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How to Make a Christmas Wreath with Fresh Greenery

In this post: How to make a Christmas wreath with fresh greenery. Includes tips for cutting and placing the greenery along with ideas for adding personality!

christmas wreath made with fresh greens pin with text

It’s no secret that one of my favorite things to do is create beautiful wreaths for our front door. I always try to keep things simple and quick, and you’ll be happy to hear that this wreath is both. You can recreate it in no time, and if you are lucky enough to have fresh greens in your yard, it could be almost free as well! 

grapevine wreath fresh christmas greens

When it comes to wreath making, a variety of greens adds incredible texture and interest. If you don’t have a nice selection in your yard, simply use what you have. I used false cypress and boxwood because they were the only suitable bushes in my yard. Some other ideas are arborvitae, cedar, cypress, pine, etc. Use your flattest green as the background and the other greens as accents. I tried to cut my greenery stems about ten inches long. If you want a more controlled look, cut the stems shorter. 

Christmas Wreath Supplies

  • 18 inch grapevine wreath
  • At least two kinds of fresh greenery
  • garden shears or scissors
  • embellishments
  • wired ribbon (if desired)

christmas wreath made with fresh greens

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How to Make a Christmas Wreath with Fresh Greenery

  • Determine the top of your wreath and attach a wire hanger on the back.
  • Starting at the top, insert the stems of the background greenery straight into the grapevine. Continue down the right side, overlapping the greenery as you go (to hide the stems.) Stop at the bottom.
  • Go back up to the top and insert the stems of the background greenery into the left side of the wreath, ending at the bottom.
  • At this point, stand back from the wreath and fill in any empty spots.
  • Use this same method to insert the accent greenery. 
  • Add any embellishments last. (berries, pine cone stems, etc.)
  • To attach the red truck, I used one thick piece of green wire.

fresh greenery christmas wreath flocked pine cones

The idea behind a wreath like this is to relax and forget perfection. It’s almost impossible to get the left side to match the right side, so don’t even try! Just add all your elements as evenly as you can and embrace the natural look. 

red toy truck on christmas wreath

Christmas Wreath Sources

red herringbone ribbon | red truck
18 inch grapevine wreath | flocked pine cone stem (similar) 

It’s cold enough here in Ohio that this wreath will last until Christmas. I’m working on the rest of our front porch and will get those ideas out to you just as soon as I can. Until then…

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