End of Summer Hydrangeas and Thank You

End of Summer Hydrangeas | Shows incredible blooms in vintage blue mason jars. Vignette layered with a tray and jar caddy is a great idea!I’m not here today to share a craft or recipe…instead I’m here to say “thank you” and to talk just a bit. I promise I won’t ramble or get carried away. I have had a few things weighing on my heart and I just want you all to know. First and most importantly, I want each one of you to know that I value and appreciate your support. Not just your support, but your friendship as well. I don’t take it for granted that you choose to read my blog. Because it IS a choice. There are a zillion blogs out there these days and the fact that you click on mine still sort of amazes me. 

End of Summer Hydrangeas | Shows incredible blooms in vintage blue mason jars. Vignette layered with a tray and jar caddy is a great idea!I shared HERE a little bit about how I grew On Sutton Place and was able to quit my day job to blog full time. This past year, I have been grateful every single day that I am home and available to help my parents. If not for you, and this blog, I would not be able to say that. Things with my mom and dad are holding steady but honestly, that could change in a minute. 

End of Summer Hydrangeas | Shows incredible blooms in vintage blue mason jars. Vignette layered with a tray and jar caddy is a great idea!Your friendships have enriched my life so much. There are days when I totally feel like crap…but then one of you leaves a lovely comment and all of sudden my day gets brighter. You are all generous and kind. No matter how long you have been following me, or where you found me, all of you are responsible for getting me where I am today. Sometimes I think about how my life would be if I had started my blog when I was younger. I’m at the stage in my life now where I don’t care for travelling or venturing outside my comfort zone too far. Truth be told, I have worked very hard to accept my comfort zone and really have no wish to expand it. If I were a bit younger, I know I would have attended the blogging conferences and been able to network in person. I have missed out on some opportunities but I believe that God has a plan for me so I’m content just where I am. 

End of Summer Hydrangeas | Shows incredible blooms in vintage blue mason jars. Vignette layered with a tray and jar caddy is a great idea!One amazing opportunity that I want to tell you about is a partnership with eBay. You may have seen on my sidebar or my social media that I am writing what they call “guides.” They are basically a blog post that lives on eBay. I have fulfilled my first contract and have signed on for another 16 guides. To say I am excited about this is an understatement. I have shopped on eBay for almost 15 years and some of my most prized possessions have been found there. In fact, the blue mason jars in these pictures were an eBay find. I hope you will take a minute and visit me there. Click the yellow links (red on mobile) to see what it’s all about.

On Sutton Place eBay Curated Collections
On Sutton Place eBay Guides

(Disclosure: I am compensated for my collaboration with eBay.)


End of Summer Hydrangeas and Thank You | Shows incredible blooms in vintage blue mason jars. Vignette layered with a tray and jar caddy is a great idea!So now that you all know how I feel, I want to turn the tables and share how I hope YOU feel. I hope when you open my blog that your heart lifts just a bit. I hope you find something you would like to make…or bake…or decorate. I hope you leave with the feeling that you can do anything you set your mind to. I want you to embrace your personal style and be confident in your choices. Above all else, I want you to love where you live. If what you find here helps you do any of these things, then we are on the right track. 

As a very small token of my thanks to all of you, I want to give away three $25 credits to my online shop. There isn’t much in there now, but there will be Christmas items available by the end of September/first of October. The credits will not have an expiration date so you can spend them anytime. To enter to win, just leave a very short comment on this post. 

I’m so happy you stopped by. I saved the giveaway for last as a reward for making it to the end! The pink hydrangeas in the pictures are Endless Summer. I cut every single bloom and brought them in. I’m getting ready to cut some Limelights so you’ll be seeing those as well. I’ll be back in a few days with my first new Fall post for 2015. Here are some easy links to what is available right now…just click the images. See you soon!

This giveaway has ended and comments are now closed. Thank you!

Fall Wreath Tutorials from On Sutton Place

Fall Printables | Original and Free | from On Sutton Place

Fall Crafts | Easy project tutorials | On Sutton Place

Fall Decor | Ideas and Inspiration from On Sutton Place

Fall Recipes | Comfort food for chilly days! | On Sutton Place

Easy No Sew Burlap Table Runner Tutorials | On Sutton Place



  1. Ann, you know we go way back and I know exactly what you mean about doing things differently in this vast blog world if I was younger. I hope to slow way down when hubby retires in a couple years. I hope all these younger bloggers know how good they’ve got it being able to turn a blog into a full time business. I did not go to a blog conference the first two years of blogging because I’m really not comfortable meeting new people, but so glad I got over that and went the last few years. It really is fun, but not sure I will go next year. Thanks for the giveaway. You know I love your designs and the superb quality of work.

    1. Ann Drake says:

      Thank you Kim…your comment means the world to me. You have been supportive and generous always…I hope you know how much I appreciate it. Maybe in a few years we can both slow down!

  2. I came across your website in Pinterest and was immediately drawn to the fresh look you create. I’ve signed up for your blog and look forward to much inspiration in the coming months – my favorite time of the year fall and winter. thank you.

  3. Darla wright says:

    Ann, I have been reading your blog for about two years now and have truly enjoyed every post. I am glad you are now able to be with parents more, isn’t that what life is about? I always tried to enjoy every moment with my parents and family. I think that is one thing I enjoy about your blog, I can tell you enjoy being home and taking care of family. I wish you continued success and happiness. I will have to check out the eBay guides, I have never heard of them before.

  4. Pat Handy says:

    I have enjoyed reading your posts and using your decorating ideas. Thank you for your help decorating my home. Are you planning to continue your blog? Reading this post made me think you may be stopping. Hope you continue.

  5. Lindsey Back says:

    My Dad is 95 (he will tell you 951/2) he is fiercely independent, cooks, looks after his orchids and his house and all I do is change his bed and wash his sheets….but it is the ‘always having to be there’ that is sometimes difficult, I am an only child so I am ‘it’ really. I love him to death but would love a break, he has his moments, falls etc but he seems to have bones like a dinosaur….thankfully! I think there must have been something in the water in 1920 or maybe it was the war, he certainly participated in that! I do hope your parents keep ‘holding steady’, you are not alone always remember that, there are many of us ‘out there’ and although I live in Brisbane Australia the world is so small these days that it is like talking to a friend. I love your blog and reading your story…you are one amazing woman!

  6. Hi Ann,
    I hesitated about making a comment here, as I have never commented on anything before, but I wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your blog and look forward to your emails popping up in my inbox. Your posts are always so well thought out and practical, as well as beautifully written and photographed, and I have used several. Your home is lovely and inviting, and an inspiration for me, as I also love blue and white. Like many others have said, I have come to think of you as a friend. Thank you for sharing your talents and your life with us.

  7. I am s glad you have the opportunity to be with your parents. This is something you will both treasure! And we all get to benefit from your amazing recipes, diy, and fun tidbits. Thank you I wish you all the best.

  8. Linda Powers says:

    Congratulations Ann I’ll see you on Ebay!

  9. Skaie Knox says:

    Hi Ann,

    You are quite an inspiration! Your projects, recipes and musings are lovely. I’ve been blogging now for about 5 1/2 years about all things home decor/design/repurposing/DIY. I just adore it. In fact, as a published singer/songwriter, I never thought I could love anything else.

    Yep. I was wrong.

    I’ve discovered this amazing passion for writing about things I love, admire, desire, and aspire to do. And like yourself, I’m most grateful for just “being”. I love to read other bloggers’ posts, especially those that really reveal the person behind the projects. You do this quite successfully, I must say!

    Moreover, I know I’m the type of person who will always want to be doing something, and I have a good feeling it’s going to be, by the grace of God, doing what I’m doing now, from the absolute comfort and love of my home.

    Yes…aren’t we so lucky.

    Thanks so much for sharing a slice of your life with all of us. I will certainly enjoy more from you and be popping in with more to say!

  10. Eddie Malley says:

    I want to share with other readers how delighted I was yesterday when my first order from your online store arrived. The clay gift tags that I ordered are adorable and they arrived in cute little gift bags that will definitely be reused.

    Your blog is inspiring and I look forward to it every day!
    Miss Eddie

  11. Martha N. says:

    Love your blog–not just the decorating ideas, but especially the posts when you open your heart to talk about the empty nest, caring for parents, following a healthy lifestyle. These are the challenges many of us are facing. Thanks for the love and encouragement!

  12. Martell Souder says:

    i DO get a lift when I open your blog. I love the design and am always inspired to try a craft or recipe. In fact, the pumpkin pillow is on my list! As a fellow blogger in my retirement years your blog is one my faves for ideas. Thanks for keeping on.

  13. Nancy Carlock says:

    I have ordered from you before, lovely work! And love the flower prints that you let us download. You are a very sweet & sincere person even though I have never met you. I love to read your daily posts, keep up the good work!

  14. Hi Ann, I found your site/blog only recently, at a time when I really needed cheering up, after losing several family members including my baby granddaughter summer . I loved the story of your house, I live in a tiny council owned property in UK with my disabled husband and two teenage fostered children. your posts gave me the inspiration to try to smarten my own house up and make it a home. I still have a long way to go, I also grew up in the care system, so had no one to teach how things should be done, colour schemes etc. so I instantly read your posts when they go up.. I LOVE your Blue door and kitchen. I am looking for some frames so that I can print out your free (thank you so much) prints up, and change them around as the seasons change. Bless you, a fan in the UK

    1. Ann Drake says:

      Thank you Elaine! I am so happy you told me your story. You sound like an amazing person. If I could I would come and visit you…right now I am obsessed with all things British thanks to Downton and Poldark! Enjoy the fall…

  15. Ann – I found your blog a couple years ago and have enjoyed it so much. I am a little older than you but we have the same decorating style. I also worked in a school as a teacher and this time of year it always seems odd not to be getting ready for students and lessons. Thank you so much for your blog.

  16. Hello, Ann… I always get a smile when I see a new post pop up from you in my email subscription! Your tutorials, free printables, recipes, and decorating suggestions are so “me” (especially your love of blue, white, and yellow!). Thank you for your “down to earth” writing style and complete lack of pretension. I feel like you are an old friend even though we have never met–sounds like we’re at a similar chapter in our lives with our aging parents (my dad passed away last October) and retirement looming.

    Happy September to you!

  17. Any day there is an “Ann” post is a good day!
    I have enjoyed your blog for the past year and a half, and my husband is quite grateful! My kitchen tasks had become very routine and your inspiring recipes have injected new life into our meals.
    I enjoy the crafts you post, don’t often have time to join in, but the eye candy is great.
    I am travelling the same path you are on as caregiver to my mom and know it is not easy, partly because it is so relentless. I joke that it is like caring for a toddler that doesn’t live with you, the worry is constant. There are many days that your gracious acceptance of this role in your life has made a difference for me, eased the struggle and lifted my spirit. Just knowing that I’m not the only one climbing this mountain makes such a difference.
    So thanks for all that YOU do to make this journey more interesting and inspiring! Sharing yourself and exposing who you are to this bright spotlight is very brave.

  18. Jane @ Cottage at the Crossroads says:

    Oh sweet Ann,
    I always feel like I’m chatting with an old, dear friend when I read your posts! I treasure our friendship even though we have never met in person. Hope to remedy that one day! Neither one of us really likes to travel any more so I’m not sure how we’re gonna accomplish that, but who knows???

  19. Thank you so much for your blog. I started following you after I retired in December 2012. It was certainly a new season for me and I felt lost !! I found your blog and it has helped define the way I want to live the remainder of my days, with contentment and gratitude. Your blog feels “real” because you interject some of your feelings in your writing. I love your ideas and your style. I read quite a few of the other comments and cannot say anything else that hasn’t already been said-some more eloquently than I ever could.
    Thank you and please keep writing your inspiring pieces !!

  20. Hi Ann,
    I’m a newbie here. Yours is my first and only blog experience. And what a good experience it is. When I get your email and open your blog it’s like talking with an old friend. I too understand about being content where you are. I am also starting to face changes in my life, that of retirement and taking care of my dear Mom. Thanks for sharing your journey, my friend.

  21. Debra Brown says:

    When I saw the beginning of your post I thought “oh no, she’s stopping her blog!” I follow several bloggers but you are one of my top three. I absolutely love, love your style and you have helped me discover and hone mine. I’ve tried several of your recipes and they have never failed. I am so relieved you intend to continuing blogging and have added eBay guides. I truly am a fan and am grateful for the time and work you put into your blogs. Thank you for sharing with us.

  22. Lisa Cudd says:

    You are in my thoughts regarding caring for your parents. It’s a hard situation to be in when the cared for become the caregiver! You and the are both blessed to have you able to be there for them. I was 700 miles away and trekked back and forth 9 times in the last 18 months of my aunt’s (who raised me) life. But it’s what we do because we need to do it, for them and for our own self. It’s a testimony of the kind of person you are. I’m grateful I found your blog. I’ve been really behind on my own blogging and reading others. There are a handful that I’ve kept up with, and yours is one. I always look forward to seeing what you have for us.
    God bless!

  23. Hi Ann,
    I’ve been a subscriber to your blog since the beginning of this year and have recommended you to others. Although we’ve never met or spoken in person, I love that you feel like a friend, your blog posts are heartfelt and genuine. The recipes you share, the printables, decor and more are enjoyable. I’ve made several of the recipes, in fact I just shared your macaroni and cheese recipe with my extended family at my father’s 80th birthday dinner this past weekend. I’ve also followed some of your crafting/decor ideas including a ‘wreath’ on my front door. Thank you for sharing & I hope you continue to do so for many years to come!

  24. Judith E. says:

    Ann, I so enjoy your posts and look forward to receiving notice of each new one! In this busy and stressful life, they are a respite, a chance to feel a connection to like-minded individuals that I would not otherwise be able to learn from. A chance, too, to slow down and enjoy the beauty of your vignettes, your flowers (especially!) and the grace that is so missing from much of everyday life. I, too, am in the stage of life with aging parents. It is a bittersweet time. My thoughts are with you!

  25. Donna Thomas says:

    I do get a lift when I see that I have a new email to look at from On Sutton Place. I have 2 kids in college and work full time at a job that I enjoy. But my wonderful husband lost his job of 20 plus years to age discrimination in January and it has been stressful. When I open your blog I am reminded that simple and natural things in life can bring the most joy. And that focusing on gratitude and peace brings an awareness of the abundance of blessings in my life. Thank you for those gifts!

  26. Dorene @ Seasonal Chapters says:

    I’ve reread this post more than once over the past two days, and decided to take a moment to thank YOU for all that you bring to your readers. I have followed your blog for a while, and I love all of the craft, recipe and decorating ideas that you offer. However, it was also your “story” that resonated with me. With both of my children now in college, and an unplanned change in my career path, I am entering a new season in my life. Seeing how you have blossomed at a new stage and used life changes to create a successful chapter is inspirational to me. Although we have never met, reading your blog is like opening an email from a friend, and is a nice way to begin my day as I sip a cup of coffee or tea. So thank you Ann, for sharing your creative ideas and personal snippets of your journey.
    PS: I recently received the clay tags I ordered from you and am looking forward to using them to adorn some packages this holiday season. The charm that their handcrafted beauty will bring to the presentation is going make each gift even more meaningful.

