Wednesday Weekly Wish List #88

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Lory | Designthusiasm

wood bowl with pears on mantel with flowers designthusiasm

1. Spring decorating is more than a ubiquitous spring wreath on the front door (although that looks great, too). Check out these Spring Decor Ideas and Trends for the home.

2. CURRENT DECOR CRUSHES UNDER $50: This lovely handmade ceramic trinket tray, these distressed terracotta planters, this soft and cozy blue check cotton bathmat, and this fabulous wall basket.

3. CURRENT DECOR CRUSHES UNDER $100: This charming lilac check pillow, these wonderful wicker jars, these vintage inspired distressed stone bookends, and this laid-back but stylish offset stripe slub throw blanket.

4. CURRENT DECOR CRUSHES UNDER $200: This pretty white ribbon coral on a crystal base, this rustic modern amphora vase set, this graceful curved aged gold candle sconce, and this block printed linen pillow.

5. THIS WEEK ON THE BLOG I shared this dramatic kitchen renovation without removing cabinets, how to avoid the biggest decorating mistakes, this elegant Easter brunch table and these French Country office decor ideas.

6. FASHION PICKS: Are you starting to lighten up your outerwear? It’s still cold in the Northeast, but I’m thinking about getting ready for the warmer weather. For transitional weather, I live in a lightweight quilted jacket, and supplement with a classic oversized jean jacket, a fun knit coatigan, a hooded lightweight rain slicker, and a leather moto jacket.

7. Looking for organizing hacks to keep your home orderly? You might want to think about banishing these 12 things from your home: 12 Things You Wont Find in My Home.

8. FURNITURE DEALS: This curvy upholstered occasional chair, this woven wicker storage coffee table, this wonderful round wood end table, and this comfy tufted cocktail ottoman.

9. WHAT’S INSPIRING ME AROUND THE WEB: This beautiful spacious rustic bedroom, this elegant entry hall with exquisite details, and this wonderful kitchen that mixes light and warmth.

10. UP NEXT: Beautiful spring wreaths for your front door…

Ann | On Sutton Place

Caroline May quote printable framed

1.) After I shared the scoop on our two blue front doors, I received quite a few questions in the comments, and in private emails. So I gathered them together and did my best at answering each one!

2.) For those of you who don’t know, I want to tell you that I give away digital calendar screensavers each month for smartphones, desktop/laptop, and iPad. I will be sending the March editions in a few days. They are available exclusively to my email subscribers, so if you want to sign up, just click HERE. I send an email at the end of every month that contains the links to download the calendars. I also give away an inspirational printable that coordinates with the calendars. (The March printable is pictured in the image above.) We would love for you to join us!

3.) FAVORITE QUOTE: “My ability to remember song lyrics from the 60s, 70s, and 80s far exceeds my ability to remember why I walked into the kitchen.”
~Do You Remember? on Facebook.

4.) INSPIRING SPACES: take a look at the before and after of this amazing farmhouse bathroom, I love these tips for living large in a small space, Luisa, from Peaches to Pearls, walks you through how she got the greenhouse of her dreams, and this idea for raising metal galvanized planters is absolutely genius! (It’s just an image, but no explanation is needed!)

5.) BESTSELLERS SO FAR THIS MONTH: you have absolutely loved this set of 3 farmhouse pillar candleholders, and you must want something different for your front doors too, because you’ve been scooping up this sweet door basket. (It sold out at Pottery Barn, but I found it on It’s going fast!) Other popular items are this cute blue bird doormat, these kid-friendly popcorn bowls, and my favorite relaxed chinos.

6.) March is almost here…so it’s time to talk about gardening. Whether you plant just a few annuals in pots, or have a large and bountiful garden, planning ahead is a good idea. Here is some information in regards to perennials. This post includes my favorite easy-to-grow plant ideas, and features my garden at the Sutton Place house…that I miss very much!

7.) OUTFIT OF THE WEEK: this week I’m sharing items I personally own and love! It’s all black and white, very basic, and easily packable. Take a look HERE!

8.) RESHARE:  I ran across this blog post several years ago, and it resonated with me more than anything else I have ever read. I was so happy when it showed up again in my Facebook feed. It’s well worth the few minutes it takes to read it. It’s about not wanting more, and being content with what we have right now. Enjoy…

9.) That’s it for this week. Enjoy what’s left of February!

