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DIY Snowman Wreath Tutorial

In this post: A DIY Snowman Wreath tutorial that uses basic supplies you can find in any craft store. Easy to follow directions with pictures included!

diy snowman wreath with scarf and mittens

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DIY Snowman Wreath Tutorial Supplies Needed

DIY Snowman Wreath Tutorial supplies needed

The first step is to wire the wreaths together with the smallest wreath on top. One piece of wire securely attached will do the trick.

DIY Snowman Wreath Tutorial assembly

When your three wreaths are wired tightly, start sticking your greenery in the wreaths. If you use a slight angle, like the spokes on a wheel, the greenery will turn around the wreath easier. If you are using a garland, just attach it in a few spots with wire.

DIY Snowman Wreath Tutorial adding greenery

The picture below shows the snowman wreath after the wreaths are connected and the greenery is attached.

diy snowman wreath greenery

Now it’s time to dress this DIY snowman wreath. The ribbon embellishment needs to be rather wide so it looks like a scarf. A stiff ribbon between 3 and 4 inches wide works well. The chevron ribbon used for this project is no longer available. Click {HERE} for something similar. Another option is to actually use a real wool or flannel scarf. Can’t get much easier than that.

diy snowman wreath ribbon scarf

I made the mittens from one square of red felt. Click HERE FOR THE MITTEN TEMPLATE. Trace four mittens on the felt and cut out inside the black line. For the first mitten: Cut a small, rectangular piece of card stock and hot glue it to one mitten side. (You can skip this step if you want to. It just gives the mitten a little stiffness.) Hot glue the 2 mitten pattern pieces together with a thin bead of glue around the edge. Repeat for the second mitten.

DIY Snowman Wreath Tutorial mitten assembly

I have no shortage of sticks in my yard so I wandered outside and found two that sort of matched. I broke them off to about 10 inches long and stuck them into the sides of the middle wreath. No glue or wire used. The final and finishing touch was slipping the mittens on the sticks.

diy snowman wreath tutorial pin with text

If you don’t count the time it took to shop for the materials, this DIY snowman wreath, from start to finish, took about an hour. That even includes hunting for the sticks. The cost breakdown is $11 for three wreaths (they were half price,) $5 for the bolt of ribbon, and $.40 for the square of felt. I had the greenery in my stash so that was free. Total cost for me: under $20. 

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