Poured Concrete Patio Ideas: Plants, Pots & Decor

In this post: small and manageable poured concrete patio ideas. How to spruce up a plain space with outdoor decor, plants, pots and more.

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poured concrete patio with planters and decor

You know that sigh of relief you breathe when a large project is finished? I finally took that breath and closed the book on our new, poured concrete patio. I don’t know about you, but when I begin a project like this, I have a vision of the end result. I can see the space in my mind…and just hope that the finished product turns out a little bit like my imagination!

In this case, it did. We’re very happy with the way everything turned out, so let’s get right to it.

Poured Concrete Patio Goals:

  • Small & easy to manage: the most important thing to me was that this new outdoor space was small and easy to manage. I wanted less of everything. Less mulch, not as many plants, and a much smaller footprint.
  • Low maintenance: I definitely wanted low or no maintenance. In my experience, no outdoor space is maintenance free…but a poured concrete patio comes very close. There will be no need to seal it for several years and it won’t rot.
  • Easy to clean: I wanted something that was easier to keep clean. Our home is in the middle of what used to be a dense woods. Even though countless trees have been removed, there are still so many left. Tree debris wreaks havoc on an outdoor space and I was very tired of cleaning out the spaces between our deck boards several times a year!

See phase I of this project by clicking this link:

Phase I and Safe Digging 

fall patio decor

To see a photo of our backyard from 2015, click {HERE.}

Poured Concrete Patio Ideas for Decor

(All items still available are listed at the end.)

  • Since I was working with a plain, hard surface, I knew I needed to provide seating and add coziness. I began with what I already had:
    • the black wrought iron table and chairs
    • 4 black planters (two tall and two square)
    • Navy outdoor rug
  • I added two more square planters and a set of black all weather wicker chairs. The two tall planters flank the french doors, and the four square planters line the edge of the patio. (FYI: the tall planters are several years old and had begun to fade. I gave them a good cleaning, followed by two coats of spray paint.)
  • Since it’s already mid August, I decided to add fall elements. Because I was working around the navy rug, I opted for navy cushions on the chairs. Inexpensive copper throws and navy patterned pillows help to make the space cozy.
  • Copper mums, ivy, and asparagus fern filled all the planters.

black wicker chair fall pillow and throw

The chair cushions and throws are very light weight, and are stored in the corner of our family room, in a basket just inside the french doors. The pillows live on our family room sofa, so when needed, we can simply take them from the sofa to the patio.

white french doors on patio

Things I didn’t anticipate:

  • When our old deck was removed, our air conditioner became much more visible. The pad it was sitting on had sunk and the unit was not level. After consulting with our heating & air conditioning company, we decided to raise it on stilts. This solved both the leveling issue, as well as the sinking issue.
  • Our deck was hiding a long downspout that was quite an eyesore. I thought maybe I could live with it, but in the end, we had it moved to the other side of the house…and I’m so glad we did!
  • The house siding needed repaired from where the deck was attached. 25 years ago, when the deck was installed, the house siding was actually removed. Large screws were used to attach the deck supports to the house. All this needed to be fixed and then everything was painted.

concrete patio decor for fall

Whenever we are faced with a home improvement project, we always try to choose what is most appropriate for the phase of life we are in at the time. We never decorate or renovate with resale value in mind. Even though there were many other options for an outdoor space, we chose what best suited us now and for several years to come.

outdoor eating area on concrete patio

At this season in our lives, we wanted a small, intimate space that was easy to maintain. And even though it took much longer than I planned, I believe that goal was accomplished. It’s the perfect space for Kelly to hang out, and for me to enjoy.

crate of orange mums on outdoor table

When I shared Phase I of this project, some of you emailed to ask about the large hostas that surrounded the old deck. I had them all dug out and placed in one of my garden beds before the deck was removed. I had every intention of using them around the new patio, but because everything took so long, I knew they weren’t going to survive. I tried to keep them watered, but I was fighting a losing battle. After a few weeks, I gave them away to friends, so they all went to a good home. I do miss them though.

