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DIY Mixed Greens Christmas Wreath

Make this DIY mixed greens Christmas wreath (with fresh or faux greenery) and your front door will instantly say “Happy Holidays!”

mixed greens christmas wreath supplies needed

It’s time, once again, to spruce up our front porch for the holiday season…but before we get into that, I’d like to say something that I’ve mentioned before, and we all need a reminder. I know that I have felt unwanted pressure, self-imposed for sure, to top what I did last year, and come up with something new. At the same time, I have tried very hard to stay true to the philosophy of this blog, and the way I run my life.

My mantra, simple is best, applies at Christmas more than any other time of year. What I’ve got planned to show you over the next few weeks will be classic holiday decor. Fun pillows, white lights, plaid ribbon, and some fresh pine. It’s all easy, and nothing will be too time-consuming. I added a few new things that I showed you {HERE,}  but mostly I am using decorations I already have.

My wish is that you will come away with a few new ideas that make you feel confident. Ideas and inspiration that aren’t overwhelming, or take a lot of time. With all that said, I hope any time you spend decorating your home for the holidays is fun and satisfying…because that’s the way it should be. 

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Mixed Greens Christmas Wreath Supplied Needed:

Greenery sources: The boxwood is part of a garland and can be found HERE. The juniper can be purchased HERE. The other greenery was purchased locally. 

mixed greens christmas wreath 1

About the mixed greens:

The most cost effective way to make this wreath is to use various pieces of greenery you already have. I used all faux greenery, had everything in my stash, and didn’t have to buy anything except the ribbon. Another budget-friendly way to recreate this wreath is to use real greens. If you are lucky enough to have different varieties of evergreen trees, just wander out and cut some branches! Also, bunches of pine can be purchased during the holidays at garden centers and even grocery stores. Many times you can pick up a small bunch of greenery for just a few dollars. 

mixed greens christmas wreath with red plaid bow

To assemble the mixed greens Christmas wreath:

  • Put your wreath on a flat surface. 
  • Position your varieties of greenery on the wreath to determine the spacing.
  • Using florist wire, attach the greenery to the wreath. If you are using floral picks, they can be inserted right into the grapevine.
  • The last, optional step is to add a festive bow. 

mixed greens christmas wreath red plaid bow 1

I love that this Christmas wreath was inexpensive, easy, and very quick to put together…but what I love the most is the way it looks on our front door. I haven’t used plaid ribbon for a very long time, and I enjoy the festive pop of color and interest. It also shows up nicely from the street.

If you struggle with making your own bows, don’t despair! Lovely bows can now be purchased at craft or discount stores, and also online. If you want to try your hand at making a bow, click {HERE} for an easy video tutorial. 

Click {HERE} for pre-made bows on Etsy.

mixed greens christmas wreath on blue door

Stay tuned, because the rest of our Christmas front porch is coming soon. It’s very simple, but our snowman theme is fun, and just a little bit whimsical. Perfect for the holidays!

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