My Mom

This is perhaps the hardest post I’ve ever written…but I want to tell you all what’s happened. My mom peacefully passed away on Saturday morning. My dad and I had been taking care of her and the last few days of her life were quiet and pain free. She couldn’t talk to us but we talked to her. I am telling myself that she heard us, even though I really can’t be sure. 

Marilyn Boney550

Marilyn Boney
1933 – 2016

My emotions are up and down. I have moments of happiness when I remember something good, and moments of intense sadness when I think of my life without her. I will be OK though…I know that. I’m not so sure about my dad but I am thinking positive. My prayer is that he will be able to find a way to live the rest of his life not in sadness, but in thankfulness for all he had with my mom. 

Her funeral is in two days, on Thursday. I will be gone for a while but I will be back. I want to make a fresh start and come up with new ideas. It’s been a struggle to get my creative juices flowing but I hope that changes. Again, I am thinking positive. I will need to figure out a new normal and you all will be a big part of that. 

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With a grateful heart, I thank you for your kind thoughts and prayers. 

Wishing you all peace and grace,

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