Minimalist Style Table Setting for Spring

Inspiration for a spring minimalist style table setting that’s perfect for Easter. Incorporates ideas for lovely but quick place settings, adding neutral colors, and simple table linens. 

minimalist style table setting in dining room

Less is more.

How many times have we heard that? Probably too many to count…but it’s totally true, and it goes along with my mantra, “simple is best.” So today, I’m sharing a minimalist style table setting for spring. Over the past year, I’ve thought a lot about ways to live a simpler life, and adopting more of a minimalist decor style is one way to start. In order to be a pure minimalist, I would have to let go of things that I truly love. I’m not ready to do that, but I am ready to simplify where I can. I love clean lines and neutral colors, which are both a big part of minimalist style. I kept both of these things in mind when I was setting this table, but before we take a look, I want to tell you that at the end of the post, some of my friends are sharing their spring tablescape ideas too. They are all beautiful, so make sure to pay them a visit.

Elements of a Minimalist Style Table Setting

place setting with round wicker placemat and white dishes

Muted Linens

One of the characteristics of minimalist style is using only what is necessary…in other words the “bare” essentials. The linens used for this table setting follow that idea by featuring only a simple table runner and cloth napkins, both in neutral shades. Although pattern is usually avoided, geometric shapes are not, so the checked napkins work beautifully.

minimalist style spring centerpiece with small eggs

A Simple Centerpiece

I had planned to use one of my ironstone pitchers, filled with spring flowers, for the centerpiece. However, when I spied this footed bowl at Target, I knew it was perfect for this minimalist style table setting. This bowl is destined to become one of my hard-working, go-to accessories, and I put it to use right away. Some kraft filler, and faux speckled eggs add texture, color, and just the right amount of seasonal charm. (The cute pedestal bowl is no longer available, but click HERE for something very similar.)

Neutral Colors

Neutral, monochromatic colors are the core of minimalist style, which is just fine with me because that’s what I love the most. Even though I always find a way to work in my beloved navy blue, a neutral color palette is what makes me happy and comfortable. It also makes it super easy to mix and match different styles of tableware. One way to make sure that your neutral colors don’t become boring is to add texture. The roughness of the wicker placemats compliments the smooth plates, so the opposite textures add that much needed interest.

dining room table with place settings and centerpiece

Understated Metals

Although I love sparkle and bling, keeping those two things subdued is a part of embracing minimalist style. The flatware and sterling candlesticks are all the shine this table needs. Adding crystal is also a great way to bring in shine and reflect the light. Crystal takes up no visual space, and has no color, so it’s the perfect accessory for a minimalist style table.

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Blank Space

Blank space serves two purposes when you are planning a minimalist style table setting. It provides ample room for placing serving dishes or platters, and it also allows the place settings to be the star of the show. Blank space speaks to one of the core philosophies of minimalist style…and that is using only what is necessary.

traditional dining room with minimalist style table setting

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table setting with round wicker placemat

Minimalist style isn’t for everyone, but like so many things in life, it doesn’t have to be all or nothing. It’s a simple process to clear the clutter, eliminate the unnecessary, and provide breathing space. If you’ve been wondering how to streamline your home’s decor, this is a great way to start. Just keep reminding yourself…less is more, and simple is best.

Now it’s time to take a look at what my friends are sharing…enjoy!

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  1. Ethel Alderson says:

    Ann, how do you clean the place mats?
    I don’t use these because one use and they have a stain.

    I like your suggedtions.
    I will be using your center piece. Keep use my your new bowl!

    Please add dates back to publishing and in comments!!!!

    1. Hi Ethel…wicker and rattan are washable. I’ve never had a stain or spill, but if I did, I would run some water over the stain, and try to blot it out with a bit of dish soap. I have not tried this though, so to be safe, test the soap and water method on a small portion of the placemat first.

  2. Amy Kaminski says:

    I think this is lovely and serene.

  3. Jeanie Nichols says:

    Absolutely beautiful!

  4. Simple is indeed best and we are kindred spirits on that! I saw a quote recently that made me think of you:

    I love people that have no idea how wonderful they are and just wander around making the world a better place.

    Thank you, Ann, for making this world a better place with all that you share on this site with your followers and fans.

  5. Loving the bowl,I have the matching dinnerware.I may have to pick this piece up to add to the collection !

  6. Kathy Menold says:

    Ann, I like your simple table very much. As you said Less is more and I too feel the need for a calm tablescape this spring. I have those blue eggs and just piled them under a domed cloche for my centerpiece. My dishes are green with white chargers and my napkins a green and blue chintz. I like your idea of placing a blue egg at each place. Maybe a white porcelain bunny next to the cloche and a white tablecloth.

  7. When I first looked at the setting, I thought the candle holder were empty. White against white…maybe a little color here would help in my humble opinion.

    1. I love white candles…they are all I have! But thank you for your kind opinion.

  8. I am so stealing that centerpiece idea!