Easy Lace Pumpkin with Mod Podge

This lace pumpkin decor craft is an easy alternative to painting. Learn how to make your own Mod Podge pumpkins with this tutorial.

This is a super-easy DIY Mod Podge pumpkin craft that’s perfect for kids and adults. This quick autumn project adds a classic, vintage touch to your fall decor. You’ll want to pull out this timeless piece again and again for years to come.

A lace pumpkin sitting on a stack of blue books next to a blue lamp.

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Easy DIY Lace Pumpkin

I can’t believe it has been so many years since I created this tutorial. The first time I published it was back in 2013! Since then I have updated it with brand new images, more information and helpful tips, and current links.

All these years later and I still use this darling little pumpkin in my fall decor every year. This is a timeless and classic DIY decor idea that will outlast any trend.

Why You Will Love This DIY Fall Decor Craft

There are so many things to like about this DIY mod podge pumpkin craft. It’s cheap, it’s fun, it’s super easy, and it uses easy to procure ingredients you likely already have on hand. Trust me…when you’ve finished this project, you will want to mod podge doilies on everything.

A pumpkin with lace decorating it.

DIY Mod Podge Pumpkin Craft Supplies Needed

Here is what you will need before you begin the craft.

How To Make A Lace Pumpkin

This DIY fall decor craft could not be any easier. Here’s how to make it.

Create A Hole In the Doily

With your scissors, open the hole in the center of the doily. All doilies have a hole in the middle, although some are very small. You need to make this hold big enough so that it will fit easily over the stem of the pumpkin.

To prevent the hole from being too big, make it just a bit larger at first, and then try to fit it over the stem. Slowly make the hole a little bigger each time until it just barely fits over the stem. Unfortunately, there is no way to make the opening smaller once it’s opened, so go slowly here.

After you get it the perfect size, put the doily aside.

Mod Podge The Pumpkin

Next, apply a thick coat of Mod Podge to the pumpkin with a sponge brush. Only apply it to the top of the pumpkin where the lace doily will lay.

Mod Podge dries clear, so it doesn’t matter if you cover more area than the doily needs. That being said, you may want to purchase the matte variety so underneath the doily doesn’t gleam glossy.

Add The Lace Doily

Place the doily back on the pumpkin, and press it into the Mod Podge. Stretch it out, and make sure it’s placed where you want it.

Next, dab a good amount of Mod Podge around the opening of the doily so it doesn’t fray. Let it dry. 

Apply More Mod Podge On Top

Apply a second coat of Mod Podge over the doily and let it dry completely.

Frequently Asked Questions About Lace Pumpkins

Here are some questions people often ask about this lace pumpkin craft.

Can you mod podge real pumpkins?

Yes, you can Mod Podge either fake or real pumpkins! The only downside to using real pumpkins is that they rot. As they rot, it will ruin your lace doilies. If you want to use real pumpkins for this craft, I suggest using disposable paper doilies.

What kind of lace can I use?

I seriously considered using vintage lace doilies, but I couldn’t bring myself to do it. I just didn’t want to cut them. If you have a big collection of lace doilies, and don’t mind giving up a few, you could definitely use them for this project. That would be a great way to recycle what you already have.

One more note…I used a small pumpkin with a small doily. Doilies and faux pumpkins come in all sizes, so it’s a personal choice what size(s) you make. 

An orange pumpkin decorated with lace and Mod Podge

What can I use if I don’t have Mod Podge?

The closest substitute to Mod Podge is PVA glue. It is spreadable and also dries on clear, just like Mod Podge.

Where can I display my lace pumpkin?

I have two of these mod podge pumpkins, and over the years, I’ve used them everywhere in my fall decor. Inside and out, in the kitchen, and in the living room. They are lightweight and so simple to store.

Both of my pumpkins look as nice today as the day I made them. If you have older children or grandchildren, this would be a fun thing to do with them. It’s also the perfect craft for a ladies night out or senior center craft session. 

More DIY Mod Podge Craft Ideas

diy mod podge pumpkin craft with lace

Shopping Sources:

blue & white lamp (similar) | 10 inch pedestal plate | 8.5 inch pedestal plate | set of small blue plates (similar) | large platter no longer available |find a similar platter HERE

Have a beautiful weekend. It turned cool here, and fall is definitely in the air.