Wednesday Weekly Wish List #9

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Ann | On Sutton Place

olive oil cheeseboard hostess girlfriend gift idea

1.) Now is the time to get out your dough bowl…and if you don’t have one, now is the time to splurge! Dough bowls lend themselves beautifully to seasonal decorating. Pumpkins, berries, and greenery look so pretty nestled in one of these unique bowls. This is the one I have…and it’s a great size. This one is a bit smaller and lower. You can see more of my dough bowl {HERE.} Stay tuned for more fall dough bowl ideas!

2.) FAVORITE QUOTE: Learn to deal with people for who they are, not who you want them to be. Life gets a lot easier when you stop expecting apple juice from oranges. ~Rigel J. Dawson

3.) FAVORITE BLOG: Empress of Dirt. Melissa shares creative + frugal garden ideas with a dash of humor, and her blog is truly a treasure trove of gardening wisdom. Her experience comes from gardening in a cold climate, four-season garden, and her tips are mostly suited to US & Canadian zones 4-8.

4.) Here are some lovely fall mantel ideas. They are a little bit vintage, a little bit rustic, and easy to do.

5.) I think this basket/plate wall is darling…and it’s mostly put together with Goodwill and thrift store finds.

6.) Period dramas available to stream now on Netflix: The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society, The Crown, Bridgerton, The English Game, The Ottoman Lieutenant, The Dig, Radium Girls, Enola Holmes, The Zookeeper’s Wife. (Yes, I’ve seen them all…some more than once!)

7.) My all-time favorite designer is Sarah Richardson. I have followed her work for years, and not once have I been disappointed when reveal time rolled around. This home is beautifully done, and is one of my favorites.

8.) I just made zucchini muffins from this zucchini bread recipe. They are so moist and full of flavor!

9.) GIRLFRIEND GIFT IDEA: I love that our Weekly Wish List format gives me the opportunity to share small ideas that don’t necessarily warrant a whole post. Like the cute cheeseboard & olive oil duo featured in the image above. Whenever I’m in TJ Maxx or HomeGoods, I always check out the kitchen/food aisles. It’s super easy to find small bottles of olive oil that have pretty labels. You can also find wooden cheeseboards in various sizes. A perfect hostess or girlfriend gift is combining a small cheeseboard with a bottle of olive oil…and don’t forget to finish it off with a pretty bow. If you have fresh herbs, it’s fun to add a sprig or two. Present this as is, or place it in a small gift bag. This idea is easy, budget-friendly, and so cute.

10.) This week was quiet on the blog…I shared a fall decor preview, and tips for using the “rule of three” when you are decorating your home. It’s going to get busy though, so if you aren’t an OSP email subscriber, click {HERE} to sign up. You don’t want to miss all the easy and festive autumn ideas coming up!

Yvonne | StoneGable

white pumpkin candle diy

1). I hope you are all enjoying the new blog design here at StoneGable! I think it is much more user friendly. To help you better know how to navigate and find all the posts you are looking for HERE is a little tour of all the best new features on the blog.

2). Last night we watched a delightful and somewhat quirky movie called Wild Mountain Thyme starring Emily Blunt and Jamie Dornan. It is worth watching if you have the time! The scenery is beautiful and the characters are quintessentially Irish!

3). I love to cook but I’m not a natural baker. I have been trying to become a somewhat proficient baker for decades. I am good at making cookies and love these sugar cookies. And I found the secret for making scones! Here are my sour cream scones and maple glazed banana bread scone recipe. One skill I’m working on now (for the last decade really) is pie making. I love Erin McDowell’s The Book on Pie! You can see her on YouTube HERE. She knows what she is talking about!

4). Here are a few of my jewelry favorite finds this week: This silver and gold bead bracelet, and this layering clasp, these gorgeous ginko earrings, these pretty gold and ginger jar earrings (I have these), and this stackable bracelet!

5). I’m on the lookout for new fall decor. Every year around this time I go through my stash giving some things away and buying a few new things to add to my fall decor. I love these pumpkin cloches, this fall herb and bittersweet wreath, these pretty candles, this amazing throw in ochre, and this blue and white ginger jar. And I just got these lanterns for my mantel this year.

6). Have you made these blue and white chinoiserie pumpkins yet? They are my number one fall post! And they are so so easy to make! If you like to decorate with pumpkins you might like to make these painted pumpkins (so so easy) or make sweet candleholders from white baby boo pumpkins!

7). Here are some beauty products I swear by… for crepe skin use this lotion, the cleanser I’ve used for years, this eye cream, this foot cream, this hair spray, this brush, this lip balm, this in-shower body moisturizerthis concealer I don’t leave home without, and this hand cream.

8). As the weather gets cooler and the daylight wanes it’s time to add more candleglow. I just ordered this pretty candle in a glass container, and I like these fall-inspired candles, and this bowl candle, and this candle in a dough bowl.

9). Last year I left just a tiny bit of my heart in Nantucket. What a gorgeous place! And a fun place to spend a little time. I get my Nantucket fix by looking at all the gorgeous views at this IG account. You will love the hydrangeas!

10). Why not make a fall bucket list? Sometimes we get so busy with life we forget to have fun! Here’s what’s on my bucket list for September… make applesauce, go pumpkin picking, gather acorns with my grandbabies, decorate for fall, go on a picnic, see the Temptations in concert (can you believe they are still around?), plant fall planters and urns outside, take long rides through the beautiful countryside, get a facial, go to church at the Brooklyn Tabernacle.