  27. Janette Colvin says:

    So Glad I found your blog. Seems we have quite a bit in common and are at the same “Season” in our life. I have simplified my e-mail listings but yours definitely had to stay. Thank you for Sharing your Interests.

  28. Cheryl Husome says:

    I enjoy all the pretty things you make and pics you show. The hydrangeas are beautiful!! I’m happy to see all the flowers on your posts. When we lived in Oregon I had beautiful rose and flower gardens. Now we are in AZ so have a desert climate to work with and not a lot of flowers. But I love the sunshine and am much happier living here and have different hobbies to work with. Life brings changes and changes are good Keep up the good work, I look forward to all the ideas you have!!!! THANKS!!!!!

  29. I have made some pillow covers that I found on your blog. Just this evening, I brought my autumn decorations boxes out of storage. I love to decorate for fall, and I can’t wait to get more ideas from your links. Thanks for sharing your story!

  30. hi Ann – what a lovely post. I’ve enjoyed discovering you via Pinterst and getting to know your blog over the past month. And I’m looking forward to reading your eBay guides. I’ve found so many of my furnishings from eBay!

  31. Ann I love your blog! Your recipes are so easy to follow and very good!

  32. I just recently found your blog on Pintrest and love all your crafts, recipes, and all the creative things you do. Thank you for sharing

  33. Ann, I love your blog, I wish I had half your talent and energy. I understand what you mea about your comfort zone, I have traveled and lived all over this wonderful country and I worked very hard for over forty years, now I love staying home, and doing all the things I didn’t have time for when I worked, and when my husband takes his vacations we normally stay home and get things done around the house.
    I know it has been a hard year for your parents and for you, I will continue to pray for you and your parents.

  34. I just recently started reading your blog and enjoy the recipes…thanks.

  35. Lorraine Nolte says:

    What relief……I thought you were going to stop blogging. You are a blessing and inspiration to me. I’m so glad that you’re here to stay.

  36. I am new to your blog and enjoying it very much!

  37. so happy that you found your space that you’re comfortable,,isn’t it a wonderful feeling?

  38. Hi Ann,

    I look forward to reading your blog. Especially your diy’s. Thank you for sharing.


  39. Sunnye M Ropp says:

    Hi Ann,
    I found you through Thistlewood Farms (Kari Anne Woods) and Yvonne at Stone Gable. I’ve enjoyed reading your posts and your DIYs. Thank you so much for sharing!

  40. Kathy Gilman says:

    First of all Ann I think you are wonderful. You have given me so much joy on your blog. I look forward to it and have learned soooo much from you. Just the other day I covered some books that I got at Goodwill with the burlap. They turned out so nice. I’m thinking of doing some in Red for the holidays. I love your Sunday blog and look forward to this on Mondays!! God bless you.

  41. Ann, your the greatest! Your an extremely talented crafter, love your recipes (especially the chocolate ones), and your sewing is the bestest:D In fact, your the one that got me sewing again! Your home is beautifully decorated, and I think that visiting your blog is “real”. You make decorating your home seem obtainable!!! A common sense approach, and the good Lord knows we all need that:)
    The peeps of YOUR village love you for who you are:D Have an AWESOME day, and keep up the great work!

  42. You’re one of the few bloggers I’ve chosen to follow. Reading your post ALWAYS gives me inspiration! I love your decorating style and your step by step instructions. Thank you for taking the time to be an encourager!

  43. Vanessa Bower says:

    The reason I enjoy your blog so much is that you are honest and real. You not only share the good but also the not so good with us.
    I appreciate your beautiful photos, crafts, gardening tips and recipes. Oh the recipes !!! I have tried many of those recipes and the family raves !!! I even give you the credit when I make my acceptance speech. ; } The family thinks you are a neighbor.
    Thank you for writing your blog and for sharing with us.

  44. Love reading the posts and especially seeing the beautiful flowers!

  45. Susan Lupo says:

    Ann – thank you for being honest, open and so real to all who follow you. This is
    a rarity these days and we need much more of it! Bless you!

  46. Lani Brown says:

    I always enjoy your emails, whether it is something I can use or not. I even love the fonts you use on pics (would you share?)!! Your printables are lovely and timely. I look forward to your emails and save a few for later reference and I can’t say that about any other emails I receive except for Susan Branch. Too many things I receive are negative, and it is nice to have positives to balance. Thank YOU!

  47. Brenda Pettus says:

    I look forward to each new post of your blog. It seems I pick up an idea or some inspiration every time in each post. Keep them coming!

  48. Maribeth Ford says:

    I have been enjoying your blog for over a year now. I always appreciate the variety of topics you cover. Thank you.

  49. Robin @ Simply Southern Baking says:

    Love hydrangeas! Thank you for sharing these beauties with us! :)

  50. Love your blog! There is always something inspiring to take away, even if it is just inspiration to go cut a few flowers from the garden! Thank you for sharing so much of your life with us.

  51. I love your blog, keep up the good work!

  52. Jackie Stewart says:

    Hi Ann,

    I love “On Sutton Place”! I love the projects you create, recipes you share, and your decorating tips. When I check my emails, yours is the first one I check for! The crafts and printables have my friends asking where I got them, and I tell them about your blog. I’m hooked. Thank you for opening your home and heart and sharing them with all of us.


  53. Susan Hillier says:

    I love your posts! It is the one I always look for.
    Wonder free printables, recipes and your heart
    Is always a refreshing respit!

  54. Bonnie L. says:

    Ann, I get so excited when I see an update to your blog. I relate to taking care of parents as both of mine are in different stages of Alzheimer’s. However, it is your blog that keeps me uplifted and gives me much to look forward to. I love to create and decorate. I am so grateful for your blog. Thank you! Be well and know that your parents are blessed that they have you. P. S. Hydrangeas are my favorite flower and we just planted the last year!

  55. Donna Marie says:

    When I see there’s an e-mail from On Sutton Place, I rush to open it first in the long list of e-mails!!!

  56. Bonnie Thompson says:

    I enjoy reading your blog and I’m happy that you allow us to share in your passion.


  57. Becky Vickery says:

    I’ve recently started reading your blog and wasn’t aware you were taking care of your parents. My father just passed away so this really touched my heart. I am so glad you are able to uplift and inspire all of us, while providing for your family and taking care of your parents. What a wonderful story.

  58. Cathy temple says:

    What a generous giveaway! I love your blog and your honesty! Congratulations on the ebay collaboration!!! Exciting.

  59. Reva Trenton says:

    I have just recently found your site and I am loving it! Thank you for all the time and effort you put into each project.

    May the Lord bless you!

    Reva Trenton

  60. Very heartfelt and inspiring words! Love your blog and ideas!

  61. Connie Olsen says:

    Hi. I am fairly new to your blog, I really enjoy all your posts. Thanks for sharing your house and all your decorating ideas. You have helped me to enjoy my home and realize how blessed we can be with simple life pleasures. I look forward to seeing your new posts. Thanks Connie

  62. I love everything about your blog. It is so me. Thank you for the patterns and the fabulous recipes.

  63. I really enjoy your blog! Unlike many out there, it’s very relaxing and inviting. I don’t feel pressured to duplicate everything I see! I love the printable art work and enjoy getting low-key decorating ideas from the photos. Keep up the good work–please! :)

  64. Holly Keenan says:

    Thank you for sharing your recipes, words of inspiration and clever ideas… your posts always bring a smile.

  65. Thank you for opening the door for me to enter your home. You feel like a dear friend to me.

  66. jami @ An Oregon Cottage says:

    What lovely thoughts Ann! You are such a good example of being real and honest with your readers – I am so happy you are living your dream. :) (And I’m not into the conference scene, either, and always wonder how that’s impacted my growth…oh well, we’re all wired differently!)

  67. Sue Rapone says:


    I cannot wait to see your Limelight Hydrangea’s. Hydrangea’s are one of my favorite flowers and think I will be adding some limelights to our house landscape soon.

    Love your shop and look forward to seeing the offerings for this Christmas. My gifts looked wonderful last year with your stamped tags. Hope to see them on the trees of my children this year! Blessings to you and your family

  68. Shelley Kazmierczak says:

    Your blog sparks ideas for food, decorating, and inspiration that I use time and again to make our home an inviting place for my family and friends. It encourages me daily with new ideas that have helped transform our busy house with three kids under 10 and a chocolate lab puppy into the soft landing at the end of a busy school and work day. It truly brings me such joy to look at your blog and spend my days being grateful for the blessings in my life. As a result, I’ve become more of a blessing to my family. Thank you!

  69. Laura Oliverson says:

    I love love love your blog. You always have wonderful projects that I absolutely must make for my home! Thank you for helping me in the process of decorating my home.-Laura

  70. Sandie Keeble says:

    I came across your blog (I can’t remember how, but it was a link from somewhere else!) and have been so glad that I did. Your attitude on life and your graciousness in sharing your ideas has been truly amazing. I might not read it every time you post, but I generally catch up in a few days, and am always glad to sit down for a few peaceful minutes with your blog. I have never been lucky enough to have hydrangeas in my garden, but love their beautiful shaggy heads. I am glad you are able to spend time with your parents – I was miles away from mine in their later years and was not able to be with them as much as I might have liked. Hope your Ebay venture pays off – every little penny helps!

  71. Stephanie says:

    I am fairly new to your blog and I can’t remember exactly how I stumbled upon it, but so happy that I did. I love the recipes, the printables and the craft & decor ideas. Your hydrangeas are absolutely beautiful – one of my most favorite flowers. Displaying them simply in the blue mason jars really gives them a chance to shine. My grandmother had a beautiful white hydrangea bush at her home which she called a snowball bush since the flower clusters looked like lovely snowballs. What a blessing that you have found a way to be home and be available to help your parents. Best of luck with your eBay venture and I look forward to your next post.

  72. Brenda Santucci says:

    I look forward so much to reading your blog. It brightens my days and inspires me to do my crafting. Everything that you and the other show are so beautiful! Thank you so much!

  73. Rebecca Clerkin says:

    When I open your posts to read, I feel like I am walking into my dear friend’s home. Yours posts are inviting, welcoming, open and fun!

  74. Your blog and talented ability with beautiful décor makes me happy. Just happy!

  75. Honestly, you deserve the thanks for brightening my day and inspiring wonderful (and do-able!) ideas for my home. My heart just lifts a little when I see a new On Sutton Place blog post in my e-mail inbox! I’m glad you are able to do this full time and spend time with your parents. Thanks for inspiration, and I love your e-bay collections!

  76. Hey Ann, Love reading your blog that I found a few months ago.Your home is very warm and inviting just like you. Thank you for brightening my day.

    LOVE OSP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  77. I love visiting your site! I get inspired and awed….each and every time. Your beautiful color in all the photo’s is wonderful. Thank you! I am so happy that you are able to be there for your parents- I pray for good health for them.

  78. I always enjoy reading your blog. My daughter has used your free printables to create lovely for framed prints for her new apartment, we have enjoyed your icebox cakes this summer, and your blog inspires me as I strive to make my home a more lovely place. Keep up the good work!

  79. Patience brings Gratitude & Gratitude brings Patience. Wonderful column!

  80. Ann, I just love your blog and look forward to seeing what you have to share with us. I have been looking for just the right shrubs for my yard to plant near my dynamite red crepe myrtles. Your blog about Limelight hydrangeas sent me out to my local nursery to look. Not only do they have Limelights, but they also have a smaller version called Little Lime. These will be the perfect size for the space I have in mind. Thank you!

  81. I love reading your blog!

  82. Look at all the lovely comments! Ann, your blog is fantastic; and I’m thrilled to learn there is more of you on ebay.

    I won’t rattle on; you have enough to read. But I do want to say that if you lived in my neighborhood, I would be a permanent fixture at your house. lol

    Thanks for a great blog!

  83. Deb LaGuire says:

    You are the first and only blog I’ve ever followed and I love reading about your home and projects! Keep up the good and inspiring work.

  84. I found your blog about a year or so ago. I am inspired and frequently use one of your photos to use as a basis for decorating my home. Thank YOU!

  85. Rita Knipper says:

    Anne – Inspired living, I know that is what I am striving for each day and your blog helps me do so. I am not sure how I found you but I am glad I did!

  86. Thank you Ann! I always enjoy your posts and your lovely presentation. Congratulations on the success of your blog and bless you for caring for your aging parents.

  87. You rock , Ann of OSP .. !!!
    and, Congrats .. !!

  88. Laurie Galloway says:

    I so appreciate the gentle, empowering tone of your blog. You’re not all ‘exuberant cheerleader’ nor are your posts so technical and complicated, as to discourage me before I even get started on a project. I love that you’re honest and willing to be vulnerable–no, not everything always turns out perfectly, every time, and the challenges you’re facing mirror mine in so many ways, But most of all, I want to tell you that I appreciate your inclusion of your day-to-day faith here. Not preach-y…just an authentic attempt to walk in faith and trust in God. Not very PC, but very real! Opening your blog is like opening a present…surprising, uplifting & fun!! Thanks, Ann, for all you’ve added to my life!

  89. Thank you for such lovely inspiration!

  90. I love reading your lovely blog! The simplicity of your timeless, elegant decor and wonderful recipes are a joy to read!

  91. Thank you so much for sharing your blog with all of us.
    All the items that I’ve purchased from your shop have been very well made and packaged beautifully.

  92. I enjoy reading your blog so very much! Thank you for sharing all of the wonderful items you do. I love the orderliness and easy how-to’s you share with us all: Classic, elegant style. Reading your posts are a joy!

  93. Ann, I’ve been a follower of yours for several years now. Reading your blog DOES bring a smile to my face and I appreciate what you do to inspire us all! I also appreciate the honesty and sincerity in your words. You’re like a breath of fresh air. Keep up the great work!

  94. Your post today…being near your folks. That is so special. And you are blessed to help. I cannot. But I’m here when Mom calls. Circumstances have me housebound unless someone takes me out. I guess I’m feeling old. Someone in my class is learning to play instruments and we get to watch. He sang a song about yesterday when I was very young…and now I look at things very differently. I think that’s where I am. I see in front of my nose but no plans can I make independently. learning contentment where we are is work and faith and trust in Gods will. Thank you for a thought provoking post.

  95. Jeanne Haley says:

    Ann, I love your Blog and everything you share with us. I get so excited when I receive an email, as I know I’ll be up to something creative. very soon. You are like one of my girlfriends. Your writing style is so inviting, just like an old friend and I love reading what you want to share with me. I’ve had such fun trying recipes, decorating and crafting things for my home and gifts for friends from your Blog. Everything is so easy to follow. I’ve created the burlap bunny pillow covers, even used the bunny pattern to make burlap stuffed bunnies to go with the pillow covers; my girlfriends loved the red ticking tea towels I gave them for Valentines, the Lemon Ice Boxed pie was a hit.. so many things I’ve created from your blog. Keep it up girlfriend, you are nailing it! I love your story of how the Blog has fit your life style and the caring love you have for your parents. You are a wonderful daughter; continue to love on them as much as you can each day. Thank you for inspiring each of us. Blessings to you.

