Wednesday Weekly Wish List #59

Your weekly dose of new ideas, helpful hints, favorite items, and tidbits of wisdomfrom a trio of lifestyle bloggers who love to share! 

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Ann | On Sutton Place

zucchini lasagna recipe on sutton place

1.) I shared the 5th part of a 6-part series that revolves around our downsizing and moving journey. This time I spotlighted my readers! When I wrote part 4, which was how to cope when your family doesn’t want your stuff, the comments were incredible. I collected some together, and featured them in a post called Home Downsizing: OSP Readers Weigh In. Come take a look because there is so much good advice and sincere encouragement!

2.) YOUR JULY FAVORITES: this pretty Julia Berolzheimer shower curtain, this Hearth + Hand tiered serving stand, these stunning gold basketweave earrings (over 1000 clicks), this gorgeous white armoire, and the best sellers for the month were this Home Edit clear storage drawer bin and this narrow slider tray bin. Yay for organizing!

3.) LOVELY INSPIRATION: tour this gorgeous renovated Victorian with incredible befores and afters, this new build modern farmhouse is simply stunning, tour the home of the talented Monika Hibbs, and see how this French style home is perfectly placed in Utah.

4.) FAVORITE QUOTE: “We don’t know what tomorrow will bring. But today is a gift wrapped up in sheer grace. It’s an Alleluia. Today, we have the gift of time.” ~Mary Davis

5.) I love the above quote, so I looked for more information about Mary Davis. I discovered that she has an Etsy shop where she sells prints of angels…and they are darling.

6.) WHAT I’M WATCHING NOW: there have been a few things I’ve watched recently that were so enjoyable. First, is Purple Hearts on Netflix. A nice story with a very happy ending. I think Yvonne mentioned this last week, but I loved Persuasion, also on Netflix. There’s a documentary about Shania Twain on Netflix that I thought was fascinating. I loved her music, but never really knew her story. “Feel good” movies playing right now on Hulu: The Descendants, I Saw the Light, Notting Hill, The King’s Speech, and A Family Man.

7.) What’s for dinner this week? If you’re like me, you probably don’t know! Here are some easy ideas…first, this chicken salad sandwich is filling + fresh, this pork tenderloin for two is quick + tasty, and this skillet zucchini lasagna is the perfect way to use some of that fresh zucchini!

8.) I’m a sucker for a pretty bracelet…and I love layering them. These choices can mix and match in any combination. Begin with this elegant chain bracelet that’s on sale, add this simple gold bangle, and top it all off with this tile bracelet that has a touch of black. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel. Just adding one new piece to bracelets you already have makes the layering fresh and new.

9.) It’s not time quite yet, but in a few weeks we can start fall planting. If you’ve always wanted to grow a cutting garden this article has simple and straight-forward advice for choosing plants, planning ahead, maximizing production, and more.

10.) We’re running our $75 gift card giveaway this week, and next week will be the last time. Find out how to enter HERE. Have a great week!

Yvonne | StoneGable

fall vignette stonegable blog

1). Happy August, Friend! For me and many other bloggers fall begins this month! If you look at the StoneGable homepage you will start to see pretty fall ideas showing up! Make sure you check out these posts: August Is A Great Month ForEasy Fall Mantel Decorating Ideas, and the Prettiest And Easiest Fall Wreath anyone can make. We can enjoy the remains of summer and do things for fall too!

2. Blueberries are packed with things that are so so good for us! And things like dirt pesticides that are not good for our bodies too! Here’s how to wash them: Soak them in a tsp of salt for 5 minutes and then rinse and dry. Why not use vinegar? Vinegar actually soaks into the blueberries leaving its favor behind! My favorite way to eat blueberries is to add them to yogurt and granola. YUM!

3. Fabulous Finds This Week

Under $50- this pretty neutral pillow, and this must-have pillow in three colors, this beautiful wooden tray, this drink table I just got (thanks, Lory), and this glass pumpkin cloche.

Under $100- this great upholstered stool ottoman, this handsome handcrafted pedestaled charcuterie board, and this neutral pre-lit harvest pumpkin wreath.

Under $200- this swoop armchair, my favorite lamps, this beautiful upholstered bench, and these lovely lanterns.

Worth The Splurge- this versatile little chest, my favorite spindle chair (great price), this two-door cabinet, this gorgeous desk/console table, this perfect size small room coffee table, and these tuffted dininging/side chairs.

4. Beautiful Home Tours: This gorgeous Hampton thrifted home, and this amazing southern home, and this New York colorful apartment with a fun and weird vibe.

5. Ideas and inspiration from the home videos: Find things you love and add them to your home piece by piece. You should start decorating with a fabric you have an emotional connection with. Have fun when you decorate! Mixing metals make a beautiful room! I used to think “collections” were just clutter. I’m rethinking that posture. I’m still not sold on lots of collections but I’m warming up to the idea. Did you notice the art hanging on the walls? Some are so low and some high. I love that not all art is eye level!

