Fall Porch Decor Ideas

Easy-to-do examples of fall porch decor ideas that are quick and budget-friendly. Includes a fun and unique fall planter.

fall porch decor ideas 2023 update

*Originally published in 2014, this post has been updated with more information, re-edited images, and fresh source links.

One of the best things about an outdoor space is being able to usher in a new season by changing the decor. My outdoor spaces aren’t big or weather- proof…but I love to bring a bit of the indoors out, and cozy them up with fabrics, plants, and accessories. I don’t worry if something gets wet, because eventually it dries out. Nothing has ever blown away, or been stolen. I try to use what I already have for the most part, but sometimes I end up buying something new. (A handy source list is at the end of the post.)

fall porch decor ideas 2023 update blue front door with straw wreath

Vintage Galvanized Tubs

This fall my new additions are these vintage galvanized tubs. I looked long and hard for two that were still on their wash stands, but never found a pair that I could afford. Oh my gosh…they are pricey!

fall porch decor ideas 2023 update grapevine trees in planters with lights

So I decided to go with basic tubs, and not only was it budget-friendly, but it was the right choice for my space. The tubs on the stands would have been too large. Even though I wish I lived in a farmhouse, the fact remains that I do not. These tubs add a bit of farmhouse without going over the top. Here are easy directions for assembling the planters.

fall porch decor with rockers pillows throw blanket

The Sitting Area

Here are the basic ways I add decor to my outdoor spaces. It may vary slightly with the season, but not very much. The first thing to start with is someplace to sit. A swing, rockers, or chairs. Even if you have a tiny front porch, hopefully you have room to add a small bench or even a stool.

fall porch decor ideas 2023 update pillow on rocker

If you have room for even one chair or bench, add some softness with fabric. A throw blanket, pillows, or a seat cushion…or a combination of any of the three. These brown plaid throw blankets are a great way to bring in the colors of the season.

fall porch decor ideas 2023 update mod podge lace pumpkin

Natural Elements

Add a natural element. A pot of mums, or something green, like ivy. Depending on the size of your space, sprinkle the natural elements around. Something by your door…something in your sitting area.


Next on the list is definitely pumpkins. A fall porch would not be complete without at least one pumpkin. I have a few small real ones, and a few faux pumpkins. When it gets closer to Halloween, I’ll put the faux pumpkins away, and replace them with the real thing.

fall porch decor ideas 2023 update blue front door straw wreath with burlap bow

That’s basically how I do it for every season. Some years take more planning than others. For this fall porch, I did plan for the new tubs, but I had everything else. Once everything was gathered, it only took me about 30 minutes to put it all together.

Shop + Source

I’ve put together as many sources as I could for things used on my porch. If there isn’t a source listed, it’s either vintage or no longer available.

*Affiliate links included. See my disclosure statement. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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  1. Penelope Butterfield Young says:

    Hi Ann, Thanks for the stunning share with fall front porch decor ideas. I adore the lush planters, helpful ideas of plants, decor ideas, and great links for sources of these. Loved this and feel inspired. Thanks so much for this!

  2. Lovely, lovely, lovely front porch for autumn! Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Gwen Condit says:

    I totally want to copy your pumpkins in the lantern idea. I’ve hooked to your link for the lights too. Always something new and I’d never have known without you!! So simple. Brown plastic!! Color of wood!!!
    And the doily. I buy real pumpkins for they end up being less expensive plus I love gourds!!! So inside I shall slip a doily over the top of a pumpkin…and reattach that stem with hot glue?!!!

    1. If you can’t slip the doily over the stem I think hot glue would work great!

  4. Ann your porch is gorgeous! So welcoming and beautiful. Wish I could come a knocking on your door! :-)

  5. BEAUTIFUL Ann!! I love the galvanized buckets near your front door!

  6. Beautiful, Ann! Thanks for the inspiration! I’m so glad to hear Kelly is well :)

  7. You always dress your porch well. Love it all.

  8. Cozy and quaint…love your decorating style. Thank you for the decorating inspiration. Happy Fall!

  9. Love your porch décor Ann. Elegant and not over done. I’d like to come over for some tea and rock awhile :-) Great Job!

  10. Your front porch always looks so inviting – whatever the season. Fall is my favorite season for decorating! Happy Fall!

  11. I love your front porch and especially your galvanized tubs! They are perfect. I also like the black and white plaid blankets. Pumpkins (real and fake) and mums are on my decks already along with cattails and hydrangeas in my old milk can. I had missed your post about your sweet Kelly and am so sorry you both had to go through all that but I’m glad that she is better and still by your side. Happy Fall to you! Hugs Pam

  12. Like you, Ann, I wish I had a farmhouse. I can remember days being at my Aunt’s farmhouse making pies with her and berry picking with my cousins. I’m an only child so it was always great to have someone to hang out with. Enough reminiscing.

