Wreath Making 101: Seasonal Ideas & Inspiration

Wreath Making 101: Complete instructions to create a wreath from scratch plus a gallery of ideas for every season. Consists of a series of blog posts that show you how to create a wreath from start to finish.

For as long as I can remember, I have loved wreaths. I’ve had them in every room of my house at one time or another…and of course as a symbol of hospitality on my front door. Over the years, I have picked up tips and tricks that have made wreath-making easy and fun. I’d like to share those tips as a token of my thanks for your support of my blog, so I’ve put together a little tutorial called Wreath Making 101. 

Nine times out of ten I start with a grapevine wreath…or sometimes two grapevine wreaths. Visit my [How to Make a Wreath] post for details on how to get started. I show you how to take a plain, pile-of-sticks wreath and transform it into something wonderful. Click [HERE.]

How to Make a Wreath | step by step tutorial for embellishing a grapevine wreath. Seasonal ideas and lots of examples. Definitely worth checking out!

Not always, but most of the time, I add a bow. There are lots of ways to make a bow…but if you want a perfect one every time just follow the directions in my post [How to Make a Perfect Bow.]

How To Make A Perfect Bow | Easy DIY tutorial with pictures on how to make a perfect bow every time with no sewing! | Burlap bow | Wreath bow.Related:

Now that the basics are taken care of, it’s time to add your own signature touch. Below are some wreaths and door baskets I have designed that may inspire you to dig in and make one of your very own. Many times all I need is a little inspiration to get started. Sort of like planting a seed. Use my seeds…but make them grow yourself. These are all easy and budget friendly ideas. Some of them are seasonal but go ahead, click over and pin them for later. 

As inspiration strikes I will be adding more ideas and tutorials.

Wreathmaking 101 | Complete instructions to create a wreath from scratch plus a gallery of ideas for every season.

 Now get out there and make something beautiful!

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