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Circle Pumpkin Wreath

Circle Pumpkin WreathEvery once in a while I get a harebrained idea that I can’t get out of my head…as was the case with this Circle Pumpkin Wreath. It started when I made my Mini Pumpkin Wreath. I attached three little pumpkin gourds to a wreath and called it a day.

How to make a mini pumpkin wreathI kept thinking though that it would be so cool if the whole wreath was a circle of pumpkins. I was pretty sure my wire method would work so I decided to give it a try before my pumpkins turned to mold. I gathered all the little pumpkins from around my house. 

I repurposed the first pumpkin wreath by taking off the burlap bow and bittersweet but left on the rosemary garland. Here is my how-to on wiring the pumpkins to the wreath.

How to wire a pumpkin to a wreathI laid the wreath on my living room floor and put the pumpkins around the circle to make sure I had enough and that they fit. I then started wiring. I timed myself (seriously, I’m not kidding) and it took 20 minutes to wire on 16 pumpkins. Since I had stacked 2 grapevine wreaths to create more depth, I wired them together in a few more places. The pumpkins made the wreath pretty heavy but it’s all secured and ready to hang in there until Christmas!

Circle Pumpkin Wreath Even if you’ve only followed my blog for a short time, I’m sure you’ve picked up on the fact that I’m in love with wreaths. I enjoy being able to repurpose them and come up with new ideas for the seasons. I joked a while back on my Facebook page that my kids just might engrave this on my tombstone: “She made a dang good wreath.” It got more likes than anything I’ve posted for months. Ha!

Circle Pumpkin Wreath

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I got my pumpkins in the produce section of my grocery store. They came in a mesh bag and I got 7 or 8 pumpkins for $4.99. I bought 2 bags back in September and they are still going strong. The ones on this wreath should be fine because I prepared them before I put them on the wreath.

Click HERE to see how to make your pumpkins and gourds last longer…and not mold!


Circle Pumpkin Front Door WreathHere’s wishing you a fabulous weekend. If you are raking leaves, stay warm. If you are watching football, I hope your team wins. If you are working, I hope you have a few moments to yourself to breathe in these last days of October. Whatever you are doing…enjoy.


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