6. We just watched the new Father Of The Bride. So cute! What I’m reading next: The Giver Of Stars. And my next Bible Study: The Attributes Of God. The next decor book I can’t wait to buy, Celebrating Home by James Farmer (LOVE this author)!

7. Capsule Wardrobe Finds: best go everywhere pants, the perfect girlfriend jeans, this frayed hem bomber jacket, this beautiful tunic tee, and these tie embossed flats.

8. Soup is one of our favorite meals! Here’s a trio of my favorites: Italian Tortellini SoupNani’s Scrumptious Cabbage Soup, and The Best Taco Soup!

9. Fun and Interesting Facts: What place has more caves than anywhere else on earth? What is a group of porcupines called?

10. I love Jamie Oliver. I have a thing for British cooks! This video shows how to make a fruit crumble three ways. It’s easy and so yummy! See my favorite dish to make crumble in HERE.

Answers to Fun Facts: Kentucky has more caves than anywhere else on earth. A group of porcupines is called a “prickle”.

Make sure to enter to win our $75.00 Gift Card giveaway. Go here to enter.

Lory | Designthusiasm

small chairs in bay window designthusiasm

1. Most popular latest post: all about decorating ideas for a small living room and how to transform an outdated style to more relaxed chic. Sometimes you have to take an honest look at your rooms and remove something you’ve loved for a long time.


UNDER $100: This tall but delicate faux olive tree, this beautiful inlay decorative tray, this sweet marble top bedside table, this lovely rattan table lamp.

UNDER $200: These wonderful rustic chic bar stools, this gorgeous capiz shell chandelier, this spacious and elegant bar cart, this adorable teak camp stool (on sale!).

FURNITURE UNDER $500: This charming wood pedestal end table, this cozy feather-filled swivel chair, this delightful pair of rattan dining chairs, and this pretty oak wooden bench.

3. While I love to post about pretty decor, some of my top posts are the more practical ones, like this post about our porcelain tile floor that looks like wood, and this shopping guide for vintage-style writing desks.

4. FASHION PICKS: Great on-trend shapes for end of summer, this high waisted pleated pant, the most flattering top I’ve ever owned (I have several colorways), this pretty open stitch sweater, this oversized denim shirt jacket, and my new favorite sneakers in a very wearable neutral color combo! Also on 40% off sale, this perfect leather tote.

5. WHAT’S INSPIRING ME AROUND THE WEB: The fresh crisp look of this utterly perfect bedroom. The openness of this stunning living room with elegant mix of vintage with modern. This white bathroom, from one of my favorite designers, that is just gorgeous.

6. THIS WEEK ON THE BLOG I shared the very beginnings of fall decor. Don’t worry, I’m not actually putting pumpkins out yet. Just taking stock of what I’ll be wanting this year and filling in what I need to buy. I shared this fall patio update, these fall accents in the kitchen and this transitional harvest tablescape.

7. THIS WEEK’S BEST SELLERS: This classic drapey shirt (by far the best seller last week!), this alabaster table lamp, this fabulously priced beige and cream rug, this Belgian linen ruffle pillow sham, this upholstered ottoman, and for the second week in a row, this square quartz stone catchall.

8. LUXURY LINK OF THE WEEK: I’ve been a fan of Mason Pearson hair brushes for a long time and agree with those who believe it’s the best brush out there. It detangles gently and avoids frizz. I love the classic Popular Mixture Nylon & Boar Bristle Brush, but also just found this slightly smaller white handled detangler hair brush from the luxury maker.

9. UP NEXT: When you’re en empty nester, almost all of your bedrooms are guest rooms. Another one of ours is getting an update.

10. There are 2 weeks left to our summer giveaways, so be sure to enter while you still have a chance to win! Click HERE to find out how to enter!

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  1. Ann, I enjoy your Wednesday Wish List but the others are so extravagant. Who pays $175 for a hairbrush??

  2. Terry, Chadds Ford, PA says:

    Thank you so much for your post on downsizing tips. I am not ready to move, but I have tried to give my furniture to my children and they don’t want it! Slowly I have been trying to part with furniture that I know I wouldn’t “take” with me. I haven’t tried Facebook marketplace, but I have put things on the curb for “free” and watched things leave and bless others! Totally freeing. I am realizing that yes “less is best” and to let things go now so that I can enjoy the freedom it brings!
    Thanks for your tips!

  3. Julia Harmatz says:

    Thank you for the zucchini lasagna recipe. I’d like to see more all plant recipes as it’s good for the environment and for my body! I reduced my cholesterol 40 points by going mostly vegetarian and increasing my strength training.

  4. Thank you for the bracelet info. The chain bracelet is sold out already! I’ll try again 😉

  5. Thanks for sharing your readers’ suggestions on parting with their or others’ things when downsizing. I will find myself in this boat sometime soon and will refer back to these good ideas.

