Simple DIY Winter Wreath with White Berries

Make this evergreen winter wreath with white berries by foraging greenery from your yard. Perfect for the holidays & the winter months! An easy DIY door wreath that’s budget-friendly and festive.

evergreen christmas wreath on navy blue door1

Over the years, I’ve had many, many requests for a holiday wreath that can adorn your door for the winter months as well. When I’m decorating for Christmas, I like to use pops of red, and I don’t normally think ahead…but this year I did! Up today is a front door wreath that’s perfect for the holiday season, and it can stay on your door all the way through the winter months. Featured on this wreath are greenery, pine cones, and white berries. The greenery can be either fresh or faux, both make an equally beautiful wreath. 

evergreen christmas wreath supplies needed

Supplies Needed

Gather your supplies. As always, I encourage you to check your stash, or collection of Christmas stems, to see if you have what you need. Many times, a DIY wreath can be assembled using items you already have, or thrift store finds that cost next to nothing. Another idea is to remove embellishments from a store-bought wreath you already have, and use them in a different way. 

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evergreen christmas wreath step 1

​Make The Wreath Base

An easy way to give your wreath more dimension, especially if the grapevine is thin, is to wire two wreaths together. I often use this trick so the items on my wreath stand out from the door. Simply wire two wreaths together with florist wire in four places. Snip the wire so the ends don’t stick out. 

evergreen christmas wreath step 2

Place the Greenery

I used two kinds of greenery: faux cedar stems that I’ve had for several years, and the fresh greens are boxwood, freshly cut from my yard. 

  • Place the first type of greenery on the outside edge of the wreath, beginning at about 4 o’clock and ending at 9 o’clock. 
  • Insert the second type of greenery. Begin again at 4 o’clock, but continue the second type of greenery a little further than the first, to about 11 o’clock. Put this layer on the top of the grapevine wreath, making sure to generously fill in the whole space. 
evergreen christmas wreath step 3

Finishing Touches

  • Cut apart the berry stems, and insert them into the greenery. 
  • Use a wreath hanger on an interior door so you can stand back to make sure your wreath is balanced. 
  • Wire on 4 or 5 pinecones, between 6 o’clock and 8 o’clock. 
  • If desired, insert some sticks or branches along the bottom edge of the wreath. 
evergreen christmas wreath on door with bucket of pine cones

Tips For A Beautiful Winter Wreath

  • Many of you have written to ask exactly how to stick floral stems into a grapevine wreath. The trick is to find a spot in the wreath where the stem can slip in several inches. When the stem is inserted deeply, there is no need for any wire or a hot glue gun. Sometimes it takes a few tries, so be patient! Another advantage of layering two wreaths is that when stems are inserted, they are less likely to poke through the back of the wreath. 
  • Using fresh greens: in colder climates, fresh greens will last outside for several weeks. They will dry slowly, but they will stay green. In warmer climates, they may only last a week or two. It’s helpful to mist them with water to keep the branches moist.
  • When snipping branches to use in floral arrangements or on a wreath, make the cuts deep into the bush. This will give you room to clear the needles/leaves from a few inches at the bottom of the branch. This bare end is much easier to insert into the wreath, than one covered with needles or leaves. A deeper cut will also give you a stronger and longer branch. 
  • If you want some red for Christmas, make your own winter wreath with red berries. For the winter season, simply replace the red berries with white ones. 
  • If desired, add a burlap ribbon bow.

Greenery Ideas

  • eucalyptus leaves
  • baby’s breath
  • lamb’s ear
  • fresh salal
  • Norfolk pine
  • Port Orford cedar (my favorite)


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More Winter Wreath Ideas

  • Fruit and Berry Wreath: Incorporate dried oranges, a string of cranberries, pine cones, dried limes, and cinnamon sticks into your wreath for a rustic, natural look.
  • Pinecone Wreath: Collect different sizes of pine cones and attach them to a wreath frame in layers. You can leave them natural or use white spray paint to make them appear snowy.
  • Silver and Gold Wreath: Combine silver and gold ornaments, ribbons, and leaves for an elegant and glamorous wreath that’s perfect for the holiday season.
  • Pom Pom Wreath: Make or buy pom poms in your favorite colors, and attach them to a wreath frame. This gives your wreath a cozy, fuzzy look.
  • Eucalyptus Wreath: Use dried or faux eucalyptus branches for a simple and elegant wreath. You can add small white flowers or a bow for a touch of color.
  • Snowflake Wreath: Wire a variety of snowflake ornaments on a grapevine wreath. Combine white, silver, and gold for a simple wreath with classic charm.
  • Candy Cane Wreath: Attach candy canes in various sizes to a wreath frame for a sweet and festive look.
  • Gingerbread Wreath: Use gingerbread man cookie cutters to make cinnamon applesauce ornaments. Attach the ornaments to an evergreen wreath frame.
  • Succulent Wreath: Use faux or real succulents in shades of green and blue to create a wreath that can last throughout the winter.
  • Boxwood Wreath: use a store-bought boxwood wreath, or make your own from faux stems or fresh clippings. Make sure it’s full, and that the boxwood stems are plentiful. In cold weather, a fresh boxwood wreath should last on your front door for several weeks.
  • Vintage Ornament Wreath: if you collect vintage ornaments, display them on a wreath form. Add pretty ribbon, greenery, or berries. 

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The last several days here in Ohio have been unseasonably warm, and it’s been hard to think about Christmas. I thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon spent decorating our porch. It was like having the best of both worlds. I was outside in the warm, fresh air with Christmas music playing! 


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  1. Linda Muller says:

    Beautiful wreath!
    Wishing you and your family a very merry Christmas and a happy and healthy new year!
    Looking forward to seeing more of your fantastic posts in the New Year

  2. Loved making this wreath. It did take longer than I anticipated, but I loved making it. Your instructions were very thorough. I especially liked the clock references.
    Have a beautiful Christmas and a New Year full of blessings.

  3. Cecilia from Georgia says:

    Ann, I love the wreath and especially because it can be enjoyed through the new year! Have a lovely week!

  4. 5 stars
    I was searching for ideas for a Winter wreath for my backdoor entrance; this is perfect and I have all supplies on hand! I plan to use pittosporum from my yard as well as mesquite branches! Thank you OSP😍

  5. Jeanie Nichols says:

    I love reading your blog and look forward to it each and every week.

  6. Cindy Perkins says:

    This is absolutely beautiful! Your instructions make it seem so simple to put together.

  7. 5 stars
    Ann, thank you for the clock references for placement of items on the wreath. I’ll remember that suggestion.

    1. Ann, it is so nice to have a “recipe” for a beautiful winter wreath that doesn’t have to be stored when Christmas is over! Although I love traditional holiday colors, I don’t love having to store SO MUCH that can only be used a few weeks of the year. Your wreath is a great decor item that works for months, not weeks! Win!!!
      Thanks again, I value your ideas!

  8. This is absolutely beautiful, Ann!! I’ve yet to try my hand at creating a wreath but I just may try this one. You make it look so easy… :-)

  9. Love your Christmas wreath! So pretty. I also love your bucket filled with pine cones on your doorstep. Everything is so beautiful! Thank you for all your wonderful ideas and tutorials!!

  10. Barbara Warner says:

    Loove that wreath, Ann, and we don’t need any red on it. The white and green theme will function well through March, and bring a burst of cheer to anyone looking at your door The theme speaks winter beauty and it looks wonderful. I can see it with snow laying on it already.
    Have a wonderful Christmas, albeit quiet???

  11. I love 💕 this wreath-I might make one and send it to my daughter!