Fall Kitchen Decorating Ideas

Bring the colors and scents of autumn into your kitchen with these 8 cozy fall kitchen decorating ideas…use just a few or use them all!

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When one season ends, and another begins, it’s the perfect time to update and refresh our decor. We all spend time in our kitchens, so it’s definitely not a space we want to overlook. Adding touches of autumn to our kitchens is as easy as piling some little pumpkins in a bowl, or baking a batch of pumpkin bread. (More on that later!)

fall table setting ideas 2022

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8 Fall Kitchen Decorating Ideas

Create a calm, inviting atmosphere in your home by embracing a simple, pared-back look that allows you to take the “fuss” out of design. Natural materials like wood, brass, ceramics, and stone offer texture and interest to every space in your home, but especially your kitchen. Incorporate natural elements, like fresh or dried flowers, and pumpkins, into your fall kitchen decorating ideas. This affordable design aesthetic feels collected, which I love, and creates an escape right in your own home—for less.

fall decorating on kitchen table

Set a Pretty Table

When it comes to a fall table setting, as always, I believe simple is best. In this tablescape, mostly neutral colors prevail, with pops of color coming from the placemats and flowers. Rustic and beautiful dinnerware, natural linen napkins, and fresh pumpkin bread are great ways to welcome family and friends to your home.

fall flower arrangement on table 2022

Fresh Flowers

I’m a firm believer that fresh flowers can transform a room, and in hardly any time at all. They add color, texture, and life. The simple task of placing a small pitcher of flowers on your kitchen table or counter can not only cheer you up, it will breathe life into your space. I don’t always have flowers in the kitchen, but when I do, it makes spending time there even more enjoyable.

fall kitchen decorating ideas mini white pumpkins tray on gas range

Pumpkins + Gourds

Little pumpkins and gourds, piled on a tray or in a bowl, add the perfect touch of autumn to any room, but especially the kitchen. The warm tones of the wood bowl and salt keeper naturally lend a fall coziness to our kitchen countertop, and they are an ideal compliment to the pumpkins. Before you begin decorating, make sure to give all your pumpkins and gourds a bath first, and they will last quite a long time.

fall kitchen decorating ideas festive linen towels

Scented Soaps

The aromas of autumn are almost as good as the sights and colors, so bringing them into your kitchen just makes sense. Seasonal dish soap and hand soap makes cleaning up your kitchen almost fun. (I did say almost!) My favorite right now is the Acorn Spice scent from Mrs. Meyer’s. I love the fresh and spicy scent, and both are very gentle on your hands.

pitcher of fall flowers with pumpkin wax melter

Candles, Potpourri, + Scented Wax Melts

Another way to bring the scent of fall into your kitchen is with candles, simmering potpourri, or scented wax melts. The two yummiest scents for autumn are cinnamon and pumpkin. Burning a candle, simmering some spices on your stove, or melting scented wax, will make you feel like the very essence of fall is right there in your kitchen.

fall kitchen decorating ideas tray on gas range

Festive Colorful Linens

Changing your linens is one of the easiest ways to bring seasonal style to your kitchen. You don’t have to completely swap out your regular, every-day kitchen towels. The trick is to simply add one or two towels that reflect the colors of the season to a prominent space in your kitchen. It takes literally a few minutes, but makes a huge impact.

kitchen decorating ideas rug in front of sink

A Cozy Rug

Adding a rug or runner in front of your sink, or if you happen to have a dining area in your kitchen, under your table and chairs, ups your kitchen’s cozy factor quickly and affordably. When I saw this runner, I knew the autumnal shades, along with some blue, would add color and a bit of whimsy to our kitchen. The fact that it’s very easy on my feet is definitely an added bonus!

rug in front of kitchen sink

Pumpkin Bread

This last idea doesn’t have anything to do with decor, but it will make your kitchen smell like fall, and you’ll have a delicious snack to enjoy on those crisp autumn afternoons. Anything baked with cinnamon and spices fills your kitchen with the most amazing aroma. If you are struggling with the arrival of fall, and are sad to see summer go, bake a batch of pumpkin bread. You’ll be waving goodbye to summer before the bread comes out of the oven!

pumpkin bread on tray on gas range

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  1. Barbara Harilaou says:

    Your kitchen has a beautiful, yet elegant fall decor. Lovely. Thank you for the pumpkin bread recipe.

  2. Thank you for keeping it simple and affordable –MY STYLE!!

  3. All lovely! Ann, your source pics are missing.

    1. Hi Cindy…I checked on all my devices and on multiple browsers. The images are showing for me. It’s super helpful to clear your browser cache if images aren’t loading properly. I hope this helps!

  4. So lovely. A beautiful display and a lovely kitchen and dining area. It made me smile!

  5. Love the new rug!!
    Your kitchen always looks lovely🍁

  6. Ann, I loved your post this morning. You always inspire me. Our cool fall morning here consists of making your apple cake, slow cooker apple sauce and 2 apple pies heading to the freezer.

  7. Anne Marie Gorman says:

    What did you wrap the pumpkin bread as displayed in your ‘set a pretty table’? Great idea! Please advise.

    1. Hi Anne Marie! I folded pieces of parchment paper and wrapped each loaf…then tied the loaves with twine. Thank you!

  8. I love the simplicity of this fall inspiration. My husband and I were just talking and laughing about this yesterday because I have a couple of passions – one is driving a paid for car, a topic for another day, but the first things on my list would have to be luxurious soaps and candles. Several times a year I go to TJ Maxx and stock up on different items. Small dollar items for sure, but they bring such comfort to our home in this day and age of chaos the world has been experiencing.

  9. Good morning Ann, your fall kitchen is beautiful! Love your ‘pops’ of fall color and decorating ideas. Wish I could arrange fresh flowers as beautiful as yours. Thank you, as always, for all of your simple creative ideas. I’m going to start doing some online shopping at Walmart. Looks like they have lots of reasonably priced items. Happy Fall!! 🎃🍁

  10. TrophyHomeRestoration says:

    5 stars
    What a great and helpful post! All of the tips are fabulous! It’s hard for me to pick a favorite, but the festive, colorful linens…I love it!

  11. I love to read your blog. I never miss a post. Today you have so many lovely ideas for a Fall kitchen update.
    On Homestyle Saturday’s I always wait until I get to your post to read all the posts even though I subscribe to some of the other blogs. But your blog is so neat and organized it’s easy to read. The others are too crowded and confusing.

    1. Thank you so much Nancy! I am so happy to hear that you find my blog easy to read. You made my day!

      1. Looking forward to baking your pumpkin bread soon. It is a big hit with my grandchildren! Thank you!

  12. The fall flowers are beautiful and the pumpkin bread sounds yummy,I’ll have to try it.

  13. Adding a few colorful additions and a few pumpkins to your lovely neutral kitchen has it ready for fall. Thanks fo the inspiration.

  14. Maureen Provost Ryan says:

    Our kitchen decor includes two of your framed pumpkin fall printables — they really add a lot. I have a shelf that is like a mantel where we display seasonal items and this year’s really turned out nicely! Thanks, Ann!

  15. Your fall kitchen is so warm and welcoming, Ann! I feel like I can smell the yummy scents right through the computer!

  16. So pretty Ann. Thanks for giving us inspiration to get ready for Fall…love your ideas.

  17. Love the Fall the best. I have decorated already and will keep until the Christmas decor is put up. Thanks for the great ideas, as usual.