Tie Closure Pillow Cover Tutorial

Tie Closure Pillow Cover Tutorial | On Sutton PlacePillows. Who doesn’t love them? They are pretty much the universal go-to decorating accessory. Even if, secretly, you think they are a pain, chances are you still have several on your sofa! One of the prettiest sites ever is a sofa with 4 or 5 perfectly placed pillows resting comfortably. Switching out your pillow covers is a great way to change the look of a room…but it can be pricey. Pillow covers are not cheap…but if you make your own, the sky is the limit. I started selling Tie Closure Pillow Covers in my online shop and they have been very popular. I’m sharing how I make them so if you have even a lick of sewing skills, you can make your own. My tutorial is for a 20 x 20 pillow cover but I am including the measurements for an 18 x 18 at the end of the post. I have been using twill tape (affiliate link) for my ties, but ribbon works very well too.

Tie Pillow Cover Tutorial | On Sutton Place

Tie Pillow Cover Tutorial | On Sutton Place

Tie Pillow Cover Tutorial | On Sutton Place

Tie Pillow Cover Tutorial | On Sutton PlaceBasically what you are making is a bag with ties. This is the exact method I use to make my tote bags. Depending on the look you want, you can use two different fabrics: one for the pillow cover body and one for the facing. Coordinate your ties with the facing. The distance between the ties is really a matter of taste. Put them where ever you think they look best. I have also made pillow covers with just one tie in the center.

Sutton Place Designs | Handmade Textile Furnishings for your HomeMeasurements for an 18 x 18 pillow cover:
One piece of fabric measuring 19 in. wide x 43 in. long. About 2 yards twill tape or ribbon.

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If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments. I am working on Mother’s Day listings for my shop…it’s been very slow-going but I’m almost there. See you soon!

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Thoughts from my friends...

  1. says

    Ann, your pillow tutorials are always the very best. I love to make pillow covers and I find myself referring back to your tutorials frequently. I made some covers out of old grain sacks for my porch bed and I did the tie closures but that before this tutorial and I was kind of winging it. I think, after reading this, I may need to re-do them! :-) – Dori –

  2. Susan Martin says

    I usually make the envelope style pillows (mostly because I hate zippers!) so I made this one of yours the other day and love it! I used rope to tie it off since it was nautical themed fabric and I think it turned out great. I’ll be doing more this way. Many thanks for the tutorial!

  3. says

    Perfect directions Ann, and I also love the contrasting facing fabric you used.

    Very inspiring and for my money easier than a zipper. Although, I’m a bit lazy and use an envelope back most of the time. But am make my next summer pillow your way.

  4. Karen K. says

    I have this ticking material in my closet not knowing what to do with it…Now I know & it’s such a wonderful idea…Thank you so much for sharing!!

  5. Jeanette Duke says

    Thank you so much! Well, I think I will try but rest assured mine will not be as nice as yours.
    I have been wanting to make some covers for my porch pillows and I think this works for me.

  6. Carole says

    Thanks for the tutorial Ann…..
    It’s great to be able to “summerize” some of the wintry looking pillows. Although, in my house, I love living with ticking all year round.
    It’s so good of you to share your knowledge and ideas.

  7. Janice says

    Thank you for the clear, well-written directions. You always inspire me to sew, cook, decorate, etc! Truly, I enjoy your blog. Also, I look forward to ‘shopping’ again – after you’ve added more items to your online shop. Soon, I hope.

  8. says

    You are so (sew?) right. Pillows can be a real “go-to” d├ęcor element. And I plead guilty to ignoring them. It occurs to me that I have piled up in my sewing room probably 5 or 6 old pillows which need rehabbing. There’s no excuse, except lack of inspiration, but with Spring, I’ll be taking down my thermal drapes in the living room, and the sad, old couch desparately needs brightening. Okay, okay, I’ll put pillow covers on my to-do list….