Cozy Living Room Ideas for Fall

Easy and cozy living room ideas for fall that can be accomplished in no time. Tips for adding fresh flowers, throws, pillows, and more.

round coffee table in traditional living room

A few weeks ago, when we were just beginning to think about decorating for fall, I told you that my main goal for the coming months was to share simple decor that was quick and festive.

neutral living room decor with navy blue

Cozy Living Room Elements

So keeping that in mind, when it came time to add autumn decor to the living room, I focused on just three things:

  • Fresh flowers and seasonal natural elements
  • Colorful throw blankets and pillows
  • Pumpkins: real and velvet
neutral sofa in living room

Fresh Flowers + Seasonal Natural Elements

I have been buying a few bunches of flowers each time I go to the grocery store, which isn’t very often, so I don’t feel the least bit guilty!  The selection has been amazing…which makes bringing the flowers home so much fun. As soon as I get home, the bunches are divided into smaller bouquets, and they are sprinkled around our main rooms.

ceramic garden stool with navy slipper chairs

I wanted bittersweet this year, but it was impossible to find locally. I did a bit of searching on Etsy, and found several listings that were reasonably priced. I am so happy with the quality, and it’s added the perfect touch of autumn charm to our rooms. To pre-order your own fresh bittersweet, check out this shop.

cozy living room ideas for fall fresh flowers

Using seeded eucalyptus in your arrangements will add a lovely sort of drooping charm to them, and it makes a great filler. I have been buying it from the grocery for $6.00 a bunch, and it lasts for a very long time. I know it can be hard to find, especially in smaller markets. If you are able to get it, try it and see what you think. I’m betting you will love it.

eucalyptus sunflowers mums in pitcher

Colorful Throw Blankets +Pillows

The fall blanket ladder decor was easy, and it’s where I added the most color. The cozy gold throw blanket and velvet pumpkins provide texture, and they show up really well against the neutral background.

velvet pumpkins in basket on ladder

Pillows are every decorator’s best friend. They can be switched out in just a few minutes, they add incredible color and texture, and they come in all price ranges. No matter what your budget, there’s a set of perfect pillow covers out there for you!

neutral sofa with round coffee table

Pumpkins: Real + Velvet

Because I was working with a neutral background, adding autumn pops of color to the living room shelves was quick and easy. I placed fresh eucalyptus in the pitchers, and added a mixture of real and faux pumpkins. Using the wood cake plate added unexpected color and texture.

neutral fall shelves with eucalyptus in pitchers

Tip: using fresh eucalyptus in your decor enables you to incorporate a natural element that lasts for a long time. In the beginning, it’s fresh and fragrant. After it dries, it still looks beautiful, and will remain that way for several weeks.

cozy living room ideas for fall velvet pumpkins

Coffee table decor can be as elaborate or as simple as you like, so it’s the perfect place to bring out your own personal style. Layering always works well to add interest and texture. It literally took minutes to place flowers in a vessel, and add it to a round tray, along with some sweet, small pumpkins.

round coffee table decor for fall

I’m having the best time with the bottom shelf of our new coffee table. I gathered as many fall throw blankets as I could find and piled them in a basket. The blankets have been collected over the years, so none of them are new. Real pumpkins, and another pitcher of fresh flowers finishes off the top.

Our fall decor was wrapped up in the entry with a simple arrangement of white pumpkins, orange pumpkins, and bittersweet, all piled into a large bowl. I gave the pumpkins a bath, so they should last several weeks.

pumpkins and bittersweet in ironstone bowl

The most important thing to keep in mind when you are decorating your spaces for the seasons is to stay true to your own personal style. Use what you have, combine fresh and faux elements, and sprinkle as much color as you are comfortable with. At the end of the day, all that matters is if it makes you happy. If you accomplish that, it’s definitely a job well done.

