Mini Pumpkin Flower Arrangements: The Perfect Thanksgiving Favor!

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Make these mini pumpkin flower arrangements for a fall dinner party or your family Thanksgiving celebration…and give them away as favors!

mini pumpkin flower arrangements mums and eucalyptus

I’m not always a planner. I plan my everyday life about a week at a time, and sometimes I don’t even accomplish that. I do, however, plan for the big stuff…vacations, visits from my kids, and holidays. I’m already planning for Thanksgiving, so I’m sharing some mini pumpkin flower arrangements that can be customized to go with your favorite décor. Use whatever flowers and greenery you like or have on hand…and of course, use the pumpkin color you like best. I chose little white pumpkins, white berries, russet mums, and rosemary. Read on to find out how to put these little cuties together.

Tip: if you want your mini pumpkin flower arrangements to last as long as possible, use {this method} to prepare the pumpkins.

mini pumpkin flower arrangments supplies needed.
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Mini Pumpkin Flower Arrangements Supplies Needed:

*I had no blooms left in my garden, so I bought what I needed at the grocery. I purchased one bunch of mums, two bunches of eucalyptus, and one bunch of white berries. The only thing I had on hand was fresh rosemary, so I used that too. All this was just enough for four pumpkins.

mini white pumpkins cut open

How to Assemble the Pumpkin Flower Arrangements

  • Soak about half of a block of floral foam in water for a few minutes.
  • With a sharp knife, cut approximately the top third off each pumpkin. Slice straight through the pumpkins. Don’t use a ceramic chef’s knife for cutting the pumpkins. I promise you it will break!

mini pumpkin flower arrangements floral foam in pumpkins

  • Scoop the seeds out of the pumpkin bottoms with a spoon.
  • Tear off a small piece of press ‘n seal to line each pumpkin. Place the sticky side down and press it into the pumpkin holes.
  • Trim off the excess press ‘n seal with scissors.
  • Cut pieces of the wet floral foam to fit the hole of each pumpkin.
  • Add more water to each piece of floral foam. You want them wet, but not wet enough to overflow.

mini pumpkin flower arrangements assembly steps

  • Prepare your flowers and greenery by cutting the stems to about 3 or 4 inches long.
  • Begin by placing pieces of greenery around the outside edges of the floral foam.

mini pumpkin flower arrangement assembly with scissors

  • Fill in the outside edges of each arrangement with blooms.
  • Use the rest of the blooms, greenery, or berries to fill in the top of each pumpkin.
  • Try to make the top of each pumpkin as rounded as possible.
  • Stand back and admire your handy-work!

mini pumpkin flower arrangments with mums and berries

mini pumpkin flower arrangements with mums

I love the way these mini pumpkin flower arrangements turned out. From start to finish, the four pumpkins took about an hour to arrange, and I enjoyed every minute. You can definitely make these up a few days in advance. If you prepare your pumpkins first, the arrangements will last four to five days…especially if you use mums.

By the way, I recently heard from a reader who was making 30 of these arrangements for an event she was hosting!

mini pumpkin flower arrangement with mums on cake plate

To see how I used these mini pumpkin flower arrangements in a tablescape, click {HERE.}

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  1. You fill my day with joy with your simple directions and easy things for us to do. I am looking forward to making these adorable mini pumpkin flower arrangements.

  2. Mary Alice A Kenley says:

    Ann, I’m sorry if this is the wrong venue for this question, because it doesn’t have to do with fall decorating per se. But, you know a lot of things, so I’m just putting it out there. We have a circular driveway at our new home, and because there are no street lights in this rural area, we’d like to add some lighting. I abhor those solar lights that look like little blue dots, and I know it has to do with how many lumens in each light, but have you done this? If so, do you know a lumen count we should consider? Thanks so much!

  3. Linda AKA Nana Honey says:

    Hi Anne,
    My 6 year old granddaughter wanted to know what I was looking at on my phone and I showed her your adorable pumpkins. Right away she stated singing I’m a little pumpkin short and round. I grow on a vine and on the ground. I started as a seed, then grow and grow. Soon I’ll be ready to be carved and glow glow glow! She loves the little pumpkins and wants to make them with Nana Honey🥰
    Great project not only for adults but also little ones can fill the pumpkins with fresh or artificial flowers.