Poured Concrete Patio Shopping Sources:

16 inch square planters | tall planters by door | pillow covers | wicker chair set (includes table & cushions) | rug is no longer available | copper fleece throws (similar) | Landen lantern large | Landen lantern medium | table runner | flower crate not available | OSP Paint Colors

I’m looking forward to cool fall days spent on our patio, and I’m relieved that this project is behind us. I’d like to thank Lawhorn Concrete Construction for a job well done. As always, thank you so much for stopping by…

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  1. Terri Herman says:

    Revisiting this post again because the patio is next up on this list. We, too, are looking with an eye to the future as we do some projects around our home. A big goal of mine is to make our yard easy to maintain. When we purchased our home four years ago, the yard had been neglected for almost 10 years. It’s been a battle but we are getting there. I’m going as natural as possible. Thanks for giving me some more things to consider!

  2. Looks fabulous! I see rug is no longer available. What sites do you like for indoor outdoor rugs?

  3. Suzanne Carrier says:

    Looks wonderful! What a blessing…and decorated so classic and pretty too! Enjoy your family times.

  4. Mary Lou Cross says:

    I absolutely love your beautiful patio. . Everything you do, I want to do that also. Were you concerned about the fact that concrete stains easily. The only reason I ask is because we’re going to put in a new patio and have not decided on the material that we will use. Any info would be appreciated. Thank you very much.

    1. Ann Drake says:

      Hi Mary Lou…do you mean stains from watering the pots? I have not had any trouble with that yet…but the patio is very new. I water with a hose, and try to spray off all the dirt and excess water that appears afterwards. I wish I could be more help!

  5. Debbie Finley says:

    Love your patio! You are right about cement vs wood !
    You did a great job as usual! You ideas inspire me!


  6. Hi Ann,
    Your patio is beautiful and goes perfectly with your home!
    I wonder if you would consider taking a closer picture of that beautiful crate and posting it as i would dearly love to try and copy it.
    Best regards

  7. suzanne milstead says:

    We have a schnauzer that looks much like yours! Where did you find the little schnauzer statue you have on your patio? Love it.
    Beautiful place for fall relaxing.

  8. Karen K from Buffalo says:

    Love your new patio! Looks so clean & fresh. I also want to thank you for the links you provide at the end of each post so we are also able to purchase the things we love seeing in your pictures. I ordered the Wayfair 3-piece patio set the day you sent this post out. Mine will be in “Honey” & with blue pads. Thank you again!

    1. I too would like the answer to Suzanne’s post back in August. I must have been on vacation when you posted this as I completely missed it!

      Thank you as always for a great blog.
      Warm Regards,

      suzanne milstead says
      TUESDAY, AUGUST 20, 2019 AT 2:51 PM
      We have a schnauzer that looks much like yours! Where did you find the little schnauzer statue you have on your patio? Love it.
      Beautiful place for fall relaxing.

  9. Hey Ann
    It looks great!!!
    Where did you get your planters? Also what spray paint did you use for your outside planters?
    Thank you!!

  10. Janet F. Mueller says:

    Where did you get the beautiful wooden crate on the patio table?

  11. Gerry Bubbs says:

    Ann, you have done another great project and it looks fabulous. I like that you recycled some things as we need less added to our landfill and sometimes the original furniture is better made. Enjoy!

  12. I love the new patio … but what I love just as much is that you do these things because you want to enjoy them, not thinking about potential resale value. I know we all know (or are!) people who fix up their home to sell, then realize how enjoyable it really is! Yours is such a refreshing outlook! Thank you for all the great content you share … I’ve incorporated so many of your tips, hints, printables into my own decor.

  13. Jane Windham says:

    Your new patio looks fantastic, Ann. I know you’re going to enjoy it so much. We don’t think about resale value when we renovate, either. We just try to create things that work for us the way you did.

  14. Your new patio is beautiful! It looks fresh and clean…love your sense of style, both inside and out!

  15. Maureen Provost Ryan says:

    Ann, Let me add my voice to the chorus: the patio is terrific! With your flair for decorating using navy blue as the key color, you have created a crisp and inviting outdoor room! I just love it — and it gives me hope for our backyard! Bravo!

  16. Beautifully done!! Absolutely love it. Hope you enjoy it for many, many years.

  17. Bettie Binford says:

    I love the clean uncluttered look also. Very nice. I also like your crate flower box.

