Simple Front Porch Designs: Ideas Anyone Can Do

Simple Front Porch Designs: Ideas Anyone Can Do. Easy ways to make your porch welcoming and warm. Includes porch decor, lighting, plants, and more. perk up your porch pin 6

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I hope this gets you thinking about warm weather, and in the mood to perk up your outdoor areas. With each new season, planning your designs is not only fun, but with these tips, it’s easy as well.  Thank you for stopping by and spending a bit of your time with me!

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  1. Kate Buttion says:

    Love to receive wreath making booklet.

  2. I don’t see a submit button to subscribe?

    1. Thank you so much for letting me know! The form got jumbled somehow…but it’s fixed now. Thank you for joining us!

  3. Beverly Branch says:

    Thank you for the lovely printables. I am inspired to get going on more projects.☀️

  4. Hmmm, I can’t get the “Reply” to work. Thanks for responding and the info on the porch paint. My front porch is open to the elements and in the summer gets full sun blasted first from the southwest and then the west. In the winter, ice and snow, and because the mail carrier comes up on the porch to put mail in the mail box, I sometimes need to salt even though I shovel. So paint probably wouldn’t give me the wear I’d like. I would love to put down composite decking and add a layer of pavers to raise up the sunken down sidewalk, or possibly cover the entire porch and steps in some kind of stone-look veneer that would coordinate with the 1950s style stone/brick on the water table across the front of my house. Guess I’ll stick with what I’ve got until I have at least a couple thousand saved up to have that kind of work done. Just by copying many of the things I’ve seen other people do on their front porches online at sites like yours (found through Pinterest) has enabled me to dress mine up and I get complements on it, so obviously all of you fab decorators are doing something right!

  5. Your front porch is lovely! You have more of a porch than I do. Mine is a 4 x 6 slab of concrete with two concrete steps that are pulling away from the body of the porch. Over the five years since I bought this small ranch home, I’ve poured over front porch ideas to “dress” mine up a bit. I especially like your welcome mat over plaid rug look and after seeing the idea elsewhere, I ordered a plaid rug to go under my existing welcome mat, expect it to be delivered today. I also use planters on either side of the front door. I intend to paint my front door, too. I have all of the supplies, I’ve just lacked the motivation to get up and do it! I haven’t thought about painting the boring and old concrete that I can’t afford to replace . That’s an idea I need to consider. My only concern in that in the harsh conditions my front porch endures in the SE Wisconsin climate, the paint might not hold up very well and then I’d have to be repainting every few years to keep it looking nice. How has your paint held up?

    1. Hi Jan…the paint on my daughter’s front porch held up for a few years. There was no protection from sun or rain, so it eventually started to peel. It was a good fix when her budget didn’t stretch for a new porch. Eventually, she covered the cement porch with composite decking. The paint on my back porch holds up beautifully. I have it repainted about every 5 or 6 years. It is covered though and gets very little sun. I hope this helps!

  6. Charlotte says:

    I need some ideas on decor for my front porch which faces the west in summer in North Florida.
    Everything I use fades in a month. I have used white flowers in my wreath with little color because of that, I use a cushion on my bench with a cover and the same problem! I have large containers which flank each side of the door with live plants now, and that is a solution now for those containers.. Any ideas for decor? The porch is small enough I can use a bench, the planters and a plant in the corner on the opposite side.

    1. Hi Charlotte! The only idea I have for accessories that won’t fade is to use an outdoor sun-proof fabric on your bench cushion. Sunbrella is a good brand. I have a patio table umbrella made from Sunbrella fabric and it’s still looking good after 2 years. You can find cushions and fabric online by just doing a Google search. Your porch sounds lovely…enjoy!

  7. I collect decorative flags and hang them on the walls of my front porch. I’m putting up the spring flag today, since it is the first official day of spring. I have new pillows for the chair as well as fresh paint to redo the front door and shutters. Just needs to be warmer, and after the green pollen stage.

    I need to look into the paint to spruce up the floor, but I’ll also paint a decorative strip on the edge of the steps. My mom needed the visual aid since my steps were usually shaded during most of the day and I’ve gotten used to that cue. I have a large, washable rug as the bottom layer and I have started collecting smaller seasonal ones for the top. For some non-specific rugs, I move the used one to the back door and then to the trash bin when they get too tired.

    I love the variety of wreaths for my door, but I need to be careful since my porch is set in and birds seem to like using my wreath as a nesting area. A washable faux magnolia leaves wreath is currently on the door with the tulip wreath is on the inside of the door until the birds are nesting elsewhere. Otherwise, I have to post a warning for visitors about bird attacks and I have to rattle my door to get them out of the nest. Or, we both get surprised and I get to chase them around my house – it’s happened twice! The poor bird was just as exhausted as I was due to the chase. The trick is to quickly close all interior doors, get them into the smallest area possible, open windows while removing the screens, turn off interior lights and have lights on outdoors. Be patient and have lots of wine available since you may be there for a while!

    Happy Spring!

  8. My beginnings were in country living. The front porch was probably the most important part of the home. Many a child, while passing by, enjoyed cookies on the front porch. The news of their day at school or what was happening in the community was a pleasure for me also. The front porch is a ….show case… of welcome. If you have a front porch use and enjoy it.

