How To Add Touches Of Fall To Your Kitchen

Budget-friendly ways to add touches of fall to your kitchen. Tips for setting the perfect autumn table, refreshing your countertops, and adding natural elements.

wooden bowl with pumpkins1

Fall is officially here. Now is the time to gather together all your senses by creating the cozy environment you look forward to all year. That means bringing bits and pieces of autumn goodness to your rooms. Autumn smells, cozy vibes, and natural elements. You can create a fall inspired room by simply refreshing your space, without completely redecorating. Use what you have, bring in a few new items, add natural elements…and do it all on a budget!

dining nook table set for fall

An Autumn Table

Mixing old and new is one of the easiest ways to achieve a look that belongs entirely to you. It’s especially fun to mix things up for a fresh seasonal table setting. For the table featured above, I used one of my treasured vintage pitchers for the flowers, and layered it over a round tray I had from last year, and a new table runner from Walmart. I adore the table runner because it’s neutral, has incredible texture from the weave and fringe, and it’s generously sized.

blue tableware with check napkin

I kept the table setting simple by using napkins I already had, and mason jars for glasses. Another super easy way to incorporate a natural element is to tuck fresh herb stems into your napkin bundle. Just use twine to bundle the napkin, add the herb stems, and tie a little bow. I added an unexpected color with the stoneware dishes…and I love the soft vibe they bring to the table.

candle in hyacinth candleholder on burlap runner

A simple, beautifully set fall table will create a memorable and charming atmosphere. It takes minimal effort, and the end result is always worth it. By using items you already have, and adding a few budget-friendly new finds, a lovely autumn table is within reach for everyone!

add touches of fall to the kitchen with flowers and candles revised

Autumn Smells

There are many scents that are quintessentially fall, and many ways to add these scents to your kitchen. Opt for scented candles with fragrances like cranberry apple, firewood & spice, or one of my favorites, lemon balm and cedar. These smells make your kitchen feel like the coziest spot ever, filled with the lingering scents of autumn.

how to add touches of fall to your kitchen pumpkins flowers wooden bowl

Countertop Ideas

If, like me, you have limited countertop space, it’s hard to sacrifice that space for decorative items. One way you can add seasonal style to your counters without taking up much room is to lean a piece of artwork against your backsplash. I framed a free printable of fall artwork in a simple wood frame, added a yummy scented candle, and a tiny vintage pitcher of fresh flowers. This little vignette takes up hardly any space, but it adds that cozy fall feeling I was going for.

stove with wooden bowl of pumpkins and cutting boards

Refreshing With Natural Elements

Walmart has everything you need to add fall inspired natural elements to your decor, especially in the kitchen. They offer beautiful bouquets of fresh flowers, and the perfect selection of decorative pumpkins and gourds. The simple task of placing festive pumpkins and gourds in a wooden bowl absolutely makes you feel cozy and calm. It’s beautiful to look at, and if you give your gourds a bath, any arrangement you make will last the entire season. (And when the flowers fade, the bowl of pumpkins will become my centerpiece!)

square canvas artwork of pumpkin on wall

Seasonal Art

I love seasonal art…and if it’s budget-friendly, that’s even better. Look for lightweight canvas prints (like the cute pumpkin above) that you can hang with Command strips, so when it’s time to move on to the next season, your wall won’t be damaged.

blue plaid rug in front of kitchen sink

More Ways To Add Touches of Fall To Your Kitchen

  • Switch out the rug in front of your kitchen sink. Choose something with color, texture, and a great design.
  • Display kitchen linens in autumnal colors. It’s such a nice change from the linens we use everyday!
  • In addition to pumpkins and gourds, display apples, pears, and pomegranates to bring in more color.
  • Make simmering potpourri to experience all the scents of fall.
fall table setting

With help from Walmart, creating a cozy feeling in your kitchen by adding touches of fall is easy. Get an unsurpassed selection of affordable fall home decor accessories, on, and get everything delivered directly to your home. What could be easier?

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Click the images below to be taken directly to the product listing. Every effort has been made to offer items that are in stock. If something is sold out, but may be restocked, it will still appear on the list.

add touches of fall to your kitchen with festive flowers in the sink

Whether you opt for rustic farmhouse decor, elegant autumnal accents, or a natural harvest theme, the most important thing to remember is to let your creativity shine. Embrace the beauty of the season by bringing in pumpkins, gourds, candles, beautiful flowers, and lovely linens. Remember that simplicity can often be the best choice, so don’t feel the need to overwhelm your kitchen with decorations. Remember our motto…simple is best. Enjoy!

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  1. Fantastic ideas for integrating Autumn into the decor, and the touch of blue certainly mellows the look. Love it

  2. Ethel Alderson says:

    What is the tiny purple/blue flower you are using with the orange flowers? Does it come fuax?

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    1. The purple flowers are Speedwell. They came in the bouquet along with the mums. I have not seen them in faux, but if I do, I will include it in one of my Wednesday posts. Thank you!