    Love the rocker, love the throw, love the pumpkins, I guess I love everything! I put out mums in some my planters and have my little rocker on my little porch. Well, when I came home the other day (my son is a landscaper) he had left a bale of hay on my porch and moved some of mums on top of it. It was so sweet of him. You know, sometimes they drive you crazy and they do something like that! Ya gotta love em!

    1. Oh my gosh that’s the nicest thing I’ve ever heard. Thumbs up for your son!

  13. Marlene Stephenson says:

    It looks wonderful and ready for a set to snuggle,drink a hot drink,and watch leaves turn those beautiful colors. Have a great weekend.

  14. Mary Alice Kenley says:

    Ann, you’ve given me an idea! I have several collars my grandmother made for me; do you remember them? They were crocheted, and we put them on a pullover “banlon” sweater and wore it with a matching button up sweater. I’ve been wondering what to do with them. I think I’ll do a few pumpkins and put them on the hearth in the living room. Thanks so much; the porch looks wonderful.

  15. Ann, I love those galvanized tubs at your front door! Your porch looks so cozy with those throws in the rockers. And every time I see that lace adorned pumpkin, I just swoon! (And Kelly, too, I just adore her and love seeing her pics, too!)

  16. Ann, your fall porch is beautiful!!! I love the use of galvanized tubs at the door.I just might have to use that idea out my back door! I could tell your decor anywhere! It’s clean and fresh and so will done! I’m so inspired any time I stop by!

  17. I really like the galvanized tubs; the color is a nice offset against all those warm fall colors!

  18. Sherry Cook says:

    Hi Ann, I love the porch ideas. I looked closely at the tree-like towers in your tubs. I love the idea of the lights on them. Because it is close to Halloween will these be witches hats?

  19. Kathleen G says:

    When I look at Kelly, I picture a elderly British nobleman wearing a monocle. Being traumatized, it’ll take some time to heal. Love your Fall porch Ann. Fall is slowly coming around, meaning dryer air. Need to finish with my front porch with my faux Autumn leaves and flowers. Kathleen in Az

  20. Mary Johnson says:

    Ann, your porch looks lovely! I often lament about the things I don’t have (such as a farm house or a bigger front porch) but you help me to remember to work with what I do have. Thank you always for your inspiration!

    1. I know Mary! Thank you for taking the time to comment. If I had a dime for every time I wished for something I don’t have I’d be rich!

  21. Your porch looks fantastic Ann. We are having rain and wind today and it’s blowing all the leaves from the trees, Im beginning to think fall may be gone here soon and winter will be rolling in.

  22. Penny @ The Comforts of Home says:

    I love those tubs! Your porch looks wonderful Ann.

  23. Hello Ann,

    Love, love your fall porch. It was 94 here yesterday, (Hilsboro, Or.) we are ready for some fall days. Love the color on your front door, would you send me the color please.
    Have a wonderful Sunday!

    Mary Ann

  24. Very pretty, Ann! I love the plaid throws over your chairs and the lace pumpkin is adorable! I can’t wait to see how you design your tubs for Christmas! Happy Fall!~~Angela

  25. Hi Ann,
    Such a beautiful porch. I loooove bittersweet. It used to grow nearby but now that I don’t live there anymore I really miss it.
    Have a great weekend.

  26. Th galvanized tubs and their contents are fabulous. I am planning to use a copper boiler that was my in-laws, and place my two ferns in it. We kept several large parts of our tree we had removed four years ago. I set pumpkins on them, add my scarecrow, cornstalks, and mums. Small, twinkling, autumnal colored lights on a timer highlight our small porch. I keep this visual from the beginning of autumn till my family dinner on Thanksgiving Day.

  27. What a pretty fall porch! I love all your clever touches–especially the lace pumpkin. Who would have thought that adding lace could make such an elegant transformation! Thanks so much for the inspiration!

  28. I really like that you tell where you got your stuff for decorating and I love your designs.
    I am not a decorator but I like looking at it. Helen Keller could live in my house comfortably.

  29. Toocutedobs says:

    I am very sorry about your fur kid. Just like the rest of us, after a violent attach, her confidence is also a part of the injuries. You may want to work with a trainer to help her recover. Best wishes, and thanks for the décor ideas. I have been inspired!

  30. Wonderful Gift to us – Thanks!