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Fall Gift Basket Ideas + Printable Gift Tags

Celebrate autumn with these easy fall gift basket ideas. Treat your friends by adding a custom touch with free printable gift tags.

fall gift basket with fall gift tag

Even though fall isn’t always thought of as a time for gift-giving, it’s the perfect time to treat the people in your life to something special. When autumn arrives, it’s easy to brighten someone’s day with a basket of small gifts that reflect care, coziness, and comfort. A personalized gift basket is such a nice way to remember a friend or family member who has an autumn birthday. Perhaps you know someone who has lost a loved one, or someone who simply needs a hug. Presenting a custom fall gift basket says “I care” in the best possible way. Read on for easy, step-by-step directions for assembling a lovely fall gift basket.

Set a Budget

The first thing to do when you are putting together a fall gift basket is to decide on a budget. This will determine your selections, and it will help narrow down the choices.

fall gift basket ideas

*This post is sponsored by Walmart, however as always, all selections and ideas are my own.

Choose the Perfect Basket

Choosing the basket is not only fun, it sets the tone if you want to incorporate a theme. I wanted everything to be black and white, so I chose a handled basket with a black bottom.

Tip 1: one way to save money when assembling a fall gift basket is to repurpose a basket you already have. Look around your home and see what you can come up with!

Tip 2: The basket I chose came as part of a set that has two different sizes. I used the smaller basket (9 inches in diameter) for this project, and I’m using the bigger basket (10.5 inches in diameter) to hold the wool dryer balls I keep in our laundry room. The bigger basket would also be perfect if you were taking food or baked goods to someone. It’s roomy enough for a jar of soup and a loaf of bread.

fall gift basket filled with items

Select Your Fall Gift Basket Items

You’ve got your budget and a basket. Now it’s time to have fun! One of the best places to find items to fill a fall gift basket is Walmart. They carry a huge selection of seasonal gift and décor items. No matter what your budget, Walmart Home can help. (Remember that you can shop online and get free shipping on orders over $35.00.)

When assembling a gift basket, the goal is to personalize it as much as possible. For example, if the recipient is a tea drinker, make sure to include some tea bags. A really good idea, and one people love, is to include something homemade from your kitchen. A jar filled with salted roasted pecans or sweet Chex mix adds a caring, personal touch. Package them in mason jars, and you have a festive addition to your fall gift basket.

Here is a list of items perfect for a fall gift basket:

items in fall gift basket

Putting It All Together

Once you have assembled all your fall gift basket supplies, it’s time to put it all together. Grab some tissue paper, crumple it a little, and add a few pieces in the bottom of your basket. This will help raise the items out of the basket, and give them a soft base. After that, begin to add your items, starting with the biggest items placed in the back of the basket. Continue adding the smaller items, in between the big items. Move things around and nestle everything together until it’s all snug.

fall gift tag on basket

Fall Gift Basket Printable Tag

The final, personal touch to your fall gift basket is to add a gift tag. Using the graphics featured in the 2021 OSP fall wall art, I designed three tags that are perfect for fall gift giving. Get these custom free printable gift tags by filling out the form below. If you are already an OSP email subscriber, THERE IS NO NEED TO FILL OUT THE FORM. Simply visit the Members Only Library to get your tags. The three wall art printables, plus the gift tags, are available as one easy-to-download PDF file.

*BONUS: as an added gift, I am including a printable list of fall gift basket items in the PDF with the wall art and gift tags!

Fall Gift Basket Ideas

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Some of you may remember that I shared a post featuring fall gift basket ideas a few years ago. That post was mistakenly deleted, and I could not retrieve it. I did everything I could, but it was completely gone! You loved that post, and I’m sorry for the mistake. I hope you love this one equally as well.