  96. So pretty! I love decor (of all seasons). I would love to have your items in my home

  97. I LOVE following your blog!!!

  98. Peggy King says:

    I dearly love your blog, I do a “happy dance” when you have a new post. I follow you daily. Your posts are so thoughtful and creative and I get so many ideas that I can actually use. I have ordered from your shop a couple of times and they arrive so perfectly wrapped and I love my latest order of clay tags and tree decorations. Treasure every moment with your mom and dad!

  99. Your blog is “A Breath of Fresh Air” ~ thoroughly enjoy each post
    Thank you Ann!

  100. Dear Ann, Your blog is certainly at the top of my list for favorites. I have used so many of your recipes and decorating ideas as well as shared your blog with friends. It all started with your post of matelassé ideas—and I’ve been hooked ever since! Thanks for all your inspiration—-please keep on sharing your talents!

  101. Theresa Ball says:

    Ann, you are thought of many times in my world. Your free printables become screen savers at home and at work. (Anxiously waiting for fall to roll around again to use your fall ones). I always love using my stash of your tags on gifts or in decorating. I have copied the bunny in the grapevine wreath for my Easter table. Your blog is enjoyed immensely by me, and I can see by others too. I wish you luck and happiness in what you are doing. As Victoria magazine says, you have found your “bliss.”

  102. When I retired two years ago, yours was The first blog I started to follow. It is like catching up with a friend-but one with so many great ideas. I was so taken with your porch rug, I ordered one for my porch. Thanks for blogging.

  103. You are so humble Ann! I love your blog because everything is EASY! Not tons of ingredients…simple instructions and not time consuming. Good luck with your future projects and I’m looking forward to trying some of your cakes once the weather gets cooler! Thanks for the give a way as well!

  104. Marijean Jenson says:

    That’s so wonderful. Couldn’t happen to a more wonderful person ! I have to tell you I appreciate you and your blog as I am a 62 year old woman who loves to decorate my home and I sometimes feel I don’t connect with some of the other blogs written by much younger women. I think all of them are so talented, but I am way past raising a family. I do however love to read them all and get ideas. Thank you for doing what you do ! You make me feel like we are never to old for new things !

  105. Kimberly H. says:

    I want to thank “you”! I thoroughly enjoy On Sutton Place and have shared you with my internet friends. I have purchased several of your pillows and they sit happily on our living room sofas. Thanks so much for all you do. You are very inspiring!

  106. Sharyn Linehan says:

    Hi Ann, I am another silent follower of your blog but felt I needed to let you know how much I enjoy it. Keep up the good work and good luck with your parents, I know it not easy. King regards Sharyn from Australia.

  107. Bonnie Chretien says:

    Ann, I enjoy reading your blog SO much! I always feel like I’m at your home having a cup of tea with you. I’ve made many of your recipes as well and always look forward to your new decorating ideas. Keep up the good work!

  108. We do have lots of options, but know when we find a keeper….and that YOU are. From your simple, yet wonderful notes and recipes to your lovely decoration and items for sale….every post is a gift from you to us. So thank you. Your attention to detail tells the true story of how much you care. Can’t wait for more, more, more!!!

  109. Love your blog. I look forward to each and every day. Congrats and best of luck with your parents.

  110. Mary Paine says:

    Hi Ann, I do enjoy your style and crafts and I can empathize with your family situation, having been there myself. I hope our children are taking notes on how to care for their parents!
    Would love to win a gift certificate to your site. You sell such pretty things.
    Hang in there with Mom and Dad.

  111. Kelly Batt says:

    Ann, thanks for your blog. There is so much info. provided on the net and I find that yours is not forceful, but kind and an easy enjoyable read with the added bonus of great craft and food ideas. I have also taken care of my parents with my dad passing in my arms, fulfilling the full circle of life. My mom peacefully in her sleep, as well as both my brothers. I have shared your information with other people and we are quite happy with your posts. Respectfully, Kelly

  112. I have just recently come across your blog and I love it. I too took care of my husband until his passing two years ago. I admire you for what you are doing. May God give strength .

  113. Betty Roppel says:

    Thank YOU, for all that you share in your blog. I enjoy so many of your articles and have shared your address with my daughter too. We will both being looking forward to guides on e- bay.

  114. Dear Ann – I love your blog, it is one of the ones that I check regularly. Your style lifts me up and inspires me, you have great instincts in so many ways. I have elderly parents who depend on me also. I am blessed that they are still with us, although they need extra care, but that’s ok. Thank you for being you!

  115. Hello Ann,
    Your blog was the first blog that I signed up for. I’m not writing this to receive a $25 credit for your shop, but it sure would be nice anyway. I want to thank you for giving me the inspiration to challenge myself to get to work on some updating in my house. I actually tackled my bathroom. It really needed updating and refurbishing. I repainted my tub, tub surround and vanity. I won’t go into everything detail, however the room is looking good and I am now moving on to replacing the floor.
    Thank you and I wish you all the best and look forward to seeing more of your blog in my e-mail!

  116. Love your blog, your style! AND would really love to win the gift card! Thanks!!!

  117. Congrats on the eBay gig! You are the one blog I have stuck with…I subscribe to others but seldom click over. As someone else said, yours is a blog for grown-ups! :) You bring inspiration with each post. I understand being a parental caretaker as I am one, too, and I find we have similar taste in home decor. As you can tell by these comments, you touch many lives through your blog. Thanks for not only the chance to win, but also for the quality blog you bring to us.

  118. Cynthia Davis says:

    First, thank you, Ann. I retired too years ago because of an unstable – now stable – heart situation and found you just as I was taking up sewing as a way to expand my ‘retirement horizons’. Time and again I look back at your blogs for inspiration and encouragement and take out stitches and keep on trying. That’s what our journeys are about. Trying.

    Second, I cared for both of my parents literally to the end of their lives. My father’s passing was swift. My mother’s was a slow eight and a half year decline. Both were in my home. I understand the challenges and blessings of elder care and the slow process of grieving it brings to those giving care. I will remember you and yours every day starting today.

    Third, all things are working for good in you and through you. Every day. In every way. Never doubt His plan for you.

    Take the best of care!


  119. Ruth Peacock says:

    i so enjoy reading your blogs, Ann. I’m not very crafty, but I do enjoy trying! I fell in love with your vintage grape basket idea and even though I don’t have a covered porch, I did manage to find a basket I could afford and put a fern in it the way you described on an upside down pot. I have received so many compliments and everyone has commented on the “pail” that I used! Thank you and I will try to venture forward with some more of your great ideas.

  120. I look forward to your blog. I love it!

  121. Ann Knighton says:

    Helloooo Ann, you have a wonderful blog,your pink Hydrangeas are so beautiful in the blue jars.<<>> I also am, (don’t want to say,hard time)at home with my husband 24/7 which I don’t mind. and I know that is God’s plan for me. Like Paul, I do struggle against th pricks from time to time. <<>> It seems as tho our lives have a parallel, Thank you for being a care giver for your Mom and Dad. So many parents in their winter years are not getting that care. <<>> Our pastor had as his message this morning, “encourage and discourage”. I pray you have a support to help you through this life. <<>> Thank you for your time and energy to post all of these great projects,ideas, recipes, and I know you are Blessed with E Bay. <<>> I pray God’s Blessings over take you every day In The sweet name of Jesus. <<>><<>>

  122. I just want to say thank you for following God’s will for your life and also blessing me as well. I truly enjoy reading your blog and learning new things and ways to do things, seeing your craftiness, and just enjoying your friendliness which I can feel through cyber space. I just lost my precious mother-in-law this week and can truly appreciate being able to be near your parents to assist them in their lives. God bless!

  123. Rosie Ibarra says:

    I found you by accident on Pinterest. Your site just drew me in with its beautiful things and bright colors. I am also looking forward to visiting your eBay sites especially around holidays. Know that you make many of us happy and you allow us to dream of the beautiful home we can make for our family.

  124. Bev Gardiner says:

    I always love clicking onto your website because your ideas are so nice and “soothing”- now that might not be a word you have read to describe your posts but I like it and it works. Thanks, Ann- from a fan and I wish you good days ahead. Ready for a new post from you tomorrow!

  125. Oh Ann! So excited for you addition to ebay. They are lucky to have you aboard! You have inspired me with your beautiful projects and heartfelt advise about blogging. Keep up the great work and THANK YOU for inspiring so many of us and sharing in your journey!!

  126. Your blog is one I look forward to as you have such a nice, comfortable style. Thank you!

  127. Ann, I’m so excited for you and your new adventure. I get giddy when I have an email from you with something new you are sharing with us. You were actually the first blog that I started following. I don’t always comment, but I read every post. I love your home and I’ve tried to copy a few things in my own home. Keep up the good work!!

  128. I love the beautiful simplicity of your photos Ann! The printables you share are favorites and your recipes always look declicious. Thank You!

  129. I’m so glad I found your blog Ann. I starting reading it at a crossroads in my career.
    I feel like I’m reading a message from an old friend each
    time I get a post. I love your style, home and garden. I’m a firm believer that God has a plan for us all
    and so glad yours has lead to your sharing your talents with all of us. Good luck on your new venture with EBay.

  130. Thank you for all you share but especially the recipes! I have tried many and have enjoyed the results! Thank you for being you! :)

  131. Love your posts. Your hydrangeas are beautiful. Inspiring me to go cut the last of mine to enjoy indoors. As sad as I am to see summer come to an end , I am looking forward to all the fall decorating and baking.

  132. Jill Jones says:

    Hi, Ann. Your blog is beautiful. Congratulations on your contract with eBay! I know your guides will all be wonderful and I will look forward to reading each and every one along with your On Sutton Place blog posts. Many times, your posts make my day. Thank for sharing your talent! Jill

  133. Keep up your amazing work, head up and stay strong. A loyal and proud fan all the way from Auckland, New Zealand xx

  134. Lorrie Dietz says:

    I found your website while checking out Pinterest, and I am so happy I did. Yours is the only blog that I follow, and I really look forward to reading it. So many of your interests and ideas are very similar to mine, an it’s wonderful to read about your life.
    I hope you continue to write your blog for a long time!
    Thank you!

  135. Margaret Hunter says:

    I have been a “silent follower” but have to say how much I do enjoy your blog. Thank You for sharing!

  136. Ann, I have always loved your blog. You have a wonderful sense of classic style!

  137. I so enjoy your blog! I’ve made so many of the recipes you’ve shared! Thank you!

  138. Thank you . I enjoy your blog!

  139. I love your style! I especially love the items you create for your shop!

  140. you know it’s a give and take this blog friendship that we share. You bring many good things to our lives as well. I don’t always comment but I always do enjoy your posts. So thank you for bringing some terrific recipes, great style and great stories and a smile to our faces especially on those days when we need a lift. Good luck with your family, we too are facing similar difficulties.

  141. Sheran Steading says:

    Ann, your blog is such a comfort. I am approaching retirement and I love all the projects and ideas you post!

  142. Ann, I want to thank you for your wonderful blog. I really don’t follow anyone else’s blog. I occasionally read other blogs, but yours is the one that I turn to the most. I find your sense of style to be calming and reflective of my vision of what I would like my house to be. In 2013 we were involved in a significant flood and have been putting our home together since. Yours posts have been so inspirational. Thank You!

  143. Judy Clark says:

    Ann – What a great post. I so thoroughly enjoy your blog everytime you post. You always have something to brighten my day. Am so glad your blog has been so successful and allowed you to be able to stay home and help with your parents. That will always be remembered as precious time in the years to come.

    Thanks for the Giveaway!


  144. Jackie B. says:

    Ann, it is always with joy that I read your blog. Your style is much like mine in that it isn’t trendy and going to go out of style in a few weeks. Thank you for so many hours of enjoyment!

  145. Nice to subscribe to a blogger who is “of a certain age.” Many younger bloggers are becoming so trite, it’s definitely refreshing to learn from your perspective.

  146. Thanks for sharing. I’ve come to realize that we don’t need to do everthing, less is better. Hope I win

  147. Francis C. Moore says:

    I love your blog. I don’t often comment, but I look forward to each post you write. I love the work you did on your daughter’s home. I have saved those entries to my Favorites. Good luck in the future.

  148. Hello Ann,????
    I have been an AVID fan since January of this year. You are right! There are a “zillion” blogs out there and yours is at the top of my list! You have a wonderful, soothing, down-to-earth writing style that I find myself reading and re-reading again an again. Thank you for leaving out the “fluff and filler” from your blog!!! Sooooo many are filled with just that! I love your simple, classic decorating style. The easy-to-do seasonal changes you make in your home are things we all can do in our homes. Your use of fresh flowers and greenery……always cheerful and elegant! Thank you for including so many beautiful photos and step-by-step instructions in your projects. I actually looked up how to sew French seams by referring back to your envelope pillow post. And……I can now confidently wash the burlap I bought to use for my husband’s surprise 60th birthday dinner party! Thanks to you!

    Best wishes for many, many, more good days with your parents. These times I am sure are very precious to you. Congratulations on your partnership with eBay.


  149. Love your blog and all the things you share that are possible for me to do! Thank you, thank you, thank you. Blessings on your week!

  150. My heart does lift when I see a new post from On Sutton Place! Your blog was one of the first I started following and I love it.

  151. Ann, there is a homely comfort in your blog and your crafts and bakes that makes me forget the harsh realities of this world! Wishing you continued success from Wales!

  152. Dori Troutman says:

    Hello Ann,

    I’m one of your faithful readers that rarely comments. I love that your blog is one of the first ones I ever started reading. And I’m thankful for your friendship. It is continually amazing to me the friends that we make in blogging. I value that also.

    Tight hugs to you, friend.

    – Dori –

  153. Melissa Wagner says:

    I have always loved your blog from the first time I read it. You have given me lots of ideas! When I want to bake or sew, I always look to your blog (and my obsession with Baker’s Joy is thanks to you!). Your blog is a must read for me!

  154. Ann, you have inspired me to do more than you’ll ever know. Thanks for sharing ideas along with inspiration. I continue to enjoy all the purchases I have made from your online shop and look forward to new additions in the near future.

  155. I love your blog. It suits me to a “T”, now you know I am a senior. Who else would say that?
    You are a good daughter and I hope you realize what that means to your parents.
    Congratulations on the EBay assignment.


  156. Regina Johnson says:

    Never doubt that you are an inspiration to those who read your blog. I enjoy your simple but elegant style and look forward to each new post. I think its great that you are able to stay home and take care of your family and inspire the rest of us along the way.

    Thank you!

  157. Joanne Brogan says:

    ANN, I especially love the recipients but have been inspired to make pillow discovers also. Keep up the suggestions. And thank you!