Lory | Designthusiasm

fall printable recipe cards from designthusiasm

1. I spent the past week at the beach and it was awesome, but it hasn’t stopped me from looking ahead to fall decor. It looks like I’m going to be all about ‘the rustic’ this year. It feels fresh to me, so in addition to the pieces I’ve already shared here, I’m loving pumpkins made from these organic materials, including this large woven pumpkin, this wool pumpkin, this wood look pumpkin, and this natural fir pumpkin. Put them all together in this adorable wheelbarrow. Also smitten with this preserved wreath.

2. I’m starting to work on the laundry room and I’m looking at just a few basics to upgrade the room. Most important I need to replace the skimpy wire shelving and I love these floating wood shelves. But I was hoping to find brass brackets like these (although they need to be deeper). Also love the look of these hamper baskets that are currently on sale! And finally how cute are these cabinet handles?

3. Wanting to make this amazing-looking dish, Greek Chicken Meatballs – Whole 30 and Paleo friendly, super easy, clear directions.

4. I’ve started to think about moving this French desk (probably the most popular item on the entire blog) into the living room, in order to look out the window when I work. Hubby needs a desk with more storage in the office anyway. Considering something like this desk to replace it, or this one, or possibly this desk. I love this one, but don’t think it has enough storage for him. The key is to maintain the aesthetic of our home while giving him a ‘more serious’ desk.

5. FAVORITE BLOG on my radar: Dear Lillie Studio – stunning design and decor with an updated aesthetic, unique character and very clear sourcing info.

6. I’m definitely a makeup girl and I must admit, I’ve enjoyed getting dressed with the full face done this summer. I already mentioned my favorite foundation and blush of choice. This week I thought I’d share the best eye shadow palette I’ve found in years. You get 12 fabulous shades for the same price you would pay for just 2 single colors elsewhere and there are no losers in the bunch. They’re nearly neutral and yet some of them sparkle. And it lasts a looooong time!

7. Fabulous white kitchen inspiration: from @tamaramageldesign, from @jennasuedesign, from @make_my_day_home_decor and from @surirubin.

8. Looking for a great read? The kind that challenges you to think what you would do? This one is from a few years ago but it’s the best moral dilemma book I’ve read in a long time.

9. Top post on the blog this week: these FREE printable recipe cards for fall and Thanksgiving. I also talked about my best technique for reviving a vintage brass chandelier after trying multiple methods found google searching. The one that worked best may surprise you. It shocked me! I also shared this guest bedroom dressed for fall and the 6 Defining Style Elements I Use In Every Room.

10. Coming soon… the small bath renovation is finally moving forward!

Until next week…

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  1. Sharon Caulineau says:

    Ann, I have to tell you that I am totally weak in the knees from reading this blog! I haven’t even checked out all the links yet. I have to say I was disappointed with the new blog update because it didn’t feel like you. Seemed like you had a life change and weren’t as into the blog. But lady, today, you are back! Hope this isn’t too hokey but I have really enjoyed today’s huge share from you. Can’t wait to go back through the links (will take me all day) and dig into all you have shared. Thanks so much for making my day. Blessings to you and your family, Sharon

    1. Ann Drake says:

      Hi Sharon…thank you! I am sorry you thought my new blog design didn’t feel like me. I spent hours and hours designing every detail, and I believe it reflects my life right now. We all change and grow. And I did have a rough couple of months recently, but things have settled down, and I have so much planned for the upcoming fall and holiday seasons. Thanks for hanging in there with me!

      1. Sharon Caulineau says:

        Anne, I’m sure it wasn’t your new wonderful site. I am very sensitive to feelings and I am sure I was picking up on what ever life challenges you were working through and so happy you are settled down now. I am so looking forward to your fall and holiday surprises. Love & Blessings, Sharon

  2. Great shares, Ann. Loving all the Fall decor ideas from you ladies, and your Netflix period drama picks.

  3. Elaine Wesselman says:

    Anne I’m a fellow Ohioan. I’ve been following your posts for a few years and ENJOY them very much. I just wanted to tell you that I too LOVE Sarah Richardson! I followed her HGTV program faithfully! I didn’t know that she had a YOUTUBE channel. I will ck it out! Thank you for the info! So terribly sorry for your loss of Kelly. Blessings!

    1. Sarah Richardson also has a new series of decor magazines called Collected with 3 volumes published to date with different themes. All volumes are available via Amazon and you’ll likely find the latest edition at your local book store or Walmart. If you love Sarah’s style, I expect you’ll also love Candice Olson, another Canadian designer. Thanks!

  4. C. Gresham says:

    I am a relatively new follower of On Sutton Place but have followed StoneGable and Lori’s site for years. I thought this would be a quick morning read but here I am several hours later Commenting on how I have enjoyed today’s post. I think I followed every single link which is something I don’t usually do. The formats were easy to follow and of course each of you has your own style. I enjoy the variety!

    1. Ann Drake says:

      Thank you for joining the OSP family! I am happy you are here. And I appreciate that you took the time to leave such a lovely comment. We have so much more in store for you!

  5. Linda Johnston says:

    enjoyed the sharing this week

  6. Ann, My favorite designer is also Sarah Richardson! And you are right, her reveals never disappoint, and I love her personality too! Thanks for this week’s installment. Enjoy it very much!

  7. Karen Mary says:

    Oh my goodness, Ann. I should have finished work today before opening this up. So much inspiration here (I’d forgotten about Sarah and am in love with that decor!). Anyway, the rest of your post (and all those fun links!) is going to be my reward after I finish work today!

  8. Great post today. So many good ideas in each part. I love the new format and agree, it’s so much easier to read and navigate. Thank you all for the great ideas and tips.