Design Tips for an Asymmetrical Plate Wall

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An asymmetrical plate wall adds the unexpected to any room. Use a variety of colors, sizes, and shapes to bring a blank wall to life!

plate wall

For me, anticipating spring brings thoughts of ways to refresh and renew the look of our living spaces. Some years it’s simply a matter of switching out some pillows, but this year, I wanted something more. I didn’t want anything drastic, but I wanted a completely different view, without starting from scratch. A good way to accomplish this in your own home is to change your wall art, and add a new accessory or two.  

The image below is what the plate arrangement in our living room has looked like for several years. As my tastes and preferences have changed and evolved, so has this plate wall. This look was very simple and symmetrical…and I liked it for a long time. It was, however, time for a change. 

plate wall over dresser

Like the previous plate wall, I liked the set of tall buffet lamps for years…and I actually still like them. But they have been in the same place in this room for almost 10 years, and I decided it was time for something different. Instead of another set of lamps, I chose a single, stout, farmhouse-inspired lamp that totally changes the look and feel of the space. 

plate wall dresser lamp

Planning Ahead…or Not

I wish I could tell you that I meticulously planned out my plate wall…but the honest truth is that I didn’t. I hung the large platter first, so it was centered above the dresser. After that, I eye-balled the placement of the remaining plates. I had two goals in mind for the finished design. 

large platter on wall

First, I tried very hard to cover the existing nail holes from the previous design. I hate the process of filling in holes, sanding, and painting. In the end, I had just two holes to repair. 

asymmetrical plate wall over dresser

My second goal was to hang a plate wall that was very different from the design I had before. I am an extremely symmetrical person, and very much need symmetry in our home. However, as I said before, I really wanted a new view. I was determined to make that big wall in our living room look fresh and updated. In the end, I compromised, and chose to mirror my design coming out from the vertical middle row of plates. This allowed for the less rigid feel I was going for, but still gave me a bit of symmetry. 

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blue and white plate wall over dresser

Tips for Hanging a Plate Wall

  • Hangers are important, but the type of hangers you choose is a personal decision. Over the years, I have found that the wire hangers that attach to the back of a plate are the easiest choice. There are many DIY options that require very strong glue, but that method ruins your plates, and makes them unusable. There are yellow pre-glued discs that also adhere to the back of a plate, but again, they limit the functionality of the plate. Wire hangers don’t take away from the beauty of the plates, and they are removable. 
  • If you are unsure about placement, the best thing to do is lay out your design on the floor. Roughly measure your wall space, and outline it on the floor with blue tape. Gather your plates together, more than you think you will need, and begin. Move the plates around on the floor until your design is close to your vision. 
  • Plan ahead so you have all the materials and tools you will need. 
  • If you make a mistake, just remove the nail and try again. There is an excellent chance that both holes will be covered by the plate!

stack of blue and white plates

Best Tip for Planning an Asymmetrical Plate Wall

Asymmetrical plate walls are super easy to hang because the need to measure is removed from the process. I chose to mirror my design, but this is totally not necessary. It’s perfectly fine to start on the left, and travel to the right, randomly hanging your plates until the design has filled the space. The spaces between the plates can vary, and there is no right or wrong. For much more asymmetrical plate wall inspiration, click {HERE.}

Plate Wall Sources

You may have noticed that there is a bit of green in a few of the plates on this new wall. I am going to add that green here and there, throughout our home, for the spring and summer months. I have a tentative plan, as pictured below, but that could change if things don’t work out! It’s a color that I’ve never used before, and I hope it will give our spaces the breath of fresh air that they need. 

spring decor inspiration

Stay tuned for more spring decor ideas and inspiration coming soon. Thank you so much for stopping by, and for your friendship. Until next time…

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  1. I like this fresh approach. I also look forward to the green touches. Sometimes I tire of too much of a limited palette. Beside that green is my favorite decorating touch color.

  2. LOVE blue and white! Both of your arrangements are lovely; I especially like the touch of green in the new one. I took down my plate display a number of years ago, trying for a bit more casual look in my dining room. I really would like to get it out again and your asymmetrical design has inspired me!

  3. says:

    Hi Ann,

    I love your plates! love them! What a beautiful set to decorate with this spring!
    Hope Spring finds you soon! Colorado gets more snow in March than any month prior!

  4. Love your new wall. I am a blue and white dish fan but I agree the touches of green add a bit of spring. One comment I have. I recently hung my blue and white dishes on my soffitt over the kitchen cabinets. My plate hangers were NOT all the same so that putting nails at all the same height resulted in a VERY crooked line of plates; it was NOT pretty! I am living with it as is for now until I get another day when I am willing to climb the step ladder again!

  5. I love that plate wall! I have one blue and white platter hanging over my buffet in my dining room and have been thinking about adding several other coordinating plates to it. You’ve given me some ideas about interesting placements although my wall is much smaller than yours. The plates would have to be somewhat closer together. I love the blue and white on your wall and I think some touches of green with blue and white are really pretty.

    Will be interested to see what other home refreshments you come up with!

  6. Susan Lindeman says:

    I LOVE the new plate wall – it’s beautiful!! And I really like the bits of green you have added. ♥♥

  7. Oh! It’s beautiful! Thank you for sharing! I use to be a symmetrical only gal, but I’ve gone to the light side 😉 and now love a mixture of symmetrical & asymmetrical!

  8. I love this post! I don’t have plates to hang…yet! I moved around some artwork this weekend & spackled/sanded/painted the holes that were left showing so I feel your pain!

    I am going to start looking for plates!