  158. I truly enjoy your blog. It is very refreshing!!!

  159. Ann I read your blog because I learn a lot from it and find the things you write about very helpful but I think it is also the way you write about it. I’m glad you have time for your parents – you are a lucky lady. Thank you.

  160. Louise Wade says:

    I receive many blogs, your’s is my favorite. Always open and check it out.

  161. I have always enjoyed reading your blog. You have showed me many, many ways to make my retirement home more wonderful and homey. Thanks for all of your great ideas.

  162. Anita Dillard says:

    You have always been my favorite, I guess because we like so much of the same things–Only you know how to make it all happen and all I have to do is log in!!! Thanks for all you do and know that you are loved and prayed for–I have been where you are with your parents and my heart is with you—Thanks again–

  163. I love your blog and I am very happy blogging allows you to remain at home daily! Enjoy this season of life and being home in your comfort zone. My family and I spend the majority of our free time at home together instead of numerous activities with crowds. Be blessed!

  164. Deborah D says:

    Ann, I so enjoy your blog and have happily shopped with you for many years. You are a wonderful, loving, caring blogger and feel we are more like friends. Thank you for all the wonderful ideas you have shares with us.
    I too, have become a caregiver to both my parents. No one knows the wear and tear on you emotionally spiritually, and health wise until one has been there. I have no greater joy than to be there for my parents but there are days that it is overwhelming.
    Please co tongue to uplift us all.

  165. You have done an amazing job, I feel excited and encouraged every time I read your post or download a printable
    Thank You!

  166. Kersteeor says:

    I love your posts because you are so normal and the crafts and ideas are do-able and not over the top. I find myself coming back for reference and handy reminders. Thank you for not being so frou-frou-ey! (<- I'm not even sure how to spell it!)

  167. HI Ann
    I admire the fact that you put family first. I too left my job after 20 years to care for my Mom and move away from my grown children. Some days it took everything I had to make it through, but somehow I found strength that I didn’t even know I had. With Mom doing better, we are now buying a “new” home that I will redo from top to bottom. It won’t happen overnight, but I will put my stamp on each room and will absolutely love doing it. This will be the second home that we have remodeled/refurbished, but this one will be our last home that we will buy, so it is very special. It sits on an acre of land and has two outbuildings for my husband’s workworking tools and even has space for my “messy” craft projects. Can’t wait for this chapter in our lives!

  168. I love reading your blog … and I come away thinking I might actually be able to do some of the things you show or suggest!! Thanks for having confidence in us non-DIY-ers!

  169. Linda Ward says:

    I so enjoy your blog! I have become a caregiver for my daughter for the past 3 years, and there are days when I’m completely overwhelmed. I have downloaded and framed a number of your printables, and made a number of your recipes. I’ve also visited some of your friends’ blogs. Your blog provides a nice “escape” for me–thanks for this terrific opportunity!

  170. I’m so happy for you, ann! Congrats and good luck with your new venture! I will certainly check it out.

  171. Love the hydrangeas and that you are sharing your blogging knowledge!!❤️

  172. Love your ideas, garden and home! You give us so much I’m delighted to see you feel that we have something for you as well. Keep blogging! Love love love the Hydrangeas!

  173. Hi Ann, your “thank you” struck home as I am sure it did for many of us who follow your blog! I am grateful for your inspiration and generousity in keeping us all going as we care for our families, homes and communities. I follow very few blogs and only those who are similarly dedicated. Please keep up the great work and inspiration for us all!

  174. I love when I open my email & there you are. A recipe, a photo, a craft, a decorating tip, whatever it is it makes me smile. I wish you continued success.

  175. Hi Ann,

    I just planted 2 hydrangea Limelights this week. I am looking forward to the flowers next year. Thanks!

  176. Marlene Stephenson says:

    Ann you are a wonder and i am a very happy person to have found you. I love all your decor,and recipes and am glad everything is working so well for you and i pray it will stay that way. Thank you for allowing me into your life and sharing with me.

  177. Barbara B. says:

    I found your website earlier this year while recovering from a cancer surgery. I had just retired and was looking forward to the future. After the diagnosis and surgery I was feeling very low. Your blog made me feel like I was in the home of a good friend. It was a happy place to come when I was feeling low that I could relate to and took my mind off my pain. I too am trying to accept my comfort zone and to be content with where I am. Please don’t ever retire from writing your blog. I wish you much success with your partnership with eBay.

  178. Suzanne Coates says:

    I enjoy your posts. I especially like that you use pieces you already own in fresh ways–traditional with a twist!

  179. Linda Z Braden says:

    What wonderful news about the eBay opportunity! Love those vintage blue jars and hydrangeas. Stunning! :) Linda

  180. Gretchen Mercer says:

    Ann, you do inspire me. I enjoy the beauty you post as well as the ideas I feel I can take from them. Your style feels so at home in my heart AND reminds me of my mother’s as well. That is precious to me because I lost her at the age of 21.

    Your comfort and grace with your own life situation is inspiring as well. Any of us who live long enough reach a point where we should decide to count our blessings instead of looking for what is missing! It’s a real pleasure finding a woman who is living in that sweet spot comfortably.

    I enjoy Ebay a lot, but it is pretty overwhelming to me at times. Maybe this new concept will help me navigate it a little easier. Best of luck with it!

  181. I just recently found your blog. The only way I can think to describe it is it is a grown up blog. Your presentation is beautiful, everything is very finished. I love your art work, which I could paint.
    Bless you for helping your parents. I did that years ago, and never regretted a day.

  182. I appreciate the sincerity of your blog. It is a blessing to have the contentment at this stage of life.
    I love your style and all things you share on your blog. Thank you so much!


  183. Sharon H. says:

    Finding a post from you in my email is always a highlight to my day. I find your blog interesting and informative. Thanks for your generous giveaway offer, and I look forward to more great posts in the year to com!

  184. Ann, your blog brings a sense of peace and order to me every time I read it. You are real, honest, and straightforward and I like that. No unnecessary fluff, hype, or drama needed. Have always loved the things in your online shop. In fact I have one of your grainsack tote bags and I am either using it or displaying it! I made the pumpkin applique pillow from your tutorial and love it. Keep the great posts coming!

  185. Your blog is my favorite! So many good ideas and are much appreciated. Keep up the good work!

  186. Love your blog! Thanks for sharing your life with us.

  187. Charlotte O. says:

    Have read your blog for many years….I want to thank you for your positive attitude and the lift you give me. May you have much joy as you face life’s challenges.

  188. Elaine Ford says:

    I appreciate your ‘thank you’ message. I have not been following you for very long, but I am uplifted by what I see and what I read. Keep up your great work and enjoy this season of your life. I believe you are doing what God has given you talents and gifts to do. Blessings. Elaine

  189. Deb Wieser says:

    Thanks, Ann, for your thoughts. Many of your comments ring true with me as well – especially the part about staying within your comfort zone now. The venturing out is done with – have done a lot
    and am happy to hang near home! That’s what it’s all about, anyhow, isn’t it?

    I enjoy your blog immensely, and thank you for writing it! Always happy to see it come up in my email. You have many talents.

    Keep smiling!


  190. Hi Ann,
    For a stay at home mom of 4, I love to read your posts. They are encouraging and always something that will fit our budget and time constraints. Keep up the great work and thank you for brightening up my days with such lovely posts and pictures.

  191. Lori Souter says:

    I enjoy following you!

  192. I have subscribed & later unsubscribed to many blogs over the years….mostly because content was no longer of interest to me and my decorating tastes. However, Ann, you always have me at ‘hello’. You offer so many topics of interests and give details to complete a project with gorgeous pictures. I always look forward to OSP and pray for your parent’s health so you can continue to do what you enjoy.

  193. I really look forward to your emails to see what beautiful items and ideas you have for those of us out here. I’ve printed the pictures and written down directions and tried recipes and wanted you to know you and your blog are much appreciated! Have a wonderful day.

  194. Hi Ann, I enjoy your blog so much! Thank you for sharing with us!

  195. Hi Ann — I found your blog a few weeks ago & I am completely hooked! At one point in my life, I used to craft a lot & thoroughly enjoyed it. Over the years though, other things came along & I got away from it. Then I found your blog & you got my creative juices flowing again! I’ve made the burlap table runner, am now starting on the pumpkin pillow & have read everything that you have archived. Your ideas are great. I have been in the situation with my parents that you find yourself in now. I empathize with you & will keep them & you in my prayers. Thank you for the wonderful ideas you share. I look forward to each new post.

  196. Penny Thompson says:

    Hello Ann! I enjoy your blog, as I feel our lives are running somewhat parallel. Married 49 yrs to my one and only. Unfortunately, we are traveling an unplanned road with hubs having been diagnosed with multiple myeloma in April of 2013. Not what we planned to be doing in our retirement. We lost our last parent this past Jan, so I can relate to caring for aging parents as well.

    We have 2 grown kids, and 5 grands, all living within a five mile radius of us here in SW MI. We have found our world has grown smaller since dealing with many medical appointments, including weekly chemo for 2 yrs. But we are “playing the hand we were dealt” and trying not to let it curb our enjoyment of our retirement years.

    I am a retired nurse, avid stitcher, progressing gardener, crafter, and love to haunt thrift shops for items to repurpose or decorate our MCM retirement home. Am currently getting some help on a large flower garden, with the goal of having blooms from spring until fall. I have many hydrangea bushes of various varieties in the yard, and find there is always room for one more.

    I read your blog faithfully, tho’ I have not commented previously. I enjoy seeing what you’ve been up to, and getting ideas for new projects. I have not joined the blogging world, but share ideas with friends, and teach a bit. Best wishes to you as you juggle the many responsibilities we find on our plates atthis stage of life. Keep the faith! Penny in Kalamazoo

  197. Christine says:

    Oh Ann!
    I look forward to every post of yours! I was at first concerned that this was “it’s been nice knowin’ ya!” post. Thank God it’s not, as I would feel as I had lost a friend!
    God bless you as you minister to your parents,

  198. It’s refreshing to read that you are content and feel blessed indeed…no need to join a chase that isn’t true to who you are. I am trying to do the same and appreciate your candor. I love your blog and have some special items from your shop already….would love more of course!
    Thank you for creating a beautiful blog that fulfills many of our needs.

  199. Just want you to know how much I enjoy your blog. Your beautiful decorating and craft ideas inspire me, your recipes are delicious, and your blogs are absolutely delightful. I feel that I am your neighbor in spirit, as I am a transplanted Ohio girl with a grown daughter, living the country life in Colorado, with my schnauzer & oodles of decorating projects to play at every day. Thank you for your beautiful blog!

  200. Penny @ The Comforts of Home says:

    Ann, I always love visiting your blog. Your posts are always great to read. I love your recipes, photos, decorating tips and everything else!

  201. I just left my mom after a 90 minute visit. She lives in a memory care community in St Louis. My husband and I are driving back to KC, which is our home. Your blog is a pleasure to me every time I read it. I can relate to your lifestyle and am happy that you share it. Thank you. And best wishes to your parents.

  202. Whew, I was afraid you were going to have to stop blogging! I am a mature lady who also has had parents to help with as well as a grown son with serious health problems. There is enough u welcomed drama in our lives without our making any up our own so I get it when you say you don’t care a lot for travel or have accepted the flow of God’s plan for you for this now. I’m sure you would have been a major player if you had started blogging when you were young. But as much as I admire these young Christian blogger gals (& worry over them) it’s the unique stability, intentional pace of your blog and commitment to home keeping that makes it seem like a big exhale each time I open one of your posts that I love. I love the items you sell so thanks for an opportunity to shop ????

  203. Teri White says:

    I love your blog! I don’t take the time to sit down and read through my e mails very often, but whenever I see that I have something in my in box from On Sutton Place, it makes me feel like I need to fix myself a cup of coffee and take a much-needed break from the fast pace of life and just read. I have several devotions I do on my e mail as well, and I do enjoy those too, but something about the “On Sutton Place” that makes me feel like I just visited with a friend – even though you don’t know me!! I told my husband, if I lived in Ohio, I would bring you a cup of coffee and visit with you in person. I think we would be good friends. Thank you for blogging, I wouldn’t even know how to begin such a thing, but if I ever decide to do that once we are retired, I will be sending you an e mail. It looks like so much fun! Much love, blessings and gratitude for your blog and sharing your heart with those who are nurtured by it!

  204. Allison Herron says:

    What a lovely post. I’m glad you are getting so much out of your blog. I have some friends who love blown but are not earning much at all. Although they have met some very interesting people who have followed their blogs!! And I do love how you write with much feeling. Thank you!!

  205. Ann,
    I love your blog….dont always comment but please know how beautiful it is!

    Those pink hydranges in the blue mason jars is stunning, im amazed at how many

    things work in mason jars, i have loved them for years. Such a simple jar makes flowers

    so elegant. Love the leaves pillow great idea…..will be trying that one. Thanks!

  206. I don’t post comments too often but I wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your blog. You are right when you say there are lots of sites out there to subscribe to. When all of this “blogging” started, I found myself signing up for just about all of them thinking that if I didn’t I would miss something. Needless to say, I have deleted a number of those earlier blog sites but I still totally enjoy Sutton Place. I, too, am finding comfort close to home. Some of my best weeks are when there are no commitments on the calendar and I am free to DIY, quilt, embroider, paint, garden, bake, just be. The days when I worked full time, had a husband and two small boys make me appreciate the quieter says I have now. Thanks for all you do. You are appreciated.

  207. Doreen Smith says:

    Dear Ann,

    I found your blog about a year ago. Finding a “comfort zone” has been a challenging part of my life. One I thought would be complete by this time. I have discovered this will be a work in progress, not a done deal. Your blog makes the everyday parts of life and home achievable. I look forward to sitting, relaxing and reading a simple, but elegant craft, recipe or decorating idea. I always feel peaceful and uplifted reading your posts. I look forward to many more posts to come!

  208. Laurie T. says:

    Hi Ann ~ I enjoy your posts, and I appreciate that you are honest!!

  209. Jan Lenon says:

    Hi Ann – I look forward to receiving your emails and viewing your blog! I enjoy reading about your projects and seeing them as pics on your blog. I love your devotion to God and realizing the plan He has for you. – Jan Lenon

  210. What a relief! I thought from the title that you were going to tell us goodbye. I love your blog and your writing style. It makes me feel that there are plenty of things I can do successfully. Best of luck with your ebay endeavors.

  211. Thank you for your wonderful ideas & recipes. I love how much you love what you do – it shines through

  212. I enjoy your blog…..It feels “real” to me. I appreciate that and thank you for being YOU!

  213. Maureen Smith says:

    I just found your blog last week when I was on Pinterest. Someone had a picture of your cute acorn wreath. I immediately clicked on it and found your wonderful blog. The next thing I did was send the link to my sister – she will be coming for a visit in a couple of weeks and we are planning on making a couple on your wreaths to go around pillar candles. Would love to win your gift card – maybe a Christmas gift for my sister?!

