An Ironstone Christmas Tree

Decorate your shelves for the holidays by creating an ironstone Christmas tree from pitchers and bowls you have on hand. Once all your treasures are gathered, this show-stopper goes together in no time!

*This post was inspired by the cover of the Holiday 2019 issue of Country Home Magazine.

christmas shelves in living room

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.”

~Oscar Wilde

ironstone christmas tree shelves

Welcome to the first Christmas decor post of the season…I am so glad you’re here! In the past, I have always kicked off the holiday season with our front porch. I decided to switch things up this year and feature our living room shelves because, truth be told, I couldn’t wait to give this project a try! The minute I saw the cover of the Holiday issue of Country Home magazine, I knew it was something I could do. I wasn’t exactly sure how, but I knew it would be great fun figuring it out. Plus, at the end of the post, I’m sharing some beautiful Christmas projects from my friends. If you are visiting from Maison de Cinq, a special welcome to you!

But first, here is my inspiration for this project…

country home magazine cover 2019 holiday

Inspiration can be found just about anywhere…and many times it comes when we least expect it. I had almost given up on home and garden magazines, and had given up all my subscriptions except one…Country Home. I have loved it for years, and still get excited when it appears in my mailbox. When this holiday issue arrived, my heart did a little flip. I was immediately inspired, and it was such a good feeling. 

ironstone pitcher christmas tree

When you see something online or in a magazine, and want to recreate it, the most important thing to keep in mind is whether or not it’s even possible. In this case, I had the shelves, the plates, and the pitchers. Without those three things, this project would have been impossible…or at least very hard and expensive! Read on for tips that will help when you want to copy something. 

ironstone and christmas plates on shelves

ironstone pitchers on shelves

Tips for recreating an inspiration piece:

  • Keep your inspiration image on hand the entire time. I can’t tell you how many times I picked up that magazine and looked at the cover…but it was a ton! Every time I got stuck, or couldn’t make a decision, a glance at the image was very helpful.
  • Don’t try to copy your inspiration exactly…because it will only lead to frustration. Sometimes you have to think outside the box, and come up with another way to “get the look.” My inspiration image pictured real ironstone. Most of my pitchers are not ironstone, but they are close enough to work. This is your opportunity to be creative!
  • Gather all of your items before you begin. In fact, gather more than you think you will need, so there is plenty to choose from. 
  • Stand back. Look at your project from different angles and from different parts of the room. What looks good from the front, might not look good from the side.

christmas tree with shelves in background

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Ironstone Christmas Tree Sources:

Lenox holiday plates | neutral ornaments | star tree toppers (I used the small one) | red ornaments | juniper picks

In the coming weeks, my hope for each one of you is that you will find inspiration that will make this holiday season special. Keep your eyes and heart open to something lovely…and something that will make you smile. I know it’s out there…and it’s coming your way. 

Now I need to send you along to Designthusiasm. Lory is such a good friend, and I love her style.  It’s impeccably French with a modern twist, and so sophisticated. Her link is below, along with my other friends. 


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