  18. It feels so good when we a complete something that seem to take on a life of its own…
    What you acoumplished is beautiful, thank you for sharing it with us. …
    May you enjoy it for years to come. ..
    God bless you!

  19. Amy Kaminski says:

    It does look great! Our patio is made of patio blocks. What a pain. Grass gets in there and when a mole comes along they become uneven. I think when we’re ready that we’ll opt for this option too. Thanks so much for the inspiration!

  20. Thank you as always for sharing the beauty of life with us Ann. You have such a knack for designing and arranging things in such a way that pleases the eye, but more importantly, refreshes our souls.
    There is something very gracious and gentle to your approach. The end result is always so fresh and uncomplicated.
    I will also say that I was thrilled to see your precious dog enjoying the patio as well.
    So thankful that she is feeling well!!
    All the best – ENJOY!!!

  21. The timing of your concrete patio post was perfect for me! We have been agonizing over a flooring decision for a room in our home. The debate has been between what we would like at this stage of our lives and what would increase the resale value. Your comment about choosing what is best for you for the next few years was the push we needed to do exactly what we prefer! Thank you for helping out!
    Enjoy your new patio, it is beautiful!

  22. Christine says:

    Looks fantastic! You will enjoy many seasons out in this new space!!

  23. Beautiful concrete patio Anne! Love your cozy stylish decor! We recently had a paver patio installed outside of our 3-seasons porch, which is such a great improvement for us. I will definitely use your decorating ideas to complete our outdoor space. Wondering if you remember where you bought your farmers & garden crate that holds your mums? Would like one just like that! Thank you for always providing wonderful inspiration to all of us! Enjoy your new outdoor living space!!

  24. Denise V Cox says:

    I apologize as I am having phone issues and I can’t locate my receipt. I thought I ordered a third printable, the first one to the left. Fall is Calling, but I can’t find it?
    Thank – you,
    Sorry for the inconvenience

  25. Denise V Cox says:

    I forgot to use the Fall 20% coupon just now. Is it still possible to apply?

  26. Michele Miller says:

    Hi Ann! Your patio looks so inviting and homey, just like all of your projects. Thank you for sharing with us. You always inspire me!

  27. Oh my goodness, your patio looks fabulous!!😍 also, love your sweet dog! I have two mini schnauzers myself. Best dogs ever! Love your statue btw ;) I’ll have to keep my eyes out for one for our patio! Thanks for sharing.

  28. Antoinette says:

    It is beautiful, Ann. We are in the process of buying a new home, and like you, I am opting for less maintenance and simpler days at this stage in our life. Our new house has a concrete patio that we have talked about replacing with a deck. But after seeing your lovely space, I am definitely having second thoughts about that! Thank you for sharing your journey. You truly are an inspiration.

  29. Terri Herman says:

    Very nice! It does seem that any project involves at least one unknown factor. We are discussing a patio as well and my husband is partial to a concrete slab and this gave me a good visual for this possibility. Enjoy your outdoor space!

  30. Doris Raab says:

    It looks beautiful and so welcoming, Ann. You did great!

  31. So glad to hear I’m not alone when improving my home. Resale smealsale (you know what I mean) This is my place and my decor, the next person can make it theirs. As long as it has good bones!!!

    1. Ann Drake says:

      You are definitely not alone…and I know what you mean!

  32. Beautiful! Still trying to decide between a patio and a deck! Thanks for the inspiration. 😊

  33. Ann we are at a similar stage in life and we also traded our high maintenance deck for a stamped concrete patio. I love it and I think you will love yours too. We also cut down the large trees nearest to the house but find that the trees that surround the perimeter of the yard give us plenty of late afternoon and evening shade. Would you believe I have that same patio table! Mine is still the original green but you are inspiring me to bring out the spray paint. I love the simple, clean, stylish look of your new space and hope you have many relaxing evenings there.

  34. Judy Bogié says:

    Ann, I haven’t seen your Posts in a long time and I’m so happy to see this today~~~I’ve missed you! I believe I remember your 2015 redo! And I LOVED your new dining room! I appreciate your comment that you aren’t redesigning for resale, but making thoughtful adjustments to what your future holds in the home you love. Thank you for your Posts and dialogue, Ann.

  35. Genny Parker says:

    I love the new patio addition! As always your copper throw and Mums are the masterpiece of color to make it yours. Job well done.