  214. Diane Aberte says:

    Ann, I enjoy your blog very much & look forward to it. Have tried some crafts & recipes and enjoy reading your blog and all the ideas. I lost my dad 15 years ago suddenly but miss him every day. Lost my mom 2 years ago after she suffered from dementia (a very cruel disease). Thought I would be bored upon retiring 3 years ago but have a 2 year old grandson (lives 12 hrs away) and brand new one just born a week ago in England. Best of luck as you care for your parents, enjoy the moments with them, thank you for sharing your ideas. Prayers for you. You do make a difference in people’ s lives.

  215. Elaine McCarty says:

    I just want you to know that I share you with my girls and my sister. You are a brite spot on a crappy day. I to am a school secretary and when it’s been a long day I go to your blog to read and relax, I don’t always comment but I do read it. Thanks for sharing you life and family!

  216. Barbara Jean Hubbard says:

    Enjoy your blog very much….good luck with your endeavors!

  217. Hi,I always read your blog. Love all that you post. You make such pretty things. I too am content to stay home. Just turned 65 & I quilt,knit and embroider and love to garden . I’ve worked all my life and now enjoy retirement with my hobbies. ☺️

  218. Ann, as you are well aware, God always leads us in the direction he wants us to go. Your blog has allowed you to be free to care for your parents, (something you will always be glad you did) and you also have been a blessing to your bloggers, me included. I love your blog and all the things you offer. By all means, don’t be so hard on yourself, you are just right in every way.

  219. Hi Ann, I just found your website today! I’m 62 yrs young, a Mother of two grown children, became a Grandmother this year to the cutest little girl ever, and I just love your creative spirit! I also sew, quilt and knit. I loved the comment in you blog today when you said you’ve accepted your comfort zone!! I’ve been feeling unsettled these last few years with life’s travails but seem to be finding a more mellow groove lately. I’m think I have accepted my comfort zone!! Thanks Ann for passing on your beautiful decorating sense and I look forward to future designs, recipes, and blog posts!

  220. Anna Hatt says:

    Ann, thank you very much, I look forward to your posts everyday. I love your decorating style. Enjoy your break.


  221. Ann, I look forward to your serene blog. It is always comforting and informative. I Iove your blue jars with the Endless Summer hydrangeas. I’m big into drying hydrangeas and love the Annabells for this. I’m on my way to get the two ES blooms I have on my bush -the only 2 all summer – and stick them in my blue jars. Thanks!

  222. Ann Herford says:


    As so many others have already commented, I too also look forward to reading and looking at your post… I also know where you are at with caring for your aging parents. I took care of my Dad for 7 years and would do it all over again if I could. I miss him more than words could ever say. My Mom is now in a nursing home with beginning stages of Alzeheimer’s and it breaks my heart that she has to be there, sometimes I feel so guilty, because they were the Best Parent’s Ever and were always there for me. Because of my own age and health issues….I can’t care for Mama 24/7. I know you will always be Thankful that you were there for your parents and I will say a prayer for you and for them. God Bless You…

  223. Pam Bohlander says:

    Love visiting your blog! Have a restful ‘vacation’!

  224. Ana Maria says:

    I don’t comment often but I never miss your posts. Even though there are a zillion blogs out there, yours is elegant, calming, beautiful. I appreciate your ideas and have learned from you. I feel as if I know you personally.
    Every age has its challenges and its blessings. I have cared for an elderly father and have survived breast cancer. I have fought many dragons and fortunately, vanquished most. I am at a point in my life where my home is my sanctuary.
    May God continue blessing you and please continue sharing your home and your ideas with us.

  225. Courtney W. says:

    Thanks for another great post Ann. Your blog is definitely a source of inspiration for me and I love seeing what you’re up to with each new post. Keep on blogging girl! :)

  226. Kelly Fenzel says:

    Ann, you help keep me “grounded”. Thank you for taking the time to share your home and life with us!

  227. Ann,

    I’ve been following your blog for over a year or so and just wanted to say that I appreciate you. Every time I open one of your emails and spend a little time with you I feel as if I had spent the time with my cool, classy, eccentric and well loved aunt, and for those moments I thank you. Congratulations on your e-bay contract. Best wishes!

  228. Bobbi Olson says:

    I enjoy your posts. So lovely and inspiring. You make a difference in my day too! Thank you.

  229. I always enjoy reading your blog – Ann. I have been reading it for about a year, and I love the fact that you cover a wide range of subjects. I found the article on Essential Oils very interesting, thank you for that! I have to say that it is a pleasure to read your blog, and I am sure that I am not the only person to feel uplifted, and inspired to become more creative after reading it.
    Thank you!

  230. Karen Kleinberg says:

    Good afternoon Ann,

    I have been reading your blog and all the comments and definitely want to say “Thank You” for all you do for all of your readers. I know you have touched so many people (look how many comments you have on this one alone) and that has to be a wonderful feeling for you and all your readers.

    I recently retired and thought I would be bored, but retirement is something I got used to very fast…and staying home and playing in my yard or piddling in the house is very relaxing and good for my soul…..

    Thanks again for your blog, good luck on Ebay….not something I have ventured into but maybe now is a good time.


  231. I like hearing that you are content. I think that’s an admirable goal especially when there is an onslaught from all sides of things every person should also be doing in their work lives, home lives, etc. Content and happy sounds nice. I like it.

  232. I have learned so much from following your blog Ann and I anticipate each of your posts popping up in my inbox. Have a wonderful day and keep up the fabulous work.

  233. Your blog was the very first one I started following over two years ago! It is wonderful
    and your pictures are beautiful. Enjoy your blog immensely.

  234. Carol in Kansas says:

    Ooooh, when I started reading I got the feeling that you were telling us all “goodbye”. So happy that you’re staying and widening your horizon a bit …and keeping us all by your side!!!!

  235. The past year I’ve spent a lot of time trying to figure out what will occupy my time in a few years when I retire. I’m am resisting letting others make choices for me. I, too, am becoming comfortable with my definition of my comfort zone.

  236. I absolutely love your blog and look forward to it. I love your front porch and your front door. Well really I love everything about your blog!!! I have been following your blog for a long time and can’t remember how I found you but I’m so glad I did!!

  237. Michelle B says:

    I think your blog is lovely. I have been following it for a couple of years and always look forward to your posts. I am happy for you that you have found happiness and contentment with your spot in the world and in blogland. Not everyone gets to say that they are happy in the place that they find themselves in. As we get older and wiser and realize just how very short life is, it is a blessing to be happy in our day to day. As a breast cancer survivor I found this place in life earlier than many people and I never take it for granted. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and creativity with all of us. :)

  238. Your blog has been a blessing to me and to so many others, Ann. Not only have you shared ideas on how to make our homes places we love, but you are like a friend we sit down and have coffee with, and I hope you know how special that is. You and I are fairly close in age, although I am older by a few years, I believe, but your blog encourages me to continue to keep my home fresh and inviting. I always look forward to see what you are sharing On Sutton Place. Many blessings to you as you continue to care for your parents and share your creativity with so many. You are so appreciated!

  239. Ann,

    I’ve spent this summer caring for my own parents’ whose day-to-day stability is precarious at best, so I can understand your frame of mind at the moment. It’s tough to think about expanding beyond your comfort zone when you’re trying to keep that zone from coming apart.

    On another note, like your other readers, I find your posts welcoming, informative, authentic and relatable. I’m so glad you provided links to what you’ve been up to on eBay because I wasn’t aware of your partnership and will look forward to enjoying your work there.

    All the best!

  240. I appreciate the refreshing simplicity and elegance of your blog.

  241. Hi Ann,

    I don’t read many blogs, most don’t have the staying power yours does. I often refer back to previous posts of yours for inspiration. And, one of my biggest “thank you”s has to be for the Chicken Soup recipe you posted last winter (I think it was). It makes me hungry just thinking about it.

    Congrats on the ebay guide work! I will check them out.

    And lastly, a lot of what you say hits home with me. I am your age, give or take a couple of years and feel as you do about many things, one being how I have found my comfort zone….and you are in it!

    Wishing you the best,

  242. You inspired me to paint my front door Naval a year ago, and every time I see it I think about your blog. Every. Time.

  243. Nancy McIntosh says:

    Hi Ann, I subscribe to a lot of blogs, but I can honestly say yours is one of the few that I open as soon as I see it in my inbox. It is tasteful, homey and elegant at the same time. Your recipes are always delicious tasting as well as beautifully presented. I can’t begin to imagine the amount of time it takes to do what you do and do it so well.
    I, too, share concerns for aging parents. Mine are in their 90’s and living in another state. They share a room in a nursing home but only since June of this year. I am blessed to have three daughters living there who take good care of them with frequent visits and making sure their daily needs are met.
    Please continue to do what you do so well – I’m sure God has placed you here for just such a purpose. Blessings on you and your family.

  244. I feel so comfortable reading your blog, love your ideas, crafts, recipes (really, just all of it). I appreciate your taking care of your parents, this really tells me a lot about you. Thank you for all you do.

  245. thank you for sharing your feelings with “us friends”….I enjoy
    every post. Many thanks.

  246. Thanks for sharing. God has a plan for all of us indeed. I can certainly relate to the “comfort zone” decreasing as our age is well…increasing. Love your blog. xo J.

  247. gloria stumpo says:

    Thank you for the positive thoughts posted today !!!

  248. It is a beautiful sentiment you have shared with us today. I would like to thank you so much for having such a wonderful blog which has has given me so many ideas and, I have to say, a different perspective on life. To me here in England your homes look soooooo biiiiiig, and ours by comparison are so small unless you are very wealthy of course. I love your style and long may you continue to share your life with us.

  249. What a lovely blog, full of joy and happiness. Brilliant ideas and so easy to do.
    Wishing you so much happiness.

  250. Thank you for this lovely post, and the gift offering! I have been following your blog for a few years, but don’t comment often. (When I do, it’s typically to express how much I enjoy your sewing posts!) There is an intelligence, a depth and precision in the posts you write, and your approach to projects. It enhances the value of your blog, and gives you a very high level of credibility. I always come away with something of value, an inspiration or an idea. I look forward to many more years of enjoying On Sutton Place!

  251. Mary Jane says:

    I am new to reading blogs and have so enjoyed all your lovely ideas and your style.
    Thank you for sharing all your talents.
    Bless you with your journey helping your aging parents.

    Mary Jane

  252. Betty Ciancio says:

    Ann…As always your comment was sincere and so down to earth. Makes me feel like we have been friends forever. Thanks for all you do for the women (& probably some men) who read and love your blog.

  253. Jackie beardsley says:

    It’s been fun to watch your blog grow. I think we are similar in age and interests, so I feel a connection with you. Today’s post only supports that more. Comfort zones and taking care of aging parents a common thread we share. I enjoy your inspiration for home decor on a budget, but still with style and grace. Thank you for your friendly message in my mailbox.

  254. Lovely post. Many lifestyle blogs are rather pretentious, I stopped reading them as a result. Then I found you. Thanks you ever so much.

  255. Thank you! For all the wonderful ideas. I have learned so much from your posts. Will stay with you as long as you are here.

  256. I’m new to your site so I don’t expect to win. But I did want you know how much I am enjoying visiting with you every day. I have always been drawn to the style of home decor that you feature on your site but was always afraid of ending up with a home looking like I was just too cheap to really decorate. But you have shown me that ordinary, every day items can look beautiful on their own. So out come my Mason jars and worn woods. Thank you, thank you, from your new friend, Dianne

  257. I don’t remember how I found your blog but I can tell you I’m truly thankful. So many of your DIY ideas are things that I love. I want to make the burlap table runner for my granddaughter. She will love. Also love your printable so and so many other ideas. It’s wonderful you are able to be home with your parents. My 92 year old mother lives with me. She can take care of herself but would be unhappy to be home alone everyday.
    I will be checking out your EBay guides.
    Thank you and warm regards, Shari James

  258. Thyraj@cox LeBlanc says:

    I’ve been a fan of your bog for over a year and have my very own “Sutton Place” folder on my laptop. I have increased my sewing skills from your tutorials, learned from your Southern Elegance style, and loved shopping at your store. Thanks for every post and I’ll be a follower for as long as you blog. God Bless.

  259. From my comfort zone to yours, wishing you a day filled with peace and comfort.

  260. Omerine Pettit says:

    I am new on your web site’ but I can tell you that I am always excited to see what I am going to find on it. I am new at crafting. So I always hope to find something that I will be able to do. I love looking through your crafts. Thank you for being there. Love, Omerine

  261. I really enjoy your blog and appreciate the wonderful projects you share! Thank you!

  262. helen zupsic says:

    Your blogs are REAL and your decorating is not beyond what most of us can achieve. You are honest and not “high society”. After all, we in blog land want to decorate by saving money and enjoy our homes. Thank you for being so realistic.

  263. I don’t have a blog but I certainly enjoy reading yours and others. I glean so many ideas and reflections after reading them. You will never regret the time that you have taken to care for your aging parents.

  264. Margaret Haveman says:

    Your writing and blog have a sweet and gentle warmth about them which is also portrayed in your home. I love your style of decorating, and try to glean possibilities for myself. Congratulations on finding your way to being able to blog and work from home.

  265. Ann, I’m glad you were able to stay home and take care of your parents, and have found your “comfort zone.” You strike me as the kind of person who has worked very hard to reach that point in their life. I began following you because I find your decorating to be very classy and informative. You have many great ideas that I like to try to emulate in my home Thanks for sharing.

  266. Sherry Fram says:

    Love your blog! The hydrangeas are beautiful! My great grandmother had them and she would put different things in the soil around them to change their color. We (the grands) thought she was a magician because she did that! lol

  267. I feel exactly the same about my comfort zone at this stage of my life. Thank you for sharing that Ann, I am glad to hear I am not the only person who doesn’t want to travel any more, and is happy to stay home.

  268. Thanks for sharing such a lovely post. Your blog is the first one I began following some time ago. What a delight your posts have been to me. I have learned so much and been inspires by your lovely words and pictures.Your posts about your parents brought back warm memories for me. I too had the privilege of caring for my parents and loved every minute of it. It was such a blessing. Thank you for sharing.. I feel like I have a new wonderful friend

  269. I love your blog Ann, and I only subscribe to a few. When I started reading your post, I got a sinking feeling wondering if you were going to set it aside. So glad you are not ! I don’t always comment, but I always read, and appreciate your take on life. I believe we are about the same age, and this stage of life has many challenges with the empty nest and older parents and our own aging ! Thanks for your honesty and for sharing your talents for creating beautiful things.

  270. Linda Byrnes says:

    Ann, I look forward to your posts and love the straight simplicity of your blogs. It’s like reading a letter from a friend. Thanks for sharing your home and little tips on DIY projects!

  271. deanne young says:

    Aww You made me feel really good this morning, you touched my heart in the part about accepting your own comfort zone. I did that years ago, mainly due to a disability, but nonetheless it was still about accepting it.. I have never indulged in any blogs until very recently … I found you on Pinterest. Now I look forward to my email box! You write beautifully, your site is beautiful and inspiring and your blog is like finding a letter, instead of a bill, in a snail mail box! I like to think we could be friends as well.

