Christmas Front Door Decor | Juniper & Pinecones

I hope you aren’t tired of pine and juniper berries because I’ve got some more! It all started with this end of my front porch (in the pic below) which was my first Christmas decor post for 2016. Now it’s time for the other end and some Christmas front door decor.

Christmas Front Door Decor | Juniper & Pinecones | Easy, natural ideas for decorating your front door for Christmas. Includes white lights & grapevine.

Christmas Front Door Decor

My Christmas front door decor began with the DIY Holiday Pine Cone Garland I made in September. I made it knowing that I would leave it up through the holidays and it was so nice to have that step already checked off.

Christmas Front Door Decor | Juniper & Pinecones | Easy, natural ideas for decorating your front door for Christmas. Includes white lights & grapevine.

I used an old wreath, but refreshed it with some juniper berries. This little trick will work with any kind of wreath…even one made from fresh pine. Take a plain wreath and embellish it with berries, ornaments, pine cones, or even a big, lovely bow. 

Christmas Front Door Decor | Juniper & Pinecones | Easy, natural ideas for decorating your front door for Christmas. Includes white lights & grapevine.

Instead of a bow, I hung the wreath from the same striped ribbon I used in the sitting area of the porch. 

Christmas Front Door Decor | Juniper & Pinecones | Easy, natural ideas for decorating your front door for Christmas. Includes white lights & grapevine.

You’ve seen these grapevine trees many times but never in the olive buckets. I left the grapevine wreaths from the pumpkin planters attached to the buckets. (See how I did that HERE.) I wanted the trees to appear to be sitting on the rim of the olive buckets. To raise them up I filled the buckets with packing pillows. I used crumpled newspaper on top of the packing pillows to steady the trees. I was able to nestle the trees right inside the inner circle of the wreaths. I wrapped the base of each tree with juniper pine garland and called it a day.

Christmas Front Door Decor | Juniper & Pinecones | Easy, natural ideas for decorating your front door for Christmas. Includes white lights & grapevine.

You could use this idea with any sort of container. If you have garden urns or pots with the dirt still in them, just set the grapevine trees right on your dirt and then add the greenery.

Christmas Front Door Decor | Juniper & Pinecones | Easy, natural ideas for decorating your front door for Christmas. Includes white lights & grapevine.

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I hope you’ve seen an idea or two that you can incorporate into your own holiday decor…and have fun doing it. See you soon!

Christmas Front Door Decor sources:

Note: If you click on the juniper garland link and have a heart attack at the price…I’m sorry! I looked and looked for a more affordable option, but could not find one. These look exactly like mine, but I’m only going on the picture. I purchased mine last year at a local shop.

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  1. Ann,
    Love your porch. Everything is so beautiful and I love your style! Ok, now I must find myself some juniper berry branches!

  2. MARY-ANN (FROM CANADA!) says:

    Just beautiful, Ann! You do such a lovely job of decorating.

    I always enjoy the green and red colors of Christmas — plus all things plaid, pinecones and greenery. I’m a real “country” gal with our home and its decor. Just love the coziness and country feel of everything.

    God Bless! Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Lorraine Thomas says:

    You have a beauiful home. The next time I go for a walk, I’m going to collect a bunch of pinecones. The pinecone garland wreath is pretty neat.

  4. Love the color of your front door and your front porch decor as it changes from season to season. I’m trying to talk my husband into extending our front stoop and change it into a proper front porch. I love your decorating style and look forward to each post.

  5. The porch looks great love the wreath, the trees are cute.

  6. Simply gorgeous Ann! More and more I am taking such a liking to the “natural” Christmas look. What could be more fabulous than your stunning juniper wreath with your pinecone garland I loved from the first time I saw it?! It is beautiful Christmas and winter all rolled into one! You have donned those olive buckets so festively, they look so proud standing guard at the door. I wanted to order a juniper wreath a couple of years ago but when I saw the price I was stunned.
    Last year the forestry club at our local university began making and selling all types of garlands and wreaths (at a very reasonable price) to raise money for student trips abroad. I found out about their sale too late last year, but come December 15th…. Your holiday decorating is beautiful!

  7. Elizabeth says:

    Thank you Ann, I don’t do over the top either, simple and classic is just my style.

  8. I prefer my old familiar things each Christmas. You’re not going to find me switching colors and themes. I’m certainly not bored with what I have. I come from the generation who’s parents were raised in the depression and we loved what we had.

    Does anyone put toothbrushes in stockings anymore?

  9. Ann you have certainly did it again, reminds me of that song “Woops you did it again” ha-ha!!! I certainly appreciate your simplicity of décor. Over the years I have collected numerous classic pieces and repurchase them year after year in different areas of our home. My daughter loves decorating and she keeps me in seasonal gifts which I love-she is a sweetheart. Referencing your super bowl comment, my home town will be hosting the Super Bowl this year, so exciting since we are big football fans.