  6. I too love to stack my bracelets! Just ordered the chain bracelet – you can never go wrong with a Kendra Scott piece
    The tenderloin sounds like a perfect fall meal – I will also add some chopped baby red potatoes; think leftovers will make a great hash

  7. It’s the best!! OSP is my first read every day. So much inspiration.
    Thanks Ann.

  8. Stephanie says:

    The zucchini lasagna looks delicious. I plan to try it. Thank you for the recipe.

  9. Wow! Your zucchini recipe came just in time. I think I have enough zucchini to have a block party!

  10. Clair Watson says:

    Thank you Ann, for sharing your lovely home & your elegant taste!

  11. Look forward to Wednesdays, thanks for the fun read!

  12. Another informative Wednesday Wish List. Thank you ladies for taking the time to put this together every week!❤️

  13. Hi Ann,
    What a great idea to select a color palette when selecting flowers for a cutting garden!
    All the colors will harmonize! And they will look stunning when I bring them into the house.

  14. I love the weekly wish list ❤️ So much inspiration and information form so
    Many wonderfully talented people. Thank you !

  15. Dear Gussie! The closet in that Utah home!!! I’m a bit on the practical side so my mind goes something like this, “Does anyone really need over a 100 pairs of shoes???!!!” I digress. Ann, thanks again so much for your input and sharing others input in the Downsizing Series. It’s been precious, comforting, inspiring and helpful.
    One last comment, thanks for the link to the post on the cutting garden. I am doing a cutting “container” garden and the info was very helpful indeed. Can’t wait to get my seeds and get it started!

  16. Micaela Brundage says:

    I love the quote!

  17. Thank you for providing such a fun website. I love reading it every week and seeing what’s out there in the world!

  18. I love the picture with the bump out windows, the chairs and the window treatments, what a lovely place to be sitting with a good book….

  19. Diane Westbrook says: many great and new ideas!! Love looking at your site…the colors you use and especially your flower arrangements…thanks so much for offer of a gift card, as well…

  20. Great recipe….as my neighbors keep dropping off zucchini from their gardens at our door…and great quote, too. Have a wonderful Wednesday !

  21. I also look forward to the Weekly Wednesday Wishlist. All of the different categories make it interesting and fun.

  22. Lisa Yund says:

    I always look forward to Wednesday wish list and know I need to set aside a couple hours to read everything!

  23. Love this post as usual

  24. All great comments on downsizing, could be a sad time, but it seems more of us are getting an
    “I feel good” feeling instead. Thanks for giving me the impetus to start this process.

  25. “A gift wrapped in sheer lace”…so true is life….I’ll have to look up Mary’s angel items.
    Your bay window with the new chairs looks so inviting Lory! A light texture to that fabric makes it appear “cool” and boy is it hot!!
    I always forget about TJ Maxx…that’s a cool rattan table lamp.
    Great finds! Thanks all for such posts that keep us all in the know about..well decor and home and ….life’s happenings!

  26. I loved the book The Giver of Stars. I am sure you will too. I also love the bracelets you highlighted. I usually wear a bracelet or two. I can never have enough of a selection. Happy August!!

  27. Fun picks today.I especially loved the new build modern farmhouse which was just beautiful.

  28. Judy Cline says:

    So much great information this week. I could order so many wonderful things just from your post.

  29. Thank you for your helpful design advice.

  30. Charlene Diotalevi says:

    All of your ideas are so noteworthy. I love the elegance and neutral palette. Thank you for sharing.

  31. Vicki Bray says:

    Thanks so much for all the reading material! Great ideas, recipes and things to wear. I greatly appreciate all you guys do!

  32. I love your blog. We had out of town guests this week and they loved my decorating. I explained I couldn’t take all the credit, my ideas came from your blog. Don’t be surprised if you have a few more subscribers. Keep the great suggestions coming.

  33. As a long time subscriber, I always look forward to your posts. I like the ideas you share on Wednesday. Making the zucchini lasagna is next on my list.

  34. I’m excited to try your recipe for zucchini lasagna. Looks delicious!

  35. My favorite today was the quote by Mary Davis..,each day is ttuly a gift❤️

  36. Thank you for the variety of tips from recipes to decorating to diy projects! I always find your posts interesting and applicable.

  37. The bracelets you linked are beautiful! I enjoy your “fashion finds.”

  38. Christine Cremin says:

    I can’t wait to try the zucchini skillet. My neighbor has given me some zucchini from her garden and I needed a recipe to try. Thank you! I also appreciate your quotes!

  39. Kay Slack says:

    Can’t wait to try the pork tenderloin. Thanks

  40. Thank you for the viewing recommendations. Your timing was perfect. As is par for the course. Love your blog!

  41. I like the suggestions on different series to watch on Netflix. I’m always looking for new ones to watch. We also downsized this year to a loft. Our children don’t want our stuff either. It definitely is an emotional roller coaster especially for my hubby. We have a storage area in our warehouse and that is where our stuff is stored for the time being.