  272. Hi Ann,

    On Sutton Place is how I view my virtual home. Thank you for your hospitality!

  273. Your blog and Facebook page are lovely. I’m glad this is working out for you. I think contentment is a gift from God, and more important than all the stuff, travel and huge excitements in life. Those are fun and make life interesting, but contentment with who we are and where we are is a true gift! Have a great week!

  274. Your blog was one of the first that I became addicted to several years ago ;). I am not a decorator, designer or blogger – simply a reader. For whatever reason, I identified quickly with your style and your blog. What I loved most about this particular blog was your comment about being content just where you are. Do you how many folks out there wish they could say the same!?

    Like you, I have no wish to travel far and long. Yes there are some places I’ve never seen and may never see but with family medical issues, we all make choices and I, too, am content. Life is good.

    Thank you for bringing joy and ideas and wonderful thoughts to all of us!

  275. Kathy Riddle says:

    When I open up each email from you, I know I will have a nice visit with an old, dear friend. I curl up, get comfy and enjoy the time we spend together. Thank you for being a dear friend. I get so much inspiration after each visit.

  276. Hi Ann,
    I enjoy reading your blog and trying some of your great ideas! I love hydrangeas too and it’s nice to see new ways to use them in the house. Good luck with your eBay projects!

  277. Nancy Scheffel says:

    i am relatively new to your blog, but have enjoyed it all summer! I look forward to it!

  278. Regeniathomas says:

    I’ve following you for some time, I believe that is my first time commenting. I enjoy reading your blog because I feel like you are a long lost friend, reconnecting.

  279. Vickie Dellinger says:

    Ann, You have fulfilled your wishes where ‘us’ your readers are concerned. I am more than inspired and uplifted when you share with us. Best Wishes on your partnership with ebay .

  280. Ann, I ALWAYS look forward to reading your blog. It truly brightens my day & I have tried several recipes and crafts. You are an inspiration to me, thank you.

  281. I always enjoy your posts! You have a lovely home.

  282. I always enjoy stopping by for a visit! It’s funny…you cut down your hydrangea blooms and bring then inside….I leave them on the bush, to enhance our yard. I think I do that because our cat, Bowser, would end up playing with them and I’d have a huge mess! Enjoy your Sunday…and thanks for the opportunity! ;)

  283. Ann,
    Even though I am a fairly new reader, I can’t express the love, knowledge, and friendship in reading your blog. You have taught me so much! Your hydrangeas are gorgeous – love the pink color!! Looking forward to your fall post!!

  284. I have gotten sooo many “delicious” ideas from you! On Sutton Place is the first blog I started following and it is still my favorite! Thank you, Ann

  285. You are a very special person . Thank you do much for sharing your success with us!

  286. I always enjoy your posts Ann, even though Fall will not arrive in hot Bakersfield for another 2 months at least. I will enjoy looking at all that you have written and making some of your good recipes.

    Have a blessed month.


  287. I’m not sure how long I’ve followed your blog, but it’s the only one I open EVERY time! I relate to your style more than any other blogger I’ve found. Your posts are very enjoyable!!

  288. You made my day! Thank you.

  289. This post filled my heart. I never thought about how following you and enjoying all your recipes. decorating, gardening and thoughts might make YOU feel. So you are very welcome. Keep up the good work! :)

  290. Deb Pelton says:

    Hello Ann, I want to thank you for being THERE. Every time I read you I feel calm. Just what I often need in this busy hectic life. Your home is absolutely lovely and your ideas are top shelf. Please continue to do what you do you are appreciated by many. Thank you for all you do. Deb ps I NEED a Limelight hydrangea!

  291. Love your web site and blog…..looking forward to your new items in your shop ans to your connection with EBAY.

  292. Ann,

    There certainly is a lot of love out there for you and your blog – I just now read today’s post and you already have 173 replies!

    When I started to read today and as noted by another reader, I too thought you were saying good-bye. So happy that you are not. I love your posts – you are talented and have so many wonderful ideas.

    Exciting times coming your way as you continue traveling On Sutton Place.

  293. I am always happy to read your posts and as a reader of s similar age I can sympathize with how you feel about your comfort zone. We are not meant to be someone other than who we are????

  294. Kim Judice says:

    I love your home and am inspired each time I read your blog. You have a beautiful heart! Enjoy your Sunday. XO

  295. Peggy Renie says:

    Ann, I have loved your blog from the first time I visited it, and a “welcome” pillow you created lives on a bench in our foyer. I am so happy for you and the success you have achieved. I feel like crap some days too, but visiting your blog always perks me up.

  296. Ann,

    I love seeing the email that is from your blog. You have such an eye for beauty. I love seeing how you have decorated or some clever little craft or sewing project. God has given you such grace and beauty. Thank you for sharing with us. Your blog is truly a blessing.

    Thank you for this wonderful opportunity with a giveaway.


  297. Cathy Miller says:

    I so enjoy reading your lovely ideas,tips,recipes,etc. The pictures are always nice too! I look forward to seeing your blog when I open my email for the day!

  298. LaWayna Williams says:

    I think your hydrangeas are beautiful. I love your blog. I wish I was as creative as you are. I get a lot of inspiration from you and others.
    I think it’s wonderful that you can do this and be able to take care of your parents. Enjoy them!! I know it’s probaly a big job. Both my parents are gone on. My mom died when I was only 27. Lord I still miss her. I;m 48.
    Have a great day. And keep on doing what you do, please.

  299. I just read this article and I truly believe you are destined to create your own path. So please follow your heart and seek out those things that make you happy and fill your life with joy!

  300. I enjoy your blog. It makes me smile to see an email in my folder from you because I know it is going to be a refreshing few moments. I know you don’t know me but you and your blog are like a friend next door, we can just sit down for a cup of coffee and share the goings on of the day. I am excited for you on your new venture with eBay. I just popped over to look at your curated collections and then found the plants. I had no idea you could by plants on eBay! Thank you for all your inspiration!

  301. Kathleen G says:

    Hi Ann, you’re one of my first blogs I started reading. And will continue, with your beautiful home and delicious recipes. Kathleen in Az

  302. Beverly M says:

    Ann, I love your blog. It was the first one I read and was so excited to see we loved many of the same things. I look forward to reading many more!

  303. At first I thought you were saying good-bye. I’m glad I was wrong, after all I just got here and there is plenty here I haven’t had time to see yet. I am glad you are not a “younger” blogger, that would make me a old lady hanging on. Besides you are from a part of the country I miss and lived in the first 20 years of my life, I feel like I’ve been to you home when I see it. Thanks for being there.

  304. Hi Ann,
    I just recently found your blog, I am enjoying reading your past posts. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, recipes, and creations!

  305. Good Morning Ann,
    I only keep up with two blogs online and yours is definitely my favorite. Thank you for all of the great ideas and recipes. I have tried many of them and have been iinspired by your decorating and lovely flowers. I often wish I had a neighbor just like you. God Bless you!

  306. Nancy Galyan says:

    “I have worked very hard to accept my comfort zone”,”I believe that God has a plan for me”,”available to help my parents”……..you are my girl.Thank you, you are a blessing.Nancy Galyan

  307. Ann, you are a very gracious and caring person and thank you for all of your wonderful posts and decorating ideas. I have copied several of them for my home. Today my husband is retiring from the pastoral ministry and we are moving to Tx. for our retirement! We are very excited to start this new (and somewhat scary) part of our lives, but we also know that God has a plan for us and will guide us as we move forward. I love you posts and ideas and know that I will continue to stay tuned. Thank you so much for sharing so much of you with us. Karen

  308. Ann, I just love your blog and the personal touch you bring to everything you do. I completely understand being in your “comfort zone”, I find myself feeling that way more and more these days. Your blog definitely inspires me to make my “comfort zone” a little more beautiful!

  309. Teddee Grace says:

    How wonderful that your blog enables you to remain at home and care for your parents. I clicked through on both the e-Bay links and on through to some of those links as well. Enjoyed all.

  310. Mary Johnson says:

    Thank you Ann. One of the things I like best about your blog is the feeling of comfort and love for your home and how you style it that is conveyed. You are not too fancy or forever rearranging rooms, furniture and accessories. Simple, honest, real life living draws me in each time I see your “onsuttonplace” in my mailbox.

  311. Ann, I always appreciate getting to know the “human” side of a blogger and you certainly are a great human! It’s not just the pretty pictures, the great recipes, and the ease that you show in writing a blog. There is so much more to you and that’s what I love! Thank you for sharing that and keeping us up to date. Plus, I am a hydrangea lover too, and those pink Endless Summer blooms are ones I need to plant next spring! Keep strong and keep loving life!

  312. Love your blog – everything about it and your approach to life and your home. Sometimes feel like you are reading my mind since we think alike and like the same things.

  313. I love your blog. I always knew that I couldmakegood choices when decorating and making choices for myhome. However I also felt that something was missing. After looking at all your beautiful photographs I realized that I was not completing a certain look and missing the finishing touches. I just redid my mantle and felt very good about thefinal look. It looks complete! Thank you for inspiring me. I love my home and enjoy making it look nice.you have helpedme achieve that goal.

  314. Debbie Biddle says:

    I love your blog and your beautiful home. I have gotten so many ideas to use in my own home. Thank you so much.

  315. Debbie Reynolds says:

    Ann, I am new to reading blogs and yours is the first I have ever read and subscribed to. I have to say, I love it. You and I are close in age and have reached that special place in life, where you truly do “stop to smell the roses”.
    Every time I open you blog I feel a sense of peace and serenity. All I can say is thank you.


  316. I’m not commenting because of the giveaway~~I’m commenting because I enjoy your blog, and I admire you for caring for your parents. Mine are both gone now, but I quit my job years ago to care for my Mom who had Alzheimer’s.

    I know that whatever you include in your blog postings, it’s going to be elegant, beautiful and inspiring. I can count on that. So when I have time to indulge myself, your blog is a treat I give myself. I’m sorry I don’t leave my comments like I should, but know I do enjoy every post. Thank you for your time and efforts, they are appreciated.

  317. What a very warm, sweet, appreciative post! Love your blog and would love to win a credit!

  318. Thanks for sharing your wonderful ideas. I look forward to you posts. I especially like the way you layer your items. The ball jars in a wire basket, very subtle but impressive. Thanks again for motivating me!

  319. Maureen Provost Ryan says:

    Just wanted to say “thank you” to my favorite blogger — everything about your home and offerings to us as readers is satisfying and special and a treat for the eyes and the soul. I have a home very like yours in layout and style. Most recently your information on paint colors in your home has influenced me to go ahead and paint those walls blue — and I’m having great results in refreshing our home with virtual encouragement from you. Your home is beautiful and I love hearing the details and the “how-to’s” — thank you for all that you give to us!

  320. Anne,
    You bring a lot of beauty into my life! I so enjoy your blog & very excited in this new chapter in your life. I, too feel most of my traveling days are done & enjoy my time alone at home doing what I love, quilting. Good Luck on your eBay endeavors. I already saw some items that will probably be must haves, ???? I have an Endless Summer that was spectacular this year from all the rain we got. I turn it blue/purple. I have had no look drying them in the house before so I was looking forward to drying some on the bush. Unfortunately my hubby cut the last blooms without asking me a couple of weeks ago, ???? I doubt I will get anymore this year, darn. Also I planted one called Early Blue this year that I had not seen before. It did not bloom after planting but I did not think it would but it had gorgeous blue clusters with twinges of lime. I look forward to blooms from it next year hopefully. Now I want Lime too!

  321. I discovered your blog early last year and have come to enjoy it greatly, especially the artworks you share with us!

  322. Sandy Thornton says:

    Thank you so much for all of your wonderful posts, including today’s post!!! I have enjoyed visiting with you over the years and look forward to many more!!! You are an inspiration to many!!! And thank you for the give-a-way!!!

  323. Thank you for sharing your heart and all the amazing posts on your home…I especially enjoy your wreaths and porch decor.

  324. Thank you for all your very interesting ideas and info. I really enjoy reading your how to’s. Look forward to seeing your name pop up on my email list.

  325. Cindy Kline says:

    Love your blog! I’ve gotten so many wonderful decorating ideas and recipes from it. Looking forward to your upcoming fall posts. ????


    Cindy Kline

  326. Your blog is very inspirational and loaded with info. I really love your photography and wondered if you do it yourself and what camera you use? In this busy world your blog is one of the few I have started reading regularly. Thanks for all the inspiration.

  327. Cathy Dawe says:

    Ann – you bless me! I have only recently found your blog and have been blessed by the beauty of if (yes, my heart lifts!) and I am thankful for the resources you share, including the free printables. Thank you!

  328. I love your freshness, honesty, and style. You inspire me!!

  329. Lori Otwell says:

    How sweet you are and I love hydrangeas. What a cute arrangement. Your posts brighten my days.

  330. Dee Schwerin says:

    I love looking at your beautiful home. I am a former Iowa girl living in Florida. When I see your home I wish I had never left. I can’t seem to put my mark on this house like I did up there. Keep up the good work.

  331. Your blog gives me a sense of calm whenever I read it. Love your “style” in all aspects. Thank you.

  332. Susan Toto says:

    I really enjoy your blog. I started a blog some years back and it seemed to take so much time. I just sort of stopped paying attention to it. I really had a hard time with the technology part of it. I still follow a few blogs now and yours is one of them.

  333. I have traveled the journey of full time caring for my mom with Alzheimer’s. She went to be with the Lord on August 31st last year. No regrets for those years of setting aside ‘normal’ life. Grateful for that time.

    Seasons of our lives are always changing. Through God’s grace we can find joy through all those them. Love the variety on your blog! Thanks for sharing.

  334. You asked for a “very short comment”.
    I wouldn’t miss your posts ever.
    You brighten my life in so many way.
    Keep it up.

  335. I love your inspiration!

  336. Dawn Cain says:

    Ann Im so glad things are going well for you :) You deserve it. Yes I love your blog and have been with you from the beginning. I will be a loyal follower always :) You’re such a dear friend!

  337. I live in an area where hydrangeas bloom profusely, but I cannot get them to grow. We just have too much sun for them to survive the sweltering heat. I do enjoy seeing your posts with hydrangeas featured. They remind me of living in Columbus many years ago. Thank you for taking me to a happy time in my life. :)

  338. Gerry Smith says:

    What a lovely post.i love how we can share our hearts online.

  339. Ann , your blog is lovely, keep doing what you are doing. It takes a special person to reach out to others and lift their spirits. Sometimes, (I’m still there) we wonder if all we’re doing is really what God wants us to do. But, since you are content, then Yes for you. He gives you comfort and peace so you know that where youy are is where you should be.
    You make a difference in my life – and if only one person you touch that’s more than some people.
    Thank you

  340. great post! Can’t wait to visit the e-bay store

  341. Ann, I love everything about your blog…the attractive photography, the tasteful decor, and the within reach, simple crafts and recipes. Most of all, I love how you open your heart with your musings about your life as an empty nester and “mature” woman. Thankyou for sharing so much of yourself.

