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My Blue Front Door: Sherwin Williams Naval

My blue front door color is Sherwin Williams Naval. This is the perfect navy blue for entry doors or a front door with sidelights, especially if the sidelights are white!
blue front door with sidelights sherwin williams naval
I wish I had a picture of my old entry doors. They were wood double doors in the barn style…with the “X” on the bottom and diamond mullions in glass on the top. They were the 1960 orginals and they were O-L-D. The first few years we lived here, snow actually blew in under the doors. As soon as I could feasibly manage it, I replaced those entry doors with a beautiful fiberglass front door with sidelights. When it was installed, the door was white. Of course, I couldn’t stand that and promptly painted it red. 
I looked back to the very beginning of my archives, but could not find a picture of the red door. That doesn’t really matter because my front door didn’t stay red for long
sherwin williams naval choice for blue entry doors
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Sherwin Williams Naval

Back in the spring of 2011, I gave my kitchen cabinets a fresh coat of paint and some updated hardware. I knew I wanted a section of cabinets painted an accent color and I thought blue would be perfect. What I didn’t know was that picking out blue paint is hard! After a great deal of thought, and trips to the paint store, I finally settled on Sherwin Williams Naval. When I saw it on my kitchen cabinets, I knew instantly I was going to have a blue front door as well. 

blue front door sherwin williams naval fall wreath

My Blue Front Door

When I published my Frequently Asked Questions, I shared that the most-asked question, for years, has been “What is the color of your front door?” I’ve answered it countless times, but I never mind.  Having a blue front door made such a difference in our home’s curb appeal and if I can help you do the same, I’m very glad. 

Here are details: Like I said before, the door was originally red. We applied a coat of gray primer followed by two coats of Sherwin Williams Naval in a satin finish. The actual product we used was Duration Exterior Acrylic Latex.

Our front porch faces east so it gets the morning sun. It is, however, shaded by the roof of our porch. We repainted the door once a few years ago…just one quick coat of Naval. The color has not faded at all and is super easy to clean. 

blue front door with garden wreath

Painting A Front Door with Sidelights

Painting entry doors can be tricky. If you have a front door with sidelights, it’s best to paint the sidelights a neutral color, and the door should be painted an accent color. Include any trim around the door as well. This will give your home maximum curb appeal by providing a contrast that catches the eye. In my case, the sidelights are white and I have a blue front door. 

blue front door tall black planters

Other Blues for Entry Doors

There are a ton of choices when it comes to navy blue paint. To choose the right one for you, simply use the process of elimination.

  • Visit your paint store and come home with several swatch strips. 
  • Look at the swatches outside at different times of day…because the light will change.
  • Start eliminating the ones you don’t like.
  • Consider the other colors on your home and if you have a front door with sidelights, consider the color of the sidelights. 
  • Finally, make a decision. If you make a mistake, it’s just paint.

Of course, my favorite navy blue (and not just for entry doors) is Sherwin Williams Naval. If you are looking for a classic navy paint, but aren’t sold on Naval, here are some other choices for a blue front door:

  1. Benjamin Moore Hale Navy
  2. Benjamin Moore Old Navy
  3. Sherwin Williams Indigo*
  4. Sherwin Williams Salty Dog*

*Some Sherwin Williams colors are available at Lowe’s as part of the HGTV Home Collection.

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