Wednesday Weekly Wish List #5

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Yvonne | StoneGable

hydrangea petals in coffee cup

1. Oh, I love movie homes! The first one I could not take my eyes off of was the Father Of The Brides’ gorgeous home. But my two favorite movie houses are from Somethings Gotta Give and It’s Complicated. Surprise, surprise the same designers and directors worked on these homes. See a wonderful article with pics and behind the scene info here. And honestly, these sets had a huge influence on the “feel”, although not the look, I wanted for my home. When I saw both of these films I could hardly follow the story line because I was so taken with the homes.

2. Have you ever met someone who has been a huge influence in your life? I have. Probably 30 years ago I met Martha Stewart. I’ll never forget the first time I saw her tv show and read her magazine. I thought, “this woman gets me”! I saw her at a luncheon where she showed slides (yes, slides) of her gardens and promoted her book Martha Stewart’s Gardening Book. She signed my book and we had a brief chat. I think it is good to find other people that love what you love and learn from them. I just ordered this book by Martha. Who would you like to meet?

3. I have a new color crush. I’ve loved it from afar for a while now. And I’m actually looking for wallpaper to paper the wall behind my bed in a pattern with this gorgeous color. You can see my spring/summer bedroom tour here, I have a quilt and euro shams in this pretty color.

4. My daughter Jacqueline showed me how to make this Rolled Zucchini Ribbon And Balsamic Vinaigrette Salad. It is the most unusual and pretty salad you will ever see! And it is delicious and so easy to make! And my sweet daughter-in-law Abby makes salads for 5 days by putting all the ingredients out on a counter and starting with the heaviest ingredients first puts them in 5 separate ball jars. This works so great I’ve been doing it since she showed me.

5. I’m hungry so I’m thinking about food! I use mason jars to store leftovers, make and store vinaigrettes, store dry goods like beans and rice in keep cut herbs in so I have them nearby to use in cooking. See mason jars here and mason jar lids with pour spout here. I’m sitting here writing this and drinking from a ball jar mug. What’s in my mug? “Spicy water” (grandbabies word for carbonated water)! My son and family just got me a soda stream for my birthday. I love it!

6. This is my go-to iPhone case/wallet. It’s just such an easy way to carry an iPhone.

7. I spend a lot of time at my desk every day. And a pretty desk is important! Here is a desk chair I would love to have and this wallpaper on the walls of my office.

8. I listen to Pandora radio while I work and have a few stations I really enjoy. When I am writing and concentrating I need music without lyrics. Check out these… I LOVE the Piano Guys! We saw them in concert and they were amazing. And Classical Music For Studying. If you like classical music this is a fabulous station. When I want music for a dinner party or luncheon I play Michael Bublé and for general listening I play Hymns 4 Worship.

9. Our home smells like mint and tangerine right now. I like to use a diffuser much better than candles or sprays. This is the best diffuser I have found and it’s quite reasonable. My favorite summer essential oils to diffuse are mint, tangerine, lavender, and geranium.

10. The hydrangeas in our yard are in full bloom. So I am cutting them and bringing them inside in armfuls. If you have hydrangeas you might like to see How To Cut Hydrangeas From Wilting. And How To Dry Hydrangeas The Easy Way.

Lory | Designthusiasm

comfy summer bed from designthusiasm

1. I am completely crazy about organization! My entire home has been whipped into shape with these containers and I mean I literally have them in just about every room. I love that you can see inside but everything stays dust free and is easy to access. They are on sale now in both sizes. I also use these much larger ones for things like seasonal decor, which you can see in this post.

2. But in addition to organizing my spaces, I love to organize my time (this is more of a struggle for me… ;-)). My current read is Getting Things Done by David Allen and I’m loving his approach and systems.

3. And while I’m on books, I’m not all about productivity. Next up on my fiction list is Pachinko by Min Jin Lee. Have any of you read it?

4. Let’s talk about inspiration. I’d do laundry all day long in this room. This is what my desk looks like in my dreams. Notice no tech! Loving this crisp and bright foyer. But I’m going to call this one the ‘home of the week‘. Be sure to swipe through the whole tour as one room is prettier than the next.