  342. Hi Ann,
    I am a new reader to your blog and to blogs in general! You might say I am a “late bloom”! I found your site quite by accident through a pinterest link and absolutely fell in love with your style and warmth that is evident in everything you do! Your home is an inspiration and your blog reminds me of a conversation of ideas I would have with a friend over tea!
    I look forward to discovering what the next season brings to your site and am excited to be following along with you on your journey!!!
    Calgary, Alberta, Canada

  343. Bonita Calhoon says:

    Thank you! I have never commented on a blog before. I don’t remember how I found yours but when I open my email and find you have a post it is like meeting with a good friend. I love your style and find what you share easy enough to make or bake, I too love EBay so I can’t wait to read what you have posted there. I can’t grow hydrangeas, because I live in hot Arizona, but I do love them! So I to settle for silk ones! But I enjoy seeing pictures of yours. So thank you for inspiration and sharing your home and little of your life with us!

  344. I have followed your blog for awhile. Found it by accident. Been a fan since. One of the things I love about your blog is the calm. Sometimes blogs are full of activity. And I do read them and love them and often do their tuts.

    But then there are times in my busy life that I need calm. I am a 66-year-old lady who does substitute teaching because we need my salary. It’s not something I love. However, I have a loely collection of dolls and I dress them in different outfits. I also sew for them.

    But I also have two dollhouses at 1:12 scale and smaller buildings at 1:48 scale. I made most of my miniature things.

    These are my passions. My hubby supports my passions and he’s an enabler! The family thinks I am a strange person with nutty ideas. It’s often difficult.

    So I need your blog. I love that you aren’t a young yuppie with rah-rah ideas (altho’ I like those sometimes) but are someone who has been through life and is still dealing with it.

    Thank you. Just for being you.

  345. Kelly Watts says:

    I don’t really follow blogs and not really sure how I found yours but I’m glad I did! I am getting ready to make my tea, sit on the patio and enjoy the post from a few days back where I can see the fall posts from your team! And I love that I get your blog notice in my email:)

  346. Thank you, Ann. I do love your comfortable, easy style. Home-making is not my gift. I am working to be more confident in my style choices. You inspire me to not give up. Blessings????

  347. I only follow three blogs and yours is one! Thank you for all the inspiring ideas and letting us into your heart. Treasure the time you have with your parents. I lost my mom one year ago and I would give anything for one more day with her. I had to turn 40 this year without her. Hold on to those moments.

  348. Nan, Odessa, DE says:

    I look forward to your post in my email and I am very disappointed the days you don’t post.
    I agree with your believe about GOD’s plan. He has one for each of us. We just don’t always give our lives to him. Good luck with your new contract. I will be waiting for the next post!

    PS Tell me if you are cutting all the hydrangeas will you dry them? What successful experience have you had and please share.

  349. Beth Beard says:

    Ann, I adore your style and have learned so may decorating tips from you. I think your home and garden are lovely. Thank you for sharing it!

  350. Joy Gilmore says:

    I always enjoy your blog because it is so homey to me. You seem as if you are someone with whom it would be easy to talk over a nice cup of tea or coffee, perhaps the neighbor just down the way. Of course, I must admit, that I live in Ohio as well. So we are somewhat “close”.
    Thank you for being so open with your life. I am a Christian and love to have others be open about their reliance and faith. You have much on your plate while taking care of both of your parents. I will be in prayer for you regarding this. In the meanwhile, you do a wonderful job entertaining all of us with your writing. Thank you for finding you niche and sharing it with us.

  351. Carol Settle says:

    Thank you for your posting today. I CHOOSE to not wander from my comfort zone as well. There are some physical challenges for me (5 hip replacements) and my husband is legally blind. Our home is our sanctuary, and we absolutely love being in our home. My wish for people would grant them all the ability to make their home a place that they never want to leave…….because you never know when that might become a reality. Your parents are fortunate to have you. I look forward to your postings.

  352. Miz Marsha says:

    Ann. I love your blog. One of my favorite ones to read. I enjoy each and every one of your posts and look forward to finding a new one in my mail box. It sounds as though you are having a great time writing them. Please keep them coming, I am so inspired by your clever decorating ideas. I hope that I can successfully mirror some of them in my own home. Prayers to you and your family.

  353. Deborah Fischer says:

    I have been reading your blog, and taking advantage of your crafts and recipes, for about two years now. I can honestly say it is one of my favorites. In regards to your being to care for your parents, I cared for my mom for 20 years in my home and will always be grateful that I was able to. Of course, there are some,”I wish I had,” and “I wish I hadn’t” moments. But overall my feeling is thanfulness. I hope your experience, and theirs, is full to the brim with blessings!

  354. Hi Ann!
    You know I can identify with you on many levels. A career change later in life, and caregiving. God has truly blessed us, even when we didn’t realize it. I really enjoy your blog and have used many of your ideas. As a matter of fact, yours is the only blog I follow!

    Have a great day, and may God bless you!

  355. Thanks for all your blogging. I really enjoy reading everything you write & have enjoyed your recipes very much.

  356. Yours is the first blog I followed. Thank you. May God bless you.

  357. Ann, you are the neighbor I wish lived next door, so creative in decorating, wow! how my home would change seasonally. You are the baker, yes, I would be the beneficiary of samples of delicious treats. And you sew beautifully, maybe a lesson or so to make my first pillow cover with you as my instructor. I can only wish! You are my friend up there in Findley who I meet every time I open On Sutton Place. Thank you for being there for me.

  358. Tania Alegria says:

    Thank you, Ann. I am grateful for your presence in the virtual world.
    From Lisbon, my best regards.

  359. Good job, as always! I not only enjoy your blog, but your picture. It reminds me so much of a dear friend of mine and the happiness on your face shines through your eyes. You look so completely happy, not posed. Love it every time I see it. Thanks again for the inspiration! Hope you have a blessed day.

  360. martha bryan says:

    Your blogs are always the best, sometimes I just wish I could be adopted and sit in one of your comfortable chairs, look around at all the pretties and smell the cooking, then I’m back at my home and look at some unfinished project and feel rejuvenated. We all love you and your blog and thank you.
    Martha Bryan

  361. Stephanie Brame says:

    Hi Ann
    I have only just started following your blog a few months ago and always enjoy reading about your life. I am an American living permanently in England (40yrs now) but still have to get my fix of life across the pond! Your blog helps me in so many ways and everything you do is immaculate but doable! I have tried many of your craft ideas and am pleased to say they have all been a success!
    I too had parents who needed me and I gave up a job of 22 yrs. to look after them, it was the best decision I ever made and I have no regrets.
    Keep doing what you do best and I look forward to to following you for years to come. Regards Stephanie

  362. I thoroughly enjoy reading your blog. It is wonderful that you are able to help your parents. You are an inspiration!!

  363. Edie Alberto says:

    Ann I can’t tell you how much I have enjoyed your blog! You always seem to have the perfect amount of craft, recipe, advice and inspiration. Thank YOU for sharing you life and home with us!!

  364. we are all so busy with our lives and I find myself not reading some of my favorite blogs as much but I recently re-found you through Pinterest and I have to tell you how much I enjoy your posts and photos- the way you capture the simple things, like these hydrangeas, is always dreamy and makes my heart putter patter. I recently subscribed to your blog so I will never “misplace” you again! Thanks for the lovely eye candy- Claire

  365. Love your blog. It is one of my favorites. So glad I found you.

  366. Nancy Porter says:

    Anne, thank you so much for your heart touching blog today. We share so many traits and view myself through your comments which is interesting and helpful. I do not venture deeply into the internet world so without you I would not have met the other home decor bloggers. I rarely turn to Ebay but will try it more now with your encouragement. Like you I also am responsible for a very elderly parent and that is always in my thoughts and definitely affects where I can go and what my husband and I can do at this time. Thank you again for beautiful posts and lovely words.

  367. Good morning, Ann-

    I only found your blog a short while ago, but I felt right at home immediately. Your blog is so warm and inviting I know that has to be a reflection of you!! I too, care for an elderly parent, my mom will be 90 years old this October. I feel blessed every day that I still have her with me.
    Thank you for giving us the opportunity to receive a gift certificate from you !!
    Happy Sunday!

  368. Karen Jean says:

    As a reader who has lost both my and my husband’s set of parents, I want to let you know that taking care of your parents might seem hard to do now, but once they are gone, you will be so happy you did. My husband and I helped take care of both sets of mothers (both fathers had passed over twenty years ago.) While doing so, some days seemed so hard to get through, especially with my mother-in-law who suffered from dementia. We would think she doesn’t even know who we are, But once she was gone, knowing we did everything we could, helped bring peace to us. And having that peace helped bring me to the feeling of contentment that you described. It feels so wonderful to not have that feeling of guilt over not wanting to do something that a few years ago I would have done because I would have felt too guilty to not do.

    God has a plan for you…just listen!

    Thank you for continuing your blog and for all your wonderful recipes!

  369. Kathleen Brooks says:

    I never, I mean NEVER, comment on blogs. I just read them, take what information is relevant to me and move on. Then I read your post today and I realize how very selfish that is. It never occurred to me that you (or any other blogger) would care what I thought. But now it finally occurs to me that maybe you do read the comments. and just like anyone else, a compliment or pleasant comment can turn a day around or make a good day spectacular. So, I have enjoyed all your posts and am truly envious of your style and decor. I am diy, crafty aficionado and your blog has inspired me so Thank You!! I hope all continues on a path you can handle with your parents. I have been down that road as well although my journey has ended. I can tell you that there is absolutely light at the end of that tunnel.

    1. Ann Drake says:

      Kathy…thank you so much for taking the time to tell me this. I honestly don’t know what I would do without each one of you. I really never thought about caring for my parents as a journey but you are absolutely correct. It is a journey that I am grateful to be on…and thank you for the encouragement about there being light at the end. I am not ready to finish my journey yet but I do know the day will come when it ends. Enjoy your Sunday. :)

  370. And caring for your parents, you rock doing that!!

  371. Elaine Brown says:

    Hydrangeas always make me smile. They are my absolute favorites. And your blog makes me smile. Yes, God does have a plan for each of us. Thanks for sharing from your heart!

  372. Thank you for sharing from your heart, Ann. I so enjoy your blog for its simple beauty. I am craving all things lovely & all things simple at this juncture in my life.

  373. Ann,
    I so enjoy your blog! The crafts, tips and your shop are wonderful! Thanks for all of it!

  374. Best of luck with the e-bay endeavor!

    I made your burlap table runner …. thank you for the detailed instructions.

    Also, my website isn’t up and running yet, but hopefully in the future I can blog just like you!

    Linda ;o)

  375. April Lopez says:

    i applaud you for making it possible to care for your parents. It’s tough. It’s emotional. It’s stressful. But it’s also very rewarding. I was my dads caregiver for 4 yrs. he hadn’t open heart surgery and a stage 4 colon cancer diagnosis at the same time. I lost him in October and I miss him very much. It was the right thing to do and I learned a lot and I grew. Congratulations on your blog successes. Oh!, and I love your jars!

  376. I love yor blog! Thank you for sharing such sweet thoughts! Keep up the wonderful job you do your blog!

  377. Mary Choi says:

    Good morning Ann! Thank you for sharing your beautiful home and ideas with us! Your blog is the only one I read. I love when I get my emails! Keep them coming.

  378. Kristine Dixon says:

    I am so thankful for you and your blog. I enjoy the home decorating tips and recipes and beautiful downloadable prints, but I especially love anything to do with the front porch! I have used many of your ideas on my own porch. So I would like to say “thank you” to you for all your time and effort you put into your blog.

  379. Brenda Bartocci says:

    This quiet Sunday morning as I read your gratitude, I am filled with gratitude as well. Thank you for inspiring a beautiful day. God bless.

  380. Sandy White says:

    Good morning Ann,
    I have been receiving your posts for a few months and I’m thoroughly enjoying them. We have similar ideas of decorating our homes, using the acquired furniture, loving it and the family members who are no longer with us, and then complimenting it with new items for an updated style. I am very impressed with your instructions/tutorials with photos on making items for our homes. You have a knack for simplifying the project. I also moved my Mom into our home a few years before her passing so I emphasize with your caring for your parents. I pray for you and for God to continue to give you the strength you need. Keep the blogs coming and take care:)

  381. Mary Lou L. says:

    Hoping you have a good week ahead filled with smiles between you and your parents.

  382. Ann I look forward to your updates and thoroughly enjoy onsuttonplace. I haven’t taken the time to thank you for sharing your beautiful floral varieties of blue mason jar watercolor art that brighten & beautify my home. Many thanks for sharing so much with us, please keep it up.

  383. Glenna Jo Kester says:

    It is a cool (well, not that cool) morning here in North Florida and I live for that first morning, when I walk outside to get the paper and know Fall is here. There is that cool bite in the air. Fall is my favorite time of year. I don’t read any blog but yours Ann. I simply don’t have time. I love the free printables too. Your taste seems to coincide with mine. I enjoy it and it makes me want to get “crafty”.

  384. I love seeing an email telling me you have a new post ! Your blog is one of the few I read and enjoy , the layout is easy to navigate and the contents are always classic, delicious and fresh ! Love your style and your kindness with giving away your gorgeous printables !

  385. Connie Lahna says:

    Thank you – You DO inspire me and I feel that we parallel on so many levels i.e. where we are in life, love of our God, family and on & on. I am not very computer savvy, so am just a beginner at the blog stuff. I’m hesitant to click on items and I know I must get over that. LOL I love crafting, sewing, golf and because I have gone back to work part time after retiring from a long career, I find there is not a lot of time to get things done or take time for myself. I will turn 67 next week and have a beautiful family (husband – three children and three grandchildren). I lost my mother 4 years ago and my father just this year. I miss them so much, especially my mother – mothers are just SO SPECIAL, aren’t they? Please continue to love and take care of your parents.

  386. Greta Sisson says:

    Love your blog, you always make me feel better when I read it. God Bless You.

  387. I look so forward to reading your blog every Sunday morning with my cup of hot tea. It is so refreshing, inspiring and I love your style. I think what draws me the most to your blog is how very REAL you are. No pretenses or over-achieving craft projects. You are just like a sweet lady next door. Always a pleasure to stop by here. ????

  388. Jeanette Duke says:

    Ann, you’re blog is always a bright spot when I check in! I have found myself on social media a bit too much so I may not comment as much as I did but you still rate right up there at the top in my book. Wishing you the best with your parents.

  389. It is I who thank you, having retired from teaching and a long list of volunteerism to help take care of my mother, you have been a life line and inspiration. Your photos, ideas and comments bring joy to this new phase of our lives. You live a life of Grace and brighten our days.

  390. Your posts are an inspiration. When I read them, I feel as though we have been friends for years. And….your home is absolutely lovely.

  391. Denise :) says:

    I’m glad to hear that your parents are ‘holding steady’. It’s nice to be able to do what you love and be where you need to be all at the same time . . . blessing! You are a blessing to your readership, too — thank you for all you share with us! Happy Fall!! :)

  392. Janet Molli says:

    always enjoy your posts. They are down to earth, real, and ideas are doable. thanks.

