Easy Holiday Porch Decor Ideas

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Easy holiday porch decor ideas that don’t take much time, & that can be used year after year. Pops of red & twinkling trees add Christmas cheer! A vintage touch is added with galvanized metal and an antique sled.

holiday porch decor ideas mini trees

My main goal when planning our Christmas decor for this year was to keep things simple…yet cozy. Like many of you, I am craving calm and quiet. I still want pops of red, but I am adding more neutrals, and want our rooms, including the front porch, to feel light and airy. I always follow a 5-step process when I decorate our porch for each season, and this year is no different. All the details are below…but before we get started, I want to let you know that I’m joining some of my favorite bloggers for a Christmas One Room Tour. We are each featuring one room or area in our homes that’s decked out with Christmas decor. Make sure to check out all the ideas at the end of the post. 

holiday porch decor bucket of pinecones

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Easy Holiday Porch Decor

Step 1: A new (or repurposed) door wreath

When I’m deciding on a seasonal porch switch, my favorite place to start is with the wreath. The front door, along with the wreath, always sets the tone. The evergreen and white berry wreath is neutral, and will be able to stay on the door through the winter months. 

christmas trees in planters

Step 2: A porch planter update

If you have enough space, a planter or two is a perfect way to add a bit of your own personal style to your holiday porch. If you are a neutral person, simply add pine boughs to an existing planter for a lovely, festive look. This year, I added 36 inch faux Christmas trees to our planters. The ivy that I planted in the spring is still beautiful, so I wrapped it around the base of the trees. The trees are pre-lit, and have a heavy plastic bucket for the base. I was able to “plant” them by just digging out some of the dirt, and setting the plastic bucket right into the planter. After fluffing the trees into shape, I nestled faux juniper garlands around each tree. This is a quick and very easy way to update your summer planters for the holidays. 

christmas tree in planter

Step 3: Lighting

Even a very minimal amount of lighting makes a difference on a Christmas porch. This year, the only place I have extra lights are on the two trees. Some other ideas for placing lights are around the door, along a porch railing, or wound around a lamp post. Another way to add lighting is with lanterns. In the past, I have placed lanterns on the top of our porch steps, and also in the planters. 

See our Christmas lantern planters.

christmas porch decor bucket of pinecones

mini christmas wagon on table

Step 4: A fresh and festive doormat

I am hopelessly obsessed with doormats. I actually have a shelf in our garage dedicated to storing my collection. I usually try to purchase budget-friendly options, but I have been known to splurge if I fall in love! I’m happy to say that this year, the doormat did not break the bank. Another idea is to layer your doormat over a small outdoor rug. (I love this trick.) It adds interest, and is another way to add color.

layered doormats on porch

holiday porch decor ideas red pillows

Step 5: Soft furnishings and accessories

If you have the space and an area of your porch that is protected from the elements, add a chair or two. Accessorize the area like it’s an indoor room. Add inexpensive pillows, bits of red and green, and any sort of natural element. For our porch, I got my pop of red with the pillows and the little red wagon on the table. 

holiday porch decor ideas vintage sled

A Vintage Flexible Flyer Sled

I’ve wanted a vintage sled for years. I’ve never seen one in person at our antique mall, so I finally decided to look online, and found the best selection on eBay. I watched the listings for a few weeks before I purchased, because the prices varied quite a bit. I wanted one in good shape, but I also wanted it to look old. I’m so happy with my new/old sled, and it’s a fun addition to our Christmas porch…and the best part is that the original rope is still there!

holiday porch decor antique sled

Holiday Porch Decor Sources

Red pillows | white rockers | trees in planters | planters (similar) | door wreath | doormat | blue plaid rug | little red wagon (similar) | *juniper garland | vintage Flexible Flyer sled

*The juniper garland linked above looks very similar to what I have on the little trees. I got the garlands locally several years ago. I don’t know for sure if it’s the same thing. 

holiday decor on blue front door

I’ve been decorating this porch for a very long time. My blog is almost ten years old, and I was decorating the porch for years before I ever started blogging. It’s something I do because it makes me happy, and right now, we all need some of that. If porches aren’t your thing, that’s perfectly OK…but I encourage you to spruce up a space in your home for Christmas, and do it for you. Your heart will be a bit lighter, and with any luck, there will be a smile on your face. Now…it’s time to send you along to my friends for even more inspiration. Enjoy!

