8 Fall Planter Ideas

8 fall planter ideas that incorporate mums and other autumn decor, including pumpkins, gourds, olive buckets, grapevine, and more. Fall is calling!

tiny pumpkins nestled in planter with greenery 2022

With the arrival of each new season, my all-time favorite thing to do is refresh our front porch. Even at Christmas, decorating the porch trumps everything…the tree, the garland, even the presents. Coming up with new front porch ideas at least four times a year is a challenge I love…but sometimes it’s more of a challenge than I care to admit! Our current front porch is made of basic concrete, and it has a pretty white railing. Additions of a blue front door, white rockers, a fun doormat, and of course, seasonal planters add charm, color, and texture. I’m very much looking forward to our first fall here in the new house, and especially adding touches of fall to the porch. At the end of the post, I’m sharing those plans.

fall front porch decor fall planter ideas 2022

How do you decorate outdoor fall planters?

What follows are 8 fall planter ideas from our Sutton Place house. I’ve tried, but I cannot choose a favorite! Each one is simple to assemble, and easy on the budget. The best thing about decorating your outdoor space for the seasons is simply being outside. It’s especially lovely in the fall, when the air becomes a bit cooler, and your inspiration is refreshed.

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Galvanized Washtubs with Grapevine Trees

There are two things all fall containers need…plants with color and foliage for filler. First up are these galvanized washtubs with grapevine trees. This DIY project was originally shared in 2014, and because it’s still a great idea, the post has been updated with re-edited images, more organized information, and source links. These washtubs are the perfect way to flank your front door, and they add amazing fall curb appeal.

galvanized wash tubs with fall plants 2022

Mums in Olive Buckets

Back in 2015, when a snagged a pair of vintage olive buckets, our front porch took on a cozy and vintage vibe that I loved. Dark autumn colors were featured, along with touches of navy blue. The olive buckets flanked the front door, with gorgeous russet mums taking center stage. The assembly of these olive bucket planters was super easy, and any kind of bucket or planter can be used as the base. For more inspiration, take a look at the rest of our 2015 fall front porch.

vintage olive buckets with mums on porch 2022

Olive Buckets with Bittersweet + Pumpkins

The olive buckets came back, but this time they were filled with pumpkins and bittersweet. These sweet planters went viral on Pinterest, and were pinned more than 146,000 times. They are so easy, and take hardly any time at all to assemble. Because the pumpkins are not the real thing, you can make these when September begins, and they will last all the way to Thanksgiving!

vintage olive bucket with fall pumpkin 2022

Mums with Yellow Blooms in Square Black Planters

These sunny yellow mums in black planters were very simple, but they added incredible curb appeal to our front porch. They popped off the brick, and were the first thing you noticed from the sidewalk or street. They literally took minutes to assemble!

yellow mums in planters on fall porch 2022

Lanterns in Black Planters

These black planters with lanterns are one of my top ten favorite projects. Like many things I attempt, I wasn’t at all sure what I was doing, or how the planters would look at the end. I can honestly say that they turned out way better than I imagined!

lantern planters for fall 2022

White Metal Planters with Boxwood + Ivy

This was the year that I actually thought ahead to Christmas, and planted boxwood and ivy in crisp white planters. Although there was no color in the planters, the combination of russet, gold, and navy blue on the rest of the porch made up for it.

white metal planters with boxwood on porch 2022

Mums, Ivy, + Mini Pumpkins

Next up are lightweight faux galvanized planters filled with mums, ivy, and mini pumpkins. Like I sometimes do, I used ivy that had been growing in my summer pots for the fall version. Using leftover herbs or trailing plants from summer in your autumn pots is an easy way to get a full and mature-looking end result.

faux galvanized planters with mums and ivy 2022

Mums, Trailing Petunias, + Ivy in Navy Planters

I didn’t know it at the time, but these navy planters with mums, ivy, and trailing petunias were my last at the Sutton Place house. I loved that the planters matched the door color, and that the mums matched the doormat. The pairing of navy blue and bright russet is always a homerun in the fall.

blue planters with mums and layered doormats on porch 2022

More Fall Planter Ideas

What do you put in a planter in the fall?

Fall container plants can be a mixture of perennials, annuals, and herbs. Make sure to consider if your planters will be in all shade, partial shade, or full sun.

  • coleus
  • purple fountain grass
  • creeping jenny
  • asters
  • ornamental cabbage
  • purple kale
  • flowering kale
  • marigolds
  • lavender
  • moss
  • ornamental kale
  • ornamental peppers
  • sage
  • rosemary
  • thyme
closeup of blue planter with mums and ivy 2022

What kind of containers can you use?

  • a planter box
  • any kind of basket
  • urns
  • olive buckets
  • galvanized buckets
  • galvanized washtubs
  • terra cotta pots
copper mums in planters on front porch 2022

What colors should I use in a fall flower planter?

The colors of autumn are rich, dark, and saturated. Here are some ideas:

  • oranges
  • deep purple hues
  • burgundy
  • rust or russet
  • copper
  • gold
  • yellow

2022 Fall Porch Plans

Planter Idea

I’ve got almost everything figured out for this year’s fall decor and as always, I’ll start on the porch. Like I said earlier, some years seem to be more of a challenge than others when it comes to brainstorming new fall planter ideas. I’ll be using the same white planters I used in the spring, and I’ll be filling them with:

  • copper mums (the thriller)
  • different shades of ivy (the spiller)
  • mini gourds (the filler)
  • these faux fall berries from last year
pillow cover layered doormats wreath fall decor ideas

Fall Porch Accessories

Shades of copper or russet are my favorite for fall, so I’m concentrating on that for both the inside and out. I spent a good amount of time online looking for just the right accessories. I’m using this striped rug layered under this coir doormat. I’ve wanted a personalized doormat for a while, so I decided now was the time! (It comes in 5 different colors.) These My Texas House woven cotton pillow covers are absolutely gorgeous, and a fabulous price. They will be placed on the rockers, with something fallish on the table in between. Last, I’m adding these faux flowers to my existing wreath.

Planter Resources

Do you have your fall game plan figured out? If you still need inspiration, see the Ultimate Guide to Fall at the link below. Enjoy!

all in one place!

The Ultimate Guide to Fall

a collection of autumn decor inspiration, fun crafts, fall wreaths, and yummy recipes all in one place. It’s the ultimate guide to fall, and provides easy links to find exactly what you
are looking for!

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  1. So many pretty ways to decorate a porch,I love all of them.Can’t wait to see how you decorate the porch of your new house.

  2. Thank you Ann, for so many beautiful ideas! They all look lovely and would make such a difference. You put so much work into your posts, and they are very much appreciated!

  3. I love your front door vignette as it changes though the season. I always get great ideas. Thank you.
    Karen B.

  4. The combination of the orange coir mat on top of the brighter blue mat really pops! I’d have never thought of those together but it really is pretty.
    I’ve never been a fan of mums. I do like your idea of using them with coleus though. I love the leaves of the coleus especially the deep maroon shades or the lime green edged ones.
    I’m starting my door basket today but probably won’t hang it for a couple more weeks.
    These are great tips to get me started. Thank you!

  5. Susan McKim says:

    Such lovely porch ideas. I wish I could have fall flowers on mine, but they must be faux. The deer love my real flowers . Looking forward to selling your new fall porch decor!

  6. Wow! You are so creative! Love all your fall porch ideas from the Sutton Place house & your plan for your new house! I can’t wait to decorate for Fall. Thanks for the inspiration!!