  9. Where do you get your plate hangers? I have a wall of cream ware and the hangers I am using I do not feel are secure.

  10. Jeanie Nichols says:

    I love both of your plate arrangements, but I have to say that I especially love the new lamp.

  11. Hello Ann,
    Your new plate wall looks wonderful!

  12. Oh wow…I loved the wall before, but this is STUNNING!!! I love the pop of green and I love the big chunky lamp. I have a blue plate wall in our dinning room, and I’ve loved it. Now I might have to switch it up after seeing what you’ve done. I’ll bet it took you awhile to find all those beautiful plates…it sure did for me when I decided I wanted a plate wall. Great job Ann!!

  13. I absolutely love the new way you arranged your platter & plates on the wall! I love symmetry too and you still have it but in such an interesting way! Thanks for the inspiration! I really love the addition of the green in some plates.

  14. This is definitely a breath of fresh air. I too love symmetry but this is a wonderfully fun way of achieving it!
    I’m also loving the small touch of green. It is so small but gives a whole new feel to the traditional blue and white!

  15. It’s very pretty. We have a big wall in our church kitchen…plates would look perfect there! Thanks for the ideas!

  16. Your wall of plates is lovely. I really like the lamp you added.
    Funny I was just thinking today that I am tired of the buffet lamps in my living room. I need a fresh look also.
    Thanks for your inspiration,

  17. Love the arrangement and the movement it brings to the look!!

  18. Oh Ann! Your plate wall looks amazing! Thank you for sharing.

  19. Lucia Donahower says:

    Hi Ann,
    I love how the plates look. Also, the touch of green gives the area a very fresh feel. Thank you for your tips.

  20. Doris Raab says:

    This is by far the best plate wall display I have ever seen! I really love it!!!

  21. What a fantastic refresh and update! Such inspiring talents you have :-)

  22. Terri Herman says:

    Looks so fresh! Love your choices! Thanks for the inspiration for spring. 🙂

  23. I love how the plates sort of drift, almost cloud-like. I also love your chunky lamp and adding in some green on the plates, very spring.

  24. Rhonda Steelman says:

    Very inspirational!

  25. Your wall looks wonderful. Great job😃

  26. Love your beautiful wall plate arrangement and have the same basket on my coffee table.

  27. Ann,I think we are distant sisters,I am a total symmetry girl also ! Loving the entire look, especially the chest,it’s a beauty.

    1. I tried to send you a photo of my bedroom plate arrangement. Not sure how to do it!

  28. Love the lamp and how the plate wall turned out 👍. Fresh and new look!

  29. Love the wall! Everything you do I love. I have also admired those plates from PB for a while. I live the poos of green you are looking at. Looking forward to seeing what you do. With all our snow in MN I need something to brighten our living spaces. I think I will swap out my beige dried hydrangeas for some green ones to start. I was fortunate to capture the green stage of the blooms and dry them a few years back.

  30. Your plate wall is gorgeous! I love how it flows freely. I did something similar in our kitchen, but with baskets. Yet…I love symmetry in certain places, in my home. It’s a balancing act I think. Some places require symmetry, and others call for playfulness. It’s always a pleasure to come here and see what you are up to these days. Enjoy your day! ;)

  31. Linda C Johnston says:

    Very, very effective! I love the change and I think you retained enough symmetry for your liking. It is a great layout for another reason, IMHO. The lamp fits in perfectly to the scheme of things. It does not block the view of the plates. Great styling too! Can you tell I really like this! lol

  32. The plate wall turned out beautifully! And as much as I love those tall buffet lamps, the change you made to the top of the chest looks fresh and inviting. Thank you for the link to the wire plate hangers. I have been using the yellow disks on plates I only use for display. But I just bought a set of plates that I would like to hang AND use, so now I can do both!

  33. Yes love the new look and design! I was at a Crate and Barrel over the holidays and in their new eating area there was this “flow” of all white plates (deviled egg plates too) on this one long wall. Took a picture because it was inspiration to possibly do similar at home as I loved the look!

  34. Anne, I see a lot of symmetry in this overall asymmetrical’s beautiful! You’re good!

  35. Cecilia from Georgia says:

    Ann, I remember seeing a plate wall similar to this in Anthropology and thinking it was so lovely and wished that I could pull it off in my house. Well, you have answered my wishes! The crockery lamp is so attractive with the chest and the light swirling plates are so well put together. Thanks for adding the Pinterest link too! So many ideas!

  36. Is there a source for the plate hangers that you used? It looks beautiful!

  37. Jan Hamilton says:

    I love the new look. You are right about the lamp. It is perfect on the chest and changes the look completely. Just gorgeous.

  38. It is so creative. Looks like a blue waterfall falling from the top left to the bottom right. Would not change a thing.

  39. Adding the green is a perfect choice. I recently picked up a ginger jar with the green from Hobby Lobby! Your new look is fantastic! You “nailed it”!

  40. Barbie Bertke says:

    Love the new look Ann. You have me thinking about Spring.

  41. This is very pretty. I think I would add one more small plate to the upper/middle right for more complete balance. The white lamp doesn’t weight down the left side at all, which is nice. Beautiful plates.

  42. Alison Baird says:

    I love it ! Your house is so warm and welcoming!

  43. PS Do you have a source for your greenery? Is it faux? Thx.

  44. Love your new look! Very fresh and updated . I like that you stepped out of your comfort zone by replacing the buffet lamps (I’ve had mine forever as well). I spray painted the bases of mine and found new seagrass shades (that I painted white as well!) to update mine. I love your new look and the placement of the plates on the wall. Your collection on the buffet works perfectly and complements the asymmetrical lines of your plates. Very creative and very well done!. Thx for the inspiration!

  45. Just fabulous – has inspired me x