  36. Your patio is Beautiful.
    Love the S & P schnauzer also!!!!

  37. Mary from Virginia says:

    Having recently fallen through a rotted deck while attending a party you are smart to go with a poured concrete patio. We did pavers for our patio and while I love how it looks it was too much money and we constantly have to weed the in between spaces. I know you will enjoy your patio. It’s beautifully decorated.

  38. SueB of Blondin Blogs says:

    it looks great, as does everything you touch, it seems! the hostas would have come back and I love them, so my only surprise is your not using them, but it’s all good. I’m about to renovate our deck out back and part of me would like a cement section to add a fire pit to the mix but our patio is 2-3 steps up from our lawn so we’ll see how it progresses. .. probably next spring! I also have a few large hostas to separate and expand upon, and lots of black eyed Susans to eventually add clumps here and there in the back yard from their present location on the side of our garage.

  39. Ann, your patio looks so peaceful and a place that draws you in to sit down and enjoy whatever might be happening such as visiting with family or friends or just a place to unwind. I like that you said you redo for you and your husband’s stage in life and aren’t worried about resale or what someone else might want. Sometimes I think we are too hung up on pleasing others and forget about ourselves. Yes, down the road is something to think about but after all we work so hard for the things we have why not enjoy the here and now.

  40. Your new patio is lovely but I wonder how often you will use it since it doesn’t have any kind of a cover over it. We poured a new concrete patio after we added onto the back of our house and ended up putting a tent style gazebo over it. The shade makes it so much cooler. The canvas cover has to be removed for the Ohio winters, but the metal frame stays up year round. If we didn’t have it covered, I don’t think we would ever use it because it would be too hot.

    1. Ann Drake says:

      Hi Carole! The patio is shaded by the trees for most of the morning, and again by late afternoon. Although I complain about the trees and the mess they make, they do offer the most lovely shade. A cover would be nice though…something to think about!

  41. Pat Johnson says:

    Ann, your patio is so pretty!
    I love how you arranged the furniture and your flowers just added more beauty. I also have a patio close to many trees. It’s a job to keep it up but I enjoy having a space to retreat. My question is about the color of your patio. Is that the natural color of the concrete or did you have it painted white? My concrete patio is a mess and I’m thinking about having it painted but not sure what color and will it last out in the elements. Happy Fall!

    1. Ann Drake says:

      Hi Pat! The patio is not painted. It was sealed and after it cured, it turned white. I know there are companies that clean concrete. A few years ago we had all our flagstone and our walkway out front cleaned, and the result was amazing. It looked like new. It was a company called I Do Windows…they do windows but so much more. Good luck!

  42. Your new space is really lovely! It looks very fresh and welcoming. I understand your thoughts about easier maintenance, as we are also in that stage of life. We also live in a very wooded area. I love it, but it does require a lot of cleaning up of branches, twigs, and leaves. Oh, the oak leaves! Congrats on your beautiful new space!

  43. Your patio looks so inviting. I love how the copper throw pops against the black chair and blue cushion. Great job! Ready for fall!

  44. What a beautiful, peaceful looking retreat! I sat on our back deck sipping your white sangria and nibbling a scone as I read and took in the beautiful images of your space. While I love our deck and the retreat it offers me, I do miss the patio I had at my last home because of the easy maintenance and closeness to the ground with no steps to climb! Thanks for sharing and for all the inspiration you provide.

  45. Do you leave your pillows and cushions out all night. I have a covered lanai in FL and still cover mine, but it so inconvenient to just go out and sit.

    1. Ann Drake says:

      Hi Carol…no, I don’t leave the cushions or pillows out at night. I store them right inside the french doors so they are easy to take in and out. The pillows actually do double duty on our family room sofa. It is sort of a pain to take them in and out…but having a place to store them helps.

  46. Your patio turned out beautiful, simple and elegant.Like you,I always try to incorporate what I already have into a project.I’m sure you will get lots of enjoyment from your new space.

  47. Beth Cornelius says:

    Beautiful ! It looks so peaceful and inviting. I love the French doors.

  48. Just love the finished space !

  49. Terri Barton says:

    Looks fantastic!