5. Have you been shopping the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale? The way it works is you preview the sale now and put things on your wish list. Then you purchase when the sale goes live on July 28th. (Nordstrom cardmembers get earlier access.) This sale is traditionally a great way to get deals on some items that do not usually go on sale!

6. Some of my faves from the sale: This is a great time to stock up on quality essentials like these spa towels, these luxe sheets and this travel case (one of the best deals!) If you’re a Pom Pom at Home fan like I am, take advantage of the opportunity to get this lovely throw and these stunning shams, as well as this charming accent pillow. There’s a lot more. I had to resist the temptation to link them all.

7. But if you also want to stock up on hostess gifts for the season, try this marble lazy susan, these cheese knives (great price) or this wonderful candle set.

8. Ok, sorry, hope that wasn’t too many links. I can’t resist a sale with such deep price cuts… ;-)

9. This week on the blog we talked about all things sideboards: where to put them, how to style them, where to buy them. I also shared how I transformed my dining room without replacing the furniture, a look at the prettiest hilltop village in France, and how to design a small home office that’s both attractive and functional.

10. Next on my agenda? Honestly, I plan to sleep all weekend! I just love lazy summer days!!

Ann | On Sutton Place

limelight hydrangea bush with buds

1.) Sometimes, bedrooms are the last rooms to be decorated. After all, who really sees them? But if you are ready for a bedroom makeover, these cottage bedrooms will be sure to inspire you!

2.) I know we all love a good pantry makeover, and this one from Little Glass Jar is truly amazing. Ashley shares tons of pics and includes all the details.

3.) I’m on a smoothie kick. It’s been so hot lately, and this banana oatmeal smoothie is cool, filling, and refreshing. The frozen bananas are the secret!

4.) We have a garden shed, and we gave it a makeover a few years ago. But if you want to see a stunning, honest-to-goodness potting shed, click HERE. You are going to love it!

5.) If you are on Instagram, you must follow King Arthur Baking and Sur La Table. They share the prettiest pictures and some amazing recipes.

6.) FAVORITE BLOG ALERT: Boxwood Avenue. Chloe is a city girl who moved to a for-real working ranch. She shares the antics of her goats, her lovely home, and delicious recipes…and she’s as nice as she is beautiful. Take a look at her kitchen HERE.

7.) My grandkids are coming to visit in a few weeks. (Yay!) My little grandson just moved to a big-boy bed, so I had to get him some fun sheets for his big bed here. This Jax Construction Sheet Set is the cutest!

8.) Homemade birthday cakes are pretty special, but I believe it’s perfectly OK to use a box cake mix…and here are lots of ways to make a box cake mix taste homemade. To really take your birthday cakes over the top, check out these custom cake toppers. This one is my favorite!

9.) FAVORITE QUOTE: “It’s not the load that weighs you down, it’s the way you carry it.” This tidbit of wisdom from C.S. Lewis is a good reminder…if your load is beginning to get heavy, shift it around until you’re comfortable. It may take a few tries, but don’t give up!

10.) My limelight hydrangeas finally have buds on them…but I’m guessing it will be at least another few weeks before they bloom. I am waiting patiently, and will show you as soon as they appear. Until next week…

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  1. Enjoyed this post; so many ideas!

  2. I always enjoy your posts. And thanks so much for the tip about Boxwood Avenue. I took a quick look and it seems delightful.

  3. OMG so much info I could stay on this page until next Wednesday! Having just moved I know the load in organizing is getting us down so we are shifting our loads around and getting comfortable, thanks CS! And all you beautiful decorators in helping us.

  4. 5 stars
    I have been loving the Wednesday Wish List!! So many ideas, inspiration and helpful links! The quote from C.S. Lewis was spot on for what is going on in my life right now. I am going to add it to my inspiration board! Thank you ladies!

  5. Once again, Wednesday Weekly Wish List is a terrific read. So many ideas and photos to see. I especially love the C.S. Lewis quote.