round basket on coffee table

Cozy Living Room Shop + Source

*Affiliate links included. Click HERE for my disclosure statement. Every effort has been made to provide sources for the decor items found in the post. Where actual items were no longer available, I’ve provided similar options. If an item is out of stock but may be restocked, I left it on the list.

ceramic garden stool | farmhouse pitcher | navy slipper chairs | striped pillows with tassels (sold out) | basket blanket ladder | ivory throw blanket | honey throw blanket | blue pitcher & blue bordered platter (sold out) | coffee table | end tables | round basket on coffee table | living room rug (beige/ivory) | basket (on lower coffee table shelf) | blue lumbar pillow covers | navy tasseled pillow cover (similar) | sofa and chairs no longer available | velvet pumpkins | wood cake stand (similar)

bittersweet in pitcher living room ideas
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  1. Your ideas are great. I love the look of the seasonal clippings and throws. I’m always ready for autumn. Thanks for the inspiration.
    Karen B.

  2. I think I love your ladder decor best of all!

  3. Hi there, I look forward to opening your email every morning. I love the basket hanging from your blanket ladder!! Do you have a link for that?

    1. Ann Drake says:

      Hi Nan…the baskets came with the ladder!

  4. Dear Ann,
    Thank you for the great post. I love your ideas and now I can’t wait for fall.
    I particularly appreciated your tip on washing pumpkins before displaying them in the home. The very idea of pumpkins quietly rotting in a bowl has always put me off using them. So your tip has been a life changer -for me.
    I do wash eating pumpkins before storing them but they have never lasted long. ( I didn’t use bleach – so that explains everything).

  5. Angelia Harris says:

    I’ve been browsing for fall ideas and came across your 2019 fall decor and I love it!! I’m obsessed with the seeded eucalyptus arrangements and will be on the hunt for some :)

  6. Deborah P says:

    I made a comment on the original blog post about preserving gourds and pumpkins, but wanted to say here as well – thank you! I have stayed away from the natural ones because of the rotting issue (and my often lack of awareness of how time flies), but this is a game changer. Thanks again!

  7. JudyBogie says:

    Beautiful accents, Ann! Thank you sooo much for sharing!

  8. Barbara at Mantel and Table says:

    What great tips! I love your bittersweet – so glad you found some. I do love seeded eucalyptus. It’s so lacy looking and goes wonderfully in your arrangements. Thanks for making pretty decorating feel so accessible! :)

  9. So simple and beautiful!

  10. Liz Rockwell says:


    Love it all!!! Great job decorating. What color is your wall paint in the living room, and who
    makes it? Thank you.


  11. I love the pops of orange with all of your blue and white! (and I’m especially crushing on that cute platter and pitcher!!)

    Thanks so much for joining us Ann and happy fall!


  12. I love the simple beauty of your white stoneware and ceramic pieces and the feeling of calm they project. So peaceful . . .

  13. Jocelyne L. Crews says:

    Beautiful arrangements. Fall is my favorite season. I love the colors.

  14. Linda Tucker says:

    Absolutely lovely-every inch.

  15. The colors are so pretty against the white.Your coffee table is a new addition.

  16. Just beautiful, Ann! The little pops of orange are so uplifting!! I think I’m finally inspired to go all in on fall… :-)

  17. I love how fresh, simple and bright everything is. It all comes together to create a warm, welcoming fall feel. This year in particular, I am finding myself more and more drawn to both home decor and holiday decor that looks like someone actually lives there! Kind of a direct contrast to rooms filled in every nook and cranny with SOMETHING….making it hard for ‘the eye to breathe’ ! There is something reassuring in how you have brought fall in to enhance your living room, not make an overpowering statement. This is why I love your blog – !

  18. Oh Ann, so pretty. I am sure mine will never be in anyone’s screen but this is ok. Mine is lived in. The twins are starting to walk so nick backs were put away but when Jack toddles toward me and leans in to give me kiss I don’t care. They are only little for awhile.

  19. The blue accents are perfect!