  50. Anne Marie Gorman says:

    Did you consider stamping the concrete? We had a poured concrete patio installed. but added a stamp that made it look like slate. Wish I could send a picture to show how it turned out. We live in Florida and maintenance is very easy, just wash it off or blow if off with my husband’s Stihl backpack blower.
    By the way, your patio looks beautiful, simple but elegant. We used the planter elements in ours and I decorate the planters seasonally.
    Also thanks for all the contents of your blog. They truly inspire me.

    1. Ann Drake says:

      Hi Anne Marie…yes, we considered stamped concrete. The thing that I didn’t want to deal with was sealing it. I really was determined to have a low maintenance space and that was what guided all our decisions. Thank you…enjoy your patio!

  51. Everything looks beautiful, Ann! How nice it is to have it all squared away and be able to enjoy… :-)

  52. Cyndee Jones says:

    Very pretty Ann! What a perfect spot to wake up with cup of coffee in the morning or wind-down in the evening with a glass of wine!
    I Love how you include your new space as a place for Kelly! Pets should always be treated as family!
    Job well done for sure!

  53. Ann! It turned out gorgeous! It makes a huge difference in the look of your backyard. The french doors stand out better and it’s great you no longer have steps at your screened porch. You did a fantastic job. 👍

  54. We have a large deck, 20×20. At least its large for me! I’m the one who maintains it. We had trex railing installed about 8 years ago and were talked out of doing trex decking because of our dog. ( Our installer said it was slippery and the dog would scratch it) We opted for pressure treated lumber (again😕) Wish we would have done the trex. We have to clean and seal/paint the deck every other year because we get afternoon beating sun. We opted to have it done with a solid stain 2 years ago. First time I didn’t do it. This year I cleaned it in the spring then we got so much rain I haven’t had a chance to stain it. It looks awful. We had talked of doing a patio before we redecked and I wish we had done it at that time. It would be SO much easier to maintain. Kudos to you for making this brilliant choice. As i get older I’m like you I want it easier to maintain. As always your space looks lovely and welcoming.

    1. Ann Drake says:

      Hi Loryl! I was the one who maintained our deck too…so I know how much work it is!

  55. Very nicely done! I like that you always try to use what you have and “make it work” and then add in a few new items thoughtfully selected.

  56. Barbara Edwards Armacost says:

    The new patio is just gorgeous!! The colors are so pretty and I love the little stone dog that looks like Kelly. Great job!!

  57. Jeanette Duke says:

    It is perfect, beautiful and yes, easy to maintain which is what we are all looking for at our age.

  58. I love your common sense attitude toward decorating and just simply living in your space. Your post regarding doing away with your big Christmas tree and now this post about not decorating and renovating with resale in mind, but with how you are living in your home NOW, is something not often heard and is something that certainly speaks to me. I try to do the same even though I probably will be downsizing and moving in 2-3 years. In my modest home, I believe that what is convenient and easy for me, will also be for the next person living here. Thank you for your always interesting and down to earth blog.
    By the way, your patio looks amazing.

  59. Your patio looks very inviting! We too poured a concrete patio recently. Our furniture hasn’t arrived yet or our yard is not finished. Thanks for the inspirational patio ideas.

  60. Looks lovely! I bet you can’t wait for cool mornings with a cup of coffee on your new patio. I truly enjoy your posts, and get so much inspiration from you!

  61. Your patio came out great! I love the way you decorated with the planters, defining the edge. Can’t wait to see what you will do next.

  62. What a lovely space. I’m sure you will enjoy it.

  63. Looks Great! Ask your friends for a few of the hostas back. They will fill in so quickly where ever you plant them. Many times they need to be thinned out. I’m sure your friends will give you some. I don’t know where you live but I would give you some of mine. I’m always thinning them out and moving them around.

  64. Mary Choi says:

    It turned out beautifully! I hope you get lots of cool Fall weather to enjoy it.

    Thank you for sharing!

  65. Looks lovely. You always decorate with such a easy living flair. I laughed when I saw the concrete Imitation of Kelly. I’m sure you will enjoy your patio for years to come.

  66. The patio looks great and I love seeing your doggie in some of the photos.

  67. You are so inspiring Ann. I appreciate how you share with us the unfortunate that cannot put things together and make things so pretty. I love the new patio and know you will enjoy for years to come.