  10. Hi Ann, I went “over the top” with you last year, too! So, I’m mostly using everything again, since I liked it so much. Your front porch and door are perfect.


  11. I love the juniper.I will be watching for sales right before or after Christmas for use next year.I absolutely agree with the more laid back style,gives me more family time.Thanks fir sharing.Merry Christmas.

  12. I love the reminder that simple & natural is Lovely for many reasons!!

  13. Dear Ann, I love the grapevine trees in the olive buckets. Actually, your entire front door area looks welcoming and festive to stay up all winter. Your approach to decorating reflects my feelings about decor. Thank you for all your effort to produce such a lovely blog. It is truly one of my favorites!
    Have a blessed day!

  14. Oh, Ann! I absolutely love your classic decor! I wish I could be more like you – but, I’m over-the-top by nature!!! Always have been – even before blogging! Each year I think I’m going to keep it simple and by the time I’m done – it’s always over the top – ha, ha!!! That pinecone garland DIY is one I’m going to pin for next year. And, I do love that juniper garland! It’s so hard to find faux greens that look real – and these do! Have a Merry Christmas!!!

  15. Jackie B. says:

    As usual, I love the classics! That is what attracted me to your blog in the first place.

  16. Very pretty.Love the simplicity of the greens.

  17. Carolyn Penney says:

    Ann, I appreciate your simple decor. I enjoy reusing my decorations in a new way, also. Thank you for sharing all your ideas. Advent Blessings.

  18. Love the wreath, simple and classic. As for your “going over the top”, if it isn’t broken. Don’t fix it. Love your simple classic approach.

  19. I am not an over the top sort of person…so your blog is perfect just like it is…I am NOT a competitive person, so when I decorate I do it for ME….not what I think folks would comment about etc…if that makes sense….maybe…LOL….

    so we must stay true to US…not what someone else is doing…

  20. You Are Perfect. Both In Words And Project. Thank You Very Much!

  21. Thank you so much for this post and your sentiments. Your decor is beautiful and creates a homey and welcoming feel. While I love many of the blog posts out there that show elaborate and picture perfect displays, it was more inspiring to see a blogger who showed that simple touches can create cozy holiday memories without the unnecessary stress and expense. I love everything about your blog!

  22. Ann, Thanks for keeping it real and simple. Happy Holidays to all the Drakes!

  23. Thank you for your sentiments regarding your blog and the encouragement to us to not get caught up in the pressure but to enjoy decorating our home. THAT is why I SOOO enjoy your blog and look forward to every email from you. You are a blessing to me. Thank you!!!

  24. I love the juniper berries and your grapevine trees too. I have an olive bucket beside my front door that I use for a flowering plant in the summer. I wish I had two. I’ve always wanted to flank my front door with some kind of small trees for Christmas. Your porch looks lovely.

  25. Gorgeous!
    I am so glad I found you; I’m a new follower here. :)
    I love how you reuse many of your elements and just put a new twist on them making it affordable.
    Thank you!
    Btw, how large are your olive buckets? There are many variations all over the web.

  26. Ann, I love your decorating style and philosophy. I’ve followed your blog for many years because the ideas are so practical for me to use in my own home. In fact, I wish I had thought about making some pinecone elements for my outdoor post. To me, your front porch is simple perfection ~~and this is a compliment I do not hand out to just anybody. Thanks so much for sharing with us on the Outdoor Tour! Happy Holidays ~~ Susie from The Chelsea Project

    P.S. I’m happy to take those olive buckets off your hands anytime you need me to. I know! I’m such a good friend. :-)

  27. I appreciate your comments today!!! I follow several blogs and although there are lovely images and decorating ideas, I don’t always have the money or time to create them. Plus, storage for all the seasons and holidays is overwhelming. I love your ideas for simple and classic decore and reusing items in a new way. Happy holidays to you and yours.

  28. Love your style, it makes me wish I had a porch to dish up.

  29. Kathleen G says:

    It’s the little accents ( your style ) that makes your home look beautiful in every season.
    Have a wonderful day, Kathleen in Az

  30. I love your front porch and your philosophy! It looks beautiful, Ann! Thanks for showing us that simple and easy can be so perfect. I hope you’re having a wonderful holiday season!
    love and blessings~
    Lynda @ Gates of Crystal

  31. It is so refreshing to read your posts and know that you do not do over the top and the “perfect” home. Christmas blog land has gorgeous and stunning photos, but my reality is that my home is very lived in and rarely ever picture perfect. As much as I would love to purchase so many of the pretty things, I can’t. Plus I would never have the time to put up 5 trees, decorate every nook and cranny, gift wrap books to display……. unless I had a myriad of elves helping me. So thanks for bringing some realism to Christmas in blog land by using what you already have and keeping it within reach. I surely appreciate it.

  32. It is all just lovely–simple and pretty and inviting! I love the addition of the juniper berries. I just think they add so much to the wreath and greenery. Very, very pretty. The pinecone garland is a great idea, too. Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday- xo Diana