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Yvonne | StoneGable

tulips and daffodils on entry table stonegable

1). This week I’m working on our home for our spring tour and using many of the 12 Favorite Spring Decor Ideas in this post. One of my favorite ways to decorate our home for spring is to use what is or will be blooming outside my door. Tulips are a favorite of mine! If you like tulips too you might want to read How To Keep Tulips Fresh Longer. This post has amazing tips for keeping tulips looking their best.

2. My Favorite Things Right Now: Here are the things I have a little decor crush on right now: small boxes like these, straw hats, sisal rugs (forever), small picture frames like this one and this one too, tulips, beige and white, framed landscape pictures like this one, and this one too, market baskets, family photos, glass vases, cookbooks, gardening books, dish displays on walls, this color, and this one too. What are your favorite things right now?

3. Savvy Decor Hacks: If you have a neutral home add a bit of black. It not only grounds a room by adding a little visual weight and creates contrast and interest. If you have a small or dark room add a mirror. An oversized mirror will reflect the light and what’s in your room and it will look brighter and bigger. To balance the colors in a room think 60-30-20. 60 percent of a room should be a neutral color (beige, gray, brown) 30 percent of your room should be the main colors in your color palette, and 10 percent should be your pop of color.

4. For Your Home: this beautiful large print, this gorgeous spring comforter, this sweet frame, this stunning glass vase, this mango wood footed serving platter, and this small upholstered chair.

5. Beautiful Homes And More: McGee and Me’s beautiful spring 2023 photoshootthis video (also McGee) shows us how to change a small traditional, dated-looking home into something fabulous. Great design tips too. This video about paint is so informative.

6. Reader’s Favorites: this handsome mirror, this concrete footed planter, this beautiful vase, this tree leg end table/nightstand, this peony centerpiece, and this small versatile lamp.

7. Fun And Interesting Facts: In what country is it illegal to own a guinea pig and which country eats guinea pigs. What is cherophobia?

8. Spring Ideas: Make a pretty Spring-Inspired Centerpiece. It’s so easy! And make customized Torn Tissue Planters to use as part of your spring decor. And get tips for Decorating A Spring Kitchen.

9. Capsule Wardrobe For Spring: this spring tunic, these wide-legged cropped jeans, this pretty soft gauze top, my favorite new sweater, these gingham block heeled shoes, and this woven straw market basket 40% off right now.

10. Take A Look At This: This blog is so cozy! I’m a little bit obsessed with it. I love the colors and the warmth! I’ve been following this IG account for quite a while. Kristen’s understanding of the Bible and the way she shares what she knows is refreshing to the soul. And I never miss one story from this IG account. Nichole has the best hacks, easy recipes, and fun ideas.

Answer to #7: It is illegal to own a guinea pig in Switzerland and guinea pigs are eaten in Peru. Cherophobia is the irrational fear of happiness.

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  1. Thank you for reposting “What if I want a mediocre life” from a previous blog post. I spoke to me as well.

  2. I never leave Wednesday’s email without feeling good or a new idea. Thank you. You always seem to find and share a meaningful blog.

    1. Ann Drake says:

      Thank you for this…I needed it today! XO

  3. R Simpson says:

    i think it is interesting to read about your post on not wanting it all and being satisfied with a mediocre life when everything on your post for the day is selling things and making your house more farmhouse or up to date what happened to the post with flower ideas making do and cooking with things in your pantry without any links to buy especially the Wed and Sat post.? I realize this is the way you make mega bucks on the blog but not everyone in these days can afford your post. (I started reading your post in 2008 but it is not relative to my ideas or income anymore.

    1. Ann Drake says:

      First of all, I don’t make mega bucks! Second, all the flower ideas, making do ideas, and using things in your pantry ideas are still there. I still share all of that stuff. I am trying to appeal to ALL of my readers, and many love to shop. They love to be introduced to new things, and be inspired. If the Wednesday posts aren’t for you, perhaps you could skip them? I hope you stick around, but if not, I wish you well. ~Ann

  4. Deborah Bartley says:

    I soooo look forward to Wednesday’s!