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  1. Jackie Johnson says:

    I have my sled from when I was little ( I am now 70 yrs old) and use it to decorate my porch every year. Question: will you change your site name now that you have moved?

  2. Love your front porch with the trees and the pretty wreath.The sled is the best touch.My sled from childhood is next to the front door embellished with a bow, greens and bells.Can’t wait to see how you decorated the porch in your new home.

  3. Your porch looks lovely. I like the tree planters. I have a flexible flier that was my childhood sled and my moms old ice skates that I have put out on the “porch” over the years. We are presently living in FL now so I can’t quite make myself put it out this year. My sled reminds me of some wonderful childhood memories of my family sledding together,

  4. Karen Batchelder says:

    I’d love to know where you bought your planters!
    Karen B

  5. Gail Martin says:

    I went so simple on my dining room Christmas tree that is was ridiculous. I found some of those red sateen balls that were my mother’s. My tree is white. Poof!!! Those balls went on that tree so fast. DONE!! Looks rather retro, but I like it. AND the tree was decorated in 5 minutes. It was so stress-free.

  6. Jean Windham says:

    Great job decorating your porch for Christmas! I love the trees and lights. The door wreath I especially love! The white and green on the brown wreath is very pretty. I especially like it because it’s different. Thank you fir sharing. Jean

  7. Connie W. says:

    You’re porch is very lovely, Anne! I love the simplicity and yet beautiful ideas!

    Happy Holidays to you and yours!

  8. Chinita Hayden says:

    Ann, your front porch looks marvelous…. simple, cozy and inviting, just like we all need. I love your ability to bring a smile to my face. I’m glad that I found your posts just this past couple months. Merry Christmas to you and your family. Stay well and safe and God bless!

  9. 5 stars
    I love the planters and the sled. The porch looks so pretty! I have an old sled that was mine that I put out every year too! I hang an old pare of ice skates that belonged to my Mom from it every year. Have a lovely Thanksgiving and Christmas!

  10. Cecilia from Georgia says:

    I love the simplicity of your porch decorations. Very festive without going over the top. Great look with the layered door mat! Thanks for sharing your lovely porch!

  11. MARY-ANN (FROM CANADA!) says:

    Ann, your front porch is so beautiful! Everything goes together so well. I love your little red wagon with the pretty greens in it on top of your white wicker table and the “new” antique sled you have decorated! The trees in your planters with the lights and ivy wrapped around the bottom are so pretty. They will sure look pretty at night. Your antique pots with the pinecones are really cute, too. You have done such a fabulous job — as you always do — Ann! Enjoy! Thanks for always sharing your beautiful home with us! I always look forward to your posts!

  12. Karla Bannerman says:

    5 stars
    Love your ideas. Was looking at photos and thought, hey,I’ve got the little wagon and my husband’s original flexible flyer. Along with the smaller trees that will fit in planters I’m all set. Have a grapevine wreath and we’d and silver ribbons, plus a few oversized jingle bells, I’m set to go. It’s colder here in mid-Ohio, but can get it done. You always inspire me. Thank you.
    Stay healthy and have a very blessed holiday.

  13. Kathy Anthony says:

    Your front porch looks just lovely, Ann. I so wish I had a covered porch so I could do some pretty things to soften the overall flat front of our house. I love seeing all the happy accents you have added, especially the flexible flyer sled! Have a joyous Christmas!

  14. Love your front porch Christmas decor, Ann! What an inspiration you are to all of us! I’ve been shopping for those red Pottery Barn winter pillows, but looks like they’re not available near me or for shipping anymore. Also watching for a vintage Red Flyer sled on eBay. Thank you for all of your creative ideas!

  15. Very enjoyable and informative!!

  16. Ann, your porch is so lovely and very inspiring! There are so many great ideas and I love the use of color – understated but just enough… :-) Btw, I’m excited to have a sled to use this year too.. but I found mine in my parents’ garage when we cleaned it out this past year!

  17. Oh so pretty. I love your planters by the door and your entire porch looks so inviting. Your door wreath is especially beautiful. Love the design.