  9. kimberly jean adams says:

    I love the front door ideas. I do massage from my home and I think it sets the tone of whats to come on the inside. Tranquility begins at the door, Inviting them in and I also know that if someone has taken the time to decorate this ares, its a good chance the inside is just as nice. I am certainly going to collect door mats, instead of using til its worn, Ill store it and switch it up. The layering of the door mats is a new concept to me, and Im excited to try it. Thanks for all the good ideas. Keep dreaming of that big porch and one day………

  10. Hello Ann, discovered you via Pinterest and have found myself sucked in! Thank you for being real and for providing beautiful inspiration for anyone on a budget. I am in desperate need for some curb appeal so your tip on contrasting door color and a colorful doormat has sparked some much needed ideas. I love your honesty and your solutions to workin’ with whatcha got.

  11. Love, love, love. What are the dimensions of your porch please?

    1. The porch is about 25 feet long and about 5 feet wide. So it’s narrow but there’s room for chairs on the one end. Hope this helps!

  12. Here in North Texas I am waiting a little longer before I do the spring cleaning (hosing floors and furniture) for our front and back porches. Everything is sooooo dusty, to be compounded by pollen soon. I am getting itchy to do these chores as I have new cushions for chairs and a new patio rug to style to areas. Thanks for the post about porches; you’re the best!

  13. Collecting doormats?! Of course! Holidays, seasons, or just because! And here I thought it was just me. ; )

  14. JoAnn Tobias says:

    Can’t wait for the snow to melt and the outdoor fun to begin!

  15. Such cute ideas, thanks for sharing about your collection of door mast
    Because of that it somehow makes ok now to get on other door mat for my
    Front door, :)

  16. Loleta keitt says:

    Love each style you presented.

  17. MARY-ANN (FROM CANADA!) says:

    Ann, thanks for the great ideas! Even though we have snowdrifts and a frozen lake out in front, I have put my Spring wreaths on our doors! Our two white rockers on our porch are just waiting for their cushions! It will be nice to have warmer weather! We are so looking forward to it!


  18. An inspiring nudge to get myself in gear and do something to my postage-stamp front porch! There’s snow on the ground still, but only a little. And we could get more, but at least I can get the wreath on the door and an attractive door mat!

    Thanks for lighting a fire under me! I love your blog!

  19. We have just moved to an acre property with a 35 year old house that has never been updated. I came across your blog and simply love it. We have a narrow wrap around veranda and it never occurred to me to do something with the front porch, but why wouldn’t you, it’s the start of the warm welcome! We live in Melbourne Australia so our seasons are opposite but we don’t get snow and we have some sunny days so u think I can still do something. Thank you for the good practical ideas that won’t cost a fortune too. Have a great day. Sarah x

  20. Thanks for the inspiration to get up, get out and clean up that dirty front porch. Just put away my snowman a week ago, after our last snow (hopefully the last). Now the temps are supposed to start a warm up.I Later this afternoon I plan to trim up the rose bush that’s in front of the porch. Then weather permitting tomorrow will be ‘clean up’ day. I love your idea of changing out the doormat. A new fresh look for each season. Very nice!!

  21. Carole Thomas says:

    Hello Ann,
    I always enjoy your posts. Thanks again for inspiration to “bring in” spring. I am so ready!

  22. I like your simple but useful ideas!

  23. Thank you for the great inspiration. I also have a small porch and sometimes find it challenging to decorate it the way I would like. As you said, clean is a very important step. I collect doormats too, I think it is a fun and inexpensive way to add a nice touch or some color to an otherwise drab space.
    Happy spring, I enjoy your blog very much!

  24. Nancy Murphy says:

    Fresh and welcoming. It always amazes me what a good cleaning does to perk things up after a long winter.

    Do you have a problem with your pillows fading? Even though my porch has a roof it gets some sun.

    My plan for this year is to paint my porch ceiling light blue so it looks like a sky. I feel in love with that idea after a trip to Newport, RI.

    Happy Sring,

    1. Hi Nancy…yes sometimes the pillows fade. It really depends on the fabric. Outdoor fabric does much better than cotton or linen. Thanks for taking the time to comment!

  25. Rhonda Mancini says:

    Good morning Ann. Nothing like a pop of color for that front porch. Thanks for the pic, beautiful.????

  26. I love decorating my front also, but like you I must wait for all the snow to melt. Weather man says 50’s this week, so I’m hopeful for April. Love your blog !

  27. Lovely, Ann. I really love the pops of turquoise and I think I need that door mat! Hope you have a wonderful Sunday- xo Diana

  28. Dotsi Hoffman says:

    Many thanks for the easy and affordable items to make the front porch inviting. I also have different door mats and love that you keep them in garage. My daughter works in a Benjamin Moore paint store ( She is an artist and furniture recycler so it is very convenient!) so she experimented with door color and I love the bright blue against my red bricks.

  29. Your front porch is the first impression of your home.I always make it
    inviting with a pretty wreath, doormat and now I have a big fern next to
    the door.There are 2 wicker chairs and a small table so you can sit and
    watch the world go by.

      1. Thank you Ann.It’s not big,but a little goes a long way.

  30. Sandra c weiler Weiler says:

    P.S. I also print your printable and put in frame on a table. Looks great and I just change out when it’s a different season.


  31. Sandra c weiler Weiler says:

    Spring comes in officially on Monday. This is a great reminder to spruce up and get ready for spring. Ann you must be alot like me. My neighbors in the neighborhood always comment on they can’t wait to see what I’m doing next. Like you say it doesn’t cost alot of money to spruce up. Very important to clean first. For large planters I have even purchased waste baskets and spray painted. Look like expensive planters but for little money.

    Happy spring