Autumn Burlap Bouquet Table Favors

Make these easy burlap bouquet table favors for your autumn dinner parties. Use faux or fresh flowers to add a touch of fall charm to your table!

pile of burlap bouquet table favors

As promised when I shared a simple autumn table setting a few days ago, I’m here with an easy tutorial for making burlap bouquet table favors. These are so cute, and the sky is the limit for personalizing them to go with seasonal tablescapes. 

Steps for Assembly

burlap square with flowers

Step 1: lay out the burlap squares on a flat surface. You can lay them out all at once and make them with the assembly line method. Make sure the squares are positioned like a diamond, with a corner facing up. Place the flower stems on the burlap squares as pictured above. 

how to fold burlap square

Step 2: fold the bottom corner up, making sure that the flower stems are positioned slightly over the top edge of the burlap.

how to wrap burlap bouquet

Step 3: bundle the burlap by folding the sides in and over the stems, hiding the corners as you make the folds. The burlap was stiff enough that I was able to make the folds stay in place long enough to tie the ribbon.

burlap bouquet table favor with brown ribbon

Step 4: hold the bouquets together with a piece of ribbon tied in a bow.

Substitution Tips: 

In place of the burlap, squares of any type of fabric can be used. Another easy option would be to use inexpensive cloth napkins. For a more rustic look, replace the ribbon with jute twine. 

Burlap Bouquet Supplies

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Here are links to supplies needed for these burlap bouquets. Before you buy anything, make sure to look through your stash, if you have one, for stems you might be able to use. In regards to the burlap, the squares I used are finished off nicely, but you can make your own squares for less money with basic burlap fabric. I linked below to the exact squares and ribbon that you see in the images. Except for the eucalyptus that I already had, the stems I used were purchased at Joann for 60% off. Unfortunately, none of them are available online.  

fall table setting flowered runner

It’s also very easy to make these burlap bouquets with fresh flowers. Before bundling the bouquets, just wrap the stems in wet paper towel covered with plastic wrap. I used Press’n Seal and it worked great. No water leaked out at all. See the autumn table setting {HERE.}

autumn place setting with flowers

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