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Ann | On Sutton Place

pottery barn grain sack pillow cover on sutton place

Hello everyone! We had such an incredible response to the gift card giveaway that we hosted for Home Style Saturdays, that we thought “Why not do this every week?” Beginning today, Yvonne, Lory, and I will be giving away a $75 gift card every week for Wednesday Weekly Wish List. So that’s 3 gift cards each week! There is a link at the end of the post where you can find a complete explanation, including exactly how to enter. We will include this link every week so you will always know where to enter. We’re very excited! We are incredibly grateful for your support, and how you’ve embraced this series. So check it out and good luck!

1.) WHAT’S INSPIRING ME: I can’t imagine anything better than spending time at this cottage on the Potomac River, I love the way this old dresser was transformed, I could move into this house and be perfectly happy, and this gorgeous blue and white entry makes me smile.

2.) FAVORITE QUOTE: “When I stand before God at the end of my life, I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left, and could say, I used everything you gave me.” ~Erma Bombeck

3.) WHAT YOU LOVED IN JUNE: the most clicked link was for this Norfolk Pine Christmas garland, and it’s still available! After that, you loved this Culver Grainsack Striped Reversible Pillow Cover that is on sale, and has free shipping. (It’s pictured above.) You grabbed up this reasonably priced Hearth & Hand comforter set, my favorite capri leggings, and this fun outdoor umbrella that has LED lights. I hope you are enjoying everything!

4.) I tend to stay away from trends, but I thought this article was very interesting. We’re halfway through 2022, and a few of the trends listed have materialized. I don’t really agree with #7, but I totally agree with #5!

5.) KITCHEN ITEMS I LOVE: I just ordered two sets of these dish towels, and they are amazing. They wash up beautifully, and come in a wide array of colors. This set of baskets is perfect for so many things. I currently have fruit in the large basket, and tomatoes in the small one. This Ohio Stoneware crock is great for storing utensils, and it’s very reasonably priced. Last, I needed new bowls to store food in the refrigerator. I love this large bowl, and I also have this smaller one. I, of course, bought them in blue, but they are available in more colors. They are perfect for melon, salads, and leftovers.

6.) Our Evolution Series continues on Sunday with our foyers. I have a huge surprise, and a big change to show you! If you want to catch up, we first shared our living rooms, and after that our dining rooms, followed by our kitchens. If you aren’t on my email list, you can sign up HERE so you don’t miss a thing!

7.) If you need inspiration for a garden shed makeover, look no further. This garden shed is not only beautiful, it’s so functional. There’s even a bin for their potting soil!

8.) I want to thank you for your kindness and support while I spread my wings by sharing this outdoor adventure post, as well as this recent backyard fun post. I thoroughly enjoyed writing both pieces, and I hope you felt they were valuable. I know they weren’t my normal decor, recipe, or DIY content, but I enjoyed the challenge very much. I’ve been at this blogging thing a long time, and switching things up a bit felt good!

9.) Have a wonderful week!

Yvonne | StoneGable

WWW #54 Mirror In The Foyer- StoneGable

1). Are you a downsizer? Or are you thinking about downsizing? Do you know that I am writing a year-long series about downsizing? The latest post in this series deals with How To Handle The Emotions Of Downsizing. And you can find my downsizing story and 10 things to know about downsizing in the post too. Do you have a downsizing story? Please share your story with us in the comment of How To Handle The Emotions Of Downsizing.

2. 5 Easy Organizing Tips: 1- organize one drawer in your home every day 2- organize just one shelf of a closet every day 3- clean out your refrigerator once a week 4- fold laundry or go through paperwork while watching tv 5- organize your dry goods in airtight food storage containers and label them. Here are my favorite organizing containers: these airtight food storage containers, and these organizing bins.


3. Fabulous Finds, The Shop My House Edition! I thought you might like to see some of my favorite things in our home!

Under $50- this versatile jute table runner, this round footed wooden tray, this beautiful frosted candle holder (half price- I just ordered 2), this goldtone eternal loop sculpture, and a set of two versatile pillow covers.

Under $100- this cute long lumbar pillow with a down insert, long rattan ottoman tray, set of three galvanized metal trays, and this folding bar cart.

Under $200- this Bluetooth wireless speaker, this cotton waffle weave blanket I love, and these drapery panels in natural.

Worth The Splurge- this pretty pedestal tablethis gorgeous bookcase (on its way), this wooden ball mirror, and this console table in white.

4. Fun and Interesting Facts: How many ways are there to make change for a dollar? What is the only state in the US that is one syllable?

5. I just found Gordon Ramsey’s Ultimate Cooking Course! LOVE! This video is amazing! And there are so many more! See an episode HERE. And here’s the pan Gordon Ramsy uses. Here’s another great cooking video: how to make a pasta meal using one pot! I’d cook the garlic, onions, peppers, and tomatoes first to break them down and then cook the pasta with them.

