfoliates and purifies at the same time, so you don’t need a purifying mask too. Next I use a serum – either one of my two faves. My old standby is this serum (pricey, but I promise it lasts forever), but I also recently discovered this one via a sample and love the way it smells. Then I finish with the same amazing #1-product-ever moisturizer that I’ve been using for 25 years (and it’s also my all time best selling link on the blog). For the body I use this great exfoliant body scrub and then finish with the best super-cheap drugstore moisturizer. Make sure you get the advanced therapy and not the regular one.

5. WHAT’S INSPIRING ME AROUND THE WEB: I’m rather obsessed with a few Instagram accounts I recently became aware of. I’m loving the aesthetic of this mother daughter duo who photograph interiors in SoCal, along with this account that perfectly mixes (and sells) vintage finds with a modern perspective (you will for sure see some of her pieces in my home in the upcoming months). I’m also madly in love with this account’s look and shop, as well.

6. This is just a quick aside – something I discovered when a reader asked me a question and I wish I knew about it before I did my own bathroom. So, if you’re looking for a great updated medicine cabinet, I love this one! Will definitely use it for the next bathroom re-do, which will be later in the year.

7. While many people vow to GET ORGANIZED in January and it’s over by the time the month is done, I find decluttering to be worthwhile all year long. If your kitchen needs organizing check out Simple Ways to Declutter Your Under Sink Storage and 8 Pretty Ways to Keep Your Counters Clear.

8. I always like to share best-sellers to give you an idea of what’s been trending. Your top purchases for the past few weeks have been this terra-cotta bowl, this lovely wood lateral file cabinet, this tufted linen armchair, this Belgian linen comforter and the Belgian linen sheet set (I swear by them!), and both this artisan vase collection and this Emelia vase collection in the white.

9. THIS WEEK ON THE BLOG I shared this shopping guide for dressers and chests, a room update featuring how one piece of furniture changed the character of our family room, and this rustic chic table setting with a dough bowl centerpiece.

10. UP NEXT: I just might be taking a paint brush to my wood bedroom furniture, starting with the nightstands. Do I dare?

Ann | On Sutton Place

spa life foot sockies with flowers

1.) I just got home from visiting our grandchildren, and when I was packing to go, I noticed how awful my hanging cosmetic bag looked. It was definitely time for a replacement! I love that Vera Bradley products are sold on Amazon, so I splurged on this hanging travel organizer, and this cosmetic bag. I also got this toiletry bag for odds and ends. (It used to be called a ditty bag.) Some patterns are on sale too!

2.) You all know how I love quotes. I just found a website called Rooted and Grounded, and their wall art is amazing. The Psalms Collection is beautiful, and their Around the House Collection has something for everyone. They also do custom work, so if you have a favorite quote or scripture verse, they can help!

3.) FAVORITE QUOTE: “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.”
~Eleanor Roosevelt

4.) I feel like we’re settled enough in the new house to think about planning some fun projects that will make this place feel a bit more like home. The first thing I want to do is add board and batten in the entry. I love this classic farmhouse installation and it looks like an easy thing to do. Although not technically board and batten, I also really like this vertical shiplap, and this design reminds me of what we had in the dining room on Sutton Place. Honestly, it’s a hard decision…what do you think?

5.) FAMILY FAVORITES: next up is my son. One of his favorite desserts that is so simple, but so good, is this recipe for Rice Krispies Treats, made with marshmallow fluff. He also loves this grilled chicken with rosemary potatoes, and when his family visits, they always request chicken Caesar pasta salad with homemade croutons.

6.) WHAT I’M LOVING: this lemon garlic butter shrimp is cooked in one skillet, and it’s truly amazing. I adore this wood trimmed loveseat…and if I had a place to put it, I would order it today! I just got this v-neck tunic in cobalt paisley. It’s super cute and on sale. I also got this soft, washed denim jacket that looks great with leggings, pants, and skirts. My latest Instagram crush is Garden & Grace, and if you want a great pair of walking shoes, take a look at these.

7.) WHAT I’M LOVING PART 2: oh my gosh, have I got something to share with you! At Christmas, I ordered these Foot Sockies from Amazon as a stocking stuffer for my daughter. They came eight to a pack, so I gave half to her, and kept the rest for myself. My feet haven’t seen the light of day since August, and they were looking pretty bad. Truth be told, they were awful. Anyway, I remembered I had the Foot Sockies, so I tried them out just last night. This product is truly amazing. Here are a couple of tips…first, before you sit down, gather two hand towels and a pair of socks. Open the sockies and put them on your feet…then wrap each foot, as tight as you can, in a hand towel. The towels help keep your feet warm, and they press the lotion into your skin. When the required 30 minute wait time is up, rub any remaining lotion into your feet, and immediately put on the socks. These sockies make such a great gift to give yourself, and there are enough to share with a friend or family member. So go ahead, pamper yourself!

8.) In case you missed it, I recently shared this cozy and delicious chicken and rice soup, plus three filling smoothie recipes. Coming tomorrow is a bright and happy forsythia wreath, and on Sunday, I’m sharing the first tour of our new kitchen. If you aren’t on my email subscriber list, but would like to join us, click HERE.

9.) That’s all I have for today…wishing you a wonderful week!