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Evergreen Christmas Wreath with White Berries

Make this evergreen Christmas wreath with white berries by foraging greenery from your yard. Perfect for the holidays & the winter months too! No special skills required. This is a quick and easy way to decorate your door!

evergreen christmas wreath on navy blue door1

Over the years, I’ve had many, many requests for a wreath that can adorn your door for the winter months. When I’m decorating for Christmas, I like to use pops of red, and I don’t normally think ahead…but this year I did! Up today is a wreath that’s perfect for Christmas, yet it will also take you all the way through the winter months. Featured on this wreath are greenery, pinecones, and white berries. The greenery can be either fresh or faux, both make an equally beautiful wreath. The best part is that this wreath can be assembled in five easy steps. 

Step 1:

Gather your supplies. As always, I encourage you to check your stash, or collection of Christmas stems, to see if you have what you need. Many times, a wreath can be assembled using items you already have, and honestly, those are the best kind! I used two kinds of greenery. The cedar is faux, and is several years old. The boxwood was freshly cut from my yard. 

evergreen christmas wreath supplies needed

Step 2:

An easy way to give your wreath more dimension, especially if the grapevine is thin, is to wire two wreaths together. I often use this trick so the items on my wreath stand out from the door. Simply wire two wreaths together with florist wire in four places. Snip the wire so the ends don’t stick out. 


evergreen christmas wreath step 1

Step 3:

Place the first type of greenery on the outside edge of the wreath, beginning at about 4 o’clock and ending at 9 o’clock. Many of you have written to ask exactly how to stick floral stems into a grapevine wreath. The trick is to find a spot in the wreath where the stem can slip in several inches. When the stem is inserted deeply, there is no need for any wire or glue. Sometimes it takes a few tries, so be patient! Another advantage of layering two wreaths is that when stems are inserted, they are less likely to poke through the back of the wreath. 

evergreen christmas wreath step 2

Step 4:

Insert the second type of greenery. Begin again at 4 o’clock, but continue the second type of greenery a little further than the first, to about 11 o’clock. Put this layer on the top of the grapevine wreath, making sure to generously fill in the whole space. 

Tip for using fresh greenery: when snipping branches to use in floral arrangements or on a wreath, make the cuts deep into the bush. This will give you room to clear the needles/leaves off a few inches at the bottom of the branch. This bare end is much easier to insert into the wreath, than one covered with needles or leaves. A deeper cut will also give you a stronger and longer branch. 

evergreen christmas wreath step 3

Step 5:

Now it’s time to add the finishing touches and color. Cut apart 3 or 4 berry stems, and insert them into the greenery. Make sure to hold your wreath up so you can make sure that everything looks balanced. Wire on 4 or 5 pinecones between 6 o’clock and 8 o’clock. If desired, insert some sticks or branches along the bottom edge of the wreath. 

Five steps, and about 30 minutes. That’s all it takes to make an evergreen Christmas wreath that will take you from Thanksgiving, all the way to spring. 

evergreen christmas wreath on door with bucket of pine cones

The last several days here in Ohio have been unseasonably warm, and it’s been hard to think about Christmas. I thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon spent decorating our porch. It was like having the best of both worlds. I was outside in the warm, fresh air with Christmas music playing! 

Until next time…

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