6. July 4th is next Monday! Happy Birthday USA! Here is a Quick Patriotic Vignette you can put together in less than 20 minutes. And I make Cherry Pies In Jars With Stars every July 4th. Have a safe and fun holiday!

7. Reader’s Favorites Last Week: this trio of rustic candlesticks, this textural jute rug, this Laura Ashley Comforter, and Sham set I have on my master bedroom bed, beautiful adult paint by numbers, and my favorite tee shirt.

8. What Inspires Me This Week: the color green (and velvet), flake salt, and because seasoning food with salt makes all the difference- Salt School, and Garden Herb Salt DIYHow To Decorate, the podcast, hydrangeas especially these, and laughing!

9. Happy Summer! Although I’ve been celebrating summer for a while now, it is officially here! To help you celebrate summer inside and out here are my most popular summer posts: 12 Summer Decorating Ideas And DetailsSUMMER HOME TOUR 2022SUMMER BEDROOM DECORATING IDEAS, and 7 Easy Small Porch Decorating Ideas.

10. Wardrobe Capsule Must-Haves- this great book that will help you build a capsule wardrobe, this modern take on classic jeans, the perfect white shirt, this classic soft black tank shirt, these beautiful natural colored mules, this classic black foundation pebble-grain purse. Look for more capsule pieces in upcoming WWW’s.

Answers to Fun Facts: There are 293 ways to make change for one dollar! Maine is the only state in the US that is one syllable. And what a beautiful state to visit! 

Lory | Designthusiasm

Palacio Real de Mardrid

1. We are so delighted to be bringing you our weekly Giveaways! In order to be sure you can enter on each of the 3 blogs, be sure to SUBSCRIBE so you have every opportunity to comment on the posts and take advantage of as many entries as possible. As a subscriber, you also will receive my free guide, “20 Ways to Update Your Home for Your Changing Lifestyle”.

2. Are you traveling this summer? If you’re eager to start seeing the world again, you’ll appreciate this post about a first trip to Spain, with an itinerary of 3 diverse locations. Even if you’re mostly an ‘armchair traveler’, be sure to enjoy the many inspiring photos of this gorgeous region!


UNDER $50: These awesome cast iron taper candle holders, this beautiful brass tray, this small carved vase, this marble disc decorative object, and this rugged decorative bowl.

UNDER $100: This fabulous graffiti pillow cover, this square upholstered cube, this barnacle vase, this cream abstract canvas, and this velvet wood drum ottoman.

UNDER $200: This wonderful metal accent table (comes in two colors), this boucle upholstered bench, this tufted natural rug and this grey farmhouse table lamp.

4. If you’re looking to get your home ready for summer, you’ll love these summer decorating ideas for the living room. You might also appreciate the evolution of our patio decor and what comes next, to see the various stages it’s gone through to get to where we are today.

5. FASHION PICKS: If, like me, you’ve got a bunch of bridal and baby showers to attend this summer, here are some guest dress ideas. This tiered midi-dress is so lovely, if you prefer above-the-knee dresses this babydoll option is oh-so-flattering, this very pretty style is a bit more tailored with the arms covered, this high-low maxi offers quite a bit of elegance, this gorgeous fuller style covers all you’d want covered and here’s an all-around great A-line style for an amazing price.

6. WHAT’S INSPIRING ME AROUND THE WEB: This delightful little nook in the bedroom is the perfect mix of timeworn vintage with crisp white modern, this wonderful updated powder room is punctuated with a magnificent sink, and for light and airy organic modern I love this living room.

7. FURNITURE FINDS: These super cool velvet dining chairs, this elegant marble and brass coffee table, this wood scalloped armoire cabinet, and this 3-piece modular sofa.

8. THIS WEEK ON THE BLOG I shared this DIY chalk-painted Mora clock, the story of how I transformed my dining room without replacing the furniture, and these 6 simple steps to a lovely summer table (with table linens and ruffled chair covers).

9. LUXURY LINK OF THE WEEK: One thing I always take with me when I travel on a plane is a soft throw blanket. It’s packs easily into my carry on and keeps me warm and comfortable on the flight. This stunning cable knit cashmere throw is the one I use, as it’s the perfect size and gorgeous, well worth the splurge.

10. UP NEXT: Finally the reveal of the entry foyer floor!

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  21. Tina Vore says:

    Love all of the items you have shared and all of the decorating inspiration!

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    I would love to have the blue and white foyer. It is so refreshing and welcoming. When I clicked on your kitchen decor, I once again saw the blue/white pitcher on the top shelf of one of your cabinets with glass panes. I wish I had at least one glassed cabinet door in my kitchen. Could you please email me the pattern name, maker, and where purchased of that pitcher?

    1. Ann Drake says:

      Hi Bev…that pitcher is a vintage pattern called Liberty Blue. You can still find pieces at antique stores, eBay, and Etsy. That pitcher was actually a gift from a reader!

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