  4. These are really cute!! Great idea and pretty easy 🍂

  5. I’ve been looking for some good knives. Cutting pumpkins, gourds or squash…even watermelons really require a large sharp knife.
    This is perfect for those short stemmed flowers that seem to get lost in the vase of larger ones I pick from the garden.
    Covering the inside with wrap is a good idea. this way too I can re-use my foam. It’s getting expensive now days:0)
    So cute Ann! Love it!

  6. These are adorable! I have a long, narrow tray that these would look great on!

  7. Lovely!! Would be beautiful as Thanksgiving place settings as well!! 🍁🍁❤️

  8. Ann, thank you just doesn’t seem adequate, but it does express my gratitude, along with every other comment the ladies have left above. Thank You,

  9. Linda Siegmund says:

    Lovely idea !

  10. I love these little pumpkins! They’ll be perfect for an upcoming party. Thank you for the tutorial.

  11. Tracey Dudek says:

    The tutorial was just perfect. Step by step decorations is just what I need! Can’t wait to make them for Thanksgiving. Thanks!

  12. Barbara at Mantel and Table says:

    Oh I love these colors! Thanks for the great tutorial and the inspiration!

  13. Love this. The colors really pop with the white pumpkins. Thank you for the easy to follow instructions.

  14. Here in Texas we are getting our first touch of fall with temps in the 40’s, a welcome season after weeks of 90’s. Your mini pumpkin arrangements are just the touch I need for an upcoming luncheon. Love the way you use fresh flowers in such inspiring decor. Hugs

  15. Excellent instructions that anyone can follow!

  16. So beautiful Ann! Can’t wait to try this for Thanksgiving. Love everything you do! Going to make your apple walnut bread this week! Looks yummy!

  17. Thank you so much for the tutorial. They’re darling pumpkins!

  18. Vicki Bray says:

    Wonderful! These are great and your instructions are so wonderful I think I could even do this!
    I’m thinking with one of your name tags tucked in among the flowers at each place setting – what a wonderful fall table. The creative ideas are floating around in my head. Can’t wait for Thursday!

  19. Hi Ann!
    I love these little beauties! I especially like the white berries with white pumpkins!
    Too cute!!
    God bless,

  20. Julie Briones says:

    Just lovely, Ann! Great tutorial, too!

  21. Doris Raab says:

    So cute! I will pin this so I have it too.

  22. Ann, I really enjoy your blog. You teach us to cook, craft and decorate our homes in such a beautiful way. Your home is done in a very tasteful and beautiful way without looking like you a person has bought out a craft store or two. I loved the little pumpkins and such detailed instructions on making such beautiful flower arrangements. Thank you for creative projects!

  23. Hi Ann,
    These lil pumpkin arrangements are darling and would be lovely as a favor for your guests
    to take home for sure. They will help make for a really beautiful table as well.
    Look forward to seeing that.

  24. Gail Whitis says:

    These are adorable! Love at first sight! Your instructions are great and I think even I can make these for Thanksgiving. Can’t wait to start collecting my supplies! Thank you! Gail

  25. These floral arrangements using pumpkins are so adorable. Great idea for Thanksgiving. Jean

  26. Kathy Hocevar says:

    Love these Ann. Could you use artificial pumpkins and greenery.

  27. Darling! Thanks for the instructions…they will look fabulous at my Thanksgiving table! ;)

  28. Diane Wicks says:

    Ann, these are so wonderful! I might just try those for my own Thanksgiving table. Thank you for all of your wonderful ideas! I love your blog.

  29. These are soooo sweet, love the white pumpkins with the subtle touch of color.They will look beautiful on your Thanksgiving table.

  30. Karen Mary says:

    These are beautiful! Like others, I appreciate the clear, thorough instructions! Thank you!

  31. So pretty, Ann! Thank you for the clear instructions on how to assemble these. I am imagining a large, orange pumpkin filled with white Mums and greens.

  32. Adorable arrangements!

  33. Ann, your directions are excellent. This is a practical and cute idea. Thanks!

  34. Jennifer C says:

    These are beautiful. Thank you for the how-to.

  35. So pretty, Ann, just perfect! Add a name tag and they serve as place markers too.

  36. Nana Diana says:

    What a GREAT idea, Ann. I love it-it would be perfect for any fall table setting–including Halloween and Thanksgiving. I hope you have a great weekend. xo Diana

    1. Mary Michelle says:

      So darling! Wish I was one of your lucky guests – but will use your directions to make my own .