Fresh Fall Finds + Planning Ahead

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Tips for planning your seasonal decor along with shopping sources and inspiration. 

Last year when I was sharing my fall decor, I had quite a few people write to say they wished I had started sharing earlier. I decided that this year I would try very hard to do a better job of getting ideas and inspiration out to you in a more timely manner. The thing is that it seems like every year, fall decor comes out earlier and earlier. I honestly don’t want to rush the season, and I don’t want to take away what’s left of the summer.

Give Yourself Plenty Of Time

Decorating for fall has become increasingly popular in recent years. It’s actually getting almost as big as decorating for Christmas. Fall decor begins to appear in stores and on retail sites by June or July. That means if you don’t plan ahead, and get your new items early, you lose out!

So let’s simplify things, begin early, and start with a plan. I have found, and I’m sure that most of you will agree, that making a plan before starting literally any project is a good idea. Let’s approach our seasonal decorating in the same way.

Easy Steps For Making A Seasonal Decor Plan

  1. Choose an item to use as your jumping-off point. It can be a set of pillows, a throw blanket, a seasonal wreath, a framed print, or even a flower arrangement. Use the colors in your inspiration piece for the rest of your decor, along with plenty of neutrals.
  2. Once you have your inspiration piece, shop your house. See what you already have that can be used again…or repurposed into something completely new.
  3. Decide which spaces will be included. I always decorate my porch, entry, living room, and kitchen. This decision will most likely depend on how many accessories you have. If you have just a few things, start with one or two spaces.
  4. If budget allows, add something new. It’s always nice to freshen seasonal decor each year. If your wreath is old, add a new bow. Purchase a set of new pillows, or a festive throw. Since it’s fall, treat yourself to pots of mums or bouquets of sunflowers. 

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Make Your Plan A Reality

To help you visualize how to do this, here’s my fall decorating plan.

  • I want a very simple look for our fall front porch, so I chose brown and white houndstooth pillow covers, a comfy throw blanket, and a really fun new garden stool. The garden stool is a great price, and it’s not like anything I’ve ever used before. See how the porch turned out HERE!
  • I’m using the same door basket from our summer porch, existing planters, and a layered doormat and rug combination.
  • For the inside, my whole plan began with the set of rust embroidered flower pillow covers. They are inexpensive, but so cute, and for the price, they are very nice quality.
  • I am also adding a set of tasseled pillow covers that are super budget-friendly, along with a colorful throw blanket.
  • For the remainder of the interior decor, I’m using things I already have. I’m not sure exactly how yet, but as I begin the decorating process, I’ll try various things until I get it right.

Tips For Putting In All In Place

  • I always begin with the porch, and work my way through our house. Start with the easiest space, but don’t try to decorate everything all at once…spread it out and enjoy the process. 
  • Use a color palette inspired by fall, such as deep oranges, rich yellows, warm reds, and earthy browns. These colors remind us of autumn, and create a cozy feeling.
  • If your budget is tight, shop sales. (That’s why it pays to plan ahead.)
  • Sometimes less is more. Don’t feel like you have to decorate every square inch of your space. This is our mantra: “Add and then edit.”

Shop + Source

tasseled pillow cover | rust flowered pillow cover | pumpkin patch pillow cover | throw blanket in burnt orange | pumpkins | wood lantern white porch rocker | pillow cover
brown throw blanket | garden stool | white lantern set | white planter | layering rug | doormat

I know there is a lot of summer left to enjoy…and I’m not trying to take away from that. Planning ahead makes the actual process of decorating for the seasons so much easier. I like to think about things for a while before I start making decisions, and I bet some of you do too. So start thinking about where you would like to begin, do a little shopping, maybe even fit in some sewing or crafting. Most of all, enjoy and have fun!

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  1. Sue Sharp says:

    I absolutely LOVE fall and only want to rush if the summer is unbearable!! I also absolutely LOVE how simple yet gorgeous your decor style is simply beautiful. <3

  2. Kristin Fisher says:

    Thank you for reminding us to enjoy today. Sometimes my anticipation of an upcoming season makes me miss out on today. I really appreciated your post!

  3. You can rush Fall any time! It is my favorite season. The only thing I love about summer is knowing that Fall is just around the corner. Love everything about fall, the weather, the colors and pumpkins and mums. And the smells! Thanks for the ideas. Great as usual.

  4. Sue Daugherty says:

    Where did you get your beautiful wood bowl? Fall is my favorite time of year but like you I don’t want to rush it. The time goes too fast as it is.

  5. Ann, thanks for the nudge to not only explore seasonal items we store year to year, but to transition gradually and savor the slower journey. Planning ahead also frees us in later weeks to serve churches and community – the true beauty and inner heart of each season. Your encouragement, philosophy of simplicity, shopping sites and well-tested recipes are so appreciated!

  6. Agree….we give some thought and gather our ‘Fall’ stuff but that doesn’t mean we put it out until Fall. It puzzles me some people can’t grasp the ‘not until Fall part’. I know what’s in my stash and if I see something that compliments or replace anything tired from yrs past…then I will purchase. Summer gets it full time in the sun….and I tend to think of ‘early Fall’ and full on Fall when putting out my decor. There’s a transition just like in Nature.

  7. Sandra W Magle says:

    After working in the craft/home/antique decor industries for 45 years and forced to decorate 15 foot Christmas trees in August, …honestly I don’t hurry any seasons. I browse stores…maybe (forced to really) but only put out my own Fall out when the leaves begin to turn and not when it is 95 degrees everyday. Christmas goes out second week in December—maybe. Easter goes out for a week or two before. Seriously—life speeds along at an alarming rate as we get older—no need to push it even faster! I may do a project or two—and hope to add classes this year. But it will be in season and not months before.

  8. Hi Ann,
    There are some great ideas in your post, thank you. It seems to me the year is flying by, we’re already in August. I think your suggestion that we start early is spot on.
    Enjoy the rest of your summer.
    Karen B.