  393. Oh, Ann, we are the ones who should THANK YOU for your wonderful blog…just a breath of sunshine everytime I click on it….from the pictures to the easy and affordable DIY items..and your recipes. I appreciate each one and I look forward to seeing what you share on EBay….thank you for blessing each reader with your blog!

  394. I love that your blogs are not “over blown”. Some blogs I have left because they seem to continue to harp on having stuff everywhere in their homes. I like some space ( room to dust…some). If you have a hint on how to keep hydrangeas from wilting, I’d love it. I have smashed the ends, used hot water as well as alum but they do not last. I just dry them.

    1. Ann Drake says:

      Hi Rosalie! When I cut the blooms from the bush, I immediately put them in water. I have an old plastic pitcher that I take outside with me. When I come in, I snip the ends before I put them in whatever vase I’m using. Every few days, I snip the ends again and change the water. These endless summer hydrangeas last for a long time. The limelights I brought in did not last as long and they started shedding after a few days. Hope this helps!

  395. Love your blog and classic, tasteful style!! Congratulations and keep up the good work. God Bless you????

  396. Cherish all the time you now have with your parents since time is so fleeting. Every time one door closes another opens.

  397. I always enjoy your blog Ann – thank you! God bless you as you care for your parents……


  398. Pam Griner says:

    What a sweet thank you. Your blog is a bright light in my day. We all thank you for the ideas and inspiration.

  399. Ann, your blog is always a highlight in my day. They are well-written, down-to-earth and encourage me to try something new. Keep up the good work.

  400. I will plant Limelight’s because of you- love your blog!

    1. Ann Drake says:

      Yay Kristin! Good luck. :)

  401. Love your blog Ann. Always great recipes and beautiful pictures.

  402. Oh Ann, you always speak to my heart! It is a happy moment for me each time I open my email and see a post coming from you. I have used many of your ideas to help create a warm and beautiful tone in my home. Thank you for sharing so much of yourself with us!!

  403. Barbara Sebring says:

    Love your simplicity with your arrangements as you see their individual beauty !! Blessings to you and yours ! ????

  404. THANK YOU! I enjoy your blog very much, blessings to you and your family…

  405. Dear Ann, I only found your blog a few months ago and have enjoyed your posts every morning with my coffee! I usually just read them, sometimes flag them to read again or to save a DIY, but after reading your thoughts this morning I just wanted to let you know how much I really do enjoy your blog. It is my favorite of all the ones I have found.

  406. Beautifully written~
    I love opening up OnSuttonPlace to see what new decoration I might need to do or what yummy recipe I must try!

  407. Congratulations! I enjoy your blog, and it is one of only three that I chose to stay subscribed to when school began again this fall. An administrator can only read so many “extras,” but yours is one I wanted to keep because it is restful in nature and makes me happy. Thanks for being a soothing voice in my world that is often filled with voices that need to be soothed.

    1. Ann Drake says:

      As a former school secretary I know exactly how you feel…on a smaller scale of course. Good luck with your school year and thank you for taking the time to comment!

  408. So blessed by your post today. It was like reading my own life happenings. From aging parent responsibilities to being content where God has me at this time of my life. Thank you for your posting I really have enjoyed reading them. Love your ideas! Blessings to you!

  409. Lovely sentiments, your blog always offers a way to make my home and the seasons richer

  410. Ann, Thank you. I enjoy everything about your blog!

  411. Ann, I always look forward to your posts. You have inspired me in many ways. I always find something in your blog to create, bake, decorate or even garden. You have taught me that I can do anything I set my mind to. You have worked very hard on your blog., and I thank you for that. You are a true friend!

  412. I always enjoy your blog. Thank you for sharing,

  413. Sherry Myers says:

    Ann, thank you for speaking from your heart. I have loved your blog from the first time I happened upon it. I share many of your styles. You have inspired me more times than you know. We share many of life’s experiences. I’d love to say more, but I know I should keep this short. Keep up your wonderful work, hang in there, thank you for bringing sunshine to my life, and joy to my heart. May God richly bless you in all your endeavors and responsibilities.
    Heartfelt thanks,

  414. I always enjoy your decorating ideas & crafts! You have new inspirations every season! Thank you for sharing your life with all of us!

  415. Good luck with your new venture.
    I have never been disappointed with an EBay purchase!

  416. Thank you Ann for your honesty. You write so beautifully – I feel like we are great friends. Good luck with your new adventure!!

  417. ani barber says:

    I have been enjoying your blog for a few months now. I made your mint refrigerator cake for my family and it was great- so refreshing. I’m looking forward to making the zucchini cake!

  418. debbiedoos says:

    Ann I have told you this before but I am going to repeat myself, because you know that is what I do regularly anyhow lol. Your friendship has been a blessing and a gift to me here. There are days I say it to myself often. I think you are a beautiful lady inside and out. I agree with you on the younger blogger thing and missed opps, but that was not in our plan and I too have come to accept that. Anyhow, before I ramble, I tell my husband often Ann is my bestest blogging friend ever. You are always there for me, support me, help guide me and I really truly look up to you. The best day ever was when I met you at my newbie party. OMG talk about a throw back lol. Anyhow, you have come a long way and I love everything you do and share with us. xo

    1. Ann Drake says:

      I love you Debbie…and I have no idea what I would do without you. You are one of the biggest blessings in my life. :)

  419. Ann…
    I love and enjoy your posts! Your traditional, yet fresh style inspires me to try new ideas in our home. I appreciate and love the printables you share with us. Reading each post is like sitting down to visit with a dear friend!

  420. Dear Ann,
    I am always happy when I see an email from you. I am new to your blog, about 3 months now, but I have tried some recipes and decided to attempt some sewing projects. You have a knack of simplifying things and making them seem very doable!! Being creative always brings joy to me and in turn my family. I look forward to getting back into a creative mode and trying new things. Thank you for the inspiration.

  421. In my opinion your blog is”real” I think you honestly write yours with feeling and you honestly do it yourself.
    Many of the other blogs decorate with products given to them (bed coverings, ice cream makers rugs pictures etc). Anyone can decorate with products given to them. And they are free given by a company. (These blogs drive me crazy)
    When you post a blog and you say that it tastes good…..I believe it.
    Your flowers……I know they are from your garden
    I could go on and on. Just keep doing what your doing. I look forward to your posts.

  422. I just recently found you. Thank you, love the pictures and inspiration!

  423. I love your beautiful style of decorating, mixing old and new, adding detail without clutter. Frankly I also love that you are not under 35 and living in a coastal state, this makes you a rarity in the blogosphere. Congratulations on the eBay partnership, you deserve it!

  424. Teresa CULBERT says:

    Good morning and thanks to you too…. We are mutual lovers of hydrangeas…

  425. I have served your Pumpkin Parfait dessert in jars after a football game last year. In October, I will serve it again for my book club.
    I am not a craft person but do enjoy looking at the way you decorate your home and checking out your recipes. I will now check out the ebay link.
    Enjoy your blog.

  426. Sue Farmer says:

    I have been following your blog for about a year now. Truly enjoy it!! We empty nesters are in a different time in our lives and your blog reflects that time. Thanks so much for all you do. xoxo

  427. Thank you so much for the heart felt blog today. I enjoy your blog and appreciate your talent and style.

  428. JoAnn McGee says:


    I have followed you for two years. Your blog is such a great resource of seasonal inspiration for all things home — decor, recipes, garden.

  429. Thanks for writing! So glad I discovered your blog!

  430. your emails are the FIRST ones I want to look at every day…your classic style is MINE!

  431. Pam Carroll says:

    Hello Ann,
    I enjoyed your sweet message this morning. I have also enjoyed reading and learning more about Hydrangeas this season. They are my favorite flower, freshly cut or dried. Blessings to you.

  432. Hi Anne – I just started my day with you and your blog. It’s packed with interesting stuff so I’ll be back this afternoon – sort of like dropping in for a 2nd cup of coffee. I don’t believe I mentioned this, but I made a wreath with your tutorial and everyone who visits says – Where did you get that? Ha – I must have done a good job. Thanks for everything! Jan

  433. I LOVE where I live! Thank you. Garner, NC

    1. Ann Drake says:

      I am so glad Cathy and thank you for telling me! It made my day. :)

  434. I enjoy your blog and receive: ideas, Inspiration, and encouragement that I can do it too. Thank you for your investment of time and talent. I know first hand that it can be rough and time consuming taking care of elderly parents. You are a blessing to them. I pray God’s rest and peace be with them and you.

  435. Judy Chastain says:

    I started subscribing to blogs just a few months ago. I’ve unsubscribed from some of them, too! But yours, Ann, is a favorite. I’m 71, so I appreciate a point of view that centers around a beautiful home, person, garden and sewing. When I started reading this post, I was afraid that you might be telling us good-bye. Thank goodness that’s not so! Now, I’m excited to read your posts for eBay.

    It’s kind of funny, but I’ve wondered if I’d stumbled on blogging years ago if I might have wanted to start a blog, too.

  436. sandi Weiler says:


    As I have told you before, when I see an email from Sutton Place I feel like a friend is knocking on my door for a visit. MANY TIMES THAT KNOCK COMES WHEN I AM at work and so busy. That is when I stop and know I need refreshed. After I have had my visit with my friend for a few minutes and get back to work and I do feel refreshed. So many of the ideas you share with us are things that are my taste as well. So… now that fall is coming and winter, which is my least fav months,,, and I know that with visits, ideas on decorating and recipes… I can make it to spring… so Thank you for having this post and I will prayerfully ask God to continue to bless and guide you in all your endeavors.

    see you soon
    SandiI am the one that works at the funeral home, that has shared with you before

    1. Ann Drake says:

      Thank you Sandi for everything. I appreciate that you take the time to say hi when you probably don’t have the time to do it. Hope you enjoy your Sunday!

  437. I found your blog a few months ago and look forward to each one. I also enjoy your archives. You are a woman after my own heart and enjoy your decorating style and your strait forward approach!! Thanks for being here.

  438. THANK YOU, Ann, for ALL the creative inspirations you share with us all!

  439. Mary Alice Teller says:

    Anne, You are IT as far as I am concerned. Every once in a while I check out another blog that you have recommended, but really,yours is the one that makes me happy.
    Mary Alice

  440. Your blog is one of the few I subscribe to. Like you, I’ve found my comfort zone in my home, community, volunteer areas. Although I try to expand the boundaries, learn new skills, meet additional people, I relish the time in my zone. Your lovely, helpful blog gives me ideas which are achievable and easily incorporated into real life. I find a great deal of warmth from the voice/tone you use. Your blog has a good mix of cooking, decor, crafts. Hug to you and your family.

  441. Ann, I always read your posts. You always inspire me with your talents of sewing, decorating, and gardening. I have used many of them in my home. I love ebay because sometimes I can find what I want there when I cannot find it elsewhere..

    I had to chuckle when I saw your comment about sometimes you “feel like crap”. Believe me, we all have been there!

    My best to you and your family.

    . .

  442. Raylene DeSanto says:


    You are an inspiration! I love your stories and all your creations. I found your blog about a year ago and can’t tell you how much I relate and how many DIY’s I’ve tried.

    Thanks so much for all you do. May you have much success and happiness!!

  443. Karen Robbins says:

    What a lovely blog today. It is truly “from your heart”. I recently discovered blogs and am enjoying them. Yours is one of my favorites. I look forward to each one and read it right away. You always have great ideas.

  444. love this blog and all its ideas. You do an amazing job with all a your stuff, wish I was 1/2 as creative!

  445. I love your blog because it showcases lovely, simple understated elegance that is achievable. Keep up the good work, there are few blogs written to actually read…while I like a good project, you always take the time to actually write/tell a story. My thanks are extended to you, for all you do.

  446. I always enjoy your blog and sense of style! Your clay tags are at the top of my list if I were to win the $25 credit. I have been eyeing them for months now. ????

  447. Love your blog. Am relieved, while reading it, I thought you might be giving it up.
    It’s wonderful that you are living in your comfort zone. Your blog helps me stay in mine. I love that you are a genuine person.

  448. Just recently found your blog and I really enjoy all that you have on it!

    1. You just make my heart mind and soul smile every time I read your blog so beautiful and eligant in every way as are you I forget how I found you but I am so happy that I did hugs xox ????

  449. Lori from LL Farm says:

    I would LOVE to win one of the credits to spend in your shop.

  450. THANK YOU!!! I love your blog and find your style of writing so personable – feels like we’re having a face to face conversation! You are so knowledgeable yet keep it simple. You make me feel like I can do anything that you do. I wish you were my neighbor :)

  451. Your blog is such a bright spot for me. I read a lot of home decor blogs that I love, but none of them have been just my style…until I found you. I love how simple and traditional are so up-to-date in your hands, and you’ve really inspired me to keep working on my own house, even if it’s just a little at a time. Thank you so much for being here!

  452. Cindy Brown says:

    Good morning,
    I just celebrated my 60th birthday a few days ago. After reaching this age and reflecting on it, I think the most wonderful feeling is contentment. I don’t feel that I have to compete or prove myself–I have definitely been there and no longer wish to be!! So I am happy for you that you have accepted who you are and are content with it.

    As for parents, I completely understand. I, too, have failing parents, and although it is not always pleasant, I try to do as much for them that I can and don’t regret a minute of it.

    God bless and keep your wonderful blog going!! And congrats with you renewal with EBay!

    Cindy Brown

  453. Your blog is my favorite! I always look forward to seeing what comes next!

  454. Suzanne Hayes says:

    Ann…I love your blog, your posts of decorating no recipes. I too care for my mom who lives with me but am still working full time. I’ve often thought about blogging myself but alas, no time to figure it all out. I think mine would be about adventures in sewing, though….if I can dream for a minute. Your style is mine to a “T”!! Keep up the great work. Blessings and prayers to you and your family from rainy Florida this morning. (Go away Erika! I’m tired of rain and mud, now!). Suzanne, Jacksonville, FL

    1. Suzanne Hayes says:

      Decorating AND recipes!!! Doggone autocorrect!!

  455. Thank you for the thank you. It was so nice to read such a heartfelt message this morning

  456. Heather B. says:

    Ann – I look forward to your posts as I would if you were calling or sending me a message. Your have a wonderful voice in writing and a creative flair that I connect to. Your days are full with just life and I’m amazed that you continually produce quality posts! Hugs!

  457. Thanks for sharing all that you do. I enjoy reading and following!

  458. i have always loved your blog. Always beautiful and doable and nothing gimmicky so I know it will last. I also love your clay tags and just got an order from you this week. ❤️

  459. Anne Marie says:

    Not only do we share the same name but we share the same interests. I love your blog – you are my inspiration with your talents and wonderful decoration ideas. Your blog certainly brightens my day – thanks so much for being you!

  460. mirta murdock says:

    dear Ann I have really enjoyed reading your blog. I look forward to getting great tips from you,and like you I am very grateful for what I have been given .may you continue to inspire.

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