Easy Tea Towel Tutorial

Easy Tea Towel Tutorial | step by step directions! | onsuttonplace.comI told you I was going to try and post some simple sewing tutorials so here I am and I promise anyone can do this. It’s an easy tea towel tutorial that can actually be a no sew OR sewing project. The no sew version will work if the tea towel is not going to be used on a daily basis. “Just for show” as my mom used to say.

Both start with cutting a piece of fabric 22 in. x 30 in. You can, of course, make it any size you want but these measurements will give you a nice, generous towel. On your ironing board, press the raw edges of the long sides over 3/4 in. Next press the raw edges of the short sides over 3/4 in.

1.) Your corners will look like this. (See image below.)

2.) Starting with one corner, fold it over making sure the fold line is where the sides come to a “V.” Press well.

3.) Trim the tip of the corner off with sharp scissors.

4.) Fold the sides over again making sure they meet at a diagonal in the center of the corner. Press the corner and sides well. Insert a pin to keep the corner in place. Continue around the towel until all 4 corners are mitered. The first corner or two might be little challenging, but after that they will go very quickly. All it takes is a tiny bit of practice.

Easy Tea Towel Tutorial | step by step directions! | onsuttonplace.comFor the sewing method: insert the towel in your sewing machine and stitch all around it making sure to catch the mitered corners. It’s a nice custom touch to add a piece of twill ribbon to one of the corners as a hanger. This is totally optional.

Easy Tea Towel Tutorial | step by step directions! | onsuttonplace.comFor the no sew method: Instead of a stitch line, use Fabric Fusion glue or Fabric Fusion Peel and Stick tape to finish off the sides of the towel. (Source links at the end of the post.)

Easy Tea Towel Tutorial | step by step directions! | onsuttonplace.comOf course I feel obliged to recommend the sewing method over the no sew method simply because it’s sturdier and stronger. If you don’t sew, by all means use the fabric glue. Your towels should stand up to at least a few washings.

These little towels are the perfect way to add your personality to your kitchen or powder room. Pick out fabric that reflects your style and give them a try!

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