What I’m Watching: Netflix, Amazon Prime & more!

Today we’re going to talk about one of my guilty pleasures…too much TV. I love to sit and watch something that will make me feel better. Or let me visit someplace I would never otherwise see. Or make me smile.

Or sometimes, if I’m really lucky, all three. 

I have been watching shows on Amazon Prime Video for a while but am a Netflix newbie. For those of you who are curious, Amazon Prime Video is one of the perks of being a member of Amazon Prime. It’s an app you can download on your phone or tablet. Netflix is sort of like a giant online video store. Both have free 30-day trial memberships if you would like to try either one, or both. They can also be watched on a Smart TV.

I’ve listed all my current (and past) favorites in no particular order. Let’s go!


Sense & Sensibility (2008) | Watch on Amazon Prime
Poldark Seasons 1 & 2 | Season 1 on Amazon Prime. Season 2 coming soon.
The Halcyon | No longer available
Downton Abbey | Watch all 6 seasons on Amazon Prime.

  • This version of Sense & Sensibility is my favorite…and I think I’ve seen them all. I love Hattie Morahan as Elinor and Barton Cottage is absolutely perfect. The only thing that’s not in the other versions is an unnecessary duel between Colonel Brandon and Willoughby…but I didn’t mind it because it’s sort of exciting. Ha!
  • If by some chance you have not watched Seasons 1 & 2 of Poldark, they are a must see.
  • The Halcyon starts at the beginning of WWII and was touted as “the next Downton Abbey.” It’s entertaining and had me hooked from the first show, but it’s slow and the characters are hard to get to know. Definitely NOT the next Downton but still a good show to watch. 
  • I am still watching Downton Abbey. Not too long ago I started from the beginning and watched all the way through to the end of Season 6…and then I did it again. I occasionally watch my favorite episodes when nothing else is on TV. My favorite season is Season 2 and I’m not sure I will ever tire of watching it. Maybe at some point but not yet!


 Victoria | Available on Amazon Prime for $19.99 or watch for free
with an Amazon Prime Masterpiece subscription.
The Crown | Watch on Netflix 
Grantchester | Watch on Amazon Prime
Call The Midwife | Watch first 5 seasons on Netflix
Season 6 episodes coming soon.

  • Victoria is the story of Queen Victoria and is airing now on PBS. If you’ve missed any episodes they can be watched on Simply June. It’s beautifully shot and the costumes are stunning. Some things aren’t historically correct which annoys me…but I decided to let that go and just be entertained. Victoria does not disappoint.
  • The Crown is a Netlix original about Queen Elizabeth II and is fascinating. It starts when she was about 25 but has flashbacks to her childhood. I read in Vanity Fair that the tab for the first season was in the neighborhood of $100 million dollars. That is a lot of moolah! They are already filming season 2 and rumor has it you will be able to watch it by the end of the year. 
  • Grantchester is another show shot in the U.K. and is the story of a small town vicar and his detective friend. It takes place in the 50’s in (where else?) Grantchester, which is near Cambridge. The main character is played by the dashing James Norton, who was also featured in War and Peace. There are two seasons, a Christmas special and a third season on the way. Definitely one to watch. 
  • I’ve watched Call The Midwife since the first episode and am still a huge fan. The story revolves around Nonnatus House, which is a convent in the East End of London, and takes place in the 1950’s. The nuns are midwives and are joined by lay nurses who are trained as midwives. Spectacular story-lines and acting have kept this show going for six seasons. I look forward to every episode.


Sully | Watch on HBO on Amazon Prime
The Light Between Oceans | Watch On Demand/Purchase or Rent
on Amazon Prime
Heartland | Seasons 1 – 6 on Amazon Prime | Season 1 – 7 on Netflix | Season 8 on UP Faith & Family

  • What can I say about Tom Hanks that hasn’t already been said? I fell in love with him when he played Jim Lovell in Apollo 13 and his latest movie, Sully, made me love him even more.  Based on the story of the “Miracle on The Hudson,” the movie tells the true story of how Captain Sully Sullenberger saved a plane filled with people by landing a jet on The Hudson River in New York City. Laura Linney plays Sully’s wife but she and Tom Hanks never have a scene together. Every scene is shot with them talking on the telephone, which I thought was interesting and frustrating at the same time. This movie will make you feel better about the human race and make you smile. I promise. 
  • The Light Between Oceans is a sad but hauntingly moving story of a married couple living on the coast of Australia and takes place just after World War I. They are the caretakers of a lighthouse and the scenery is breathtaking. There were a couple of jaw-dropping moments in this movie that I didn’t see coming. I also had a very good cry towards the end and that always makes me feel like I got my money’s worth. Definitely one to watch if you like love stories. 
  • Heartland is a Canadian TV show that I never heard of until a few months ago. My dad actually told me about it after finding it on Netflix. It’s the story of a family living in Alberta on a horse ranch. I’m not a horse lover but you don’t have to be to like this show. This family has drama, they disagree and they get hurt…but at the end of the day, they stick together like glue. I love that and I love this show. The first season was a bit hard to get through but after that, I enjoyed every single episode. It’s currently in its 10th season, which is amazing for a TV show these days. That should tell you something for sure. 

More favorites on Netflix:

  • Foyle’s War
  • Broadchurch (There are three seasons. I binge-watched the first season and was on the edge of my seat the whole time. Seasons 2 & 3 are good but a bit slower.)
  • Anne with an “E” (another version of Anne of Green Gables)
  • Shetland

Regular TV

  • This is Us: If by some chance you have not watched this show, which airs Tuesday on NBC at 9 p.m. EST, then you have a treat in store. Fire up your On Demand and settle in for a binge-watching party. It’s the story of a family in Pittsburgh that’s told in flashbacks. One scene will be current day and the next will be a flashback. It keeps you on your toes and on the edge of your seat. It’s heartwarming and real. It’s the best thing on TV right now…in my opinion of course. 
  • I still watch Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal…although Scandal has gotten so violent that I am having a hard time with it. I am waiting patiently for Designated Survivor and Dancing With The Stars to start up again next month.

I got in the bad habit (at least I think it’s bad) of working in the evening when there was nothing on TV that I wanted to watch. I felt like I worked all the time. When I started watching Amazon Prime and Netflix, it gave me something to do in the evenings and I found it very relaxing. I close my computer and take a bit of time for myself. One thing that was a game changer for me was getting a Smart TV. I used to watch everything on my phone but the Smart TV is much better and way easier on the eyes! Another option is an Apple TV. This gets hooked to your regular TV so you can access channels via WiFi and is quite affordable. 

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Here is my Smart TV: 40 inch Samsung Ultra HD Black TV. There are probably a ton of great sales out there for President’s Day. Now is the time to get a good deal!

Thank you for “tuning in” today. If you have a favorite show that you’d like to share, please leave us a comment. I’m always looking for something new to watch!

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